American Renaissance

News archive from January 2006

Tuesday, January 31

Danish Imams Urge Calm Over Muhammad Cartoons, Times (London)
Clinton Warns of Rising Anti-Islamic Feeling, AFP
Government Split on Job Quotas for Immigrants, Aftenposten (Oslo)
White Applicants Rejected in Police Diversity Bid, Personnel Today
France to Remember Victims of Slavery with May Holiday, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
A Hot, Wet Trail — Yet Police Remain Clueless in Cronulla, Sydney Morning Herald
Mexico Army Likely Part of Border Incident, AP
Black History Museum Set for National Mall, USA TODAY
Immigration Fuels Housing Battles, USA TODAY
Ohio Sheriff Bills U.S. Government for Jailed Illegals, Washington Times

Monday, January 30

Back to Basics: Why Does High School Fail So Many?, Los Angeles Times
Americans Feel Illegal Immigration Is ‘Serious’: Poll, Press Trust of India
Illinois Governor Creates Mortgage Program Benefitting Illegal Aliens, Heartland Institute
Appellate Court Rules Against Shreveport in Race Discrimination Lawsuit, Shreveport Times (La.)
Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases, Washington Post
Nagin’s ‘Chocolate’ Remark Sparks T-Shirt Craze, Local6 (Orlando)
Scranton Aide Fired for Remark, Philadelphia Inquirer
House Republicans Want Mexican Military Incursions Explained,
Mexican Immigration Official Arrested, AP
Madness at the Met, Times (London)
Muslims Burn Danish Flag to Protest Muhammad Cartoons, Bloomberg News
Norway Apologizes over Muhammad Cartoons, Brussels Journal
State Spends Sh878m on Luxury Cars, Standard (Nairobi)

Friday, January 27

Britain’s Non-White Population Up 500,000, Telegraph (London)
Islam is a Wicked, Vicious Faith, BNP Leader Tells Court, Telegraph (London)
“Dutch-Only” Bid Stirs Angry Debate, Deutsche Welle
Let Unskilled Workers In, Australia Told, Sydney Morning Herald
Colombia Busts Ring Linked to al-Qaida, AP
Mexican Border Incursions Redux: In 1916, Wilson Sent in the Army, Washington Times
U.S. Behind Border Skirmish, Suggests Top Mexican Official, WorldNetDaily
Mexico Nixes Border Maps for Migrants, Washington Times
School Named After Johnnie Cochran, Reuters
City Puts Itself on Immigration Watch, USA TODAY
Honest Injun?, National Review Online

Thursday, January 26

White House Slams Mexico for Aid Maps, Washington Times
Mexicans Crossing the Line, Washington Times
Statues May Honor Famous Mexicans, Dallas Morning News
LA Suburb Prohibits Police From Work with Immigration Agents, AP
Border Patrol Agent is Indicted, Arizona Daily Star (Phoenix)
SIU Might Compromise on Minority Fellowships, Chicago Sun-Times
Study: Blacks Who Smoke Face Higher Lung Cancer Risk, Star-Ledger (Newark)
Time to Confront Failures, Not Ignore Them, Sydney Morning Herald
Racist Murder Shocks Brussels Africans, Brussels Journal
Met Chief Accuses Media of Racism, BBC News
Saudis Recall Envoy in Danish Row, BBC News

Wednesday, January 25

‘Colonia’ Problem Growing in Ariz., Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Laguna Beach Tradition Becomes Battleground in Immigration Debate, AP
House Republican Cites Guest-Worker ‘Amnesty’, Washington Times
States Take Lead in Restricting Illegal Immigration, Baltimore Sun
Nonprofits Fret Over Proposed Immigration Bill, (Escondido, Cal.)
Reaching Students’ Families on Their Terms, Washington Post
India History Spat Hits US, Christian Science Monitor
Scandal Stirs Issues of Race in Atlanta, Los Angeles Times
Crime Problem at FEMA Paid Motel, KPLC-TV (Lake Charles, La.)
Girl, 7, Shot By Boy, 8, at Day Care in Montgomery, Washington Post
Mexico’s Fox Warns U.S. Border Fence Will Fall, Reuters
Olmert: Israeli Withdrawal From West Bank to ‘Keep Country Jewish’,
French Crackdown on ‘Racist Soup’, BBC News

Tuesday, January 24

Activists to Provide Migrants Ariz. Maps, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Armed Standoff Along U.S. Border, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
German Leaders Wake Up to Shrinking Population, Reuters
Deportations Rise Under “Asylum Amnesty”, The Local (Stockholm)
Child Sex Abuse Rampant in Zim, news24 (South Africa)
Blacks vs. Latinos at Work, Wall Street Journal
Episcopalians Seeks Sainthood for Marshall, AP
Police Target Practice Aims for Sensitivity, Tampa Tribune
Bank Offers American Dream to Illegal Immigrants,
State’s Oldest Radio Station Switches To Spanish, Oklahoman (Oklahoma City)

Monday, January 23

How to Increase Diversity at Law Firms in Four Steps, National Law Journal
Tancredo: House Understands Border Issues, But Senate Doesn’t, Sierra Vista Herald (Az.)
GOP Backs Bush on Guest-Worker Plan, Washington Times
Latino Homicides on Sharp Increase, San Francisco Chronicle
Study Gives Snapshot of Day Laborers, AP
Elections Panel Approves Affirmative Action Proposal, AP
Blacks, Whites Affected Differently by Smoking, Reuters
Banks Cater to Expanding Muslim Population, Washington Times
Immigration Unmentionable In Canada’s Election, As Usual,
Arabic Leaders Accused of Riot Cover-Up, Sydney Morning Herald
How My Neighbourhood was Lost to the Multiculture, Times (London)

Friday, January 20

Why Anglos Lead, The National Interest
Mixed Results for L.A.’s Magnet Schools, Los Angeles Times
Xerox Grants ‘Technical Minority Scholarships’ to 119 Students, Business Wire
Racism Accusations Cloud Already Partisan Senate, Nashville City Paper
Stories Differ After Officer, Skater Scuffle, WFAA-TV (Dallas)
UCLA Students Urged to Expose ‘Radical’ Professors, Reuters
Bills Targeting Illegals Get Bipartisan Boost, Washington Times
Education in the Ghetto?, Expatica
Riot Row Over ‘PC Policing’, Australian (Sydney)

Thursday, January 19

Murder in Black and White, Times (London)
The Great Train Razzia, Tech Central Station
Dutch MPs to Decide on Burqa Ban, BBC News
Tourism Team Seeks to Calm Nagin Tempest, New Orleans Times-Picayune
Global Warming Could Spell Disaster for Blacks,
School Segregation Growing In California, Study Finds, San Jose Mercury News
Hispanic Activist Threatens Boycott, Orange County Register (Santa Ana)
The Last Place on Earth, City Pages (Minneapolis)
Feds to Expand Hunt for Those Ordered to be Deported, USA TODAY

Wednesday, January 18

Open Borders, Closed Minds, Washington Times
GOP House Hopefuls Hammer Illegal Immigration, Waterloo Courier (Iowa)
Thousands May Lose Special U.S. Status, Miami Herald
To Curb Illegal Immigration, South Cracks Down on Housing Codes, Christian Science Monitor
Project Prevention’s Controversial Cash for Sterilization and Birth Control Program to Expand, PRNewswire
Foreign Population in Spain Rises By 23 Percent in a Year, Expatica
Patois-Speaker Is Spared Prison, Times (London)
Villagers Shun Man They Believe Is Dead, AP
Aids Impact Forces Grave Recycling, UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
Arnie Declared ‘Persona Non Grata’, Herald Sun (Melbourne)
Gun Violence is Opening up Racial Divide,

Tuesday, January 17

BNP Leader ‘Warned of Multiracial Hell Hole’, Press Association (UK)
UK Hindus Demand Traditional Pyres, IANS
Bribery Trial of Ex-Mayor Begins, AP
Jesse Jackson to Face Civil Trial on January 17 for Assault and Civil Rights Violations, Judicial Watch
Sen. Clinton Slams Bush Administration, AP
Lightening the Burden, Washington Post
Immigrants’ Hospital Care Forces Tough Choices, Hartford Courant
Cardinal Launches Immigration Justice Campaign, Catholic News Service
A Major Victory Against Illegal Immigration — in Massachusetts?, Human Events
Gambling Seen as No-Win Situation for Some Asians, Los Angeles Times
Confederate Flag Fight Rises Again in High School, WVLT (Knoxville, Tenn.)

Monday, January 16

BNP Boss Race Case Sparks Protest, BBC News
Trouble in the Premier’s Patch, Sydney Morning Herald
GI Schmo, Slate
Mexican Soldiers Ignore U.S. Border, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
New Program in Texas Jails Illegal Immigrants, Reuters
Networking: Securing Illegals’ Records, UPI
“Whiteness” Course at CU Prompts Colorful Debate, AP
Students Choosing Not to Report Ethnicity, Spokesman-Review (Spokane)
Mayor: New Orleans To Be “Chocolate” Again, AP
Shots Ring Out During Second Line; Three Wounded, AP
Organizers of MLK Memorial Quicken Pace to Get Slain Leader Among Greats, USA TODAY
Sibling Fight Threatens King Dream, Chicago Tribune

Friday, January 13

Illegals Issue Seeps Into More States’ Bills, Washington Times
RNC Member Calls For Anti-Illegals Vote, Washington Times
UnKingly Statutes, National Review Online
Swimming With the Sharks, AlterNet
Legalize Polygamy, Study Urges, Canadian Press
Alarm Raised Over the Dumping of Foreign Wives, Aftenposten (Oslo)
Pastor Is Arrested Over ‘Child Witch’ Cruelty Claims, Times (London)
Terror on Top Deck As Gang Runs Amok, Leeds Today (UK)
Asylum-Seekers to be Asked: Will You Leave for £3,000?, Times (London)

Thursday, January 12

Wal-Mart Links Pay To Diversity Goals, MarketWatch
Race Gap in School Discipline Persists in Seattle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Support Follows Racial Lines, Washington Times
Ex-Political Aide Pleads Guilty to Bribery, AP
‘Stop Snitching’ Logo Banned from Courthouses, AP
Anheuser-Busch v. Alito, American Spectator Online
Attorney General: Court Must Stop Mistreating Immigrants, San Jose Mercury News
Hispanic Leaders to Protest Mexico-U.S. Wall, Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Tancredo Blasts Foreign Ministers’ Immigration Demands, Congressman Tom Tancredo
Manassas To Repeal Housing Occupancy Change, AP
Radical Cleric Preached Hatred and Murder, Prosecution Argues, Los Angeles Times
The Economist’s Surrender,
India Acquired Language, Not Genes, From West, Study Says, National Geographic News

Wednesday, January 11

Report: MS-13 Gang Hired to Murder Border Patrol, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
U.S.: Mexican Shot After Crossing Border Was Known Smuggler, AP
United Farm Workers: A Broken Contract, Los Angeles Times
Demographic Crisis of the GOP, Patrick J. Buchanan
Mexico Leftist Says Fox Soft on US over Border, Reuters
Mo. Student Receives Apology Over Kilt, AP
Suit Alleges Race Bias by O.C. Assessor, Los Angeles Times
Barry Tested Positive for Cocaine Use in the Fall, Washington Post
Caribbean Slave Descendants Sue French Philosopher, AFP
High Priestess Sacrifices Goat, Chicken, Rooster in Benin, AP

Tuesday, January 10

Mexico Demands U.S. Allow More Immigration, AP
Burbank Hiring Site Draws Ire, Los Angeles Times
GOP Foes Laud Governor’s $100M Border Request, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Ordinance Limiting Household Makeup Stirs Sharp Debate, Washington Post
Website Labels Illegal Immigration Opponents ‘Racists’,
Save Money? Nah, Just Win the Lottery — Survey, Reuters
For a White Man’s Execution, Where are Black Protesters?, San Francisco Chronicle
Canada Liberals Flail As Grip on Ethnic Vote Slips, Reuters
Danish Muslims to Appeal Drawings Decision, AP
IATA, AFRAA List Poverty, Corruption Obstacles to Air Safety in Africa, Vanguard (Lagos)
The City that Gold Built, Newsweek

Monday, January 9

Report: Segregation Increasing, San Francisco Examiner
Migrants a Top Issue For Voters, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Anglo Makes Most-Wanted List, Park Record (Park City, Ut.)
Illegal Workers Create ID Crisis, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)
Wal-Mart: Error to Blame for MLK Link, AP
Marion Barry, Act XVII, Washington Post
Mexico’s Contradictions Playing U.S. for Fools, San Bernadino County Sun (San Bernadino)
Sarwar: Police Too Scared of Asian Gangs, Times (London)
Camilla’s Protector Paid Out, Herald Sun (Melbourne)
Asian Takeaways Under Threat From Migrant Bill, Times (London)
Chirac Wants to Recruit More ‘Immigrant’ Civil Servants, AFP
The Neocons And (Muslim) Immigration—From Triumphalism To Defeatism, Lawrence Auster, View from the Right

Friday, January 6

Foreigners Account For One in Five Births in England, Telegraph (London)
Why We’ll Never Win the War on Terror, Daily Mail (London)
DNA of 37% of Black Men Held by Police, Guardian (London)
Muslim Groups Angry Over ‘Racist’ Citizenship Test, Expatica
Better Than People, Economist
Martin Apologizes for Chinese Head Tax, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Civil War Erupts Over Confederate Handbags, WFAA-TV (Dallas)
Study Ties Race, Sex To Preemies’ Rate of Survival, Washington Times
Political Splits on Immigration Reflect Voters’ Ambivalence, Washington Post
MS-13 Gang Growing Extremely Dangerous, FBI Says, USA TODAY
Mayors Condemn Part of Pawlenty’s Immigration Plan, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)

Thursday, January 5

Va. City Suspends ‘Family’ Rule, Washington Post
Nationwide Protests Will Target Illegal Immigration,
Dozens of Brewster Parents Ask for Action on Illegal Immigrants, Journal News (White Plains, NY)
More Stories Emerge of Rapes in Post-Katrina Chaos, National Public Radio
St. Petersburg Gets Listed as No. 1 in Hate, St. Petersburg Times
‘Stop Snitching’ T-Shirts Stir Concern, AP
Gang Terrorizes Train In France, AFP
Advert Sparks Job Centre Race Row, BBC News
Danish Step Over Cartoons Eases Muslim Anger, Reuters
Immigration Numbers Over 123,000, The Age (Melbourne)
Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also ... Cruelty To Animals,

Wednesday, January 4

After The Fall: Making Sense Out Of Sensenbrenner, Immigration Daily
Hispanics a Boon To N.C. Economy?, Charlotte Observer
Guess Who’s Still Left Behind, Washington Post
Burning Richmond’s Race Card, East Bay Express (Emeryville, Ca.)
Extremists Jump From the Beach to the Ballot, Australian (Sydney)
Sudanese Refugees Face New Hurdles, Australian (Sydney)
Armoured Ambulances in Johannesburg’s Inner City, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)
Spain Plans to Offer Asylum to ‘Sexual Refugees’, Telegraph (London)
Norway Eyes Icebreakers of the Desert, Sapa-AFP

Tuesday, January 3

It’s the Demography, Stupid, The New Criterion
Two Young Immigrants Portray ‘The Norwegian Dream’, Aftenposten (Oslo)
“Too Many Immigrants”, Say Spaniards, MercoPress (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Muslim Organisation Calls for Boycott of Denmark, Copenhagen Post
Citizenship Changes Take Effect, (Auckland, NZ)
Mexico Opens Probe Into U.S. Border Death, AP
Alito, In and Out of the Mainstream, Washington Post
Pawlenty Proposes Crackdown On Illegals, AP
Min. Louis Farrakhan 2005 ‘Person of the Year’,
Should Texas Lower Bar Exam Standard?, Houston Chronicle
ACLU Will Provide Cameras to Tape Police, St. Louis Post-Dispatch