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Student-Athlete’s Mouth Gets Him In Trouble

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WSFA 12 (Montgomery, Ala.), Feb. 3, 2006

Just yesterday the WSFA 12 Sports team publicly recognized Demond Washington for a job well done, a plaque honoring Washington’s ‘Athlete of the Week’ honors last fall.

Today, Washington is getting a different kind of notice, one the Tallassee city school superintendent believes the football player regrets.

“I’m sure he wished he had not done that, wished he could take his words back,” said James Jeffers.

We’re told Washington spoke into the P-A system in the school and allegedly said, ‘I hate white people and I’m going to kill them all!’

“There were some words expressed to that affect,” said Jeffers.


As of tonight, Demond Washington won’t face any legal charges because Tallassee Police and school officials believe Washington didn’t mean what he said. A case of immaturity perhaps.


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(Posted on February 6, 2006)

Student Athlete Apologizes for Racial Comment

WSFA 12, Feb. 6, 2006

A Tallassee High School student accused of making a racial comment says he’s sorry.


Saturday, the high school junior told WSFA 12 News that it was just a joke.

“It made me feel bad that I said it and I want to apologize to everyone — not just to the school but the whole city,” Washington said. “They probably look at me as a bad person and I’m not a bad person. I’m not racist at all. I made a mistake and said something I didn’t mean.”

Washington said he didn’t realize that the intercom was turned on.


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