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‘Utter Chaos’ at Victor Valley High School

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Emily Berg, Daily Press (Victorville, Cal.), Feb. 9

VICTORVILLE — Two large fights erupted at Victor Valley High School as school let out Tuesday afternoon, injuring one student, school officials said.

One fight erupted after several non-students walked onto the campus looking for a student at about 2:10 p.m., said Greg Lundeen, the superintendent of the Victor Valley Union High School District. The fight then moved off campus, where a group of other students started a second fight, Lundeen said.

Ronda Caballero was picking her son up when she saw the off-campus fight.

“I’ve never seen it that big happen so quickly,” Caballero said.

Caballero stopped her car and intervened when black males knocked down a Hispanic male and started beating him, Caballero said.

The boy lay bloody in the middle of Mojave Drive before other students moved him onto the sidewalk, Caballero said.

When the fighting started there were about 20 people involved. It peaked at about 40 black and Hispanic youths fighting in smaller groups, Caballero said.

“It was ridiculous,” she said. “It was utter chaos.”


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(Posted on February 9, 2005)

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