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Record Immigration Is Changing the Face of New York’s Neighborhoods

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Nina Bernstein, New York Times, Jan. 24

The immigrants who remade New York in the 1990’s are now indelibly shaping its future, according to new city figures showing that 6 in 10 babies born in the city since 2000 have at least one foreign-born parent. The foreign-born groups growing fastest through immigration, including Mexicans, Guyanese and Bangladeshis, also have among the highest birthrates, the figures show.

Even for a city with a storied immigrant past, the sheer size and diversity of the present foreign-born population is greater than ever before, according to the most detailed and sweeping portrait of immigrant New York ever to be issued by the City Planning Department. Demographers counted 2.9 million immigrant residents in 2000 and estimate the current number is at least 3.2 million, a record high.

The report, to be released today as a 265-page book called “The Newest New Yorkers 2000: Immigrant New York in the New Millennium,” offers a comprehensive look at the foreign-born residents who have transformed the city’s neighborhoods, schools and businesses, bringing sari shops to Queens, halal pizza to Brooklyn and Ghanaian preachers to the Bronx. Unlike earlier city reports that dealt only with legal immigrants recorded by federal authorities, this analysis tries to capture legal, illegal and temporary residents alike, combining census information, city housing surveys and vital statistics to offer a fine-grained topography of a global resettlement unmatched by any other metropolis.

One result is the striking emergence of Mexicans as the fifth largest immigrant group in the city. Their census numbers quadrupled to 122,550 in the decade since 1990, when they ranked 17th with 32,689. City demographers said the true growth was still higher, possibly to a total of 200,000, and not expected to slow. Births to the city’s Mexican-born mothers — 6,408 in 2000 — are second only to births to foreign-born Dominicans, who remained the most numerous of the city’s foreign-born groups at 369,000 residents, followed by the Chinese, the Jamaicans, and the Guyanese.

The report did not try to calculate rates of illegal immigration for Mexicans or any other group, though Mr. Salvo acknowledged that the large increase in the Mexican-born population could not be accounted for by recorded legal immigration. Jeffrey Passel, a demographer with the Pew Hispanic Center who has studied the issue, said that nationally, 80 to 85 percent of all Mexican immigration since 1990 was undocumented, while among other immigrant groups, a great majority had entered legally.

“Any place that’s getting a lot of new immigration from Mexico, virtually all of it is undocumented,” Mr. Passel said, “and that certainly includes New York.”


Original article

(Posted on January 25, 2005)

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This reminds me of a phrase from the French revolution,”la morte sans phrases”(death without comment). If we do not act post-haste
sections of The U.S. will be left beyond retrival, except by the most extreme measures, for Whites. We risk death for many parts of our homeland if we do not speak up, and act up now! The hordes of diversity will chop up our patrimony as certainly as the revolutionists did the royals, and their will be no comment from their whores in elite media.

Posted by Philip at 5:29 PM on January 25

I’m tired of how Mexican illegals have become the stand in for the whole immigration problem. My guess is that if the public gets angry enough they will throw a sop by making an example of a few of them, hoping we’ll be satisfied and shut up.

Meanhwhile nobody touches the real issue, which is LEGAL non-white third-worlders coming in droves, occupying and doing what they do in their own countries. They certainly didn’t need any Mexicans to do in my old neighborhood.

‘Changing the face of New York’ Yeah, that’s accurate. The slum spreads ever outward.

Posted by Mike from Queens at 6:31 PM on January 25

IF you think the property taxes and sales taxes are high now in NY CITY, just wait…….

Posted by HomoRacial RICK at 6:47 PM on January 25

That’s one more city in the U.S. I don’t have to worry about. Those aren’t my people!

Posted by Tim2 at 8:50 PM on January 25

I can see it now: The Gangs of New York Part 2.

Posted by Mattox at 10:25 PM on January 25

It’s sort of a just irony that New Yorkers pride themselve on their tolerance and liberalism and yet live in what amounts to a “Brazil”-like society of security and seperation.

The liberals of New York are proud of their tolerance but I can tell you because I’ve lived there, EVERYONE lives within the security of their own “people” and anything you would define as real intergration is non-existant.

Liberal New Yorkers are all talk. They don’t live what they preach to the world.

Posted by sbuffalonative at 10:54 PM on January 25

Isn’t that “wonderful” that 100,000 more “undocumented” Mexicans are now able to use services paid for by stupid “Gringos “. How many of these Mexicans are criminals fleeing justice, chronically mental ill or have other undesirable traits? Their children cost school systems more than double what children of citizens do per student because all of the illegal alien children are classified as requiring special education i.e. must be taught in their native languages. Our politicians will be the death of the USA. President Bush panders to hispanics so the Bush dynasty will continue. The politician in New York pander for obvious reasons. But the politicians in NY state are puppets of the 3 largest Unions : the County /State employees Union and the Hospital Workers Union and of course the Teachers Union. The more illegal aliens that enter NY the more jobs and power for the aforementioned unions. These unions and their membership don’t care if every legitimate business in NY state is bankrupted or forced to move as long as they get their yearly large pay raises.
To show you the power of these unions, the Teachers Union members are entitled to a year off with full pay for what is called a “sabattical” . When the mayor of NY wanted to end to this outrageous waste of taxpayer money his master the Teachers’ Union President said the issue could not be discussed and that was the end of the Mayor’s idea. There are no conservative politicans in NY state . The Republican party is should be named the Democrats who pretend to be Republican party . The republican party is so liberal in NY state that the real conservatives actually have their own political party called the NY State Conservative Party. They actually elected a senator to the US Senate in the late 1960s James Buckley (brother of William).

Posted by JayWhite at 12:23 PM on January 26

Theodore Roosevelt’s warning about hyphenated Americans is well known. Less well known is his warning that the United States should not become the boarding house for the rest of the world. Of course, both warnings have been ignored and the result is the New York of 2005.

Posted by philly2 at 11:51 AM on January 27

Yes, NYC is diverse… too diverse. Even by NYC standards, this is nothing short of a blitzkrieg. The REAL truth is whites are abandoning New York in droves with the exception of wealthy whites living in Manhattan ( and in the clouds). The Bronx, much of Brooklyn and Queens look like I landed in babble-tongue land.
I remember reading a census report saying the white population of NYC in 1980 was 60% white. Well, in 2000, that was down to 35% non-hispanic white. Wonder what it is in 2005?

Like so many of our cities NYC is a dying land. This whiteboy may have to get out real soon.

Posted by Bob at 1:33 AM on January 29

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