American Renaissance

News archive from April 2005

Friday, April 29

Arnold: L.A. Billboard Should Come Down,
Hayworth Says Bush Insulted Minutemen, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
What Border Residents Think of Migrants and Minutemen, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
ID-Card Bill Wins Approval, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
ICE Mulls Fraud Case, Washington Times
Government to Pay Refugee Denied Asylum, AP
Residents Blast NOPD in Heated Forum, Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
Black-White Achievement Gap Has Stopped Narrowing, AScribe Newswire
I Will Burn Myself Alive if Gang Rapists Go Free, Says Victim, Times (London)
Mugabe Orders Cull of Elephants to Feed Starving Villagers, Independent (London)

Thursday, April 28

Passage of Akaka Bill Would Create Havoc, Honolulu Advertiser
The Iron Fist In the Velvet Glove Of “Diversity”, Steve Sailer
States Require New Proof of Identity at Polls,
Inquiry Reveals Bigotry at Gay Club, AP
Mfume Accused of Favoritism At NAACP, Washington Post
Nation of Islam May Intervene at L.A. School Site of Racial Violence, Los Angeles Wave
Ad Putting L.A. in Mexico Called Slap in Face, Los Angeles Times
Seven Arab Americans Sue Denny’s Owner Alleging Discrimination, Palm Beach Post
UK Elections: Tories Finally Make Immigration an Issue,
Muslim Leader’s Rape Comments Under Fire, Australia Associated Press
Peters Accused of Asian Scaremongering, New Zealand Herald (Auckland)

Wednesday, April 27

Black-White-East Asian IQ Differences At Least 50% Genetic, EurekAlert
Academic Witch-Hunt,
City Offers Jail Deal to ‘Bias’ Attackers, New York Post
Man Charged in Bucks Killing, Philadelphia Daily News
Korean Actress Exposed, David Yeagley,
“Immigration and the Alien Gang Epidemic: Problems and Solutions”, Heather Mac Donald
The Amnesty Logjam, Washington Times
Bipartisan Bungling on Borders,
White House ‘Strongly’ Supports Real I.D., Washington Times
Stocks that Will Ride the Wave of Immigration, MSN Money
Hispanic Radio Raising the Ire of Gay Groups, San Francisco Chronicle
Border Patrol Agent Convicted on Smuggling Charges, San-Antonio Express-News
Muslim Man Convicted of Urging Holy War, AP
Police Warn Parties on ‘Race Ads’, BBC News

Tuesday, April 26

School on Bias Alert, New York Post
Student Arrested in Trinity Hate-Mail Case, Chicago Tribune
War Bill Shields I.D. Act from Ax, Washington Times
Illegal Immigration Fears Have Spread, Los Angeles Times
Rep. Tancredo Introduces Official English Constitutional Amendment, U.S. English
L.A. Now In Mexico?,
University Class Bars Student over Poem, AP
Border Vigil Group Calls for Immigration Reform, Washington Times
Immigration in an Aging Society, Center for Immigration Studies
U.S. Prison Population Soars in 2003, ‘04, AP
‘Atomic Iran’ TV Ad Rejected,
Beaten by Race Gang, Halifax Today (UK)
Ethnic Diversity Projected to Increase, Statistics New Zealand

Monday, April 25

Racial Wrangle, New York Post
Equal Opportunity: A Fact Of Life in California Government Agencies, Enter Stage Right
Official: Witness Intimidation a Crisis, AP
Child Brides and Vampire Names: Bizarre The Norm In Mass Murder Trial,
Local Police Agencies Moving to Enforce Federal Immigration Laws, AP
School Boundaries Often Lines in the Sand, Los Angeles Times
Illegal Alien Arrested Under Trespass Law, Nashua Telegraph (NH)
Vietnamese Still Struggle in U.S., AP
The Spies in the Next Cube, San Francisco Chronicle
The Dumbing Down of Germany, Deutsche Welle
‘It Just Doesn’t Feel Like Holland Any More’, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Calling Someone an Immigrant Can Be A Racial Slur, Court Rules, Telegraph (London)
Malawi: Aids Viewed As a Sign of Masculinity — Study, UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
What You Can’t Say, Paul Graham

Friday, April 22

BNP Broadcast Gets the OK, British National Party website
The Age of Unreason, Spectator (London)
Labour Seeks to Outflank Tories on Immigration, Immigration Blog
Europe’s Mujahideen, Center for Immigration Studies
City Spots Want To Be “White”, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Two Cars Sought after City Drive-By, Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
No Charges for Soldier Who Held Aliens, WorldNetDaily
Woman Who Said She Found Finger Arrested, San Jose Mercury News
Hillary Calls for Border Security Czar, NewsMax
‘No One Wanted To Be Near Me’, Echo (Eastern Michigan University)

Thursday, April 21

Senators OK 650 New Agents on Border, Washington Times
Maxine Waters To Illegals: Get Outta Here!, Immigration Blog
Sen.: Border Volunteers Should Be Deputies, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Teach Impediment, Chronicle of Higher Education
Father of Accused Soldier Wants Probe, AP
Pettus-Brown Guilty on All Charges, Cincinnati Enquirer
Speaker Focuses on ‘White Privilege’, Sentinel and Enterprise (Fitchburg, Mass.)
Pope Benedict XVI: Enemy of Jihad,
Book Calls Norwegians ‘Satan’s Sons’, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Hate Mob Attacks Galloway, Evening Standard (London)
Aristide Blames U.S. for Haiti Violence, AP
South Africa Bulletin, Transvaal Agricultural Union (SA)
War of the Black Magic Cults Brings Death to Nigeria’s Universities, Telegraph (London)
Caucasians Preceded East Asians in Basin, AFP

Wednesday, April 20

Radio Salesman Awarded $600,000 In Racial Hostility Complaint, AP
Graffiti Said Hate Crime, But It Wasn’t the Last Word, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Lincoln Museum Offers Unflinching Look at Racism, Civil War, Chicago Tribune
Jury Chooses Death Penalty in Hatchet Killing, AP
Senate Rejects Amnesty Measure, Washington Times
Schwarzenegger Talks Tough on Illegal Immigration, AP
Mexican-Americans to Challenge Border Vigilantes, HispanicBusiness
Dozens of Police Officers Patrol Jefferson High After Race Brawl, Los Angeles Times
Immigrant Plan Wrong, Activists Say, Los Angeles Times
Father of Slain Marine Cautions Mexican Students Against Migrating, Enlisting, AP
Immigration Rights, Immigration Privileges,
Tory Who ‘Echoed Enoch Powell’ Faces Inquiry, Independent (London)
Labour Denies Illegal Immigration Cover-Up, Press Authority (Britain)
Pitiful State Of South Africa’s Poor Whites, Limbic Nutrition Weblog

Tuesday, April 19

Fearing Crackdown, Elsmere’s Latinos Keep Low Profile, News Journal (Wilmington)
Minutemen Pronounce Border Vigil a Success, Washington Times
Flood Of Illegal Immigrants Prompts Backlash, AP
Another Brawl at Jefferson High Ends in 2 Arrests, a Broken Hip, Los Angeles Times
Elderly Immigrants Used in Medicare Scam, San Francisco Chronicle
Deputy Charged With Assault, Hate Crime,
Past Their Prime?, Chronicle of Higher Education
Man Barred from Making Slavery Tax Claims, Reuters
Profile: Pope Benedict XVI, UPI
Blood Lines, Guardian (London)
The Middle Kingdom Mentality, Guardian (London)
Brazil Creates Huge Indigenous Reserve in Amazon, AFP

Monday, April 18

Ad in UM’s Student Paper Called Offensive, Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.)
Renacimiento Americano, Daily Mississippian (U. of Miss.)
Beaten Teacher Recovering, Dallas News
Gang Presence Growing at Victor Valley’s High Schools, Daily Press (Victor Valley)
Senate Confronts Immigration, Washington Times
Danbury Wants State Cops To Go After Illegals, News-Times (Danbury, Ct.)
Hiring of Illegal Immigrants Provokes Faceoff in Upland, Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
Gang on Subway Rampage, New York Daily News
DNA Leads to Arrest in 1989 Rape, Strangling, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Revealed: How the Home Office Hides the True Level of Crime, Telegraph (London)
500,000 Illegal Migrants, Says Home Office, Times (London)
Man Suspected of Honour Killing of Sister, Expatica
Ottawa To Speed Immigration Process, CBC News
Black Slaves, Arab Masters,

Friday, April 15

The Daily Mississippian Staff to Print Retraction, Apology for Inflammatory Ad, Daily Mississippian (U. of Miss.)
The Next Pope and Islamic Prophecy,
We Must Show Our Opposition to Islam, Says Danish Queen, Telegraph (London)
Spellings Cancels Trip Amid Attack on NCLB, Washington Times
Diary: Soldier Wrote About Killing Buddies, AP
Sementelli Was Struck 66 Times, Williamsport Sun-Gazette (Penn.)
Study Finds Racism in New Orleans’ Bars, AP
3 Hurt in Brawl at Jefferson High, Los Angeles Times
President Calls for Flexibility in New Passport Regulations, Washington Times
ACLU Aiding Illegal Entry into U.S.?,
Authorities Free 1 Million Aliens Amid Proceedings, Washington Times

Thursday, April 14

Black Women are Less Likely Than Whites to Seek Information on Genetic Breast Cancer, AP
Teen Killed In Baseball Bat Attack, AP
Bake Sale Battles Continue: FIRE Gains Victory at NEIU, Turns Sights on Grand Valley State University, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Bucking a Trend, U. of Wisconsin System Will Defend Race-Based Student-Aid Program against Complaint, Chronicle of Higher Education
UN to Monitor Defamation of Islam, (India)
Calls To Immigration Hotline Surge, San Jose Mercury News
One-Third of Dutch People Want To Emigrate, Expatica
UK Visa Delay For Young Nigerians, BBC News
Great Britain: Radical Preacher Incites Muslims to Rob Banks,
In Spain, Signs That Far Right Is On the Rise, Christian Science Monitor
Saudi Arabia Executes Six Somalis, Reuters
China ‘Crushing Muslim Uighurs’, AFP
Human Migration Traced Through Genes, AP

Wednesday, April 13

Non-Bias Attack, Brooklyn Skyline
7 Juveniles, 2 Adults Held in Attack That Started on Metro Bus, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
A Roshanda by Any Other Name, Slate
Feds Probe Rev. Al, New York Post
City on the Rocks Gets Fertile Advice, Chicago Tribune
3 Britons Indicted in Terror Plot, Washington Times
Defending Terrorism: Interview with Kristine Withers, Global Politician
Saudi Princess in Servant Abuse Case Out On $1M Bond, Boston Herald
Border Brouhaha, AlterNet
11 Illegal Aliens Caught, Then Released in Fairfax, Washington Times
Tories in Row over Doctored Photo,
Scotland Offers To Take Rejected Migrants, Guardian (London)
China’s Internet Censors Allow Racist/Sexist Condi Posts,

Tuesday, April 12

Study: Early Exposure to Racism Leads to Health Problems, Daily Nonpareil (Council Bluffs, Ia.)
Carey Cites Bi-Racial Family for Insecurities, Contact Music
The Truth About Teaching About Racism, Chronicle of Higher Education
College Republicans Apologize for Bake Sale, Muskegon Chronicle (Mich.)
Protesters Rip Retailer, Glendale News-Press and Leader (Cal.)
Idaho Officials Weigh RICO Lawsuit over Illegal Workers, Casper Star-Tribune (Wy.)
Culture Shock, Poverty Plague Hmong in Michigan, Detroit News
Mexican Army Escorts Border Drug-Runners,
Police Issue Warning as Teenagers Take to Guns, Independent (London)
Man With Knife Takes German Kids Hostage, AP
Dead Trainee Pilot Failed Exams, (SA)

Monday, April 11

The Bad Old Days of Racist Scapegoating Appear to be Back, Independent (London)
Immigration Rise Increases Segregation in British Cities, Times (London)
State School Tests Teaching in Mixed Age Groups, Telegraph (London)
France: Petition Denouncing Reverse Racism Prompts Debate, ADNKronosInternational
Cities Call For Stop to Immigrant Influx, DR Nyheder (Denmark)
South African Party Long Linked to Apartheid Takes Its Final Bow, AP
Nanjing Anti-African Protests of 1988-89, Global Mappings (Northwestern University)
Child Shortage Raises Long-Term Fears for Japan, Washington Post
Arabic Overtaking English as Quebec Schools’ Second Language, Gazette (Montreal)
High Court Steps In Between Judge, Lawyer, American Bar Association Journal
Glendale Police Chief Leaving Job, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
‘Fortress Warren’ Talk Inflammatory, Detroit Leaders Say, Detroit Free Press
Civil Rights Agency Cuts Budget by 9%, Washington Post
Probe Faults System for Monitoring U.S. Borders, Washington Post
Anti-Immigration Group Kicked Out of Diner, Windsor Heights Herald (NJ)
Family Feud Erupts after Teens Date; 6 Wounded, AP

Friday, April 8

3 Percent of Americans are Mixed-Race, Washington Times
Cal Chancellor Warns of Diversity Crisis, San Francisco Chronicle
Harvesting Illegals,
Yuman Wants to Monitor Border, Yuma Sun (Az.)
Convicted Smuggler of Immigrants Deported, Newsday (New York City)
The Future Looks Black, Spectator (UK)
I Took The Muslim Vote For Granted — But That Has All Changed, Guardian (London)
Ex-Councillor Jailed for Electoral Fraud, Guardian (London)
Govt to Shut Firms with Too Few Women, Reuters

Thursday, April 7

King/Drew Med School Under Fire, Los Angeles Times
NCI Studies Examine Racial Disparity in Survival Among Patients With Endometrial Cancer, National Cancer Institute Press Release
Crime Drawing Strikes a Nerve, Comics Journal
Medical Law Fights Mindset on Minorities, Gloucester County Times (Woodbury, NJ)
Border Watchers Capture Their Prey — the Media, Los Angeles Times
Minutemen Find Few Migrants, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
VFW Pulls Permission for Immigration Meeting, News Transcript (Farmingdale, NJ)
Poll: 14 Percent in U.S. Are Anti-Semitic, UPI
BNP Leader Faces Race Hate Charges, Press Association (UK)
Muslims ‘Betrayed’ by UK Gov’t over Religious Hatred,
Building Hijack Syndicates Make up to R10m a Month, The Star (Johannesburg)

Wednesday, April 6

In Russia with Fuhrer, Washington Post
300,000 Switch from Black Economy Under Amnesty, Expatica
Mugged by la Réalité, Weekly Standard
Roma in Slovenia School Boycott, BBC News
Alarm Over Plan for New EU Rights Watchdog, Telegraph (UK)
The Real Fraud in Zimbabwe, Washington Times
Girl Held for Sex with Dog, (SA)
U.S. Will Tighten Passport Rules, Washington Post
Costs of Illegal Immigration to Texans,
Minutemen Catch 141 Illegals So Far,
Bill Seeks Apology for Deportations, San Jose Mercury News

Tuesday, April 5

Study Puts Oakland Dropout Rate at 52%, San Francisco Chronicle
Rebel Flag Flap at LSU, AP
Councilman Apologizes for Racial Remarks, Virginian-Pilot (Hampton Roads)
Official Admits Letting Illegal Immigrants Into Texas, AP
Poll Sheds Light On Attitudes Toward Immigration, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Wal-Mart Pursues Asian Americans, Los Angeles Times
Sensing Voter Fears, European Governments Get Tough on Immigration, AP
Judge Slates ‘Banana Republic’ Postal Voting System, Guardian (London)
Sex Health Crisis Swamps Clinics, Guardian (London)
Eleven Police Held After Brazil Killings, AP
A Rising China Counters US Clout in Africa, Christian Science Monitor

Monday, April 4

Streets of MLK Cry out the Dream is Incomplete, San Francisco Chronicle
A Roadblock, Not a Barrier for Migrants, Los Angeles Times
Prop. 200 Confusion Being Lamented, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Fear and Hatred of Muslims on Increase in Young Generation, Independent (London)
We Need Positive Discrimination to Meet Race Targets, Say Police Chiefs, Telegraph (London)
Asylum Centres Close as Applications Fall, Swissinfo
Two Young Turks Convicted of Murder Expelled from Denmark for Life, Turkish Press
Poor Countries Want Third World Pope, AP
Fury Grows at Mugabe’s Rigged Poll, Times (London)
In Search of Jewish Chromosomes in India, Haaretz (Jerusalem)

Friday, April 1

Residents Brace as Minutemen Deploy, El Universal (Mexico City)
Senate Opens Door To Alien Amnesty, Washington Times
State Audit Suggests Cutting Back Medical Care for Illegal Immigrants, KESQ NewsChannel 3 (Palm Springs, Cal.)
Agency Shifts on Immigration Law, Los Angeles Times
Uproar Over Alhambra Student’s Newspaper Column on Hispanics, AP
Mexican Migrants Slow To Seek U.S. Citizenship, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Medicare Fraud Scheme Alleged, Los Angeles Times
It’s the Pasta, Stupid, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Mugabe Party Wins Zimbabwe Poll, Reuters
12.7% Teachers HIV+, (SA)
Riyadh Deports Thousands of Overstaying Pilgrims,
New Book Reopens Old Arguments about Slave Raids on Europe, Guardian (London)