American Renaissance

News archive from May 2005

Tuesday, May 31

Federal Court Orders Equal Treatment For Black Tourists,
Kittle Book, Daily Southtown (Chicago)
Black Workers Hurt Themselves by not Taking Bottom-Rung Jobs, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Dems, Jackson to Pay $200,000 in Fines, AP
Parents Worry, and Many Students Stay Away at Jefferson, Los Angeles Times
Violence Against Border Agents at Record Pace, MSNBC
As Sun Belt Rises, Expect Political Surprises, Newhouse News Service
Chinese Spooks: A Growing Red Menace,
University’s Diversity Plan Upsets Faculty, AP
‘Race Killing’ Sparks French Riot, BBC News
Harem Role for Martine, Irish Examiner
Indian Call Staff Quit Over Abuse on the Line, Observer (London)
Bride Gang-Raped After Wedding, South African Press Agency

Friday, May 27

Sureño Gang’s Threat Growing in Bay Area, San Francisco Chronicle
Mayor Autry Wants Immigration Moratorium, (Fresno)
After Minuteman Melee, Protesters Have New Beef, Los Angeles Times
County To Start Cremating Crossers, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Mexican Commandos New Threat On Border,
Whites-Only Group Looking To Recruit Members, WOODTV (Grand Rapids)
Congressman Comes to Aid of Quran,
America’s Worst Urban Program, City Journal
Kingston Police More Likely To Stop Blacks, Study Finds, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Quebec Squashes Idea of Islamic Tribunals, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
South African Council OKs Pretoria Change, AP

Thursday, May 26

Two Hurt, Eight Arrested in Orange County Protest Against Minuteman Project, AP
Illegal Immigration Forum Protested, Las Vegas Sun
Villaraigosa: Border is an Opportunity, El Universal (Mexico City)
GATE Program Eliminated at Lincoln, San Diego Union-Tribune
Census Bureau Says Hispanic Voting Rate Steady In 2004, AP
Downsizing Illegal Immigration, Center for Immigration Studies
MALDEF Files Civil Rights Lawsuit in Albuquerque, AP
Has St. Olaf Really Diversified Its Campus?, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Multiculturalism And Medicine: A Deadly Combination,
Prejudice Is Hard-wired Into The Human Brain, Says ASU Study, ScienceDaily
Immigrants’ Second Wives Find Few Rights, Christian Science Monitor
Right Wing Extremism in Germany, Der Spiegel (Hamburg)
Africa Home To Most Of World’s “Ultra-Poor” — Study, Reuters

Wednesday, May 25

Ex-UB Student Wins $601,000 Jury Award, Buffalo News
Journalism Teacher Is Put On Leave, Star-Telegram (Fort Worth)
Army Base Plagued by Illegals’ Intrusions, Washington Times
Prayer Room at UM-Flint Sparks Clash, Flint Journal
Man Claims Racism at Conference, KGET TV 17 (Bakersfield, Cal.)
Mother Crashes Minivan into School, Philadelphia Inquirer
7 Gang Members Held in Beating of 2 Men, Los Angeles Times
Magazine Exec Fights For Blacks in Business, Dallas Morning News
Confronting Racism through Workshops, News & Record (Greensboro, NC)
Psychopaths Are Born Bad, Say Scientists, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Sporting Villagers Restrained by Political Madness, Telegraph (London)
TUC Blacklists Grandmas and Youths, Telegraph (London)
Trial Over Italian Islam ‘Insult’, BBC News
Biracial People Face Discrimination in Korea, Korea Times (Seoul)

Tuesday, May 24

Faceoff Over Civil Rights and Immigration Legalities, New Hampshire Union Leader (Manchester)
Migrant Legislation Dealt Blow, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
State Senators Urge Governor To Ban Minuteman Migration, AP
Jenny’s Image On the Block, Washington Post
Let’s Catch These Creeps, New York Daily News
Lionel Tate Charged In Armed Robbery of Pizza Delivery Man, Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Law Firms Agree to Give Clients Diversity Data on Legal Teams, New York Law Journal
South Africa Spouse Killings Epidemic, Reuters
White Afrikaner Independence: Interview With Freedom Front General-Secretary Col. Piet Uys, Global Politician
Wexford Remembers Kurdish Asylum Seekers, Radio Telefís Éireann (Ireland)
Race Row May Spoil Penguin’s Birthday, Observer (London)
Outspoken Journalist Has Fingers Chopped Off, Reuters

Monday, May 23

As Country Heads For Disaster, Zimbabwe Calls For Return of White Farmers, Guardian (London)
Whites Meet To Keep Pretoria Name, BBC News
The Norwegian Inquisition—Sunset in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Fjordman blog
Flames of Hate, Evening Standard (London)
Britain’s Only Black Farmer Helps Young Break Ground, Times (London)
German State To Offer Islam Class In Every School, AP
Hong Kong Plans Support Group for South Asians, AP
Hydrocarbon Bill Worries Investors, Washington Times
Chirac Counts On Jungle Tribes To Swing EU Vote, Times (London)
Report Urges Troops Sent To Border, Washington Times
Pregnancy Rates for Hispanic Teens Rising, AP
Salvadoran Gangster Fights Deportation, Washington Times
Ugly Crime Called Hate, New York Daily News

Friday, May 20

Baldwin Park Protest Video, What’s Right With America
Tancredo Calls for Border Official to Resign, Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo
Jailer Pokes Hole in City’s Claim, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Ruling Aids Day Laborers, Los Angeles Times
David and His 26 Roommates,
The Greenbacks, Magic City Morning Star (Me.)
The Results are In: Fewer Pass TAKS, Houston Chronicle
Sharpton Demands Apology from Fox, El Universal (Mexico City)
Black Students’ Suit Claims Racist Abuse, AP
Mckinney Preschool’s Logo Causes Flap, WFAA-TV (Dallas)
Record Number of New British Citizens, Guardian (London)
In the Footsteps of Fortuyn, Independent (London)
Gangs Use Voodoo in Nigeria Sex Trade, AP

Thursday, May 19

GATE-Closing Plan Stirs Parental Debate at Lincoln Middle School, San Diego Union-Tribune
U.S. Armed Forces on Guard Everywhere Except on Border, Middle American News
Border Vigil Planned for California, Washington Times
Woman’s Ex Jailed on Suspicion of Murder, Salt Lake Tribune
Spanish Political Ads Kick Off Bloomberg TV Campaign, AP
Hispanic Groups Plan National Boycott of Arizona Businesses, KVOA 23 (Tucson)
Woman Injured During Protest At Monument, San Gabriel Valley Tribune (Los Angeles)
Bringing Up Los Ninos, Washington Times
Hue and Cry, Philadelphia Weekly
Lack of Money Is the Root of the Grad Gap, Buffalo News
Germany is Accused of Racism as 50,000 Roma are Deported, Independent (London)
Fortress Japan Fears Immigrant Surge, BBC News

Wednesday, May 18

Antonio Villaraigosa Elected L.A. Mayor, AP
Mexicans Go To Ariz. for Medical Help, USA TODAY
Anti-Minuteman Site Promoting Sabotage,
Appeals Court Rules Against Redondo Beach Stings, Daily Breeze (Redondo Beach, Cal.)
CAIR’s Hate Crimes Nonsense,
Student Files Complaint, Claims Code Is ‘Racist’, Oregon Daily Emerald (U. of Oregon)
Racist Slurs Taint B.C. Election Campaign, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Aids ‘Kills One In Three’ In SA, BBC News
No Babies Please, We’re German, AP

Tuesday, May 17

The White Rodney King,
Silence That Kills,
Kilpatrick’s Expenses Exposed, Detroit Free Press
Minority Youths Self-Esteem Grows, Not Shrinks Over Time, EurekAlert
State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized, ABC News
Tancredo: High Noon for Denver Sanctuary Policy, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Gubernatorial Hopeful Attacks Governor on Immigration, Arizona Capitol Times (Phoenix)
Greenbacks and ‘Wetbacks’: Mexico’s Northern Strategy, ChronWatch
SA Family Gets US Asylum, (SA)
The Islamization of French Schools, Weekly Standard
Iron Lady of Holland Orders Immigrants to Pass Exam in ‘Dutchness’, Telegraph (London)
Pisanu: Some Regions, 50 Pct Crimes of Illegal Immigrants, AGI (Italy)
Danish Immigration Policies Hinder Love, Deutsche Welle
Atlantic Mayors Seek Immigration, Canadian Press

Monday, May 16

Protest Over Art Forces Police to Draw the Line, Los Angeles Times
Two Black Men Knifed at Tremors, Victor Valley Daily Press (Cal.)
Palestinian Gang Plots Assassination of Ft. Worth Cop, Federal Agent,
Black Children More Likely To Die From Traumatic Injury Than White Children, Ohio State University Press Release
Program Gives Kids Intense View of Slavery, AP
U.S. Black Women Have Fewer Bone Fractures, Reuters
Judge: Law Violates Prop. 209, Sacramento Bee
Mexican Leader Criticized for Comment on Blacks,
Mexico Furious at Tough US Law On Migrants, Financial Times (London)
Scottish Police Recruits To Face Racism Tests, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Theatres Told: Meet Ethnic Targets or Lose Your Funding, Telegraph (London)
Boy, 9, Killed for his Skin, Times (London)
Belief in Sex-Mad Demon Tests Nerves, Reuters

Friday, May 13

Border Patrol Told to Stand Down in Arizona, Washington Times
Mccain-Kennedy Bill Opens Citizenship Path, Washington Times
Group Plans Protest At Site of Monument, San Gabriel Valley Tribune (Los Angeles)
More Immigrants Charged Under Trespassing Law, AP
Hillary ‘Outraged’ Over Real ID Act, NewsMax
3 1/2-Year FBI Coke Sting Catches 21 In Uniform, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Anger Over Dutch Expulsion Plans, BBC News
Fears of Trade in Children As 300 Boys Disappear, Evening Standard (London)
Aids Groups Condemn South Africa’s ‘Dr Garlic’, Guardian (London)
Afro-Mexicans Face Discrimination, El Universal (Mexico City)
Early Humans ‘Followed Coast’, BBC News

Thursday, May 12

Listen to Jared Taylor's Debate with Tim Wise, AR News exclusive
Behind CAIR’s Hate Crimes Report, Weekly Standard
Officials Defend Class Enrollment Restrictions, Oregon Daily Emerald (U. of Oregon)
Tancredo Asks Hickenlooper for Answers, Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo
Court Rejects DMV Practice of Taking Illegal Immigrants’ Licenses, AP
ACLU Scrutinizing Border Patrol Arrest Documents, San Bernardino County Sun
GOP Anti-Gang Bill Approved by House, San Bernadino County Sun
Monument Draws Fire, San Gabriel Valley Tribune (Los Angeles)
S.C. Governor Doubts Black Will Be Elected, AP
Bogus Discrimination Claims, Washington Times
Anti-Immigrant Protests After Spaniard’s Murder,
France To Tighten Migrant Rules, BBC News
DNAPrint Genomics Forensics Technology Plays Key Role in Murder Case, PRNewswire

Wednesday, May 11

How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD, American Enterprise
Officer in Airport Arrest Fired, News 11 (Atlanta)
Police Reopen Atlanta Child-Killing Cases, AP
9th Circuit Panel Rejects Minority-Contract Awards, AP
Region’s Fringes Draw a ‘New White Flight’, Washington Post
Bishops Back Aid to Immigrants, Washington Times
Undocumented Workers Could Get Home Help, Capital Times (Madison, WI)
Police-Immigration Bill Passes, Arizona Republic (Phoenix
Test of Hispanic Boycott Fails in Arizona, Washington Times
Slaying Suspect Worked at Hickenlooper Eatery, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
CT Scans Show What King Tut Looked Like, AP
Brain Scans Reveal Racial Biases, New Scientist
Race-Based Medicine Arrives, Forbes

Tuesday, May 10

Philippe Rushton Haunts Us Still, CBC
Zogby Poll: Americans Fed Up With Illegal Aliens,
Feds Pay $5.8 Billion to Jail Criminal Aliens,
States May Disobey Driver’s License Rules, AP
DWI Arrest Rate Worries Hispanic Leaders in N.C., Charlotte Observer
Day-Labor Divide, Orange County Register (Santa Ana)
No License? No Insurance? ¡No Problemo!, National Review Online
Hispanic Migration Finally Hits Northern Appalachia, AP
Napolitano Vetoes English-Only Bill, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
D.C. Auditor Finds Contract Irregularities, Washington Times
Singer’s Killing Stirs Up Afghani Community, CBC
Labour Opens Inquest after BNP’s Surge, Guardian (London)
Amnesty Fails To Ease Spanish Worries over Immigration, Financial Times (London)

Monday, May 9

Arnold Says Feds Fail To Do Job At Borders, Washington Times
Homeland Security Bars Organizer of Minutemen, Washington Times
Murder Suspect — An Illegal with Driver’s License,
City’s Crime Creeps to Twin, St. Petersburg Times
Nickelodeon Tells Kids: Alamo Fought for Slavery,
Dallas Voters Reject Mayor Bill, Washington Times
Race-Gap Study Launches 3-Stage Rant About Readers, Rocky Mountain News
The Gap: In a Single Statistic, the Measure of a Racial Tragedy, Newhouse News Service
Tam High Anti-Gay Attacks a Hoax, AP
Tories Say Backing Off Immigration Cost 10 Seats, Guardian (London)
White Applicants Face Three-Year Wait to Join Police, Press Authority (UK)
‘Girl Tortured Over Witchcraft Claims’, Evening Standard (London)

Friday, May 6

BNP Attracts Votes but Gets No Seat, Pat Hurst, Press Authority (UK)
UKIP Falls Short of Its Targets, BBC News
White Officers Claim Discrimination in Asbury, Asbury Park Press (NJ)
Former Judge Pleads Guilty, Kansas City Star
Why Was Sergeant Still in the Army?, Detroit Free Press
Pre-emptive Executions?, American Conservative
The Battle for Los Angeles,
Tens of Thousands Stay Home from LA Schools amid Violence Rumors, AP
Student Sues N.Y. College Over Dismissal, New York Sun

Thursday, May 5

Sources ID Officer, Suspect on Tape, Philadelphia Inquirer
Jury Rules Notorious Rapist Not a Danger, Boston Herald
Pastor Charged With Setting Church Fire, AP
Harlem IHOP Takes Offensive Sign Down, Amsterdam News (New York City)
Why Has Black Unemployment Risen (Yes, Risen!) In The “Bush Boom”?,
More Heat for Tancredo, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Gang Follows Illegal Aliens, Washington Times
N.H. Tries Tactic with Illegal Immigrants, AP
Man Provides Water For Illegal Immigrants at Mexican Border, Chicago Tribune
Measure Would Penalize Employers of Illegal Immigrants, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Information Builders CEO blasts Gates’ H-1B Stand, ComputerWorld
A Textbook Case of Junk Science, Weekly Standard

Wednesday, May 4

Some See Racism in Candidate’s Ads, Dallas Morning News
$82 Billion Spending Bill Gets Nod, Washington Times
Public Outrage Kills ‘L.A., Mexico’ Sign,
Legislature Approves Bill To Make English State’s Official Language, AP
Hispanic Group Wants Apology from Bride, AP
FOX Poll: Illegal Immigration Seen as Serious Problem For U.S., FOXNews
Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty To Trespassing, AP
In MS-13, a Culture of Brutality and Begging, Washington Post
Microsoft’s Gates Urges End to US Tech Visa Limits, Reuters
Body to Be Exhumed in 1955 Racial Killing, AP
Detroit Mayor Criticized for Charging $210,000 on City Credit Card, AP
‘White South African Men the Most Unwanted Species’, Star (Johannesburg)

Tuesday, May 3

Old Glory Covers ‘Mexico’ Billboard,
The ‘Browning’ of U.S. Politics, Los Angeles Times
Maryland Criticized for Denying Licenses, Washington Times
Bill Shifts Burden to Asylum-Seekers, Washington Post
Immigration Enforcement Tough Battle, Knight Ridder
Court Upholds Denial of Asylum to Chinese, AP
Pat Robertson: No Muslim Judges,
Foot Rallies for One More Fight as BNP Targets East London, Guardian (London)
Immigrant Vote up for Grabs in Muslim East London, Haaretz (Jerusalem)
Canada Is Wooing Mexican Immigrants, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Foreigners Need Not Apply, IcelandReview
Crusading Against History, FrontPage Magazine

Monday, May 2

Phony Racism and the Allure of Victimhood, Chicago Tribune
Secret Gay Encounters of Black Men Could Be Raising Women’s Infection Rate, San Francisco Chronicle
Terpstra Awarded $540,000 For Slight, Modesto Bee (Cal.)
Family Services Gets Diversity Training, AP
Immigrant Pleas Crushing Federal Appellate Courts, Los Angeles Times
Mexico Border Watch Expands, Washington Times
Mixed Roots: Science Looks At Family Trees, Christian Science Monitor
A Surge South of Mexico, Los Angeles Times
Supreme Court Rejects Hearing ‘Kemosabe’ Appeal, CBC News
Israelis Resist the Arabs in their Midst, Inter Press Service
Dr Death’s Deeds to be Probed, AFP
Expanding Nature of China, Washington Times