American Renaissance

News archive from February 2005

Monday, February 28

480 Inmates Brawl at Tehachapi Prison; Facility Stays on Lockdown, AP
Gangs Use Internet to Bang Out Messages of Pride, Hate, Knight Ridder
Full-Blown War by Hmong Gangs Alarms Police, Sacramento Bee
1942-Style Bigotry Targets Muslims in the U.S. Today, Los Angeles Times
Richmond Cuts Fiscal Ties To Slavery, Contra Costa Times (San Francisco)
HIV Infection Rate Among Blacks Doubles, AP
Black Drivers Ticketed More, AP
When Freedom Gets the Death Sentence, Deutsche Welle
Man Held in Sexual Grooming Probe Jailed, Telegraph and Argus (Bradford, England)
Gunman Who Gloated in Rap Jailed, BBC News
Conservative Writer Samuel T. Francis, Washington Post

Friday, February 25

Parallel Lives: William F. Buckley vs. Samuel T. Francis,
Diversity in the Classroom, Santa Barbara News-Press
‘Minutemen’ May Face Zoning Hurdle, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
House Approves College Aid Bill, Times Record (Fort Smith, Ark.)
Teen Killed Near Cabrillo High, Long Beach Press-Telegram
Group Calls for Juvenile Secretary’s Firing Over Screening of Chris Rock Video, AP
How the Tories Got Back in the Game, The Guardian (London)
Police Race Inquiry Could End Cornish Darkie Day, Times (London)
Far-Right Leader’s Conviction Upheld, AP
New Money Set Aside For Wronged Racial Groups, Toronto Globe and Mail
Chilling Mystery: Why Don’t Mexicans Read Books?, Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, February 24

Virginia to Deny Illegals Benefits, Washington Times
United States Technological Superiority and the Losses from Migration, Center for Immigration Studies
Acts of Kindness,
23 Years for Racial Killing, New York Daily News
Making a Stand on the Border, San Antonio Express-News
Ex-Troops Aiding Drug Traffickers, Washington Times
A Cop at the Carnival, National Review Online
Lights Out!, Jersey Journal (Jersey City)
Segregation in Kilcawley Raises a Few Eyebrows, Jambar (Youngstown, Oh.)
Was Race an Issue in ‘Hitch’ Casting?, MSNBC
Books for Babes Big on Tolerance, Miami Herald
The Washington Examiner Recycles Dinesh D’Souza’s Smear of Samuel Francis, View from the Right
Many Foreign Physicians Not Making the Cut, National Post (Toronto)
Asylum Claims Down 65%, The Guardian (London)

Wednesday, February 23

High Court Curbs State Prison Segregation, AP
Down Among the Diversitoids, National Review Online
The Irrelevance of Black Leaders, Los Angeles Times
Affirmative Action: The Good, The Bad (And the Ugly?), Discriminations
Criminals at the Border Thwarted by Own Hands, Los Angeles Times
Mexican Zetas Extending Violence Into Dallas, Dallas Morning News
Authorities See Rise in Hispanic Gang Activity in Wake County, (Raleigh)
No Whites Need Apply, Toronto Sun
SA Rugby Increases Super 12 Race Quotas,

Tuesday, February 22

Pizza Parlor Assailant Gets Four Years, Akron Beacon Journal
Leave Ghetto Ways Behind, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Jackson: Minorities Face ‘Hostile Climate’, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
White Flight Follows Influx of Hispanics into Schools, AP
Has Illegal Immigration Ruined Los Angeles Public Schools?, FrontPageMagazine
Racial Segregation Continues in California Prisons, Reuters
Multilingual Staff Can Drive Up Auto Sales, USA TODAY
Native American College Shuts Down, Los Angeles Times
‘We Will Kill the Whites, All of Them’, Pretoria News
Childless Women and an Aging Population, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Friday, February 18

Yucatán Helping Migrants Go North, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Ban on Illegals in College Rejected, Washington Times
S. African Couple Gets Deportation Notice, Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, Wa.)
Illegals Going Back By The Planeload, USA TODAY
Gene Researchers Find Variations by Ancestry, San José Mercury News
Graduate Race-Divide Getting Worse, New York Post
Rangel Blasts Clinton as ‘a Redneck’, NewsMax
Hillary Pushes Vote For Felons, WorldNetDaily
Robins Bias Lawsuit Settled for $880,000, Macon Telegraph (Ga.)
Creel Lashes out after CIA Report, El Universal (Mexico City)
‘Attacks on Whites Must Be Investigated’, Sunday Times (Johannesburg)
Free Republic vs. Sam Francis,

Thursday, February 17

Sam Francis, Columnist, 57, Dies, Washington Times
Truancy in D.C. Schools, Washington Times
School Diversity May Spawn Strife, Daytona Beach News-Journal
Immigrant Stock’s Share of U.S. Population Growth: 1970-2004, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Cornyn Supports Work Visa, Washington Times
Say What?, National Review Online
Asylum Debate Threatens UN Refugee Scheme, The Guardian (London)
Absolute Excess: How a Playboy King Revolted His People, Independent (London)
Spain Doctor Rebuilds Penises Cut Off for AIDS Cure, Reuters
Ugandan Army Recruiting Children, BBC News
Thieves Burned Alive in Burundi, BBC News

Wednesday, February 16

Author and Columnist Sam Francis Dies,
Sam Francis,
In Memoriam Samuel T. Francis, Middle American News

Tuesday, February 15

Teens in S. Florida Are Heading to New Racial, Ethnic Frontier, Miami Herald
Multiracial Scenes Are Now Common in Ads, AP
Police Officers Attacked In Brawl, The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.)
Seeking Recognition, Houston Chronicle
Learn English, Judge Tells Moms, Los Angeles Times
Almost A Quarter of D.C. Students Were Truant, Washington Times
Sorry About the Snacks, Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, Ga.)
Violence Shuts Down Weekly Hip-Hop Party at Boynton Club, Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Immigration Checks on Tube Passengers Banned, Evening Standard (London)
Zimbabwe Farmers Mark New Territory, BBC News

Monday, February 14

Mapping The Unmentionable: Race and Crime,
Riverside City Afloat, But Not Aright, Chicago Tribune
Jesse Jackson Town Homes May Be Torn Down, Fox Carolina (Greenville, NC
Refugees’ Tales Heard by Powerful Audience of One, Los Angeles Times
Disease, Unwanted Import, Washington Times
Migrants Changing Nebraska Town, El Universal (Mexico City)
Agency Faces Struggle as Immigrants Flee Justice, The Monitor (McAllen, Tex.)
Born To Be A Slave in Niger, BBC News
Ten BMWs for Swazi King’s Wives, BBC News
Farmer ‘Beaten to Death’ in Rural Zimbabwe, The Mercury (Durban)

Friday, February 11

Taking Racial Politics to a New Low, National Review Online
Mother Agrees to Sterilization, AP
Lawmakers Drop Bill Against Exposed Underwear, The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk)
Catching Families Before They Fall, Washington Post
Deputy’s Attacker Shot by Officers, Los Angeles Times
Restrictions on Licenses, Asylum Rules Approved, Washington Times
FBI Is Told of $75,000 Bribe Figure, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Couple Indicted on Slavery Charges, Detroit Free Press
Immigrants 8 Percent of Population, Expatica
Swedish Pastor Is Acquitted on Appeal, AP
Danish PM Rules out Role for Anti-Immigrant Party, Financial Times (London)
Mexico Violates Migrants’ Rights, Soberanes Says, El Universal (Mexico City)
Congolese Boxer Accused of Casting Spells to Win Matches, Independent (London)

Thursday, February 10

Government to Classify Land Owners by Race, Cape Times (Cape Town)
Whites ‘Leaving Cities As Migrants Move In’, Telegraph (London)
Have a Baby, Get a Bonus, Los Angeles Times
Child Immigrants Test France, BBC News
Girl Says She Was Assaulted in Racial Attack, Stuff (New Zealand)
Bush Backs Mall Site for African American Museum, Washington Post
U.S. HIV Cases Soaring Among Black Women, Washington Post
Ex-Cop Guilty in Gang Crimes, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tou Cha Parts Ways with St. Paul Police, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
US Department of Commerce Rules “White Pride” Offensive,

Wednesday, February 9

Danish PM, Buoyed by Immigration Curbs, Wins Re-Election, AFP
Andean Storm Troopers,
Adapt and Die — South Africa’s New Motto, Dan Roodt
Sri Lankan Tsunami Survivors Await Help, AP
The Case for Black Schools, Toronto Star
‘Utter Chaos’ at Victor Valley High School, Daily Press (Victorville, Cal.)
Arizona Governor Demands Reimbursement for Immigrant Criminals, AP
Delay Supports Guest Workers, but with Caveats, Washington Times
Migrants’ Kids Missing Out, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Md. Black Caucus to Seek Program Extension, Washington Post
Race and Contracts at Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Washington Post
‘Droopy Drawers’ Bill Seeks End to Overexposure of Underwear, Washington Times

Tuesday, February 8

Man Robbed, Dragged Behind Truck in Hartsville, AP
King Center Funds in a Fix, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Channel 9 Busts City Workers Taking Long Lunch Breaks, (Orlando, Fl.)
Even Killers Should Vote, New York Daily News
Murder: Cases of Slain Infants near Trial, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Preacher Accused of Bilking Poor Churches out of Nearly $9 Million, AP
Brawl’s Effects Still Felt, Dallas Morning News
Silverado Deals With Bad Behavior, Daily Press (Victorville, Cal.)
Lawmaker Wants To Ease Driver’s License Rules, Record Searchlight (Redding, Cal.)
Feds: Charges Filed in Stolen Nickels Case, AP
‘Anti-Racist’ Message in Mass. Math Class, Fox News
Dutch Plan Test Aimed at Curbing Muslim Migrants, Telegraph (London)
Tory Election Poster Sparks Complaints of Racism from Students and Teachers, Independent (London)
Sick Woman Dies after Rape, (SA)

Monday, February 7

Clarke Unveils Immigration Plan, BBC News
Alarm Over Spanish Plan to Legalise More Than a Million Migrant Workers, Independent (London)
Post-Apartheid in Black and White, American Conservative
Second UCT Professor Stabbed to Death, Cape Argus (Cape Town)
Civic Disruption Grows in Bolivia, Washington Times
Assault, Robbery May Be Hate Crime, Will David, The Journal News (Westchester, NY), Feb. 3
Scoring a Chance to Dance, Los Angeles Times
Dozens Brawl at Silverado High, Daily Press (Victorville, Cal.)
Six Charged in Pool Hall Killings, KARE 11 (Minneapolis)
Non-Mexican Illegal Aliens a U.S. Security Headache, Reuters
Preventing Kid Prejudice: The Sailer (One Point) Plan,
The New Right, Capitalism Magazine

Friday, February 4

Confronting Slavery’s Legacy, UPI
Contracts, Race Bred Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Rift, Washington Post
How Race Affects Your Health, Newsweek
IQ as a Matter of Life, Death, Los Angeles Times
Spanish Speech Is a Senate First, St. Petersburg Times
Irving Survey Draws Heated Response, Dallas Morning News
Educator Calls for Creation of Black Schools, Toronto Star
Anti-French Violence Probed, (SA)
Fish-For-Sex Trade Thrives in Mangochi, Nation Online (Chichiri, Malawi)
Chihana Hands Himself to Police, Nation Online (Chichiri, Malawi)

Thursday, February 3

See No Bias, Washington Post
Blacks Favored in Public Housing, U.S. Says, San Francisco Chronicle
The IRS Probe of the NAACP, Washington Times
Snipers Target Border Agents, Washington Times
Businessman Faces New Nuke Probe Charges, AP
President Pushes Changes in ‘Outdated’ Alien Policy, Washington Times
Hispanics Criticize American Girl Doll, AP
Gates Laments Visa-Related Brain Drain, Hispanic Business
Kilroy Goes Solo with Veritas Launch, Guardian (London)
Anger at Labour MP’s Call for Ban on Foreign Workers, Independent (London)
Museum Removes Erotic Art After Muslim Anger, Reuters
Aids Deaths in South Africa ‘Three Times Higher Than Official Figures’, Independent (London)
Controversy as Geldof Declares Himself ‘Bored with Africa’, Financial Times (London)

Wednesday, February 2

King/Drew Stripped of Accredited Standing, Los Angeles Times
Another Danger of Stereotyping, from the Harvard Mental Health Letter, US Newswire
Gallup Poll on Immigration, Gallup Organization
Ridge Backs National Standards for ID, UPI
Center to Serve Day Laborers, Washington Times
Bill Bans All Illegals From State Colleges, Washington Times
Land Invasions Were Staged, Claims Mugabe, Sunday Tribune (Durban)
Judge Refuses to Deport Terror Suspect, Ottawa Citizen
Birth Rate Linked To Fear of Losing Job, Canberra Times

Tuesday, February 1

African Migrants Dumped on Spain’s Streets, Independent (London)
In Netherlands, Anti-Islamic Polemic Comes With a Price, Washington Post
Mexican’s Arraignment Set in ‘94 Killing of DEA Agent, Washington Times
Warning on Zimbabwe Food Crisis, AP
Law Students Receive Affirmative Action Benefit, Daily Mississipian (University of Mississippi)
Woosteria!, Cleveland Scene
Group Cites Saudi ‘Hate’ Tracts, Washington Times
Mexican Emigrants Send $16bn Home, BBC News
Lawyers Argue Prop. 200’s Scope, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Latinos Criticize UNT over Demonstration, Denton Record-Chronicle (Texas)
Against the Odds, AP