American Renaissance

News archive from January 2005

Monday, January 31

Jared Taylor, a Racist in the Guise of ‘Expert’, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Racial Groupings Match Genetic Profiles, Stanford Study Finds, EurekAlert
Racial Issues Lose Urgency, Study Finds, Los Angeles Times
YWCA Confronts Controversial Issues Facing Women, People of Color, PRNewswire
Man Convicted in Cop’s Death Invited to City Hall, WLBT 3 (Jackson, Miss.)
Police Officers Charged with Stealing from Drug Dealers, (Chicago)
Immigration Officials Hit Lack of New Hires, Washington Times
Focus on Freedom of Information, Knight Ridder Tribune
Foes of Day Laborer Center in Jupiter Protest, Palm Beach Post
Racial Abuse Linked to Hunter Shooting, Washington Times
Moroccan Youth at School, Dutch Report
New Drug War Besets Mexico, Worries U.S., Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Malaysia Illegals Start Leaving, BBC News

Friday, January 28

Future Bright for Immigrants, Long Beach Press Telegram
The Secret List of ID Theft Victims, MSNBC
Communities Struggle to Break Down Language Barriers, Washington Post
Workshop Focuses on Muslim Culture, Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
Mexico Threatens Arizona over Anti-Illegals Measure, WorldNetDaily
Huckabee Criticizes Bill Sponsors, AP
Strangers in a Strange Land, East Bay Express (Emeryville, Cal.)
Halle Berry: Hollywood Is Racist,
Turkey Wins Removal of Armenian Genocide From German Schools, Deutsche Presse Agentur
Screening of Murdered Director’s Movie Pulled at Rotterdam Film Festival, AFP
Football Association Withdraws ‘Black-Free’ DVD, AFP
Let Whites Decide Who Can Live Here, The Guardian (London)

Thursday, January 27

Americans Urge: Defend the Border!,
Battle over Illegals: Bush Vs. Congress,
Tragedy on the Rails, Los Angeles Times
Black Kids Could Reach Higher Goals, Los Angeles Daily News
Low Riders Beware, Richmond Times-Dispatch
New Orleans Tries to Deal With Claims of Nightclub Racism, AP
Worker’s Display Raises a Red Flag, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Where Have All the Children Gone?, TechCentralStation
Liberte, Egalite, Affirmative Action, Businessweek
Immigrant Squatters Shame Paris, Telegraph (London)
Kids ‘Killed for Muti’, (SA)

Wednesday, January 26

Black Americans Suspect HIV Plot, The Guardian (London)
Reparations Leaders Rip Bank’s Scholarship Offer, Chicago Sun-Times
Rideau’s Release Makes Justice Weep, Scripps Howard
Ceres Police Chief: Officers In Danger From Gang Members, (Sacramento)
A Boost for Food Stamps, San Francisco Chronicle
Baca’s Plan to Screen Inmates OKd, Los Angeles Times
Subject of Immigration Saga Is Held in Wife’s Stabbing Death, Los Angeles Times
Abduction Is a Daily Routine in Mexico, Dallas Morning News
Michela Wrong Breaks Our African Tribal Taboo, New Statesman
Liberian ‘Ritual Killings’ Alert, BBC News

Tuesday, January 25

Feds OK Voter ID Rules in Prop. 200, AP
President Won’t Add 2,000 Border Agents, WorldNetDaily
Mexican Government to Reprint Migrant Guide, El Universal (Mexico City)
Homeland Security Losing Hutchinson, Washington Times
Actors, Writers And Musicians Push for Immigrant Drivers Licenses, AP
National Review Laments: Why Aren’t More Indian Americans Republican?, Amitabh Pal’s Blog
Suspects Charged With Election Day Tire-Slashing in Wisconsin, AP
Lawmaker Says he Shares Homes with 2 Women, AP
Hypertension Risk In African-Americans Linked To Genetics, Stanford Study Finds, Stanford University School of Medicine Press Release
House Debates Naming BWI After Marshall, Washington Times
Will Matamoros Massacre Create Wave of Violence?, KGBT 4 (Harlingen, Tex.)
Islam Gains Toehold in Mexico’s Zapatista Country, Reuters
Australia’s Way: Skills, Points and Quotas, Guardian (London)

Monday, January 24

JPMorgan: Predecessors Linked To Slavery, AP
Big Doubts Still About King Holiday, Black America
Students Scared Following Attacks at North Stockton High School, (Sacramento)
Troubled A.C. School Looking for Answers to Violence, (Philadelphia)
Black Muslims Seek Acceptance from Fellow Americans, Adherents, Newsday (New York City)
Prop. 200 Spurs Efforts Nationwide, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Scams That Target Hispanics on the Rise, Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Comcast Cable Channel Targets Asian Viewers, Hollywood Reporter
Most Dutch See Muslims as Threat — Poll, Reuters
Bag Thief Death Fans Dutch Racial Tensions, Reuters
Howard Raises Fears Of Race Riots, Guardian (London)
Desis Fear Black Domination, Press Trust of India
New Findings Change Thinking on Human Sacrifices, AP

Friday, January 21

An American Renaissance Reader Wants to Start a White Community,
Michigan Voters Support Banning Affirmative Action, AP
Reminders Of Racism, Old Covenants Linger on Records, Sacramento Bee
Kerry’s “Disenfranchisement” Demagoguery,
Metro Worker Forwards Anti-Muslim E-Mail, Tennesseean (Nashville)
Minnesotan The Surprise Early Leader in the Race For A Billboard, ProjectUSA
Entrant is Rescued; 1 Held as Smuggler, Arizona Daily Star
Enforcement Efforts on the Border See More Violence, Nogales International (Ar.)
“The Darkest Corners Of Our World”?,
Howard Highlights Shared Tory-Islamic Values, Press Association (Britain)

Thursday, January 20

Widespread Illiteracy Among City Students, Copenhagen Post
Fewer Seek Asylum in Norway, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Black and Asian People Still Live in Poverty, Guardian (London)
Japan Defies U.N., Deports Refugees, Japan Times (Tokyo)
Tay-Sachs, the ‘Jewish Disease,’ Almost Eradicated, Haaretz (Israel)
Govt. Crackdown Sows Fear in Zimbabwe, AP
Calif. Prison Guards Claim Racial Segregation, AP
Supreme Court Ruling Will Release More Than 700 Cubans, Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Fights at Bear Creek High Cause Worry, Record (Stockton, Cal.)
Immigration Law Critics Target Mandates, AP
Challenge For The Ski Industry: ‘Diversity In The Mountains’, AP
A Senior’s Comfort Zone Includes the World’s Ailing, St. Petersburg Times
Israeli Researchers Find ‘Altruism Gene’, The Jerusalem Post
The Future of Genes, Washington Times

Wednesday, January 19

Taped Punch Costly to City, Los Angeles Times
Prop. 200 Injunction Rejected by Court, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Fox Cuts Out Anti-Muslim Scenes from “24”, Turks.US
The Truth About The Cop-Killing Marine, WorldNetDaily
As Hispanics Embrace Life in U.S., Some Prefer to Limit Family Size, Cox News Service
Fight of the Century: Jack Johnson vs. White America, Charlotte Observer
Shame on Us, Los Angeles Times
Murder of Police Officer Tied to Black Militant, Minneapolis Star Tribune
TV Picks Convict for Race, Washington Times
Germans Intolerant of Immigrants, Washington Times
A Good Life For a Few, Newsweek

Tuesday, January 18

Jared Taylor Streaming Audio Interview Tomorrow at 9:00 am Eastern,
Reevaluating Martin Luther King Jr.’s Holy-Day, Your Civilization.Com
2 Arrested in MLK Day Melee, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
NAACP Members Divided Over Venerable Group’s Future Course, Newsday (New York City)
Fixing Somali Tax Mess Could Take Years, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Mexican Migration to Drop, Study Says, Fresno Bee
Group Recruiting for a Monthlong Operation Along the Border in Cochise County, Sierra Vista Herald (Az.)
Police Noticing More Uninsured Motorists, WBOC TV-16 (Salisbury, Md.)
Racial Profiling Charges Are Made, SunSentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Driver’s License Scandals Raise National Security Worries, AP
Christians & Muslims Brawl, New York Post
Authors Warn Of Inaccuracies Concerning Use Of Race In Health & Social Science Research, American Psychological Association Press Release

Monday, January 17

81.8 Percent of Black Firm Employees are African-American, African-American Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey Press Release
The Long Road Out of Lake Charles, Washington Post
Trial Set For Football Player, The Gazette-Times (Corvallis, Or.)
King Widow Moves to Condo After Break-Ins, Newsday
U.S. Finds Gaping Racial Disparities in Public Health, Reuters
Bear Stearns Says Government Vastly Underestimates Size And Cost Of Illegal Immigration, Stein Report
Texas County Cracks Down on Illegal Voting, AP
Protesters Back Redondo Beach Day-Laborer Arrests, Daily Breeze (Redondo Beach, Cal.)
Survey: State Opposed to Immigration, Birmingham News
Sgro To Resign, Toronto Star

Friday, January 14

Macy’s Pays to Settle Racial Profiling Case, AP
N.Y. Stock Exchange Bans Jesse Jackson, NewsMax
Gang Brawl Breaks out at SE Side High School, Daily Southtown (Chicago)
Loitering Charges Against Day Laborers Dropped, AP
Democrats Reject Gov.’s Nominee, Los Angeles Times
Lawsuits Over Appalachian School of Law Shootings Settled, Virginia Lawyers Weekly
Ethiopians Reject Israeli Society, as it has Rejected Them, Haaretz (Israel)
Britain Has Been in Denial for too Long, Telegraph (London)
‘India, China May Outshine US by 2020’, Times of India

Thursday, January 13

Governor Critical of Mexican Manual, Sierra Vista Herald Review (Ariz.)
Illegals and the State Department, Washington Times
U.S. Can’t Hold Illegals Indefinitely, Washington Times
Immigration Plan Discouraged by GOP Lawmakers, Washington Times
Adios, WHFS, Washington Times
GOP Lawmaker Touts English Bill, Arizona Republic
Hey Justice, Take Off That Blindfold-it’s Hate Crime Time!,
E-Mail Tells of Marine’s Experience, Nbc5i TV (Dallas)
The Race Card, 2005,
White Separatist Group’s Ads to be Removed, UPI
Swiss Separatism Championed, Washington Times
EU Considers Introduction of ‘Green Card’ Plan,
Pta Man Shot Dead, (SA)

Wednesday, January 12

Activist Wins National Human Rights Prize, El Universal (Mexico City)
$57m Bill for Asylum Seekers, Sunday Mail (Adelaide, Australia)
BNP Leader Griffin in Poll Bid to Oust Cryer, Yorkshire Post (Leeds, England)
Popadom Joke Costs Care Worker for Asians her Job, Evening Standard (London)
Murder Suspect’s Presence in Canada Queried,
‘Hottentots’ and the Evolution of European Racism, Journal of European Studies
We and They, National Review Online
Math Curriculum Doesn’t Add Up, Newton TAB
‘I Knew What I Had to Do’, Washington Post
Education Official is Targeted, Los Angeles Times
From Behind the Scenes She Recruits Bush’s Team, Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, January 11

The Florida Myth Spreads, National Review Online
New Law Allows Deportation of Naturalized US Citizens, Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Jury Convicts Local Somali Leader, Pioneer Press (Minneapolis)
Guatemala Consulate Planned for Phoenix, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
HISD Opens High School for Immigrants,
Commentary: Border and Limits, Albuquerque Tribune
Los Angeles County Racial/Ethnic Demographic Changes 1940 — 2000, La Voz de Aztlan
6 Lawmakers Want Social Security Cards to Be Updated, Bloomberg News
Our Policy on Illegals is Criminal, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
African Americans Reverse Slave Ships’ Route, Return to Ghana, NBC 4 (Los Angeles)
Toyota to Staff Factories with Robots, AFP
The New South African Racism, Radio Netherlands
Revolt Baffles Unstable Peru, Reuters
Vlaams Belang May Face Funding Cut,

Monday, January 10

Gonzales Useless On Immigration, Quotas,
The Mexican-American War, Round 2,
Border Patrol Grabs 1.15 Million Illegals in ‘04, Washington Times
Illegal Immigrants Inundate Hospitals, Times (Trenton)
Mexican Charged with Assault at Immigration Forum Sues Victim, Press release from Terry Graham
East Boston Gang Linked to Al-Qaeda, Boston Herald
Latino Group Warns it will Pull Schoolkids, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Buckner Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison, Town Talk (Alexandria, La.)
Pay Up, Honky, Scene (Cleveland)
Australia Attracts Record Migrant Intake, With More Refugees, AFP
U.N. Accuses Force of Sex Abuse,
Rats, Garbage, Moved from Kenyan Market, AP

Friday, January 7

Ex-Dutch Minister Defends Vlaams Belang Party,
Word Ban by Police Branded ‘Madness’, Manchester News (UK)
Mohammed Enters List of Favorite UK Boys’ Names, Reuters
Gun Curbs Enrage South Africans, The Guardian (London)
Mandela’s Eldest Son Dies of AIDS, The Guardian (London)
Masturbating Boys Cause a Stir, (SA)
Judge Orders Public Housing Desegregation, AP
Commentator Paid $240,000 for Promoting Education Law, USA Today
Tougher Migrant Laws in Works, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Marrying Moms, Dads Need Apply, New York Daily News
Immigrant Boy Gets Kidney Transplant in Atlanta, AP
Lawmakers Up in Arms Over Mexico’s ‘How-to’ for Illegals, NewsMax

Thursday, January 6

Mexico’s Border-Crossing Tips Anger Some in U.S., Los Angeles Times
Tougher Laws Eyed For Alien Workers, Washington Times
Company Admits Providing Illegal Workers, KLTV-7, Tyler (Tex.)
Rally Planned to Oppose Day Laborers, Beach Reporter (Redondo Beach, Cal.)
Tracking Down Immigrant Fugitives, Washington Post
Morning Drive Ends in Slaying of Orange Man, Orlando Sentinel
Experts Dissect Detroit Crisis, Detroit News
Hollywood Discovers Radical Islam,
Final Cut, New Yorker
Somalis Exiting Netherlands for Britain, Telegraph (London)
Ambulance and Patient Hijacked, (SA)

Wednesday, January 5

New Details Revealed in Murder of Garner Teenager, Eyewitness News (Durham)
King/Drew’s 1,000 Failings, Los Angeles Times
Machete-Wielding Gang Attacks Man, Cuts Off Fingers, Washington Times
Border Line: Teetering Tensions on the Mexico Border,
Hispanic Births Pass Anglos’ in Arizona, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Pilot Program Funds Mortgage Loans for Illegal Immigrants, AP
Church Opens Immigration Clinic, Holland Sentinel (Mich.)
Gangs of Young Immigrants are Abandoning Petty Crimes for Serious Felonies, such as Robbery and Drug Dealing, Copenhagen Post
Europe’s Identity Crisis, U.S. News and World Report
First German Immigration Law Takes Effect, Deutsche Welle
Hunt on for Farmer’s Killers, (SA)

Tuesday, January 4

Justice Department Questions Treatment of Whites In Noxubee Voting, AP
Movie Boycott Group Cries Racism, Poughkeepsie Journal (NY)
Mother Contests ‘Slave Auction’, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Press Image of Gun Owner Not Far Off, Except for All Those Women, Editor and Publisher
Band’s Version of ‘Dixie’ in State Senate Hits Sour Note With Some, AP
Mobile NAACP President Charged With Assault, AP
Teen Says He Was Shot For His Jeans, Charlotte Observer
Anti-Affirmative Action Petition Drive Nearing an End, AP
20 Million Illegal Aliens?, Michelle Malkin blog
Mexico and Its Illegals, Washington Times
Danville Transit Going Bilingual, AP
Lakeland Walkers ‘Wrong Colour’, Telegraph (London)
It Was Tribalism that Finished Rome, and it Will Finish Brussels Too, Spectator

Monday, January 3

Mexico Publishes Guide to Assist Border Crossers, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Get Serious About Immigration Enforcement, Dallas Morning News
Stance on Illegal Immigrants Draws Ire, Lawrence Journal-World (Kan.)
Most Homicides Gang-Related, Monterey Herald (Cal.)
Let the People of England Speak, Spectator
Video of Attack on Swedes by Black Immigrants,
Dutch Labour Counsel Member Dumps Wife During Holiday in Morocco, DhimmiWatch
Politician’s Comments Criticized As Racist, Toronto Star
Re-Charting The Mighty Congo, BBC News
Bison Bone Discovery Turns B.C. History Upside-Down, Penticton