American Renaissance

News archive from July 2005

Friday, July 29

NYU, Harvard Study Shows Fear Learning is Influenced by Race, NYU press release
Our Genes Make Us Like People Who Are Similar To Us, Medical News Today
Culberson Plan Would Authorize Border Militias, Houston Chronicle
Resentment Grows Near Spots Where Day Laborers Gather, San Diego Union-Tribune
Syngenta, Other Ag Companies Sued for Alleged RICO Violations, AP
Fear Infests Cherry Crop, Detroit Free Press
119 Illegals Held in ID-Theft Probe, Washington Times
Umpire Bans Little Leaguers from Speaking Spanish on Field, AP
DMV Clerk Accused of Producing Fake Ids, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Talk about Affirmative Action, National Review Online
Mexico Has Problem With Migrants, Too, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Race Row Professor Suspended for ‘Safety’, Sydney Morning Herald

Thursday, July 28

Tensions Tinged By Race in Two City Neighborhoods, Buffalo News
Teele Kills Self In Herald Lobby, Miami Herald
Officials Say OK To Border Fence, Yuma Sun (Az.)
Brown Berets Threaten Minutemen, Brownsville Herald (Tex.)
Newspaper Under Fire For Alleged Racist Cartoon, ClickOnDetroit
Hispanic Workers Changing Face Of Dixie, Houston Chronicle
Competitive African Swimmers on the Rise, AP
Netherlands: Van Gogh’s Son Assaulted, ADNKronosInternational
Immigrants Fight For Jobs, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Afghans Removed from Europe, BBC News

Wednesday, July 27

Tensions Rise Along San Diego Border Between Minutemen, Protesters, AP
Boy Sentenced for Stabbing His Adoptive Mother, AP
Leading GOPers Hide ‘Guest Worker’ Sleeper in Tough-Sounding Immigration Messages, Human Events Online
Boy Scouts’ Focus Is on Latino Recruiting, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
ACLU Sues N.C. to Allow Various Religious Texts For Oaths, AP
Beauty and the Bleach, Los Angeles Times
Race and Relevancy, Washington Post
‘Ghetto Talent Show,’ Watermelon Eating Contest Outrages Community, (Miami)
Bowman Police Officer Arrested, AP
Mall Slay Seen as Hate Crime, New York Daily News
NAU Protests ‘Unwilling Sale’ of Farms, The Namibian (Windhoek)

Tuesday, July 26

Africa’s Largest Evangelical Church Plans a New Home in Rural Texas, Dallas Morning News
Vitamin D Fails To Benefit Blacks, Washington Times
Cash Joins Symbolism as Penance for Slavery, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Discrimination Can Extend to Names: Court,
Mexican Accused of Leading Document-Fraud Ring, Washington Times
City Policy Protecting Immigrants Under Fire, Houston Chronicle
Two-Thirds Of Muslims Consider Leaving UK, Guardian (London)
Bomber Duo Lived On UK Welfare, Melbourne Herald Sun
France May Order Language Tests for Migrants, Guardian (London)
Several Iraqi Torturers Live in Norway, Norway Post (Baerum)
Mayor Jailed Over R100m Graft, SAPA (SA)
Race Outburst — Uni Tries To Oust Professor, Sydney Morning Herald

Monday, July 25

Return to Murderapolis, Daily Standard
3 Men Stabbed In Attack in Lovejoy, Buffalo News
Judge Lays Down Own Law: No All-White Juries, Chicago Tribune
Georgia Lynchings to Be Re-Enacted, AP
Rebuilding a Hawaiian Kingdom, Los Angeles Times
Immigration Rising on Bush’s To-Do List, Los Angeles Times
CAFTA Undermines Immigration Laws, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
Judge Throws Out Case of Four Who Were Brought Into Country Illegally As Toddlers, AP
Migrant Workers’ Children Savor Summer School, AP
Activist Group Trains More Than 100 In ‘Flood The Desert’ Campaign, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Teens’ Jobs Are Going To Undocumented Workers, Newsday (New York City)
Group Asks Outfitters to Clean Up Its ‘Dirty’ T’s, Philadelphia Daily News
One In Four Muslims Sympathises With Motives of Terrorists, Telegraph (London)

Friday, July 22

Civilian Border Patrol Scuttled, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Ramsey Reaffirms A Ban On Citizenship Questions To Ease Immigrants’ Fear, Washington Post
The Real Suicide Bomb, Cox &
Colleges See Rise In Illegal Aliens, Star-Telegram (Fort Worth)
For Marketers, Is It Spanish Or EspaƱol?, Herald (Miami)
Bill Would Make English State’s Official Language, Cox News Service
Rapist’s Plea Deal Gets Him 20 Years, Anchorage Daily News
Cosby’s Career Supported By Those He Demeans, Daily Mississippian (Oxford, Miss.)
No More Cheating For A Good Cause, LA Times
One Nation, One Culture, The Australian (Sydney)
Robots To Offer Japan’s Elderly New Lease On Life, Reuters
Councillor Who Wanted To Marry Clinton’s Daughter, Standard Online (Nairobi)

Thursday, July 21

Black Panther Foundation Seeks To Sell ‘Burn Baby Burn’ Hot Sauce, AP
Activist’s Daughter Arrested, Connecticut Post (Bridgeport)
Ballot Push Starts For Border Police, The Argus (Fremont, Calif.)
Border Chief Reaches Out to Volunteers, Newsday (NY)
Local Banks Tap Illegal Immigrant Market, Daily Press (Victorville, Calif.)
Meskhetian Turks Flee Persecution, Start Anew In U.S., Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Museum Celebrates Arab-American Experience, AP
‘Racist’ Professor Cautioned, But Launches New Attack, The Australian (Sydney)
Anti-West Fatwas Hit Australia, The Australian (Sydney)
Among The Young Of Multiethnic Leeds, A Hardening Hatred, Washington Post
Conversations With Mass Murderers, Guardian (UK)
Mugabe Cash Not Worth The Paper, The Australian (Sydney)

Wednesday, July 20

Can Whites Teach Blacks?, Hartford Courant
Are Freeway Shootings Racially Motivated?, Los Angeles Wave
The State Of Black Los Angeles: Dismal?, Los Angeles Wave
Mich. Battles Over Affirmative Action, AP
Dean: Immigrants Are GOP’s 2006 Foil, Philadelphia Inquirer
U.S. Republicans Introduce Tough Immigration Bill, Reuters
Asylum Chaos As 250,000 People Avoid Deportation, Times Online (London)
Germans Quit Berlin School, Sparking Migrant Debate, Reuters
Dutch Tolerance Becomes An Intolerable Time Bomb, Houston Chronicle
Foreign Mothers Fight For Children’s Futures, Japan Times Online
MP: Free University For Virgins, Reuters

Tuesday, July 19

Founder Of Right-Wing BNP Dies At Home, Times Online (London)
Ebonics Suggested For District, San Bernadino County Sun
Santa Monica High’s Multicultural Fistfights,
Conservatives Are Told It Will Not Be Gonzales, The Hill
Hillary Pledges Help To Hispanics; Receives Standing Ovations, Cox News Service
Embracing Illegals, Business Week Online
Illegals’ Squalid Housing Transforms Cities,
Governors Say ID To Obtain Drivers License Too Expensive, Arkansas News Bureau
French Prisons Teeming With Muslims, Islam Online
London Needs 2,000 More Muslim Police — Commissioner, Kuwaiti News Agency
Man Killed Wife ‘Before She Sold Him’, Telegraph (London)

Monday, July 18

Paper’s Edict Draws Dissent, Boston Herald
Immigration Worries Republicans, Washington Times
Rape Spurs Anti-Hispanic Backlash in Ohio, AP
Anti-Immigration Groups Head to Interior, AP
Idaho County Sues Over Immigrant Workers, AP
Senate to Vote on Hawaiian Self-Rule Bill, AP
Jefferson, Hemings Descendants Meet, AP
Broward School Board Rejects Video Promoting Diversity,
Academic Stirs Fight Over Race, Sydney Morning Herald
Klaus Says Multiculturalism, Immigration Cause Terrorism, Prague Daily Monitor
Whites Fear Exclusion In New S. Africa, Chicago Tribune
Teaching Tolerance Amid Tension, BBC News
Cab Trainer Blasted For ‘Insensitive’ Remarks, Ottawa Citizen

Friday, July 15

Further Down The Road (Paved With Good Intentions),
Story Leaves Out Teacher’s Side On Racial Accusations, St. Petersburg Times
Officer Charged in Hired Killing, Chicago Tribune
Two St. Louis Disc Jockeys Suspended, AP
Mexico’s Help With Terrorists? Not Unless U.S. Enacts Reforms,
Thousands To Join Vigil Along Both U.S. Borders, Washington Times
U.S. Protestants Recruit Latino Immigrants, Reuters
Senate Shuns Attempt To Add Agents, Washington Times
Houston Rapper Fired As Baggage Screener, AP
Asylum Seekers Vanish, Aftenposten (Oslo)
No. 4 Killer Was Jamaican, Sun (London)
Teacher Who Challenged Multiculturalism Had To Sacrifice His Job, Telegraph (London)

Thursday, July 14

Looking (In Vain) For Latino Assimilation,
UC Quits National Merit Program, Los Angeles Times
Years Have Done Little to Help Local Blacks, Los Angeles Times
Ex-Cons Guarding Schools In D.C., Washington Times
Lost Cause at Vanderbilt, Inside Higher Ed
Langston Loses Discrimination Case In Court, Oklahoman (Oklahoma City)
Is My Prom Date Kosher?, Jewish Week (New York)
‘I Don’t Feel Your Pain,’ Suspect Tells Victim’s Mom, AP
Ritualistic Killings A Growing Problem In Liberia, Deutsche Presse Agentur
Angola Witchcraft’s Child Victims, BBC News

Wednesday, July 13

Apologies From NAACP Are Long Overdue, Baltimore Sun
Special Police Officer Charged, Washington Times
Four More Lapses in Patient Care at King/Drew Reported, Los Angeles Times
Haitian Teen Wins Battle to Stay, Miami Herald
Virginia DMV Official, Wife Held, Washington Times
Embracing Illegals, Business Week
Housing Issue Gets Heated, Newsday (New York City)
Herndon Day Labor Plan Opposed, Washington Post
Politician Brings Focus To Key Issue: Illegal Immigration, Des Moines Register
Two Communities That Hardly Ever Mix, Times (London)

Tuesday, July 12

Race Case Victim Held in Robbery, New York Daily News
NAACP to Target Private Business, Washington Times
Selective Aversion to Racial Exclusivity,
NASCAR Seeks to Attract African Americans to Sport, Voice of America
Vendors Sold On Bloomberg, New York Daily News
Politician Campaigns In India, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Religious Hate Bill Clears Commons, UPI
BNP Campaign Uses Bus Bomb Photo, BBC News
London: Calderoli, Answer Illegal Islam with Crusades, Agenzia Giornalistica Italia
Min. Pines-Paz Forms New Committee On Immigration, Haaretz (Jerusalem)
Couple Bludgeoned To Death, (SA)

Monday, July 11

Blazing Battles, Philadelphia CityPaper
Media Erred By Going Easy On Florida A&M, Orlando Sentinel
Wanted: African-American Campers, Seattle Times
Wal-Mart Demands Diversity in Law Firms,
Illegal Aliens Getting Home Loans, Wall Street Journal
Minutemen in the Valley: Fact Or Fiction?, Imperial Valley Press (El Centro, Cal)
Tancredo Peddling his Message in Iowa, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Barrier Meant to Ensure Jewish Majority, AP
Study: 6.5m South Africans May Have HIV, AP
More Younger Children Are Having Sex — Survey, Independent (Cape Town)
Scientists Detail Study of Kennewick Man, AP

Friday, July 8

London a Longtime Haven for Radical Muslim Figures,
G-8 Leaders Agree on $50B in African Aid, AP
Government Lets Apathetic Boy Stay, The Local (Sweden)
Milwaukee’s Black Leaders Say the Enemy is Within, Reuters
First Year Report on Racial Profiling Released, State of Illinois Press Release
Jolie, Pitt Taking Home Ethiopian Orphan, AP
32% Of Births in N.J. Are to Immigrant Moms, Newark Star-Ledger
Politicians Want Gun Buyers Checked, Not Illegal Aliens,
Border Watchers Coming To City, Houston Chronicle
Activist Feels A Calling to Oppose Illegal Immigration, Ventura County Star (Ventura, Cal.)

Thursday, July 7

‘Migrant Air’ To Speed Deportations, Guardian (London)
Congolese Bites His Way Out Of Deportation, Expatica
“For God’s Sake, Please Stop the Aid!”, Spiegel (Hamburg)
Farrakhan: Blacks Should Look Inward For Solutions, Savannah Morning News
Bribe Case with Houston Ties Ends In Mistrial, Houston Chronicle
U.S. Judge Dismisses Slave Reparations Suit, Reuters
Births to Immigrants in America, 1970 to 2002, Center for Immigration Studies
Mexico Backing Day Laborers, Newsday (New York City)
FAIR Decries Judge’s Use of Procedural Obstacles, Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform
Bush Plan On Illegals Dims Hopes For Agenda, Washington Times
The Roe Effect, OpinionJournal

Wednesday, July 6

Suspect on Tape: Victim ‘Had to Die’, Journal News (Westchester, NY)
Strange Bedfellows? GOP Tries To Get Next To Hip-Hop, San Jose Mercury News
Old Collage Try Fails, New York Daily News
Black Rednecks,
UC May End Its National Merit Grant Program, Los Angeles Times
Huckabee Promotes ‘Open Door’ Policy At LULAC Convention, Arkansas News Bureau
Searching for Lessons in Jefferson High Melee, Los Angeles Times
Border Patrol Launches National Hiring Campaign,
Men Who Shot Border Patrol Agents Wore Black Military-Style Garb, KVOA (Tucson)
Border Patrol Tries New Tune to Deter Crossers, Los Angeles Times
Judge Dismisses Suit over Immigrant Tuition Law, AP
The Muslim Hate Crime That Wasn’t,
EU States Join Forces On Immigration And Drugs, AFP

Tuesday, July 5

In Mexico, Stamps Become Symbol of Resentment against United States, AP
Ugandan Leader Shows Signs of Backsliding, AP
Murders Foreshadow South African Land War, Telegraph (London)
Foreign Ghosts, CBC
Buddhism Spreads Down Under as Asians Change Australia, Pacific News Service (San Francisco)
Sources: D.A. May Prosecute Slaying As Hate Crime, Journal News (Westchester, NY)
Man Linked To Series of Attacks Arrested, San Diego Union-Tribune
Cops: Brooklyn Mugging Possible Bias Crime, 1010 WINS (New York City)
Tensions High Before Gunfire, Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
The Cotton Club, Village Voice (New York City)

Friday, July 1

Mexican Authorities Search Ranch For Human Remains, Dallas Morning News
Mexico’s Fox Says New Stamp Not Racist, AP
Two Guilty over Religion Killing, BBC News
No beer? No lunch!, Reuters
5 In E. St. Louis Convicted of Vote Fraud, AP
No Major Aid Movements by Black Artists, AP
Pressed by a New Invasion of Yankees, Schools of the New South Resegregate, Newhouse News Service
Landlords Evict More Day Laborers, Newsday (New York City)
Two Border Patrol Agents Attacked Outside of Nogales, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Hate Crime Claim Filed Against Mayor of Baldwin Park, Lively & Ackerman (law firm)