American Renaissance

News archive from September 2005

Friday, September 30

Taylor vs. Sailer—Survival v. “Citizenism”, Jared Taylor,
Symposium: Katrina, Race and Silence, FrontPageMagazine
Postscript on Katrina, Jared Taylor
The Hallmark of the Underclass, Charles Murray, Wall Street Journal
Witnesses: New Orleans Cops Took Rolex Watches, Jewelry, CNN
Guilty Whites, FrontPageMagazine
Bennett Under Fire for Remarks on Blacks, Crime,
HUD Chief Foresees A ‘Whiter’ Big Easy, Washington Times
Black Voter Suppression Blamed for Weak Katrina Response,
Rodney King Is Arrested After a Fight at His Home, AP
Minutemen Step Up US Border Patrol; Violence Feared, Reuters
Greyhound’s Policies Have Many Fuming, Vida en el Valle (Fresno)
‘UK To Prevent Indians From Leaving’, Press Trust of India
The Revolution in Haiti, American Renaissance, Apr. 2001

Thursday, September 29

Fedex Discrimination Suit Moves Ahead, AP
Fifty Women Suing Gynaecologist Twin Over ‘Impersonation’, Telegraph (London)
Hispanic Hiring Practices Queried, Connecticut Post (Bridgeport, Ct.)
Hayworth Targets Migrants With Immigration Bill, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Australians Do ‘Patriotic Duty’: Birthrate Up, Reuters
Keith Windschuttle: Racist Essay Is From The Left, Not The Right, Australian (Sydney)
Immigration Minister In Retreat, Copenhagen Post
Canada Gets Haitian Governor General, AP
Africans Die Trying to Get to Spanish Soil, AP

Wednesday, September 28

MP Ann In ‘White Country’ Storm, Manchester Evening News (UK)
Survey Reveals Alienation Felt by Muslim Students, Guardian (London)
Police to Look at Blair’s Outburst, Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Prison Threat for Hate Email Policeman, The Local (Sweden)
Norwegian Teens Xenophobic?, (SA)
SA Govt to Grab 5 More Farms, AP
Whites ‘Advantaged’ Blacks, SAPA
Toronto Board Considering School for Black Youth,
New Politics of Race at Berkeley, InsideHigherEd
Concern That Borders On Fear, San Antonio Express-News
Funny Choices, Los Angeles Times
3 Arrested on Hate-Crime Charges, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Tuesday, September 27

Report: Illegal Immigration Has Increased, AP
Mexico’s ID Makes Major Gains in U.S., Los Angeles Times
Midstate Briefs: Judge Disciplined for Order to Learn English, AP
Peaceful Protests Don’t Stop Immigrant Program, Statesman Journal (Salem, Or.)
Suspects Dispute Hate Crime, Michigan Daily (Ann Arbor)
Court Rules Jesse Jackson Must Face Civil Trial for Assault and Civil Rights Violations, Judicial Watch website
Oakland Pastor Among Those Arrested During Prostitution Sting, AP
Police: Boys Rip Classmates’ Clothes Off, Snap Photos, (Orlando)
Muslim Representatives Double in Germany, Iranian Quran News Agency (Tehran)
Heading Home to Chaos, Spiegel (Hamburg)
Tensions Running High at Asylum Center, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Forced Marriage Deals Blamed for Asian Ghettos, Times (London)
Loans to Zimbabwe ‘An Insult’ — DA, SAPA

Monday, September 26

Gal Battered In S.I. ‘Bias’ Assault, New York Post
Trooper Says Police Avoiding Chases to Avoid Profiling Charges, AP
Most Airlifted Evacuees Have Criminal Records,
Rumors of Deaths Greatly Exaggerated, New Orleans Times-Picayune
Light-Skinned Tut Fuels the Ire of Activists, Scholars, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
English Bypassed in L.A. Koreans Learning Spanish, Daily News (Los Angeles)
Ottawa Set to Announce Immigration Overhaul, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Fraud, Lies And Deception: How a University Defrauds Taxpayers, Online Opinion (Australia)
Homegrown Gangstas, Weekly Standard
White Farmers ‘Rubbish’, (South Africa)
‘Whites Only, Please’, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)
Whites Account for Most of Military’s Fatalities, Los Angeles Times

Friday, September 23

The Color of Cornell’s Crime—Unmasking the Face of Ithacompton, Cornell American
Video on Police Looting in New Orleans, CNN
Latest Student Arrested At Sandalwood Charged with Hate Crime, News4Jax
Riot Erupts at State Prison In Chino, AP
Most Americans Favor Minutemen,
Cicero Lawmaker’s Hat in Mexico Race, Chicago Tribune
U.S. Finds New Way to Target Gangs, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Discovering Poverty (Again), Washington Post
Zim to Take Remaining Farms, SAPA/DPA
Crackdown Against Latin American Crime Gangs, Expatica
BNP Councillor Suspended, Harlow Star (UK)

Thursday, September 22

Rethinking the White Australia Policy,
SA Govt to Grab 1st Farm, SAPA
S. Africa Still Struggles with Murders, AP
Integration of Immigrants “Cause for Concern”, NIS News Bulletin (Netherlands)
Malta Fears It Will Sink Under Growing Tide of Migrants From Africa, Telegraph (London)
Criminals Among Katrina Refugees Sought, AP
Hurricane Refugees Told: We Don’t Want You Here, Times (London)
Neighbors Tell of Gun Battles After The Storm, Reuters
Recycled “Racism”,
Governor Defends Border Watchers, San Francisco Chronicle
Border Patrol Agent Pleads Guilty to Harboring Immigrant, AP

Wednesday, September 21

Refugee Numbers On the Rise, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Tancredo, Bush Foe on Immigration, Poised as Republican Spoiler, Bloomberg
Panel Recommends Photo ID for Voters, Washington Times
In-State Tuition for Illegals Spurs Civil Action in N.Y., Washington Times
Dear Job Candidate: Now We Can Check Your Immigration Status, Rockford Register-Star (Il.)
Group Wants Special Status for Illegals Affected by Katrina, AP
Livonia Board Approves Plans for New Wal-Mart, Detroit Free Press
Middle-Class French Mothers Will Be Paid to Start Le Baby Boom, Telegraph (London)
No Kids Please, We’re Selfish, Guardian (London)
Vilification Outs Are There For A Reason, The Age (Melbourne)
Ghanaian Man Says Crimes Acceptable in his Culture, New Zealand Herald (Auckland)

Tuesday, September 20

Cheaters Get ‘Easy Money’ From FEMA, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
Looters’ Caches Popping Up in New Orleans, AP
Achievement Gap in Schools Persists, Courier-Journal (Louisville)
A Big White Lie, Orlando Sentinel
Geraldo Calls Minutemen ‘Vigilantes’,
NC Woman Injured In Drunken Driving Wreck Trying to Emerge From Coma, AP
‘3,000 Doctors Out Of Work’ Claim, BBC News
Harman: ‘UK Is Next US’, Sky News (UK)
Burger King Recalls ‘Sacrilegious’ Desserts, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Danish Artists Scared of Islam, DR Nyheder (Denmark)
Disaster Looms For Zim’s Tobacco Crop, Sapa-AP
Uni Backs Off ‘Racist’ Article, Australian (Sydney)
Brandy Stokes on The O’Reilly Factor,

Monday, September 19

The Color of Crime and the New Orleans Nightmare: George W. Bush vs. Jared Taylor, VDARE
Deakin University Rejects Prof. Fraser's Article, AR News
African-Americans Question Red Cross’s Diversity, (Nashville)
After Blocking the Bridge, Gretna Circles the Wagons, Los Angeles Times
Do Blacks Believe Levee Was Blown?,
Border Watchers Attacked During Training Session,
NHMA Teams With HHS to Trim Obesity in Hispanics, PRWeb
Cops: Dad Is Dad of Dumped Babies, Jersey Journal (Jersey City)
Vang Found Guilty, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Focus: Are We Sleepwalking Our Way to Apartheid?, Times (London)
Minister Sparks Anger Over French Birthright Laws, Reuters
Minister Vows to Rid Zimbabwe of ‘Filth’, Guardian (London)

Friday, September 16

Tell Deakin University to Publish Drew Fraser, AR News
Terror on Our Turf, Edmonton Sun
Death of a Teenage Father Highlights the Plight of Britain’s Gun Generation, Independent (London)
Bush Rules Out Raising Taxes to Pay for Rebuilding Gulf Coast, AP
Storm-Relief Money Spent at Strip Clubs,
The Racism Charges Won’t Wash, City Journal
Looking More Moderate Than His Early Writings, Los Angeles Times
Kilgore Urges Penalties for Employers of Illegals, Washington Times
Lively Fiesta Gigante a Hit With Fans,
Vang: 3 Hunters Deserved To Die, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Thursday, September 15

Orange County School Board Rejects Hall’s Resignation, Local6 (Orlando)
Day Laborer Stings To Be Discontinued, Houston Chronicle
Illegals, Fairfax Wants To Aid Your Bladder Woes, Washington Times
Compassion or ‘Rhetoric,’ Debate Goes, Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.)
Fed: Minorities Pay More for Housing Loans, USA Today
U.S. Schooling Falls Back in Global Ratings, AP
Houston Works to Treat Wave of Evacuee Addicts, Houston Chronicle
Some Wear Out Their Welcome, Cincinnati Post
Police Say Woman Posed As Evacuee To Get Cash, AP
The Media are Telling us Sweet Little Lies,
Legal Threat Over Racist Article, AAP
Turkish Vote May Throw Schröder Lifeline, Times Online (London)

Wednesday, September 14

Color Of Crime, Sound of (Big Media) Silence, Jared Taylor, VDARE
Poll Shows Racial Divide on Storm Response, USA Today
Tempers Flare Between Houston, Louisiana Students and Their Mothers, 11 News (Houston)
Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman Used National Guard to Visit Home, ABC News
Farrakhan Visits Charlotte, Criticizes Federal Response, WCNC (Charlotte)
Ethnic Media Find New Angle on Katrina, AP
Making a Place for Workers, Los Angeles Daily News
County Decree Opposes Minutemen, AP
Zim Minister Warns of Takeover of White-Owned Firms, Sapa-DPA
Race-Row Professor to Publish Views, Australian (Sydney)
Woman Who Wrote ‘Nigger’ on Girl’s Forehead is Facing Jail, Telegraph (London)
Chinese City Bans Foreign-Sounding Names, AP

Tuesday, September 13

Norway’s Far-Right Surprises in Polls, Al-Jazeera
Police Hand Back Seized BNP Paper, BBC News
Immigration: France Expels 13,000 Illegal Immigrants, Morocco Times (Casablanca)
McGuinty Government Rules Out Use of Sharia Law, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Banding Together for Bad News, Los Angeles Times
When Whispers Should Be Shouts, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Company Admits Slave History, Chicago Sun-Times
Businesses Balk at Backing Immigration-Overhaul Pitch, Bloomberg
State Helps Domestic Workers Who Are Fighting for Fair Pay, Los Angeles Times
Survivor Testifies About Hunter Shootings, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Monday, September 12

Mayor Says Katrina May Have Claimed More Than 10,000 Lives, New Orleans Times-Picayune
Briton Tells of Katrina Nightmare, BBC News
School-Buses Showdown: Mayor Nagin Vs. Russert,
Minorities Not Taking Part in Wilderness Activities, Chicago Sun-Times
Networks Have an Ear for Spanish, Los Angeles Times
Immigration’s Impact is on the Minds of Va. Voters, Washington Post
N.Va. Man Indicted in Plot Against Bush, Washington Post
BNP Newspapers Seized at Dover, British National Party Website
‘An Islamist Threat Like the Nazis’, Washington Times
Ontario Sharia Plan Protested, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Brandy Stokes on The O’Reilly Factor,

Friday, September 9

Troops Find Grisly Scenes in New Orleans, UPI
Dispatch From New Orleans, Slate
Katrina, Aftermath Galvanize Black America, AP
Commissioner Lashes Out at Stroger, Chicago Tribune
Racial Discrimination Harms Health, Study, Medical News Today
San Jose Race Shows Vietnamese-Americans’ Growing Political Clout, AP
House Panel Approves Bill to Abolish Diversity Lottery, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Deportation Likely for Ill Immigrant, San Antonio Express-News
America Slides Into Chaos: But Is That a Smug Smile on The Face of the Brits?, Times (London)
Almost One in Ten In Spain Now Foreign, Expatica
Conditions Decline in Soviet Republics, Sub-Saharan Nations, Los Angeles Times
Jared Taylor to Speak in Arlington,

Thursday, September 8

Fearful Southerners Buy Firearms At Torrid Pace, Chicago Tribune
Kanye’s Katrina Outburst: Good for Hip-Hop, Baltimore Sun
Ray Nagin: School Buses Not Good Enough, NewsMax
Man Shot In Possible Bias Attack, New York Daily News
Forum Canceled on Border Project, San Jose Mercury News
Arrests of Day Laborers Spark Protest, Houston Chronicle
Assembly Passes Illegal Immigrant Driver License Bill, San Diego Union-Tribune
NYC Schools Tackle Language Barrier, AP
A Niche in Ethnic Hitches, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Cultivated Land Disappears in AIDS-Ravaged Africa, Reuters

Wednesday, September 7

Troops Back From Iraq Find Another War Zone, Washington Post
Briton Slams US Rescue ‘Shambles’, BBC News
Louisiana Officials Could Lose the Katrina Blame Game,
State Making Plans To Take In Hurricane Refugees, AP
On I-10’s ‘Trail of Tears,’ Conspiracy Theories Swirl, Montreal Gazette
State Enforcers Target Terrorism over Immigration, Statesman Journal (Salem, Or.)
Entrant Costs Triple $1.5M Gov. Promised, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Bills Seeking Reparations, Limiting Foreclosures Clear Hurdles, AP
Asian Frat in Spotlight After Death, Los Angeles Times
Outraged Europeans Take Dimmer View of Diversity, Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, September 6

Waves of Evacuees Swamp Host Cities, USA Today
Spreading the Poison of Bigotry, Chicago Tribune
Celine Dion: Let ‘Em Loot!,
Jackson Criticizes Hurricane Response, AP
Al Sharpton: Looters Were Angry Taxpayers, NewsMax
Loot Loops,
Illegals Get Reprieve from Katrina,
Residents Sue Over Herndon Day-Laborer Site, (Washington, DC)
How Greed and Opportunity Turned U.S. Soldiers Into Drug Traffickers, AP
First Muslim Crowned Miss England, Daily Mail (London)
Muslim Party Seeks Islamic Law for Australians, Australian (Sydney)
Arabic Trojan Butts Into Porn Surfing, IT Week

Sunday, September 4

Weekend Special: Video of Looting by Police in New Orleans, Zippy Videos

Friday, September 2

The Dark Side of Black People, Jamaica Star
Brits’ Hell Inside the Terror Dome, Mirror (London)
Masques of Death, American Spectator
Some Houstonians Question Welcome-Mat Effort, Houston Chronicle
Chicago Sgt. Cleared in Racial Profiling, AP
Blood Feud, Wired Magazine
Latinos Accuse Alderman of Racism, Chicago Tribune
Line in the Sand, October Sun Films
Brussels Paper: “Why We Hate the British”, Brussels Journal
Sweden Threatened With Jihad, YNET News (Israel)
EU Says It Deports Only 1 in 3 Illegal Immigrants, Reuters
“The Constant Propagandist”, FrontPageMagazine

Thursday, September 1

Looting Chaos Hits New Orleans Relief Effort, Times (London)
A Nation Watches the Looting and Asks: Why?, Seattle Times
Roberts Memo Urged Laws Prohibiting Busing, Quotas, Washington Post
Immigration at Issue in Virginia Governor’s Race, MSNBC
The Gangstas in My Neighborhood, Michelle Malkin
Va. Day Laborer Held in Slaying of Contractor, Washington Post
Poverty Leaps In El Paso, El Paso Times
Little Recourse for Drivers Hit by Uninsured Illegal Immigrants, Bethel Journal (Oh.)
Pope Tells Catholics to Multiply, AFP
Darkness Descends on Egoli, Star (Johannesburg)
Rape-Case Police Chief Suspended, BBC News