American Renaissance

News archive from December 2005

Saturday, December 31

You Can Help the City of Manassas, AR News exclusive

Friday, December 30

Zirkle Settles Job Suit, Yakima Herald-Republic (Wash.)
Radio Station Switches to Spanish-Language Format, Modesto Bee
Harlandale Board Considers Renaming ‘Stonewall’ School, San Antonio Express-News
Mass Eviction To Mexico In 1930s Spurs Apology, Sacramento Bee
Activists Call for African Affairs Office, Washington Post
1 In 3 Kids Not In Physical Shape, USA TODAY
Leave No Gifted Child Behind, Washington Post
Holy Cows In A Small Town, (Buffalo)
Dialoguing for Dollars, OpinionJournal
Guatemala Slashes U.S. Immigration Bill, People’s Daily Online (Beijing)
Tories Consider Scrapping Pledge Over Asylum Quotas, Financial Times (London)
Polish Women Offered Baby Bonus, BBC News

Thursday, December 29

Lawsuit Alleges Discrimination Against Whites in Mississippi, ABCNews
Mayor Wants FEMA to Pay for Police OT, Houston Chronicle
Racketeering Claims Cast, Yakima Herald-Republic (Wash.)
Local Births Mirror Nation, Courier News (Elgin, Ill.)
Bitter Debate Over ‘Birthright Citizenship’, AP
High Cost of Medical Care for Illegal Immigrants, NewsMax
Court Asked to Rehear Case Over Calif. Schools’ ‘Becoming Muslim’ Exercise, Agape Press
A Challenge We Have Never Faced Before, Telegraph (London)
Sarkozy Call to Help Minorities, BBC News
In Mexico, Culture of Corruption Runs Deep, Dallas Morning News
11 Years On, Battles of Apartheid Still Rage, Guardian (London)

Wednesday, December 28

Cultural Issues, Drugs, Poverty Among Issues Facing Gang Members in Canada, Canadian Press
Cops Rip Deportation Delay, Toronto Sun
Kidnappings Plague Residents Across Haiti, AP
India Builds A 2,500-Mile Barrier to Rival the Great Wall of China, Times (London)
Pakistani Killed Daughters to Save ‘Honor’, AP
Adieu ... to You and You and You, Jerusalem Post
Mexico Looks In the Mirror, Sierra Vista Herald (Az.)
Idaho Women Who May Have Been Infected By HIV-Positive Man Get Tested, AP
GOP Lawmaker Relishes Role as a Flamethrower, Los Angeles Times
Immigrant Becomes Candidate, Lashes Out, MetroWest Daily News (Framingham, Mass.)
Manassas Changes Definition of Family, Washington Post

Tuesday, December 27

EU Commissioner Lashes Out at Mohammed Drawings, Copenhagen Post
Video of Eviction of White Zimbabwe Farmer, CNN
Islamic Terrorists Shot Aid Couple as They Watched TV, Telegraph (London)
The End of Bolivia?,
OHSU Board Nominee Bows Out After Joke Falls Flat, AP
Some Border Patrol Agents Take a Chance on Love, Los Angeles Times
Spanish Radio Station Could Be Silenced Over Segment, San Antonio Express-News
British Columbia Seeks Apology from Washington State for 1884 Lynching By U.S. Vigilantes, AP
Two Sent To Prison for Gang Rape, La Crosse Tribune (Wisc.)
‘Gap’ Package Left Out Some Key Factors, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Friday, December 23

The Epidemic of Ethnic Rape,
In Berlin, a Cultural Wall Sets Turks Apart, Los Angeles Times
Swedish Immigration Officials Criticized, AP
PR Guru Allyn Draws Flak on Mexico, Dallas Morning News
Mexican-Americans Feel Slighted by Allyn Hiring, Al Día/Dallas Morning News
Insurance Plan May Shift Auto Rates in State, Los Angeles Times
Tighter Border Helping Schools, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Schism Threatens Haitians’ Political Progress, Herald (Miami)
Mohler: Intentional Childlessness Is ‘Avoiding Responsibility’,
Student Asked to Change Out of Kilt Seeks Dress Code Change, AP

Thursday, December 22

Love is No Longer Color-Coded on TV, USA Today
Play Puts Diversity Center Stage,
Bush-Bashing Black Charity Sits on Katrina Cash,
New Bid to Find Truth About Old Race Riot, Christian Science Monitor
Seattle Jury Clears Boeing in Racial Lawsuit, Reuters
White Man Making Little Headway in Civil Rights Suit, Bakersfield Californian
Stroger: Others Were Duped By Ex-Con, Jonathan Lipman, Daily Southtown (Tinley Park, Ill.)
Mayor’s ‘Thuggish’ Comment Rankles Some, AP
Diversity vs. Freedom (contd.): Australians Fight on The Beaches,
Mexico Admits Anti-Immigrant Stance, AP
SA Divisions on Reconciliation Day, BBC News

Wednesday, December 21

Mexico Retaliates for Border Wall Plan, AP
CHC ‘Livid’ at DCCC on Border Bill, The Hill (Washington, DC)
U.S. Money Helps, Hurts Mexicans, Chicago Tribune
Workers' Bias Suit Ends In Win, Slur, Philadelphia Inquirer
Court Orders Anti-Affirmative Action Proposal on Ballot, AP
Minority Graduates Get Twice the Pomp, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Violence in Detroit Leaps 20%, Detroit News
Crowd Gathers in L.A. for Williams Funeral, AP
Riots in Australia Spur Introspection, Washington Post
Postman Made £20m from Stolen Chequebooks in Three-Year Spree, Times Online (London)

Tuesday, December 20

Provision to Add High-Tech Visas Gets Dropped From Budget Bill, AP
The Bottom of the Pay Scale, Center for Immigration Studies
Tear Down This Analogy, National Review Online
Mexican Official Says U.S. Plan for Border Wall ‘Stupid’ and ‘Underhanded’, AP
Hispanic Toys, Games Hit Holiday Displays, AP
Stetson University Outlaws Jay Leno, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
2 Going to Prison on Charge of Carjacking, AP
Doctor’s Obesity ‘Diatribe’ Detailed, Concord Monitor (NH)
Europe’s Migrant Elephant, UPI
‘Bonapartism Looms’ in France, UPI
‘Britishness Test’ For Imams Is Abandoned, Times (London)

Monday, December 19

Race Cases Put Colleges to Test, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
White Firefighters to Get $3.5 Million, Chicago Tribune
UC Davis Cuts Deal to Avoid Bias Suit, San Francisco Chronicle
Segregation-Era Signs Found in Arkansas, AP
L.A. County Targets Racial Gang War, Los Angeles Times
‘White Flight’ in Boulder, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
AZ Told: Up English Funds or Else, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Why This New Sign? I’m For Free Speech, Cincinnati Enquirer
Small Bus Companies Give Mexican Immigrants Ride Home For Holiday, AP
Latin America’s New Socialist Revolution, New Zealand Herald (Auckland)

Friday, December 16

BAMN Goes Violent at Michigan Board of Canvasser’s Meeting, Chetly Zarko
House Approves Border Fence, Washington Times
Judge To Get Tavern’s ‘Speak English’ Case, Cincinnati Enquirer
Hispanic Literacy in U.S. Shows Troubling Signs, Houston Chronicle
Heavy Police Presence At High School, (Los Angeles)
Jury Awards $135,000 Each to Four White Fire Captains, Mobile Register
The Season of Dewinter?, Jewish Week (New York City)
Chirac Supports Day to Remember Slavery, Reuters
Britain Won’t Target Extremist Mosques, AP

Thursday, December 15

GOP Congressman to Fox: ‘Shut Up’, Human Events Online
State Sued Over Policy on Tuition, San Francisco Chronicle
Idaho Suit Over Illegal Immigration Tossed, AP
Noncitizens are Hurting Michigan, Miller Says, Detroit Free Press
Words Fly at Day-Laborer Center in Herndon, Washington Post
End of the Rainbow, American Conservative
Study: No Bias In Traffic Stops, Cincinnati Enquirer
No Vote on Affirmative Action ‘06 Proposal, Detroit Free Press
Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden, Fjordman
Head Tax Becomes Hot-Button Election Issue, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Wednesday, December 14

Time for an Immigration-Enforcement Bill, Washington Times
Border-Control Backers Threaten To Block Debate, Washington Times
Mexican Official Calls House Immigration Bill ‘Wrong,’ Calls for Lobbying Against It, AP
National Policy Institute Calls for Mass Deportation of Illegals, National Policy Institute press release
Tancredo: 51 Terrorist Suspects Crossed Border Illegally, Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo
Workers Gather At New Herndon Day Labor Site, (DC)
Ex-Sheriff Is Handed 24 Years, San Antonio Express-News
Now Churches Are Targeted, Australian (Sydney)
Racism Is Repulsive, But So Is Self-Loathing, Australian (Sydney)
Immigrants Behind 25% Of Swedish Crime, The Local (Stockholm)
Who Are the Newcomers that Finland Wants?, Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki)
UN Anti-Torture Committee Urges Canada Not to Deport Dadar, AP
Jury Finds B.C. Man Guilty of Spreading HIV, CTV (Canada)
Big Black and Bad Stereotyping, Times (London)

Tuesday, December 13

How 5,000 Australians Disgraced a Nation, OhmyNews (South Korea)
Europeans Fear Islam, Belgian Far-Rightist Says, Reuters
Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness, Washington Post
‘We Don’t Need That Kind of Attitude’, Chronicle of Higher Education
Immigration or Iraq?, Rasmussen Reports
Study: Almost Half of Arizona’s Immigrant Population Illegal, AP
Immigrants at Center of School Safety Battle in Brewster, Journal News (White Plains, NY)
Darien Man Files Complaint; Calls City’s ‘Hassle-Free Zone’ Illegal, Stamford Advocate (Conn.)
Federal Judge Clears Way for Construction of Border Fence, AP
Suspension for Using Spanish Draws Lawsuit, Kansas City Star
Katrina Death Stats Contradict Racial Complaints, NewsMax

Monday, December 12

Battle on Beach as Mob Vows to Defend ‘Aussie Way of Life’, Times (London)
Napoleon’s Greatest Victory Sets Citizen Against Citizen, Sunday Herald (Scotland)
Bolivian Candidate Would Legalize Coca Growing, Washington Times
NH Primary’s Influence Endangered by Plan Sent To DNC Panel, Union Leader (Manchester, NH)
Immigrants at Mid-Decade, Center for Immigration Studies
Protest Targets Newspaper for Alleged Bias, Republican-American (Waterbury, Conn)
Growing Number Of Illegal Immigrants Fleeing the Law Back Home, San Jose Mercury News
Illegal ‘Hits American Jackpot’ With $44,000 Job, Crime Spree, WorldNetDaily
Atlanta Tune Skips a Beat in the ‘Burbs, Los Angeles Times
Photo Captured an Era, But Not a Moment, New York Times

Friday, December 9

In Herndon, Only Feet Away but Worlds Apart, Washington Post
State Ties Steep Costs to Illegal Immigration, Minneapolis Star Tribune
House Conservatives Want End to Birthright Citizenship, Human Events Online
House Panel Rejects Citizenship Path For Illegals, Washington Times
FBI Database Often Errs on Aliens’ Status, Washington Times
Crowding May Put Landlords In Jail, Washington Post
Simmering Tensions Boil Over in Melting Pot of Hamtramck, Detroit News
Woman Seeks $100,000 in Damages in Housing Bias Suit, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Should Hip Hop Take The Rap For Rioting?, Telegraph (London)
Gulf Between Immigrants on Job Market, Local (Stockholm)

Thursday, December 8

Wanted: More Race Realism, Less Moralistic Fallacy, J. Philippe Rushton,
Judiciary Panel Backs Border Security Bill, AP
A Bid to Cross Enforcement Borders, Los Angeles Times
Fruit Growers Turn To Technology to Ease Labor Woes, AP
Hispanic Pupils Surging, Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City)
Westbury High Tension Explodes Into a Brawl, Houston Chronicle
Video Scandal Rocks S.F. Police, San Francisco Chronicle
UN to Investigate Racism of Danish Cartoonists, Brussels Journal
France’s Sarkozy Backs Beleaguered Finkielkraut over Muslim Riot Comments, Haaretz (Jerusalem)
Fight for Cronulla, Daily Telegraph (Surry Hills, Australia)

Wednesday, December 7

Studying’s Reward: Stigma, St. Petersburg Times
Katrina Victims Blame Racism for Slow Aid, MSNBC
NAACP Considers Boycotting, Michigan Daily (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Tracking Black Student First-Year Enrollments Over the Past Decade at the Nation’s Highest-Ranked Universities, Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
Black Faculty at the Nation’s Highest-Ranked Colleges and Universities, Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
White Like Me, Colorado Daily (Boulder)
Are Diversity Officers Changing the Face of Corporate America?, Asian Week
Republican Tops Border Activist in O.C. Election, Los Angeles Times
Nashville Considers Banning Food Wagons, AP
‘Racism’ Row Over Fan’s Flag, Manchester Evening News (UK)
Mental Health Inequality Warning, BBC News
Minority Curator Shortage Tackled, BBC News
The Riot Act, Tech Central Station

Tuesday, December 6

Black-Oriented Museums Are Lacking Black Donors, Washington Post
In Pittsburgh, The Welcome Mat is Out to Immigrants, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
House Immigration Bill Places Onus on Employers, Washington Times
Fake IDs Openly Made and Sold in New York City, New York Sun
S Africa’s Zuma Charged With Rape, BBC News
22,486 Children Raped In ‘04, SAPA
Interior Minister Tests Affirmative Action in French Higher Education, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers website
Sweden’s Rising Muslim Tide, Christian Science Monitor
UK Military Chief Wants More Muslims in Armed Forces, Evening Echo (Cork, Ireland)
Anger Over Crucifix Ban, Sky News (UK)
Man Laughed When Telling Police of Killing, Toronto Star

Monday, December 5

Racist Party Barred In Moscow Vote, Toronto Star
In Britain’s Courts, Does It Matter If You’re Black Or White?, Times (London)
Garbage Collection Collapses in Harare, AP
GOP Watching Calif. ‘Minuteman’ Election, USA TODAY
GOP Congress Earmarks $4 Million for Leftist Pro-Illegal Alien Group, Human Events Online
‘See Ya’ Illegals, Brooks Says, Huntsville Times (Al.)
Insensitive Attitudes Are Nothing to Party About, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Bobby Rush Losing Another Home, Chicago Sun-Times
FEMA: 20 Staff Pulled Following Threats, Washington Post
Utah Developer Pulls Racial Data From Site, Salt Lake Tribune
Maywood ‘Players Ball’ Stirs Protest, Chicago Tribune
Pharoah Furor, Palm Beach Post
Gene Reportedly Affects IQ in Males, Dallas Morning News
My E-Mails Are Proof of White Privilege, Colorado Daily News (Boulder)

Friday, December 2

Media Silence Perpetuates Rosa Parks Myth, AR News exclusive
Tourist Refuses to Give Up Rosa Parks’ Tribute Seat, Ireland Online
Pimp Juice, Pimp Juice website
Hate Crime Charges Filed in Oakland Vandalism Case, CBS 5 (Oakland)
GOP Official Urges Caution on Immigrants, Washington Post
Man Avoids Deportation Despite Multiple Crimes, Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Cartoons of Mohammed Cause Death Threat, DR Nyheder (Denmark)
Candidates Condemn Failure to Deport Rapist, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Now, There’s Proof: Men, Women Different, Washington Times

Thursday, December 1

President Signs H.R. 4145 to Place Statue of Rosa Parks in U.S. Capitol, White House website
Colorado Residents Posing As Hurricane Evacuees, 9News (Denver)
The Q-Word & American Realities, National Review Online
Immigration Detention System Strained, San Diego Union-Tribune
Officials Arrest 11 in Sophisticated SoCal Marriage Fraud Scheme, AP
French PM Unveils Plans to Help Youths After Riots, Reuters
‘This Is Our Belgian Kamikaze’, AP
Gunmen Hit German Tour Bus, (SA)
Man Jailed After Tourists Get HIV, BBC News