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Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, Nov. 1994

In November, the District of Columbia will elect a new mayor. Since Washington is a one-party town, the winner of the general election is almost sure to be the winner of the Democratic primary, Marion Barry – the man whose previous tenure as mayor ended with a six-month jail sentence for smoking crack cocaine. Our nation’s capital, the city that takes its name from our first President, is to be governed by an ex-convict and proven incompetent.

It is a sign of increasing frankness about race that some commentators were willing to state the most obvious reason for Mr. Barry’s success: he got the anti-white vote. The fact that all the candidates in the Democratic primary were black – as were the vast majority of voters – did not keep race out of the campaign. Indeed, all-black elections are often about which candidate is the most authentically black.

The incumbent mayor, Sharon Pratt Kelly, finished a distant third. Widely derided as ineffectual, she had recently reacted to critics by saying, “Well, let them impeach me.” Reports of the $100,000 in city money she spent on a fireplace for her office were still fresh when voters went to the polls. 

Mr. Barry’s most serious challenger, John Ray, was also at a disadvantage: He is honest, hard-working, civic-minded, and not very colorful. What finished him off, though, was the impossible burden of endorsements from both the Washington Post and Washington Times, and support from the city’s most prominent white residents and civic groups.

As Ronald Walters, chairman of the political science department at Howard University explained, “people voted against the white power establishment’s attempting to dictate their lives.”
Mr. Barry’s greatest appeal is his willingness to “give whites the finger.”
Some voters were more specific. “I voted for Barry to give the powers that be the finger, to let them know that there is a palpable rage even among the middle class,” exulted one 37-year-old black lawyer. Even Mr. Ray’s campaign manager conceded that the mood among black voters was: “Ray is the establishment candidate. He can’t be for you when the Washington Post is for him.”

To put the conventional wisdom in blunter terms, blacks are willing to vote for a known loser mainly because whites cannot abide him. That is to say, they are willing to suffer miserable city government if that is what it takes to watch whites squirm. Is this not what it means for voters to think that Mr. Barry’s greatest appeal is his willingness to “give whites the finger”?

On the other hand, it may be that blacks voted for Mr. Barry because he is the mayor they want, no matter whom the Washington Post endorses. It is the job of political scientists at Howard to come up with theories about what black voters think about the “white power establishment,” but the truth may be simpler. At any given time, more than 40 percent of the black men in Washington between the ages of 18 and 35 are either in prison, on probation, on parole or waiting for trial. A criminal record makes Mr. Barry just one of the boys. He calls his core constituency “the last, the least and the lost.” When they can be persuaded to go to the polls – and Mr. Barry rallied them like the Pied Piper – they may well be a voting majority in the city.

American mass democracy is a process whereby voters do not elect superior people but people who personify their own prejudices and weaknesses. What is true of whites is probably even truer of blacks. Marion Barry might have won the election even if Mr. Ray had been endorsed by Louis Farrakhan rather than by the Post and the Times.

A Long History

Nevertheless, when it comes to sticking a finger in the eye of the white man, Mr. Barry has a long and lurid history. As he takes office, it is well to recall some of his antics.

Mr. Barry grew up in the South and developed an early dislike for whites. When he worked as a waiter he made a practice of spitting in the food he served to whites, just as Jesse Jackson did. He moved to Washington, DC in the 1960s, where he struck the then-fashionable pose of dashiki, dark glasses, and afro-with-comb. He made something of a name for himself as a small-time street agitator, but it was during Lyndon Johnson’s administration that his career really began.

In 1967, he somehow convinced President Johnson’s labor secretary, Barry Wirtz, that with enough federal money he could turn “street dudes” into productive citizens. Thus was born Youth Pride, Inc., which, during the first three years of its existence swallowed an astonishing $9 million in federal grants.

Some of the small businesses that began with Pride money became drug dealerships and fencing operations, but much of the $9 million simply disappeared. In 1969, seventeen Pride employees were indicted for embezzlement and five were convicted. This was just the tip of the iceberg. As the black journalist Rich Adams recalls, Youth Pride had a standard threat for any white official who enquired about money gone AWOL:
” ‘Don’t ask, honky motherf***er, because if you do, we’re going to go out on the street, and we’re going to start a riot and say that the white man is trying to destroy black economic progress.’ And it scared the living s**t out of those liberals who didn’t want any trouble.”

” … . So what if Marion and [his wife] Mary Treadwell got a couple of hundred thousand dollars? It was worth it to the federal government not to have them stirring s**t in the community.”

“Barry did it with style,” continues Mr. Adams; “It wasn’t just rob a 7-11. It was rob the whole goddam federal government … .”

Though she was no longer his wife when she was convicted, Mary Treadwell was eventually caught with the goods, along with four other Youth Pride administrators. Mr. Barry operated in a steady fog of peculation, but he was never indicted.

There was worse than theft. In 1973, while he was still nominal head of Youth Pride, four employees were shot to death in less than one month. Three of the killers were other Pride employees.

Higher Office

During the 1970s, Mr. Barry got his start in politics. He was elected to the DC school board in 1971, despite a complete ignorance of school issues. He sent supporters to tape record opponents’ speeches and then parroted their arguments word-for-word. When asked about this tactic, he replied, “What’s wrong with that? That’s sophistication.”

Mr. Barry was soon on the City Council and first won election as mayor in 1978. From the start, his first concern was holding on to power. As even a former aide confesses, “I could not separate out what he was legitimately interested in for the public good and what he was interested in for his political gain.”

“It wasn’t just rob a 7-11. It was
rob the whole goddam federal government.”
Money was the medium in which Mr. Barry worked best. At the end of his first year as mayor, he spent $50,000 in city money on a lavish advertising supplement in Time magazine, full of photographs of himself and praise for his administration. He put hundreds of political supporters on the city payroll and once spent $250,000 in tax money to take 50 political hacks on a shopping and sunbathing trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In Mayor Barry’s Washington, nearly one in every five voters worked for city government – about three times the national average. During his 12 years as mayor, he increased the number of city bureaucrats by 27 percent while the district’s population shrank by 30,000.

Mr. Barry’s appointees were notoriously corrupt. Two deputy mayors and 12 other top aides ended up in prison for things like extortion, fraud, and embezzlement. The Department of Human Services, which is supposed to improve life for the district’s poor, was particularly uninhibited. After one department head was caught with his hand in the till and fired, his successor lasted only nine months before he was found to be using city money to pay rent and buy groceries, both for himself and a group of cronies.

City employees were lazy and incompetent. Although Washington had twice as many housing bureaucrats per public-housing resident as Baltimore or Detroit, one fifth of the public housing units were uninhabitable wrecks. There was a seven-year wait for a city-run apartment. In the last three years of Mr. Barry’s tenure, judges cited the district seven times for systematic mistreatment of people in its care: prisoners, mental patients, housing residents.

Emergency services were no better. Calls to 911 often went unanswered and when a caller finally got through, an ambulance might not show up until the next day. Fourteen people are said to have died, waiting for help that never came. In 1989, about the time DC became the murder capital of the nation and its residents were spending more money on crack cocaine than on food and drink, Washington Monthly called the Barry administration “the worst city government in America.”

The mayor was unrepentant. He continued to smoke crack, make city grants to mistresses, and accuse his critics of racism. When even the painfully indulgent Washington Post began to write honestly about Mr. Barry, he called it “a new style of lynching.” He likened himself to Gandhi and Jesus, who were persecuted for the good they did. The more the white press criticized him, the more blacks loved him.

When, in 1990, the FBI used a former mistress as bait to trap Mr. Barry with a crack pipe in his mouth, blacks rallied to their mayor as never before. Black radio stations, newspapers, politicians, “civil rights” leaders, and even preachers lined up behind the view that the arrest was a racist frame-up. Blacks were convinced that whites had ganged up on the unoffending Mr. Barry because he was “too smart, too strong, and too black.” Benjamin Hooks, then head of the NAACP, called the arrest “Nazilike,” and the New York Amsterdam News thundered against a government “vendetta” against “Black public officials throughout the country who have dared to speak out against injustice to minorities … .”

After what the presiding judge, Thomas Jackson, called one of the strongest prosecutions he had ever seen, a reluctant and mostly-black jury convicted Mr. Barry of only one count of cocaine possession. He began serving a six-month sentence in October, 1991. Even in the pokey, Mr. Barry could not quite stay out of the news. In the semi-public setting of a prisoner visiting area, a lady caller performed upon the former mayor a sex act that is still illegal in several states.

Crime and punishment did not dampen Mr. Barry’s spirits in the slightest. The very year he was released, he won a seat on the DC city council, representing Washington’s most calamitously drug- and crime-ridden ward. His September 13th victory in the Democratic mayoral primary marks what must be one of the most remarkable political come-backs in American history.

The new Mr. Barry still has the same ability to work a crowd, and he has dressed up his act with touches of African kinte cloth on his suits, a third wife, and a new name – Anwar Amal. He appears to have stayed away from crack cocaine. Despite the perilous state of the city’s finances, he has vowed not to fire a single district employee, and has promised that his administration will “create” housing and jobs. He has been so candid about his Christmas-all-year-long platform that the Wall Street Journal calls it “loot the haves on behalf of the have-nots.”

Of course, with businesses and the middle-class streaming out of a high-tax city that does not work, it is the federal purse that must be looted. This year, Congress is expected to stump up $668 million for the city’s $3.4 billion budget; the city that houses America’s largest and most recession-proof employer cannot feed itself. The annual rites of mendicancy are not likely to be pleasant for Mr. Barry, however. Congressmen are fuming at the prospect of having to deal with such a notorious spendthrift.

For whites in general – who had given him only a handful of votes – Mr. Barry had a blunt message in his primary-night victory speech. “To those white people with whatever hang-ups they have, get over it,” he said; “I’m the best person for Washington … .” 

The specter of malevolent whitey hung over the general election as well. An independent city councilman, William Lightfoot, who had promised to run against Mr. Barry explained why he was dropping out of the race: “The white establishment wants to stop Marion Barry, and I will not be a tool of the white establishment.” What the “white establishment” wants – a safe, well-run city – is what blacks should want, but even Mr. Barry’s political opponents defer to him if they think that means they are blowing a raspberry at the white man.

Ouagadougou on the Potomac

“To those white people with whatever hang- ups they have, get over it. I’m the best person for Washington.”
For years, Washington DC has been drifting out of the civilized world towards Africa. With a population that is 70 percent black, it is only federal money that keeps if from utter collapse. The return of Marion Barry – complete with pseudo-African name – is just one more push in the direction of Ouagadougou and Kinshasa.

The world has grown accustomed to African kleptocrats who hector the West for money, only to squander it while their people starve. Were the Barry appointees, who cheerfully plundered the Department of Human Services any different? Africa is so full of incompetence, violence, and venality that it takes genocidal massacre or mass starvation to make the news. In Washington, wrecked public housing, routine gang murders, and ambulances that arrive 24 hours late are no longer news either. In choosing Marion Barry to govern them, have the people of Washington not elected just the sort of oaf one would expect to find in the African ruling class?

The very day the Washington Post published its analysis of Mr. Barry’s primary election, it reported that so many of the city’s public schools had been declared fire hazards that the opening of the school year had been delayed. Because it is the seat of government and the home of embassies, the nation will not let Washington sink to the Nigerian depths of Newark, Camden, or Detroit. The voters of Washington have nevertheless chosen a man who, left to himself, would surely make it happen.

Original article

Note from the editor: Marion Barry was elected to the Washington, DC city council last year.

(Posted on November 18, 2005)

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Marion Barry attended, and may even have graduated from Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis, an “historically black” college. This is just one more example of why these institutions, born of segregation, are counterproductive to American society as a whole in today’s world. These institutions, with their typically low academic standards, churn out underqualified black graduates who, once credentialed with a college degree, can demand employment in government and especially as schoolteachers in urban school districts, thereby passing on their ignorance to succeeding generations. A disproportionate number of black college graduates hail from these schools. Blacks wanted integration-now let them compete with whites, asians and others forthrightly, without having backdoor access to a college degree form institutions with significantly lower academic standards than other institutions of higher learning. Many of these “colleges” were originally Freedman Bureau schools founded on the heels of the Civil War to teach blacks trades and occupations. Now, as Marion barry’s career shows, they serve mainly to allow the “intellectually challenged” like Barry to obtain college diplomas, setting them loose to wreak havoc on our businesses and, more importantly, our government and schools. These colleges also serve as incubators for radical anti-white viewpoints, as the articles’ passages on the youthful careers of Marion Barry and Jesse Jackson illustrates. It is sobering to consider that neither of these misfits would have recieved the credentials necessary to be deemed “leaders” but for the existence of historically black colleges.

Posted by Ramar of the Jungle at 7:04 PM on November 18

Ramar, it is AR’s opinion that blcks at HBCs actually do better than blacks at other colleges. Also, if they are on other campuses, unfortunately there will be problems with violence and demands for affirmative action, etc. If they are admitted to nonblack schools on the basis of race for the sake of “diversity”, they need not compete.

Posted by Cindy at 9:57 PM on November 18

I feel sorry for white Americans who will have to suffer the inadequacies of black people in positions of authority. Does this mean that the great United States is in decline? At leasst as far as Washington DC is concerned it seems.

Posted by citizen_of_planet_earth at 10:26 PM on November 18

Well, well, who can now say that Mr. D.W. Griffith’s movie “Birth of A Nation” wasn’t profitic to a T ? Hmm?

Posted by Speak the truth and fear no man at 11:37 PM on November 18

Lighten up. It takes a strong man to run a city while on crack.
The only relaxation this guy got was provided by the hookers and midnight basketball.

Ray Nagin: take a lesson.

Posted by Jake at 11:58 PM on November 18

DC is a parasite living off the money of the few demented whites who choose to live in DC and the generosity of the rest of the USA.
It is a crime-ridden city that serves no useful purpose.

Posted by frank garlo at 7:37 AM on November 19

Webster’s dictionary defines fanatic as “a person whose extreme zeal, piety, etc. goes beyond what is reasonable”. The key word here is “reasonable”. Just as in the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, the “unreasonable” stand behind their man - right or wrong. But, unlike the story, even though the “little boy” has pointed out the nakedness of the Emperor, the D.C masses still cling to their misguided loyalty. Here is the point of demarcation from fanatic to fool!

Posted by Dave at 10:32 AM on November 19

There isn’t enough bad things you can say about DC. Four blocks from the Capital Rotunda and the Library of Congress is a seething, crime-ridden, drug addicted underclass. Most either work for the federal or city government, the rest are on governmental assistance.

Spend some time with blacks in their natural environment and you’ll see it’s not just “whitey” they want to “stick it to.” Anyone who does better than them is a target. Some rapper, my number 2 son, the wigger, had heard of him, was shot coming out of a club while driving his Maserati. Anyone who is worse off than you is a target, someone to be preyed upon in order to enrich yourself. A tow truck driver, at 2 in the morning, was shot trying to help a stranded motorist just off Pennsylvania Ave. No motive, no suspects.

As long as they remain less than 5% of the population, then we can “all just get along;” Jim Crow remains in effect. When the percentages start creeping up, to around 15% then we start seeing an increase in anti-social behavior as if enboldened by their black brethern. Over a third? The community is lost for blacks, with very little long range planning capability, their mistuning -, and their inability extend altruism, will destroy every one and every thing in which they come in contact. From Harare, to Paris, to Detroit, it’s the same mantra, “tear it down!”

If I had a time machine, I’d do three things: sink every slave ship returning from Africa; stop the assassination of Ferdinand; preserve the Russian monarchy. Oh, and well … maybe get yesterday’s lottery number, heh.


Posted by at 12:18 PM on November 19

Cindy-I respectfully disagree. Most blacks attending nonblack colleges flunk out or don’t finish despite the best efforts of guilty white liberals. There would be few black college grads if they didn’t have the refuge of historically black colleges to resort to. This is as it should be based on inherent IQ differences noted in Amre’s article “Race and the Psychopathic Personality”.

Posted by Ramar of the Jungle at 12:32 PM on November 19

The author of this article made a very grave mistake.Anwar Amal
is not an African name, it is a MUSLIM name. Somebody tell the F.B.I.please. The barbarians are not at the gate, they are guarding it - from the inside.

Posted by callmebwana at 5:52 PM on November 19

Probably nothing describes Marion Barry any better than actual quotes he made:

These are actual quotes taken from Mayor Marion Barry, of Washington, D.C.

“The contagious people of Washington have stood firm against diversity during this long period of increment weather.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“I promise you a police car on every sidewalk.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very very low crime rate.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. And second, what can I say? I’m a night owl.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“Bitch set me up.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“I am clearly more popular than Reagan. I am in my third term. Where’s Reagan? Gone after two! Defeated by George Bush and Michael Dukakis no less.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“The laws in this city are clearly racist. All laws are racist. The law of gravity is racist.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“I am making this trip to Africa because Washington is an international city, just like Tokyo, Nigeria or Israel. As mayor, I am an international symbol. Can you deny that to Africa?” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“People have criticized me because my security detail is larger than the president’s. But you must ask yourself: are there more people who want to kill me than who want to kill the president? I can assure you there are.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“The brave men who died in Vietnam, more than 100% of which were black, were the ultimate sacrifice.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“I read a funny story about how the Republicans freed the slaves. The Republicans are the ones who created slavery by law in the 1600’s. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was not a Republican.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“What right does Congress have to go around making laws just because they deem it necessary?” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“People blame me because these water mains break, but I ask you, if the water mains didn’t break, would it be my responsibility to fix them then? WOULD IT!?!” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

“I am a great mayor; I am an upstanding Christian man; I am an intelligent man; I am a deeply educated man; I am a humble man.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

Posted by Robert Kelly at 7:37 PM on November 19

According to a Google search, Marion Barry received a masters degree in chemistry from Fisk (African) University. He worked for 3 years toward a doctorate at the University of Tennessee; then abandoned chemistry for African Activism.

Posted by JEHill at 9:18 PM on November 19

What Robert Kelly has just pointed out is a notable black characteristic — low IQ combined with a high level of blarney (for lack of a better word). This is one reason I think that most people can’t believe that blacks actually have low IQ because they think that then they would be socially retarded as well (as whites with very low IQ tend to be).

Amazing how one black politician can make all of Dubya’s and Al Gore’s ridiculous statements look tame in comparison. All I can say about that first quote RK put up is: I don’t think I have ever seen funnier malaprops.

Posted by Brendan at 9:24 PM on November 19

To Robert Kelly - thanks for the quotes. And thank you for making us all realize how great Marion Barry is and will be for Washington. After all, Washington deserves nothing less!


Posted by GetBackJack at 11:02 PM on November 19

Zimbabwe on the Potomac……

Any effort on the part of the feds to clean up Barrys mess will be seen as racist. Personally I think that it should be left as it is..and the few remaining whites get out while they can. For the most part, they prey on each other. And if all the idiots who support Barry were somehow moved elsewhere, the problem would only become more widespread. Maybe we start the reparations payments in DC, 100K and a boat ticket back to mother africa, never to return?

Posted by Wilhelm at 1:19 AM on November 20

Hold your chin up proud citizens… Less whites… means less white women to ‘steal’ away the breadwinners. These vast areas of decay are due for renewal. I think it was tupac who said, “things are gonna get better”

Posted by Plato at 3:00 AM on November 20

You forgot one of my favorite quotes from the notable days of “Homie the Clown” aka Marion Barry, “The B*tch set me up”, when caught smoking crack with his whore in a DC motel.

The saga of Marion Barry (African kinte cloth and all) is nothing more than a globalist script pulled out of the vault for one more useful idiot to further their agenda. The downfall of Western Civilization.

Posted by Anon at 10:03 AM on November 20

Ramar, that may be true, but Jared Taylor himself states in his book PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS that black colleges enroll only 17% of all black freshmen but produce twice that many grads, as these schools don’t have to water down their curriculum for them. My point is that blacks do better at black colleges if Taylor is correct. That seems to be your point, too, as you say they flunk or drop out of nonblack schools at a high rate, so they “resort” to hbc’s. I’m aware that unfortunately they do drop/flunk out of white schools at a higher rate.

Posted by Cindy at 4:18 PM on November 20

To J. E. Hill-Even though Barry may have graduated from Fisk, I stiil maintain that he attended Lemoyne-Owen in Memphis, as I said in my first posting here, because I remember an article in the Memphis paper, affectionately known in these parts as the “Communist Appeal”, proudly proclaiming his Memphis connection when he was first elected Mayor of D.C.. The fact that he failed to finish his graduate studies at an “historically White” college-The University of Tennessee-just proves the point I made in my second posting here, responding to Cindy.

Posted by Ramar of the Jungle at 7:22 PM on November 20

Cindy-My point is that it is not good for society as a whole to have black college graduates if they can’t meet the same academic standards as white college graduates. In a truly egalitarian system, everyone should be held to the same standard. Historically black colleges, such as Fisk and Lemoyne-Owen, undermine societal standards because they are inherently inferior institutions, and their graduates don’t meet the same academic standards as those from even 3d tier predominantly white institutions. These graduates, once armed with diplomas, beat employers over the head with them and get jobs, predominantly in the public sector, which contributes to the decline of government services, like the legendary decline in the quality of public education and the postal service, for example. Even those blacks who do get diplomas from predominatly white colleges tend to get them in the department of Education, notoriously the refuge of the intellectually challenged student. Based on the information in Jared Taylor’s “Paved With Good Intentions” and Murray and Herrnstein’s “The Bell Curve”, most blacks simply shouldn’t get college degrees, because they’re not intelligent enough, in terms of IQ, to deserve them. Society wouldn’t be burdened with so many credentialled but unqualified college grads if Historically black collleges weren’t available to give blacks the opportunity to get a degree at lower standards-an opportunity that, for all intents and purposes, isn’t available to whites(nor should it be). Marion Barry and Jesse Jackson are just 2 examples of blacks who didn’t deserve a college degree, but got one(or in Barry’s case, 2) due to the existence of historically black colleges. Think of how different their careers and our society would be if misfits like this pair hadn’t obtained the credentials to be deemed leaders that a college diploma provides! Barry’s success at Lemoyne-Owen and Fisk, 2 historically black schools, and his failure to complete his studies at the University of Tennessee, a predominantly white school, just proves my point. Most blacks at predominantly white schools don’t finish-Taylor’s observation that HBS’s account for only 17% of black college admissions, but twice that % of black college graduates, is further proof of this. HBS’s are just another covert form of affirmative action for blacks that works to put whites at an unfair competitive disadvantage. The reason blacks do better at historically black schools is simple -these schools have lower academic standards! Howard is not Harvard.

Posted by Ramar of the Jungle at 2:07 AM on November 21

Marion Barry is the only African that Bill Clinton cannot make look white. In the recent funeral service in Detroit for the dearly departed Parks icon, when Bill called himself “a nine-year old Southern White Boy, Jesse Jackson blanched. In contrast to Governor Wallace, Bill normally can outblack any Black person. But Barry is the essential Black Person and his constituents recognize that quality because they all want to be powerful, rich, crackheaded, booze-swillling, whore-mongering, anti-White, et cetera…ad nauseam.

Truly though, this article was the funniest I have read in a while. The quotes cited by one poster are hilarious, almost an aid to digestion. It should be entertaining to follow the mayor in his upcoming administration. Barry is a perfect example of what my late father used to call “A J-g Clown.”

Posted by Negritude at 10:36 AM on November 21

I have several comments concerning the above posts. First, I once worked with a chemist who graduated from Fisk University. He was a nice guy and actively participated in all the diversity programs. However, his interpretation of the natural world differed somewhat with the accepted body of knowledge. As of yet, he remains unrecogized and unpublished in the field. Second, antisocial behavior is slowly becoming more acceptable. This alarms me. Third, Robert Kelly, surely you must be fabricating the MB quotes.

Posted by Adam at 12:10 PM on November 21

“It is sobering to consider that neither of these misfits would have recieved the credentials necessary to be deemed “leaders” but for the existence of historically black colleges.”

Not so fast. Are you aware that during Jim Crow some southern states paid other states so that blacks could receive a college education, especially southern states that did not have graduate programs in their black colleges. Ever wondered where the few black professionals who did not attend black institutions get their degrees? Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia etc. have been educating blacks for years. During slavery, W.E.B. Dubose studied at Harvard and in Germany.

Posted by at 1:22 PM on November 21

Marion Barry is uniquely suited to be mayor of a black city. As for electing him to “give the Man the finger,” that seems to me to be a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. They’re the ones who have to live with the conditions this idiot helps create. If they like that, more power to them!

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 3:49 PM on November 21

I guess a lot of black folks in DC decided Barry should get another crack at the job.

Posted by Palani at 7:10 PM on November 21

Unfortunately most of those Barry quotes aren’t real:

Posted by PB at 8:09 PM on November 21

So, what’s the big deal? The denizens of D.C. get what they feel most comfortable with: a crack smoking convicted felon.

Posted by Budman at 12:38 PM on November 22

Dear 1:22 p. m., Nov. 21-this was usually only done when the state in question lacked a HSB offering a particular degree-for example, if a black applicant wanted to attend a law or medical school, and there was no HSB in the state offering such a degree.

Posted by Ramar of the Jungle at 3:27 PM on November 22

First off, nothing could illustrate better, the fact that for blacks, racial solidarity is more important than even individual well-being. A white man votes for the candidate who is most attractive (philosophically) to HIM; a black man votes for the candidate most attractive to BLACKS. Electing Barry trumps even “whats best for me and my environment” is the thinking (or lack thereof). Secondly, the quotes are terrific, and whether he really said them or not, isn’t the point, that we can easily see him saying them. Third, if you have ever heard this clown speak or know his history, aren’t the colleges and alleged degrees he “earned” moot?

Posted by Ray Cist at 11:20 PM on November 22

As all of the higher-ranked colleges and universities are mostly white (with 2 exceptions that are more Asian than anything else: Berkeley and Stanford-at least, I believe so), it’s a safe assumption that HBCs have lower standards. Unfortunately, the higher-ranked schools have lowered their standards to “increase diversity”. Thanks, Justice O’Connor and your liberal co-horts!

Posted by Cindy at 7:22 AM on November 23

Cindy-its not only a safe assumption that HBC’s have lower standards than historically “white” colleges, its an incontrovertible fact! Check out the average standardized test scores of HBCs with non-black schools. Even liberals can’t bring themselves to tell that big a lie!

Posted by Unreconstructed Southerner at 1:14 AM on November 24

The article just cracked me up.

Marion Barry is a fool. Some of the statements that he has made over the years attest to that. Even George Bush Junior hasn’t made that many dumb comments.

Great article, Amren. I just love black humor.

Posted by OldVictorian at 12:54 AM on November 27

PB WROTE:”Unfortunately most of those Barry quotes aren’t real:

Posted by PB at 8:09 PM on November 21”

You mean YOU WISH the quotes aren’t real and referencing a web site that denies their authenticity doesn’t mean a damn thing.

They’re real all right, and you know it.

Posted by Robert Kelly at 6:42 PM on November 29

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