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William Craig, Boston Globe, Jan. 17

HARTFORD, Vt. — Arriving a few minutes late, I told my students about a delay at the Interstate 91 Border Patrol checkpoint in Hartford, 100 miles from the Canada line. “Oh,” a twenty-something student asked, “you mean the ‘Whiteness Checkpoint’ ?”

His classmates didn’t laugh out loud. They just snickered, appreciating an apparently well-worn joke.

“Excuse me?” I was shocked — though not by their dead-on assessment of the checkpoint.

When that barrier was first set up in December 2003, ostensibly to fight terrorism, Border Patrol agents stopped every driver to ask, “American citizen?” But long before summer, they started waving white people like me right on through. We’ve been more or less exempt ever since, regardless of the threat alert’s color.

No, what shocked me was my students’ cynical yet naive acceptance of injustice. Like me, they knew blacks and Asians who complained of repeated harassment — but my all-white students accepted the “Whiteness Check” as part of the “war on terror,” even as they joked about how easily a real terrorist could detour around the checkpoint.

“So,” I asked, “you don’t mind racial profiling, as long as you’re exempt?”

“Hey,” one young lady answered, “it could stop another 9/11.”


Read the rest of this story here.

(Posted on January 19, 2005)

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American Renaissance


WOW, I guess that professor was upstaged by the intellect of his students.

Posted by at 4:51 PM on January 19

Yet another hypocrite rears his head. (like the Canadian writer I just read who heaped opprobrium on the head of Prince Henry for his swastika scandal, yet like all journalists would no doubt give Henry a pass for a hammer and sickle armband) He's worried about unchecked government power. Let's see his articles condemning affirmative action, federal anti-discrimination laws, the welfare state, etc. Then I'll give his mewling a hearing.

Posted by Svigor at 4:54 PM on January 19

I suspect this guy is a leftist teacher/professor who is trying to promote his lefty politics under the guise of "losing American rights and liberties". These guys conveniently forget, time and time again, that while all Muslims may not be terrorists, so far all terrorists have been Muslims. I feel the same way about racial profiling as I do about ethnic/cultural profiling: if it catches the bad guys, or helps to keep them on their toes, it's a good thing. And anybody who mentions Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in this context, is only up to anti American propaganda and no good.

As a law abiding citizen, I have no problem with roadblocks as I have nothing to hide.

Posted by sue from GA at 5:01 PM on January 19

The writer, William Craig, is another of the many white liberal college instructors I have to deal with on a daily basis. I am currently attending a local community college(graduating in June 05). These people live in a dream world. None of them, rarely, have been out of the college environment. Everywhere are diversity clinics and "Stop hate now" committees, it's disgusting. Young people are bombarded with this garbage. Any attempt to speak up against it and you are labeled a "racist". Recently, in a creative writing class, we were asked to review a short story of an Asian girls experience with her mother growing up in America. One paragraph had a sentence that went something like this, "American girls just gobble like turkeys, they are brought-up not respect their parents. Asian girls are better than that", my Mother said. When I spoke up that it was a racist remark on the part of the Asian Mother, everyone thought I wasn't being understanding of the Asian culture. I was the racist, not the person in the article. Go figure!?! This type of brainwashing goes on, at all levels, in the American public school system. It is no wonder many whites are sending their children to private schools.

Posted by Ironmike at 5:11 PM on January 19

I don't mind saying that we need a few dozen of these checkpoints along our other border, too.

Posted by Mattox at 5:40 PM on January 19

Did you actually expect anything else from a college 'perfesser' (sic)??

"And now I wish I'd told my students that -- day in, day out -- I'm not afraid of Al Qaeda."
>> Well, I'm sure glad this 'Delta Force operator' classroom hero isn't "afraid". I'm sure he could single handedly whip Abdul and Mohammed all by his lonesome...

"I believe in America, and I don't think terrorists can defeat its free people."
>> It's sure comforting to know that Mr. 2-S Deferment doesn't "think" they can win (aided and abetted by his kind of course).

"In the past, America triumphed over disaster, depression, and even the threat of global nuclear war, not by restricting civil rights but by expanding them."
>> We triumphed by ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and force, not leftist, PC babbling.

"...can be detained for years without trial,..."
>> Yeah, if you're a terrorist.

"...and can inflict -- or suffer -- officially sanctioned levels of torture."
>> What nonsense. Putting women's panties on someone's head at Grab An Arab prison isn't 'torture' -- it's called 'humiliation'. Ask any American POW who had an extended stay at the Hanoi Hilton what 'torture' is (or any American POW from any war).
WE'RE not ALLOWED to DO anything. Read Heather MacDonald's piece in the City Journal for a concise picture of how we're hamstrung by the bleeding hearts.

"It tells us the enemy is someone other than "us" -- someone who perhaps "looks Muslim" -- and can be routinely harassed."
>> Yeah 'prof' - that's how PROFILING works pal. How someone LOOKS is a major component of that. ...And don't worry Karl Marx, they're not 'routinely harassed'. The Muslim CAIR Lobby won't allow that. The 'oppressed, protected, minority' lobby won't even ALLOW movies and TV shows to portray Muslims/Arabs as terrorists, much less Abdul and Mohammed to be 'routinely harassed'. As all 'rights' groups do, they make such a stink until the spineless Caucasians in power back down and grovel as usual.

"My quarrel isn't with those dedicated Border Patrol agents, many of them Hispanic, who no doubt believe in their mission."
>> Yeah, yeah -- another one of those, "I'm against the war, but support the troops" type. NO YOU'RE NOT. This guy is anti-war, anti-defense, anti-police, anti-law enforcement, anti-anti-terrorist, anti-American, anti-straight white male. A college 'perfesser' thinking that way -- I'm shocked.
Besides, you'll notice he had to throw in the caveat that many Border Patrol agents are Hispanic (not true, percentage-wise). I guarantee you that if he thought they were all white, he wouldn't have even uttered that sentence. It's only grudgingly o.k. to half-heartedly support the BP Agents ONLY because he thinks a lot of them are Hispanic (albeit misguided in his warped mind).

"So," I (the 'perfesser') asked, "you don't mind racial profiling, as long as you're exempt?"
"Hey," one young lady (a student) answered, "it could stop another 9/11."
>> The only intelligent sentence in the whole article...

Posted by Mike B. at 8:28 PM on January 19

Timothy McViegh was a terrorist and he wasn't a Muslim. But yeah, most terrorists by far are Muslim.

I have been searched every single time I've made a flight since 911, mainly because I fly usually within a day or so of buying a ticket which is apparently suspicious. I could care less. If that's what it takes to keep people safe then big deal.

Posted by Bob at 8:58 PM on January 19

I was going to post, but Mike B. said it all. Probably ought to close the thread.

Posted by Criminal Number 43 at 9:16 PM on January 19

Do you students really think your getting your moneys worth? This professor will have the last laugh when you go to find a job. This is not education. This is another symptom of how sick this country has become.

Posted by Tim2 at 9:49 PM on January 19

I wonder what this professor would say if someone brought in a stack of news articles taken from the internet reporting black and/or Hispanic racism. For example how about one of the articles being the Sheriff in Georgia who had snipers on the roof pointing weapons at high ranking white police officers who were viciously purged by the black, racist sheriff and replaced with blacks. Or an account of the Wichita massacre, or quotes from this site on black anti-white quotes and black racist song lyrics that encourage killing whites, or an account of farmers in Zimbabwe being disenfranchized and many of them tortured and murdered by black savages or several accounts of muslim crime all over the world like the muslim rapes of white women in Australia, and the far left Dutch government declaring immigration a horrendous error after enduring rampant immigrant crime and the high profile murders of the politician and the filmmaker who had a knife embeded in his chest, struck through a hate message.

Many items can be downloaded from the Amren site. My friends I could get ten telephone book size stacks of reports of black, hispanic and other minority on white crime and never depart from the truth one iota, because we are indeed set up as cattle to be abused and slaughtered by dimwits such as the brainwashed, wimpy professor, and our spineless politicians. Seeing the photos of innocent white children who have been murdered by blacks, along with a photo of the black murderer smirking into the camera has an astounding effect on people, more so than just verbally reporting the incident might have.

I did just that along with a long letter to our local police chief admonishing him when he talked about how bad white racism is in our society in a column he wrote for the local paper. I sent a packet to every police officer on the force, plus deputy sheriffs in two counties, all the city and county commissioners and the schools' principals, plus businesses in the area, plus selected people in my community. It took me several hours work, and the packet of news articles weighed over a pound, but it was worth it. The agreeable responses I received along with pats on the back were amazing.

But the important thing is he's been put on notice to keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep his job. Too, many people never realized how rampant minority racism against whites is, and I was amazed at how interested they were to get the information. It's made a difference around here.

I sent out a follow up envelope just recently to everybody containing a copy of the incident with the sheriff who ousted all his white officers,placing them under the gun, and replacing them with blacks. I'm going to continue doing the same thing everytime an unequivocal, good example is reported via the net until everybody gets the picture, and starts to shout down the politically correct brainwashed rabble in my community.

I would encourage everybody to do the same.

Posted by Robert Kelly at 11:22 PM on January 19

Yeah, I think the Universities are finished as far as giving
a good education or preparing us for what's to come. Whites
should boycott these expensive, offensive institutions. Then
these Marxist hypocrits would have to get real jobs. My dream:
in future White Society leftist proffesors will form their own
caste of bathroom cleaners. That's the only work we'll let them
have. Once a year, they can gather and debate leftist philosophy
for the amusement of the audience, both live and off camera. Of
course they can make confessions of guilt any time they want;
that would be funny too. They could be reunited with old students
who would then revile them on air.

Posted by Lugh at 12:59 AM on January 20

...Too, many people never realized how rampant minority racism against whites is, and I was amazed at how interested they were to get the information...
Posted by Robert Kelly
We need many more of your kind Robert ... bless you. Here is a great website with lots of ammo for those with the same interest:

Posted by Rande at 1:38 AM on January 20

This guy is so concerned about people born in Harare, Lahore and Lebenon. But he's forgets that these kinds of checkpoints and hassling of them and Americans is due to having massive numbers of non-whites in the country.

If 9/11 happened in Japan do you think they'd have a problem tracking down the terrorists? No, they'd just deport the small number of arabs living there. Our importation of large numbers of arabs provides a sea for terrorists to swim in. Basically, liberals think we should completely ignore terrorism. The same strategy that gave us 9/11.

Posted by Roger at 3:33 AM on January 20

I deliver a lot of pizzas onto the Air Force Academy. The Security Police there are beginning to get jumpy. In fact, the installation has acquired a decidedly weird feel to it over the last month or so. That said, the SPs who check me at the gate see the sign on my car's roof, my uniform hat, pizza bag on the passengers' seat, look at DL, ask me a question that requires I speak back, and then wave me through. Profiling again! An Aryan-American with a network standard English accent who looks like he has a reason to be on base after dark naturally will be "harrassed" less than some bearded swarthy in a Ryder rental truck.

If I were in charge of security there, I'd have the vehicle checkpoints lighted up even better, with something belt-fed and nasty sandbagged off in the trees 300 yards away.

Posted by M. Scott at 3:39 AM on January 20

To Robert Kelly:

Good for you!!! You're not afraid to take action! What can I say? I am in awe. Exposing creeps like your police chief for what they really are!
We should ALL learn from your example.

Thank you!

Posted by Kellye Flanagan-Vogel at 4:53 AM on January 20

I am not entirely sure this professor/reporter is not making this up. I have crossed the the Canadian border many times from Vermont to Pennsylvania before and after the crack down and have yet to experience anything remotely resembling a "whiteness" check point.

Even if it is true, I am pretty sure its not the Swedes that are trying to blow us up.

Posted by tjefferson at 7:16 AM on January 20

Three months after the 911 incident a group of Pearl Harbor veterans were trying to return home from Hawaii. Eighty year old white men with VFW hats were stopped and searched while people from the Middle East passed through airline security with no problem. This is the hypocrisy that the left loves to see. The old saying goes; If your car broke down late at night in an unknown place and you saw ten burly men approaching you, would it affect your assumption if you knew they had just come from a bible study?

Posted by Steve at 3:42 PM on January 20

Racism can only be created by and acted out by white males and hate crimes can only be hate crimes if it is done by a straight, white, male. Let's get it through our heads, it's us against them and we have to fight with our hands tied and our mouths taped shut! Throw out your old Webster 1828 dictionary because words today mean whatever the left decides and laws, affirmative action, equal employment, best qualified, well that's only after the quota system.

Posted by Steve at 3:50 PM on January 20

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