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Gallup Poll on Immigration

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Immigration Not Most Important Issue

Fewer than 3 in 10 Americans say immigration is an “extremely important” issue for Congress and the president to deal with over the next year, while an additional 38% say it is “very important.” At the same time, immigration has become a more important issue to Americans over the past several years, increasing from a 17% “extremely important” rating in 2001 to the current reading of 27%, in a poll conducted this past December.


According to a Jan. 3-5 Gallup Poll, a slight majority of Americans, 52%, say the level of immigration in this country should be decreased. Nearly 4 in 10 adults nationwide (39%) say it should remain the same, and just 7% say it should be increased.


The January poll also found that most Americans are not satisfied with the immigration level today. In fact, 62% say they are not satisfied with the level of immigration, while only 30% are satisfied. The 62% of Americans who are dissatisfied includes 45% who want less immigration into the country, 4% who want more immigration, and 13% who want to keep levels as they are now.


The Jan. 7-9 poll asked Americans to rate Bush’s handling of 11 issues. The president performed the worst on immigration and the federal budget deficit (32% approval rating). Bush scored highest on terrorism (58%), education (52%), and the economy (50%) in that poll.

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(Posted on February 2, 2005)

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