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Adam Liptak, New York Times, Aug. 3

The Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii are practicing unlawful race discrimination by restricting enrollment to Native Hawaiian children, a federal appeals court panel in San Francisco ruled yesterday.

The schools, the only beneficiary of a $6 billion legacy of a 19th-century Hawaiian princess, have an enrollment of about 5,100 students, from kindergarten through 12th grade, on campuses on three islands. Yesterday’s ruling means that the plaintiff in the case, a teenager, will start his senior year at one of the schools in the next few weeks, one of his lawyers, Eric Grant, said.

The schools’ admissions policy requires prospective students to prove that at least one ancestor lived on the Hawaiian Islands in 1778, when the British explorer Capt. James Cook arrived.

Tuition at the schools is heavily subsidized, and the families of students who are admitted often feel they have hit a sort of academic jackpot. Many of them say that the schools are the last great legacy of the Hawaiian monarchy, one that should be preserved for Native Hawaiians. The schools are private and receive no money from the federal government.

The plaintiff in the suit sued under the name John Doe. His real name was not used, Mr. Grant said, because he and his mother feared retaliation and intimidation.


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(Posted on August 4, 2005)

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American Renaissance


The child who was prevented from attending this school due to his race was a white boy, a “blond” one at that, as the Honolulu Star-Bulletin once helpfully pointed out in an article on this admissions controversy.

In Wednesday’s (August 3) on-line edition of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, in an article entitled “Kamehameha will fight ruling”, one Lilikala Kame’eleihiwa, of the Center for Hawaiian Studies, is quoted as saying that this decision is “one more theft, one more time white racism wins”.

This gentle and open-minded human being goes on to state that there are only two types of “non-Hawaiians” in Hawaii, the good ones who would not try to “steal from us by applying to Kamehameha schools”, and the bad ones, evidentally those uppity whites who dare to apply for admission to the Kamehameha Schools.

A white boy is being discriminated against simply because of the color of his skin, and, according to this Lilikala character, this is just one more example of horrid discrimination against non-whites by whites?

We white devils sure do act in mysterious ways!

Posted by Mike NY at 6:07 PM on August 4

The islands are part of the United States as a result of the rawest of imperialism. One can hardly expect Federal courts to treat non-whites with anything resembling justice (though it sometimes happens).

Posted by Larry C Wilson at 7:45 PM on August 4

Larry, there is nothing preventing Hawaiians from leaving the United States if they so choose. States can secede. They have rights just like whites do. And I’ve never heard them complain. Not as much as people like you, of course. You probably think that non-whites need you to fight for them so that you can be their hero.

Without allegations of naked imperialism, what would people like you have to say? What could Michael Moore do? A lot of people would have nothing to occupy their time between broken relationships.

If all-white schools were forced to admit non-whites by our unelected representatives, why should non-white schools even exist? Why is it that a school that only admits one racial group should be legal if they’re non-white, but if we do it, the integration police come for a visit?

Face it, the government has been sticking it to us for 40 years, because we don’t fit into their racial Utopia, which is every color but white. If you want examples, just visit this site enough, and peek into the archives.

Posted by John at 11:09 PM on August 4

Since the schools are private, I don’t have a particular problem with their no-whites policy. Freedom of association is important.

Posted by the beel at 12:14 AM on August 5

One can hardly expect Federal courts to treat non-whites with anything resembling justice (though it sometimes happens).

Big fat “HEH!!”

Of course, one must ask why the parents of this white boy want to subject him to such an environment in the first place. If I was in that position, it would freak me out. Not to mention the fact that he would be Bullying Target Number One.

Posted by Brendan at 9:56 AM on August 5

Dear god I pity this child if he actually attends this school. Native Hawaiians are the most violent people Ive ever been around. I was stationed in Hawaii and saw the cops ignore hundreds of assaults by these natives that were completely unprovoked. I don’t think this kid will survive

Posted by Whiterefugee at 4:39 PM on August 5

I have a friend who was an Army brat whose father was stationed in Hawaii. He says that when he was very young (7 or 8) middle-aged native Hawaiian women would grab him and his friends and demand their lunch money. The boys always handed it over and nothing was ever done to stop the shake-downs.

He found these women all-around frightening and repulsive, but I remember him mentioning that they had especially ugly feet.

Posted by at 9:33 PM on August 5

So what’s the problem with native Hawaiians having a school of their own? It’s a private school, not funded by the government. I’m sure most white nationalists would love to have white schools like this. Races should be able to associate with their own race or anyone else that they choose to and not be forced to intermingle under the guise of multiculturalism. The ones on Amren who have a problem with this have got to be the biggest hypocrites in existence. The fact that Amren even put up this article, hurts their cause.

Posted by P Yeerum at 1:15 PM on August 6

Yeerum —

Our point in posting this article was not to protest the principle of freedom of association, which we support. Rather, it was to point out that other races have as much desire for segregation as whites do. This bolsters our point that it is natural for people of all races to segregate themselves, and that our laws should reflect this aspect of human nature.

Posted by AR webmaster at 5:05 PM on August 6

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