American Renaissance

News archive from August 2005

Wednesday, August 31

Blacks See Roberts as Racially ‘Secluded’, Washington Times
Sharpton Hitches to Airport After 110-MPH Chase,
The Left’s War on Black and Latino Children, FrontPageMagazine
D.C. SAT Scores Lowest in Nation, Washington Times
Teacher Who Wrote Controversial Letter Resigns, Orlando Sentinel
Feds Answer on Illegals, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Bank Considers Sharia Loans, Copenhagen Post
Shocking Hate Expressions in Namibia, Southwest Radio Africa
Illegal Aliens’ Violent Tactics Worry Spain, AFP
Topless Virgins Vie for King in AIDS-Hit Swaziland, Reuters

Tuesday, August 30

A National Emergency, Patrick J. Buchanan
Bush Assures States Border Security to be Boosted, Washington Times
Minutemen Influence Claimed, Houston Chronicle
Tensions Mount Over Hispanics, Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Immigration Benefits and Terrorism, Center for Immigration Studies
Sending Somalis Here Was Ill-Advised, Concord Monitor (NH)
More Taiwan Women Choosing to Give Birth in United States, China Post
Job Hurdles Grow Larger for Black Men, Boston Globe
Massacre of Football Fans Raises State Terror Fears, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Ancestry in a Drop of Blood, Los Angeles Times

Monday, August 29

Bilingual-Principal Plan Approved, Dallas Morning News
‘Be Vigilantes’ on Borders, Utahns Urged, Salt Lake Tribune
N.M., Mexico Agree to Raze Lawless Town, AP
A Painful Lesson in Division, Los Angeles Times
Parents Disgusted by Unsanitary Conditions at Detroit School, WXYZ (Detroit)
Pastor Who Stole $500,000 Heads to Sentencing Backed by Many in his Church, Daily Southtown (Chicago)
Court OKs Reverse Discrimination Suit, Inside Higher Ed
Inside the Asian Pressure Cooker, San Francisco Chronicle
‘World Must Convert to Islam’, AFP
‘You Have Got To Be Joking’, Masai Warriors Tell Rich Briton Seeking ‘Good Life’ in Africa, Telegraph (London)
No Money, No Jobs, New Paper (Singapore)
Between Haider and a Hard Place, Haaretz (Jerusalem)
Suspected Member of ‘Cannibal Gang’ Yields, Confirms Reports on Cannibalism, Manila Bulletin Online

Friday, August 26

The Inequality Taboo, Commentary
Deejay’s Appeal: ‘Kill The Whiteness Inside’, Washington Post
Conditioner is Right Mix for Biracial Hair Texture, Detroit News
Death Penalty Sought Against Man Accused in Glendale Crash, AP
Demand for Illegal Workers Targeted, Charlotte Observer
A Year Later, Somalis to be Refugees Again Family Says it Can’t Afford Life in the City, Concord Monitor (NH)
Italy Shocked by ‘Mixed Race’ Remark, Reuters
Expulsions Illegal, UN Tells Clarke, Guardian (London)
Radical Muslims Told to Leave Australia, AFP
Other Groups Still Battling for Reparations, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Thursday, August 25

Bank of America Discloses Research on Slavery Ties, Charlotte Business Journal
Delray Beach Officer Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Teen, (West Palm Beach)
Chinese Hotel Workers Still Fuming Over English-Only Remark, New California Media
Soap Opera Lures Brazilians to United States, Reuters
Family’s Care Plight as Race Hate Parents Jailed, Huddersfield Daily Examiner (UK)
Security Risk Immigrants ‘Waved Through’, Daily Mail (London)
Africans Face Steep Unemployment, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Patients Bleeding Hospitals Dry, SAPA
Inbreeding and the Arab World’s Pathologies, FrontPageMagazine
Men Cleverer Than Women, Say Scientists, Herald (Glasgow)

Wednesday, August 24

City Adopts Resolution to Keep Minutemen Out, El Paso Times
Texas’ Tuition Policy Challenged, Washington Times
Warner Urged to Declare Emergency in Illegals Crisis, Washington Times
Nursing Home Wrestles With $40,000 Tab for Well-Liked Immigrant with Dementia, San Antonio Express-News
Volunteers Reach Out to Save Migrants, Dallas Morning News
Realtors Accused of Ethnic Selection, Chicago Sun-Times
Report: Agencies Fail to Review Race-Based Procurement Programs,
State Moves to Take Control of First Farm Redistributed After Apartheid, Cape Argus (Cape Town)
Water Supply May be Cut off at Durban Schools, Daily News (Durban)
Antiques Tycoon Gives it All Up to be Tribal Elder, Times (London)
Guatemala Tightens Borders After Gang Truce Breaks, Reuters
Thank You Beri Maas, This is East End of London, Telegraph (Calcutta)

Tuesday, August 23

Teacher Faces Dismissal over Hispanic ‘Hate’ Letter, Local6 (Orlando)
King: Voters Should Ask Candidates about Immigration, Globe Gazette (Mason City, Ia.)
Kilgore Sticking to Gang Concern, Washington Times
Arrest Made in Spotsylvania Beating, NBC-12 News (Richmond)
Come and Get It, Forbes
Defense Bias for Black Jurors Charted, AP
Asians, Americans See the World Differently: Study, Sify (India)
Zimbabwe Experiences Exodus of Whites, AP
Police Foil Gas Attack on Commons, Times (London)

Monday, August 22

Dropouts a Drain on Economy, Washington Times
Tests Show Proficiency Problems, Achievement Gap, AP
Violence on the Rise in County on Border, Houston Chronicle
From Congo Wars to Valley Greens, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
“End Race Preferences”, National Review Online
For Halfbreed Fans, Name Just Represents Who They Are, Anchorage Daily News
Ethnic Groups Urged to Give Blood, BBC News
SANDF ‘Is Falling Apart’, (SA)

Friday, August 19

‘Minority’ Criticized As Outdated, Inaccurate as Nation’s Demographics Change, AP
Center Staff Won’t Check Legal Status of Laborers, Washington Times
Kilgore Visits Area Businesses, Culpeper Star Exponent (Va.)
County Cracking Down on Illegals, Times-Herald (Newnan, Ga.)
Pot Farms in Arizona National Forests a Growing Problem, AP
Black Officials in Dallas Call Subpoenas Racially Motivated, Washington Times
New Hopes For Public Housing Suffer As Old Woes Resurface, Baltimore Sun
Meeks Case a Political Hot Potato, Chicago Sun-Times
Mother Dies After She Challenged ‘Rude’ Yobs, Times (London)
Swazi King Drops Sex-Ban Tassels, BBC News

Thursday, August 18

Officials OK Prop. 200 Vote Rules, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Herndon OKs Day-Laborer Center, Washington Times
S.B. County to Help ID Illegal Immigrants, Los Angeles Times
Governor Considers Declaring Border Emergency, (San Diego)
Fine for Hiring Illegal Aliens Should Be $10K, Republican Says, CNSNews
Brazilian Immigrants Now Subject to Expedited Removal, Brownsville Herald (Tex.)
Spate of Stabbings Seen as ‘Statement Crimes’, Washington Times
Local Teacher Accused of Writing Racist Letter, (Orlando)
Mexico Funds Staging Areas for Illegals, Washington Times
Peebles Accused of Using School Offices for Personal Duties, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Leon Blasts Govt Over Crime, SAPA
Niger’s Women and Children Starve as Men Hoard Food, Independent (London)

Wednesday, August 17

Herndon Postpones Day-Laborer Decision, Washington Post
As Allen Listens, the Curious Watch, Washington Post
Out-and-Out Terrorism on the Border Near Laredo, Houston Chronicle
Resolution Rejects Minutemen Group, Laredo Morning Times
Mesa Lawmaker Calls for Border Fence, Arizona Star (Tucson)
Immigration Taboos,
What Is Offensive Anyway?, Florida Today (Melbourne)
Tales of the City,
Terror Plot Hatched In California Prison, ABC News
Free Speech Must Be Accountable, Australian (Sydney)
Councillor Under Fire, Toronto Sun

Tuesday, August 16

Progress Party Brochure Sparks Racism Charges, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Napolitano Declares Emergency, OKs Funding for Border, AP
Number of Expats More Than 20 Mln, El Universal (Mexico City)
Gangs Penetrate W.Va. Panhandle, AP
Students Gain, but Still Lag, Los Angeles Times
Majority of Hispanics Born in U.S. Don’t Think Illegal Immigrants Should Get Drivers’ Licenses, Conservative Voice
Deportees Already Returning Less than 3 Weeks After Raid, AP
Whirlpool to Pay $850,000 to Settle Race-Bias Charges, Washington Post
African-Americans Enlist to Preserve the All-Black Town, Christian Science Monitor
Black History Becoming a Star Tourist Attraction, Washington Post
Emmett Till’s ‘Untold Story’ Coming to Theaters, Reuters
Planting Hope, Vegetables in Africa, Press-Enterprise (Riverside)

Monday, August 15

Border Emergency Declared in New Mexico,
Gay Mexican Wins US Asylum Case, BBC News
War of the Weed, Los Angeles Times
Shrinking Detroit Has 12,000 Abandoned Homes, AFP
Iowa Man Charged With Criminal Transmission of H.I.V., Keloland TV (Sioux Falls)
Media Views: Claiborne’s “Racist” Label Sparks Controversy, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Canadian Attitudes Harden on Immigration, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Asian Vigilantes, BBC
Racist Sentiments Grow in Russia — Survey, MosNews
Copenhagen Residents Against Naming Road Pakistan, Syrian Arab News Agency

Friday, August 12

Anti-Illegal Immigration Group’s Forum Plan Foiled, Los Angeles Times
Being Liberal Now Means Being African American, Bay Area Center for Voting Research
Michigan Meets Malcolm X, OpinionJournal
Blacks Still Don’t Trust Birth Control,
Ed. Panel to Probe Lessons of Slavery, New York Post
Myrick Seeking Immigration Change, Charlotte Observer
Day Laborers Erect ‘Levyville’, Newsday (New York City)
Tolerance Now Means Embracing Public Urination, Washington Times
As Drug War Rages in Mexico, Newspapers Quit Investigating, KRT
Extremists Using National Parks, Evening Standard (London)

Thursday, August 11

Census: Texas Newest State To Have Non-White Majority, AP
Spanish Set to Become Official Language of Seven Denver Public Library Branches, U.S. English
Ethiopian Shot; Police Suspect Race a Factor, Los Angeles Times
L.A.’s Blacks, Latinos See Answers in Alliance, Christian Science Monitor
Romney Makes Pitch for More Legal Immigrants, Daily News Transcript (Boston)
Mexican Sex Offender and Six-Time Deportee in Ice Custody, ICE Press Release
‘Post-It’ Blunder, New York Post
Vendors Stuck with $100,000 Tab After Soiree, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Land Reform: SA Should ‘Learn From Zimbabwe’, Mail & Guardian Online (Johannesburg)
Kid Rape a New Fashion? — Judge, (SA)
US Reporter Killed ‘Because He Was To Marry A Muslim’, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Redheads Cope Better With Pain, Daily Mail (London)

Wednesday, August 10

U.S. Military English Language Requirement Under Fire, U.S. Newswire
KNBR Makes the Call: Krueger is Fired, San Francisco Chronicle
Feds to Pay Part of Cost of Illegals’ Care at YRMC, Yuma Sun (Az.)
New Law Protects Day Laborers, Chicago Tribune
Residents, Officials Trade Frustrations, Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.)
‘White Boy’ Comment Draws Ire of Black Conservatives,
Extremist Cleric to Return for Free Heart Op, Daily Mail (London)
Newspaper Editor Charged Under Anti-Racism Laws Following Article, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Foreigners Flee Denmark, Copenhagen Post
Namibian Government to Expropriate 18 Farms: Minister, AFP
Islamic Law Course Hears Opening Arguments, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Tuesday, August 9

Kilgore Urges Fairfax To Drop Laborer Center, Washington Times
Dozens Hurt In Calif. Hispanic-White Prison Riot, Reuters
Costs of Illegal Immigration to Floridians, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Despite Illegal Status, Buyers Get Home Loans, Los Angeles Times
14 Illegal Aliens Reportedly Voted, AP
‘White Flight’ From Hearne Ruled Illegal, Bryan-College Station Eagle (Tex.)
Hate Crime Suspects Arrested in Lake Charles, KPLC (Lafayette, La.)
Sharpton to Rally Memphis Blacks to Push for Renaming of Public Parks,
‘New’ Canada Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be, Toronto Sun

Monday, August 8

Illegal Immigrants: The Truth, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
Hate Calls Swamp Herndon Town Hall, Washington Post
Mr. President, Please Secure Our Borders Immediately, NumbersUSA
Pakistani Parade Cancelled in Lodi, AP
Giants Upset Over Radio Show Remarks,
Diversity Worries Set Off Alarms, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Intelligence Chiefs Warn Blair of Home-Grown ‘Insurgency’, Independent (London)
Muslim Schools Expansion Planned, Telegraph (London)
Bomber Was Huddersfield Drug Dealer, Huddersfield Daily Examiner (UK)
Good ‘Beurger’: Fast-Food Joint Caters to France’s Muslims, AP
Internet Scammers Keep Working in Nigeria, AP

Friday, August 5

Border Agent Said To Be Smuggler, San Diego Union-Tribune
Delay Criticizes Houston’s Policy on Illegal Immigrants, Houston Chronicle
Carlsbad Schools Chief Cancels Forum on Immigration, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
Activists Indicted for Allegedly Transporting Immigrants, AP
Mexico World’s Kidnapping King, AP
Mexican Cops Teach Kids Violent Songs, Sully Image, Reuters
Freedom of Speech, Radio National (Aus.)
No Toilet, No Seat, Says Minister, BBC News
Men Surrender After Baboon Slur, (SA)
‘Sheik’ Quip Lands Banker in Sensitivity Training, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Dutch Want Muslim Headscarf Ban for Officials, Reuters

Thursday, August 4

Tancredo Backing off Presidential Candidacy,
Citizenship Often not Checked for Medicaid, AP
Alien Roundup Provokes Huckabee Scolding, Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Victim In Double Slaying Wore Wrong Color Shirt, D.A. Says, San Francisco Chronicle
U.S. Gang Membership May be Higher than Reported, USA TODAY
Club Owner Sees License Loss as Racial Bias, Cincinnati Enquirer
In Deal, State Police to Pay $1.4 Million, News Journal (Wilmington)
Flakiness at the Top is Sinking The NAACP, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
English: The Language of White “Oppressors”, DiscoverTheNetwork
Bank Sues Former Sen. John Ford, AP
Orthodox Jew Beaten in Racial Attack, New York Daily News
South Africa Reveals Plan To Seize White Farmers’ Land, Independent (London)
Inquiry Accuses Haiti’s Aristide of Embezzlement, Reuters

Wednesday, August 3

Feds Rule “White Pride” is “Offensive” and “Immoral”, AR News exclusive
More Illegal Immigrants in Colleges, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Giving Hope to Migrants, AP
¬°Ay Caramba!, National Review Online
Haiti’s Spiral of Violence Picks Up Speed, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Muslims Who Hate Us Can Get Out, Says Tory, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
‘No Shoes Allowed’ in Terrorist Captures,
Blears Backs Away From Racial Profiling, Guardian (London)
Heads Accused of Prejudice in Teacher Test, Guardian (London)
Africans Beat Up STC Staff, Take Away Prepaid Cards, Arab News

Tuesday, August 2

Australian Professor Sticks to His Guns: Wins Support, AR news exclusive
Illegal Migrant Figure ‘Too Low’, BBC News
Bomb Suspect was Fake Asylum Seeker, Scotsman (Edingurgh)
Two More Men Arrested in South London over Failed Attacks, Telegraph (London)
Hands Up — Who Want British Society To Be As White As Narvik In January?, Times (London)
France’s Polygamy Problem, Deutsche Welle
Sharpton Forms Group to Promote Racial Harmony in LA, AP
Closet Bigotry, Washington Post
NYC Pol: Use Racial Profiling on Subways, FoxNews
Herndon Roiled by Site for Laborers, Washington Post
Anti-Gang Initiative Leads to 582 Arrests, Washington Times

Monday, August 1

Anger Boils at Illegal Immigrants, Los Angeles Times
ACC Now Offers GED Test in Spanish, Douglas County News Press (Douglas, AZ)
Library’s Spanish Outreach Criticized, Washington Times
Mexican Mercenaries Expand Base Into U.S., Washington Times
Mexico Now Top Supplier of U.S. Drugs, Miami Herald
Mexico Slow to Confront Racial Issues, Experts Say, Dallas Morning News
Mexico Seeks Genetic Map of its Citizenry, AP
Racial Makeup Hangs In Balance, AP
Italy Bans Islamic Burqas, Australian (Sydney)
Hyping Islam’s Role in the History Of Science, American Thinker
Zimbabwe: Land is for Blacks Only, Reuters