American Renaissance

News archive from June 2005

Thursday, June 30

Despite Pressure For Budget, Pa. House Finds Time For Big Issues, Philadelphia Inquirer
Documents, Neighbors Reveal Possible Murder Motive, (Seattle)
Death for US Family-Killer Father Marcus Wesson, BBC News
Police: Aldine Teacher Convinced Students to Torch Her Car, AP
ABC Pulls ‘Neighborhood’ Reality Series, AP
House Vote Squeezes Mexico, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
2 Iraqis Held Trying To Cross Mexico Border, Washington Times
Mexican Stamps ‘Insult People Around The World’, AP
Loren Fights To Ban Party’s Posters, Guardian (London)
Illegal Immigrant Figure Revealed, BBC News
White Met Officers Win £90,000 at Race Tribunal, Times (London)

Wednesday, June 29

White House Covered Up Immigration Study?,
Levy’s Farmingville Remark Sparks Wrangle, Newsday (New York City)
Judge To Send for Jury Duty No-Shows, Dallas Morning News
Baldwin Park 2, the Rematch!, (Los Angeles)
Illegal Immigrants Fill SoCal Jail, AP
Wachovia Partners With Minority Auto Dealers, South Florida Business Journal
Profile of Distinguished Professor of English bell hooks,
Oprah’s Shopping Incident Evokes Emotions from Minorities, (Raleigh)
Bulgarian Nationalists Boosted by Election Success, Reuters
CAFTA Should Be Rejected Just Like the EU Constitution, Phyllis Schlafly
Crackdown Impacts Workforce in Israel, Newsday (New York City)
13 Killed in Ritual Murders in Grand Bassa, Analyst (Monrovia)
Margaret Sanger’s Nation of ‘Morons’,
Looks Skin Deep, DNA Tests Show, Oakland Tribune

Tuesday, June 28

Another ‘Super Safe Sunday’ Ends In Violence, Times (Shreveport)
Court Master Blasts Meade Principal’s Handling of Fight, Capital (Annapolis)
Illinois Governor Signs Hate Crime Bills, UPI
Broward Judge In Hot Water for Disparaging Remarks About Cleaning Crew, Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Pain in Paradise: Walton Hills Sees Schools as Thorn, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Hispanics Fail To Gain Clout In ‘04, Tucson Citizen
Immigration Enforcement Bill Offered,
German Opposition Throws Turkey EU Talks into Question, Deutsche Presse Agentur

Monday, June 27

Black-Latino Divide, Los Angeles Daily News
Man Beaten into Coma in Hate Crime, Bakersfield Channel (Cal.)
Immigration Protest in Baldwin Park Is Peaceful, Los Angeles Times
Al-Jazeera to Look At Open U.S. Border, WorldNetDaily
Thousands Flock To See Billy Graham, Washington Times
Panhandler Battle Takes on Racial Tone, AP
Stadium Break-Ins Plaguing Nationals, Washington Times
£220bn Stolen By Nigeria’s Corrupt Rulers, Telegraph (London)
Conservative MP Apologizes For Racial Epithet,
Molecular Eyewitness: DNA Gets A Human Face, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Thefts of U.S. Technology Boost China’s Weaponry, Washington Times

Friday, June 24

FDA Approves Controversial Heart Medication for Blacks, Washington Post
Council Backs Plan to Assign Firefighters in Racial Balance, Cincinnati Enquirer
Metro Area Schools Show Racial Gap In Suspensions, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Number of Americans Outside the Income Tax System Continues to Grow, Tax Foundation
Middle School May Lose Confederate-Era Name, Palm Beach Post
Two Students Help UW Honor Diversity with Art, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Unreal for 30 Days, OpinionJournal
Indian Movement Seeks ‘To Expel White Invasion’, Washington Times
Bitter Divide over Plan to Wall in Rio’s Slums, Independent (London)
Italian Bid To Castrate Rapists, BBC News
Teens Fuel Gun Crime Surge, Evening Standard (London)
Britain’s Fertility Timebomb, Independent (London)
Muslim Books of Hate Sold, Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Thursday, June 23

Lawmaker Wants School Requirement Changed, AP
The Texas Top Ten,
Women, Minorities Lag Behind In Technology Jobs, AP
Mayor Says Undocumented Immigrants Should Be Allowed To Stay, Newsday (New York)
Ex-Teacher Pleads Guilty to 10 Sex Counts, Valencia County News-Bulletin (Belen, NM)
Officials Brace for SOS, San Gabriel Valley Tribune (San Gabriel, Cal.)
Parents of Son Charged in Beating May Lose Girl, Detroit News
B.C. Man Must Serve 16 Years for Killing Daughter, Canadian Press
Spies Come In From The Cold Only To Get Heat, Asian Pacific Post (Vancouver)
Husband On Holiday — Wife ‘Remarried’, Aftenposten (Oslo)
80 Cops Get the Ax in Nuevo Laredo, San Antonio Express-News

Wednesday, June 22

Felons Getting Their Right To Vote Restored, AP
Forbes’ Role with Bureau, NAACP Questioned, Cleveland Plain Dealer
The Mumia Syndrome, WorldNetDaily
Cash Counter Nabbed for Alleged Thievery, San Francisco Chronicle
Council to Tackle Laborer Loitering, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
Ehrlich Cuts Health Care For Children of Immigrants, Baltimore Sun
Islamic Group Calls for Use of Koran to Take Oath,
Forced Assimilation May Hurt Hawaiians, Honolulu Advertiser
A Kidnap a Day by Foreign Gangs in London, Guardian (London)
Pastor Won’t Apologise For Comments, Australian Associated Press
Zimbabwe Begins Destroying Vegetable Gardens, Sapa-AP
‘Immigrants Are Getting A Raw Deal’, Star (Johannesburg)

Tuesday, June 21

Texans near Border See Signs That Violence Is Closing In, Dallas Morning News
Some See Minutemen As Best Solution to Control Illegal Immigration, Victoria Advocate (Tex.)
ACLU Suspends Southern Chapter Over Minuteman Issue, AP
Minuteman Cancellation Triggers Free Speech Grumbles, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
Ohio Homeless Agencies Struggle With Somali Migrant Influx, AP
D.C. Chief’s Vehicle Snatched, Washington Post
Tijuana Cops Put on Notice over Dumped Bodies, San Diego Union-Tribune
‘Africa’s Fatal Sexual Culture Spreads Aids’, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)
Muslim Anger at Bid to Serve Drink Outside, Glasgow Evening Times
Pakistani Burns Wife and Daughter to Death, Independent Online (Cape Town, SA)

Monday, June 20

The New Science of Race, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Arizona Republican Assembly Votes Unanimously to Censure Senator McCain, Arizona Conservative
Full House Tests Cobb Law, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
New Group to Channel Regional Hispanic Power, Chicago Tribune
2005 LULAC National Convention & Exposition Sponsors, League of United Latin American Citizens
Illegal Immigration, It’s Just Getting Worse, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Not Invited “Because she is White”, New York Post
Blacks Targeted More Often For Traffic Stops, Chicago Tribune
Met ‘Too Afraid of Racism to Investigate Rape Claim’, Telegraph (London)
Drug Smuggling Customs Man Jailed, BBC News
Refugee Culture Shock, AP
Bébé Boom Gives France a Little Boost, Times (London)
What Lies Behind the Zimbabwe Demolitions?, BBC News
‘Two-Thirds of Judges Must Be Black’, SAPA

Friday, June 17

Court Upholds Mass. School Desegregation, AP
Parents Sue Capistrano Unified School District, Pacific Legal Foundation
Former Officer Arrested for Sexual Misconduct, AP
Silenced Gene Suggests Greater Risk for Cancer, Medical News Today
UT-Austin Re-Enacts Affirmative Action To Boost Diversity, Shorthorn (Arlington, Tx.)
Service Before Security, FrontPage Magazine
Ugandan-Born Cleric Named U.K. Archbishop, AP
Marshalling Africa, Investor’s Business Daily
Fifty Children Raped Every Day in SA, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)
‘We Cannot Afford Such Luxury’, (SA)
Study Shows Big-Brained People Are Smarter, Virginia Commonwealth University Press Release

Thursday, June 16

Bill to Target Aid to Mexico, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Whistling Fairness, National Review Online
Black Church Leaders Embarrass Bush Over African Aid Shortfall, Independent (London)
Heart Pill For Blacks Nears FDA Approval, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Outraged Black Activists Protest that King Tut Has Been Whitewashed, AFP
‘Anchors’ In Third Of Alien Families, Washington Times
Study Shows Mexican Migrants Have High Rates of HIV, AP
Nearly 200 Illegal Immigrants Arrested, AP
Criminal Immigrants Strain Judicial System, Pasadena Star-News
Language Less of a Barrier for Firefighters, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
'Child Sacrifices in London’, Evening Standard (London)
Migrants Violent, Should Pay To Enter Italy-Minister, Reuters
Anti Gypsy-Music Virus Welcomed by Victims, ZDNet Australia
Twenty Thousand Sign Anti-Turkey Petition, Plan Protest, Prague Daily Monitor

Wednesday, June 15

Top Cop Backtracks on Farrakhan Training,
Blacks Hardest Hit by HIV in U.S., Reuters
Gifted Student Deficit Disorder, California Political Review
Immigrants Represent Most of Rise in Numbers of Uninsured, Los Angeles Times
Foreign-Born Inmates Slip Through ICE Net, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
11th Circuit OKs RICO Suit Involving Illegal Aliens,
Abortionist Accused of Eating Fetuses, WorldNetDaily
Muslim Target,
Denmark Plans Crackdown On New Drug Gangs, Reuters
Scouts Granted Right To Dob-Dob For Allah, Times (London)
A Blond Nation, in a Bind on Immigrants, Washington Post
Fury Persists Over Commisioner’s ‘Racist’ Remarks, New Zealand Herald (Auckland)

Tuesday, June 14

Italy Invests New Power in Bloodlines, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Putin’s ‘Cannibals’ Gaffe, Sun (London)
Now You Face Jail For Being Nasty To Satanists, Telegraph (London)
Found: Europe’s Oldest Civilisation, Independent (London)
Federal Agents Arrest Hundreds of Police In Corrupt Border City, (Houston)
Court Denounces Race Bias in Capital Cases, AP
Rock County Jail Inmates Charged With Hate Crimes in Beatings, Janesville Gazette (Wi.)
Gallup: Public Splits, In “Major Racial Divide,” on Michael Jackson Verdict, Editor and Publisher
Senate Apologizes for History of Lynchings, Chicago Tribune
Morgan President Again Fights Budding Competitor, Baltimore Sun
Immigration and Heavy Burden of Medically Uninsured,
Congresswoman Proposes Amendment to US Constitution: Only Legal Citizens Counted, Conservative Voice
Illegal Immigration Outcry, Newsday (New York)

Monday, June 13

Demographic Dislocation, Inside Higher Ed
National Legal and Policy Center Rips Wachovia Slavery Apology, US Newswire
More Hollywood Remakes Cast Minorities, AP
Cantu Charged with Extortion, Drug Trafficking, Bribery, KGBT 4 (Harlingen, TX)
New Tack against Illegal Immigrants: Trespassing Charges, Washington Post
Immigration’s U.S. Rep. Tancredo’s Top Topic, Union-Leader (Manchester, NH)
Diversity Activist Switches Genders, East Valley Tribune (Scottsdale)
France to Bring in Immigrant Quota System, Financial Times (London)
Beach Gangs ‘May Harm Tourism’, (SA)
Children To Be Labeled ‘Criminal’ by Age 3,
Why Crime Pays In SA, Independent (Pietermaritzburg, SA)
Anti-Rape Device Must Be Banned, Say Women, Times (London)
Once Shunned as Racist, Storybook Bestseller in Japan, Los Angeles Times
DNAPrint Launches Research to Enhance Law Enforcement Forensics, PRNewswire

Friday, June 10

Forced Out: The Price of Speaking Freely in Multicultural America, Middle American News
Voters Want Change of School’s Name, San Francisco Chronicle
Illinois Senator May Block Nominee for a Top State Department Job, Chicago Tribune
Key Congressman Angered by Broad-Based Ground Zero Plans, Newsday (New York)
Report Card on America’s Schools: Illegal Immigration Provides Lesson in Negative Numbers, Federation for American Immigration Reform
300 Killed Along Border As Drug Crime Thrives In Mexico, KRT
Anti-Crime Coordinator Accused Of Rape, Robberies In Mexico, AP
Gray Accuses Presbytery of Racism, Montreal Gazette
Criminals Rest Easy, The Met Is Chasing Race And Gender Targets, Telegraph (London)
Cheque Scam Asylum Seeker Jailed, BBC News
Australia’s ‘Doctor Death’, BBC News

Thursday, June 9

Hispanic Growth Leads the Way, Sacramento Bee
The Battle for Baldwin Park Continues,
Foreign Students Displace Americans, Especially Minorities, in U.S. Universities,
Sensenbrenner and Dean Trade Insults Over Immigration, AP
Phila. School Mandate: African History, Philadelphia Inquirer
Compton “Cowboys”, National Review Online
Head Start Study Finds Limited Effects, Washington Times
Helms Mea Culpa on AIDS, Not Integration, AP
Report of Teen’s Abduction Proves to Be False, Shreveport Times (La.)
Arson Highlights Danish Tensions, BBC News
Bolivia: Tiny Nation, Big Troubles, Christian Science Monitor
IC ‘Gaijin’ Card Shares Personal Info, Japan Times
Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Haaretz (Jersusalem)
Youth in B.C. Racist Attack Hoax Won’t Be Charged, RCMP, Canadian Press

Wednesday, June 8

In S.F., Dean Calls GOP ‘A White Christian Party’, San Francisco Chronicle
Teacher Wins Discrimination Case, Mobile Register
Order To Fly Rebel Flag Rankles NAACP, Kansas City Star
Detention Squeeze Forces Illegals Back on Streets, Washington Times
Teen Reporter Targeted For Immigration Column,
TB Seen in Many Aliens, Study Says, Washington Times
Father of 11-Year-Old's Baby Pleads Guilty to Rape, AP
Poll: Minority Groups Favor Ethnic Media, AP
Verdonk Rejects Antillean Concerns, Expatica
Didiza to Force Sale of Farm As Talks On Price Deadlock, Business Day (Johannesburg)
The Gathering Threat, Washington Times

Tuesday, June 7

Mexico Draws Line on Return, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
The Price of Acting White, Washington Post
U.S. Promotes Mexican Immigrant Programs, Services, San Jose Mercury News
Mayor Drops Immigrant Plan, News-Times (Danbury, Conn.)
Illegals Shocked as Judge Actually Puts Them in Jail,
Policy for Hispanics in U.S. Covers Funeral Back Home, AP
Ties To Slavery Could Cost Firm City Contract, Chicago Tribune
Blacks, Whites Still Living Apart in Northern New Jersey, AP
It’s Ali v Oprah in Search for Greatest American, Guardian (London)
Group Ids 5 Brokers Accused of Race Bias, Journal News (Westchester)
Man Ordered To Pay for Healing Ritual, Reuters
Russians Concerned About ‘Alien Invasion’, Reuters
Minister Urges Fines over Muslim Robe, Reuters

Monday, June 6

Prop. 200 having Little Effect on Illegal Migrants, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Va. Police Back Off Immigration Enforcement, Washington Post
Election Changes Color of Politics, Washington Times
Gangs In Texas Recruiting 11-Year-Olds, AP
Loophole to America, San Diego Union Tribune
Wachovia Agrees To Contribution in Wake of Slavery Report, AP
Protesters Ask, ‘Where Is The Poverty?’, Montgomery Advertiser
“Rambo” Back on Duty, Yahoo
Pipe, Car Used As Weapons, Vancouver Province
Crashers Sic Pitbulls on Forest Lawn Party, Calgary Herald
Sikh Youth Hair Attack ‘Victim’ Admits Hoax,
Six Hospitals Deny a Salvadoran Treatment, AFP
Dozens of African Children Beaten, Abused and Accused of Witchcraft, Say Detectives, Telegraph (London)
Live 8 Gets Britons’ Support — But Charity Begins at Home, Telegraph (London)

Friday, June 3

Student Bodies Hit 49 Million, Washington Times
Dallas Principals Face Spanish Principle, Fox News
Alliance without Borders, Orange County Register (Santa Ana)
The Real Racist Problem Behind Illegal Immigration, FrontPageMagazine
Mexico Jobs May Deter Migration, Washington Times
Wedding-Cake Toppers Make Break With Cookie-Cutter Past, MSNBC
Cops Nab Va. Man after Deadly Rampage, Fox News
National Acrimony and a Rise in Hate Crimes, Christian Science Monitor
Sikh Teen May Have Lied About Attack, Police Told, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Got Milk? Thank Your European Kin, Washington Times

Thursday, June 2

California State University System Formally Accused of Reverse Racism by Employee/Student, PR Web
Wachovia Apologizes For Slavery Ties, CNN
Capitol Slave Labor Studied, AP
Minorities Support ‘Racist’ Tests, Christian Science Monitor
CNN Donates $1 Million to Journalist Groups for Minority Scholarships, CNN Pressroom
Governor of Texas to Allow Minuteman Vigil at Border, Washington Times
Reparation Fund Set For Depression-Era Mexican Deportations, KESQ (Palm Springs, Cal.)
Illegal Immigrant Funds a Hospital Balancing Act, Sacramento Bee
Senator Wants to Deny Entry to Immigrant Gang Members, Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Live 8 Line-Up ‘Hideously White’, BBC News

Wednesday, June 1

‘Disposition’ Emerges as Issue at Brooklyn College, New York Sun
Local Support Lacking For NCLB, Washington Times
States Border Tensions Rise With Rhetoric, Oakland Tribune
Teachers Give College Prep Plan an F, Los Angeles Times
Iranian Smuggling Ring Busted Near Mex Border,
Probe: Boy Scouts Lied About Black Members, AP
Store Accused of Charging More for ‘Black Hair’, AP
Loss of Middle Class A ‘Crisis’ For Democrats, Washington Times
‘Canada Has No Handle on Illegal Immigrant Workers’, CanWest News Service
Verheugen Says to Merkel: Withdraw from Turkey!, Zaman (Istanbul)
We Must Tackle Failure of Black Boys — Phillips, Guardian (London)