American Renaissance

News archive from March 2006

Friday, March 31

Professor Andrew Fraser’s Letter to the Parramatta Sun Unlawful,
The Rise of the ‘Childfree’, BBC News
Muslim Neighbours Force Censorship on Paris Cafe, AFP
Politician Calls for Refugee Crackdown, Aftenposten (Oslo)
‘Let the Prisoners Pick the Fruits’, AP
A Hard GOP Line Could Erode Latino Vote, Los Angeles Times
OTMs: Non-Mexican Migrants Caught, Then Often Released, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
Borders, Waldenbooks Won’t Carry Magazine, AP
McKinney Cancels News Conference, WSB-TV (Atlanta)
Opponents of Amnesty to March on the South Carolina Statehouse, Council of Conservative Citzens Press Release

Thursday, March 30

Frist Retreats From ‘Amnesty’, Washington Times
City May Buck Feds On Immigration, Chicago Sun-Times
American Dhimmitude, National Review Online
California Prisons Uneasily Prepare to Desegregate Cells, Wall Street Journal
Report: McKinney Punches Cop, News 11 (Atlanta)
No More Sugar and Spice: Girl Gangs on Rise in D.C., Washington Times
Radio Host Who Used Slur Joins NAACP, Wants Job Back, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Brussels Prosecutes Aramaic Priest and Fugitive for Islamophobia, Brussels Journal
French Government Eyes ‘Le Baby Boom’, BBC News
Sarkozy Pushes Ahead With New Immigration Plan, AFP

Wednesday, March 29

Marchers Say Gringos, Not Illegals, Have To Go,
Boehner Hints a Back Down on ‘Amnesty’, Washington Times
Mexican Illegals Vs. American Voters, Washington Times
Governor Gets Illegals Bill, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Panel Discusses Controversial Mural, Daily Beacon (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Anti-Snitch Campaign Riles Police, Prosecutors, USA TODAY
Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War, Brussels Journal
Muslim Woman Wins Case vs. Dutch School, AP
Fox Wants Canada to Accept More ‘Guest Workers’,

Tuesday, March 28

Panel OKs ‘Amnesty’ Bill, Washington Times
Concern High Over Immigration, Washington Times
Post Office Caters to Hispanics — It’s Memphis’ First Bilingual Mail Center, Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
Things Get Worse for Radio Host Who Used Epithet, Belleville News-Democrat (Ill.)
Ohio Statue Controversial, AP
Berlusconi Warns Against Multiculturalism, AP
Goodbye Europe, FrontPage Magazine
Rift Emerges Among Young Haves and Have-Nots in France, Los Angeles Times
Government ‘Hiding’ Immigration Impact on Housing Growth, MigrationWatch
Why Is There So Much Hate Inside Us?, Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Monday, March 27

More Than 500,000 Rally in L.A. for Immigrants’ Rights, Los Angeles Times
Bush Promotes Plan for New Immigration Laws, Washington Post
Immigration Protest Erupts in Fisticuffs, Northwest Indiana News (Gary)
How Older Citizens Might View Illegals, San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernadino, Cal.)
‘Marriage Is for White People’, Washington Post
D.C.’s Distinction: $16,344 Per Student, But Only 12% Read Proficiently, Human Events Online
Justice Department Says Euclid’s Elections Policy Discriminates, AP
Murder Case Prompts Racism Charge Against US Press, Police, AFP
Killer Houseguest Found Guilty, Oakland Press (Pontiac, Mich.)
Horror ... Mob of Thugs Attack an Innocent Woman Caught up in Rioting, Sun (London)
Germans are Brainiest (But at Least We’re Smarter Than the French), Times (London)
South African Police Accused of Ignoring Ritual Murders, Telegraph (London)
By Their Fruits (Or Lack of Them) Shall You Know Them, British National Party website

Friday, March 24

Houstonians Evacuee-Weary, Poll Says, Houston Chronicle
Study Shows Blacks Tip Less — But They May Have Good Reason, Los Angeles Times
Student Stabbed on Campus, Daily Press (Victorville, Cal.)
Calif. City to Enforce Immigration Law, AP
Prosecutor Describes Housewife’s Rape, Killing in Grisly Detail, AP
Non-Mexican Migrants ‘Rent A Family’ to Avoid Deportation, Washington Times
An Asian Reader Says White Unemployment Statistics Don’t Surprise Him,,
Winters Are Good For Your Genes,
Racism Alive and Well in Malaysia, Asia Times (Hong Kong)
It’s Zero Tolerance on Racism in Schools, Sydney Morning Herald
Lecturer is Suspended for ‘Racist’ IQ Claims, Times (London)

Thursday, March 23

Racism Row Lecturer Is Suspended, BBC News
PM: Higher Employment Rates Crucial for Integration, Copenhagen Post
Immigration Cited as Reason for U.S. Losses, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
Harvey Discusses Latino/Hispanic Affairs, Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia, Charlottesville)
Language Becoming an Issue for Health Insurers, Los Angeles Times
Hispanics’ Drinking a Growing Problem, Shelbyville Times-Gazette (Tenn.)
Clinton Vows to Block Bill Criminalizing Illegal Immigrants, AP
Ohio House Says Immigrants Shouldn’t Count, Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Crime Comes Back To New Orleans, Time
KTRS DJ Fired For Making Accidental Racial Slur, KSDK (St. Louis)

Wednesday, March 22

Welcome to Maywood, Where Roads Open Up for Immigrants, Los Angeles Times
A Body Blow To Illegal Labor?, Business Week
We Don’t Need ‘Guest Workers’, Washington Post
42 Illegal Immigrants Involved in Four Rollovers, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Wanted by 2012: 200,000 Workers, Des Moines Register
The Liberal Baby Bust, USA Today
Backstory: A Hard New World for Afrikaners, Christian Science Monitor
AIDS Leaves 9 Mln African Children Without Mothers, Reuters
Poll: 68% of Jews Would Refuse to Live in Same Building as an Arab, Haaretz (Jerusalem)
Survey: French Becoming More Racist, Reuters
Swedish Foreign Minister Quits in Cartoon Internet Row,
Riddle of Rape Man, Mirror (London)

Tuesday, March 21

Poll: Majority of Mexicans See US As ‘Exploiter’,
Crossing the Line, Washington Post
ICE Agent Arrested, AP
Hispanic Gangs Taking Spotlight, South Bend Tribune (Ind.)
Geico’s Risk Criteria Challenged, Washington Post
U.S. Judge is Asked to Order Housing for Poor in Suburbs, Baltimore Sun
Study: Misconceptions Keep Blacks from Flu Shots, Chicago Sun-Times
Projecting the Population to 2050: Four Immigration Scenarios, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Girl Cheated Death to Convict Killers, BBC News
Spain Seeks EU’s Help to Stop Migrants Swamping Canaries, Times (London)
German State Plans to Introduce Citizenship Test, Expatica
UNHCR: Asylum Applications in the Last Five Years Drop by Half, UN High Council on Refugees

Monday, March 20

Driver Says Mob Attacked Her Car After Parade,
NOPD Clears Cops in Looting Probe, New Orleans Times-Picayune
Wily ‘Coyotes’ Win US Border Battle, Times (London)
Growing Diversity Fuels a War of Words, Los Angeles Times
How My Husband’s Boyfriend Got His Green Card, ABC News
Wire Firm a Force in Debate Over Immigration, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Segregation Warning as Whites Face Being Minority in Cities, Times (London)
Britain Aims to Become Europe’s Most ‘Islam-Friendly’ Economy,
Pardew Looks to End War of Words, Ilford Recorder (England)
Dutch Socialist Leader in Fear of Muslim Party Members, Brussels Journal
Critical Whiteness Interest Group, University of Urbana-Champaign, Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society

Friday, March 17

Senators Near Compromise on Immigration Reform, Reuters
Reps Tancredo, Gutierrez Engage in Nasty Exchange, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Sen. John Cornyn: Deport Yale Taliban, NewsMax
Council of Conservative Citizens Files Lawsuit over Censorship of its Website, C of CC press release
NYC Leaders Support Black Girl Who Read White Nationalism Poem, AP
Ala. Considering Mass Pardon, AP
‘Mojado’ Provides Hymn For Migrants, El Universal (Mexico City)
Leeds Seeks To Silence ‘Racist’ Lecturer, Guardian (London)
Asylum Claims in Britain at a 13-Year Low, Says UN, Independent (London)
Exodus of Africans to Europe Stirs Crisis, AP

Thursday, March 16

‘Crash,’ the Movie vs. Race Relations, the Reality, WorldNetDaily
DOJ: Police Math Exam Discriminates Against Blacks, Hispanics, AP
Health Care Shabby For All, AP
Is It A Prank or Is It A Hate Crime?, Brandon Sun (Manitoba, Can.)
Diversity Lacking in Crowds at Large Museums, Chicago Sun-Times
Claude Allen’s Life Sentence, Los Angeles Times
Group Drops Plan for Turkish Cultural Center in South Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Deputies Training to Question, Deport Illegal Immigrants, (Charlotte)
Frist Orders Border Security First, Washington Times
Black Page Greets Integration Test for Migrants, Expatica
Arrests Over Cartoon Protests, Telegraph (London)
Violent Crime Rips the Heart out of Family, Sunday Times (Johannesburg)
Feared Gang Hits Calgary, Calgary Sun

Wednesday, March 15

Lopez: How America’s Churches are Harboring Criminals, Austin American-Statesman
As Congress Talks, States Act on Immigration Issue, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Judges Urged to Act Proper with Minorities, Miami Herald
SD Immigrant Prostitution, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
Chertoff: China Won’t Take Back Deportees, AP
Truth Still Matters, Michigan Review (U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
MEAP Results Highlight Sizeable Gap Among Races, Socioeconomic Groups, Saginaw News (Mich.)
Black. White.,
Gangsters’ Thirst for Revenge Blamed for Deadly Pub Shootout, Times (London)
White Man Wins Payout Over Police Job Race Bias, Times (London)
Krekar Claims Islam Will Win, Aftenposten (Oslo)

Tuesday, March 14

The Delicate Balancing Act of Raising Black Sons, Los Angeles Times
The Black Woman’s Dilemma, Toledo Blade
Better or Verse, New York Post
Breaking Bread Together, Miami Herald
Judge on Spot for Way He Treats Illegals, Miami Herald
Governor Shifts Stance on Aiding Immigrants, Oregonian (Portland)
Southeast Asian Youths at Risk, Study Concludes, Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Cal.)
Left-Wing Monster: Robert Mugabe, FrontPage
Birth Rate in Germany at Lowest Level Since 1945, Expatica

Monday, March 13

Chaos Reigns at a Model School, Los Angeles Times
Answer to AIDS Mystery Found Behind Bars, New York Times
Gov Finds Self in Race Controversy, Chicago Sun-Times
When Tolerance Means Intolerance,
Welker Apologizes for Essay with Race Remarks, AP
Holland Launches the Immigrant Quiz, Times (London)
Turkey Says EU Must Protect Islam, Reuters
White Supremacists Were Spreading Hate Via Internet, Rights Tribunal Rules, Canadian Press
Prospects for the White Tribe, AR Conference Presentation

Friday, March 10

Senate Panel Approves Plan to Hire 10,000 More Border Officers, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
Hyattsville Parody Not So Funny to Some, Washington Post
Tossing Beheaded Chicken Into Street Leads to a Fine, Chicago Tribune
Minnesota Prof Censored for Posting Mohammed Cartoons, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Barry Sentenced to Three Years of Probation, Washington Times
Cyprus: Portrait of a Christianity Obliterated, www.chiesa
Denmark’s Intifada, American Conservative
Betrayal of Brick Lane, Daily Mail (London)
Spain Counts Cost of Growing Intake of Migrants, The Age (Melbourne)
Artists Try Not to Offend Muslims as Satire Festival Treads Softly, Telegraph (London)

Thursday, March 9

Local Elections — National Consequences, Radio Netherlands
Immigration Shakeup Will Bar Most Unskilled Workers From Outside EU, Guardian (London)
Populist Party Tops Poll After Cartoon Row, Expatica
Is This Racist?, Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, UK)
Record Number of Repatriations in 2005, Expatica
France Gets its First Black TV Presenter After Chirac Pressure, Independent (London)
The Illegal Alien ‘Gold Card’, WorldNetDaily
Immigration Officers Barred From Key Data, Copley News Service
Senate Ratifies Limits on Illegals, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Customs Agent Arrested, Brownsville Herald
Two Sides of the Same Coin, Center for Immigration Studies
Ariz. Governor Orders Troops To Border, AP

Wednesday, March 8

NYC to Subpoena Ad Agency Execs in Diversity Probe,
Pre-School Mixing For Diversity, Jersey Journal (Jersey City)
Callous Quip Spurs Sensitivity Workshops, Asbury Park Press (NJ)
Students Sue Over Confederate Image Ban, AP
The Public Editor: ID Crime Suspects by Race? The Answer Isn’t Easy, Sacramento Bee
Davenport Police Say They are Keeping Eyes on Problem Area, Quad-City Times (Davenport, Ia.)
Widowhood Ups Death Risk for Whites, Not Blacks, Reuters
Loose Border Saps County Coffers, USA TODAY
Immigrants: We Aren’t Criminals, News Journal (Wilmington)
Professor Pushes Students to Reach out to Immigrants, Kentucky Kernel (University of Kentucky, Lexington)
Men Told To Shoot Border Agents, Washington Times
Tutor Defends ‘Racist’ Stance, BBC News

Tuesday, March 7

Statement by Michael J. Regan,
Estimate: Illegal Immigrant Population Hits 12 Million, AP
Minority Populations Leaving Large Cities, San Francisco Chronicle
Lending Law a Wrench in Home Finances, Washington Times
Jacksonville Firefighters — All Four of Them White — Win Discrimination Lawsuit, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Ray Nagin Plays Re-Election Race Card, NewsMax
Machetes Cutting A Wider Swath of Fear in U.S. Communities, Scripps Howard
Why Black Sheep are Barred and Humpty Can’t Be Cracked, Times (London)
Golly! Three in Trouble for Offence, Times (London)
Zimbabwe Says It Can’t Remove Every White Farmer, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)

Monday, March 6

Katrina’s Latest Damage, Newsweek
Teacher Corps Flees, New York Daily News
Activists Want to Use Classical Music to Fight Crime, AP
Black Resident Gave Out KKK Fliers, Police Say, Daily Press (Hampton Roads, Va.)
New York Governor Asked to Investigate Participation by an Assistant District Attorney at Hate Group Meeting, NAACP press release
Immigration Agency Falters in Handling Fraud Cases, Washington Times
Raid Finds 70 Illegal Immigrants in House, AP
Campus Storm Over ‘Racist’ Don, Observer (London)
Video of Cartoon Protest in London on Feb. 3,
Verdonk To Send Gay Iranians Home, Expatica
Race Gangs Take Crime War to City, Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Friday, March 3

Prosecutor Fired After Attending Meeting of ‘White Preservationists’, AP
Letter From Herndon, Va., Forward (New York City)
Clergy Dismiss Proposed Illegal-Alien Law, Washington Times
Coal Company Feels Heat for Suggesting Recruiting Hispanic Miners, AP
Deputy’s Rape Victim Recalls Ordeal, Los Angeles Times
Arapahoe Worker Hits Trouble with ‘English’ Sign, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Achievement Gap Grows as Grades Rise, Report Shows, Press & Sun Bulletin (Binghampton, NY)
Foes of Hampton Sign Cite Cops’ Slaying, Chicago Sun-Times
College GOP Protests Affirmative Action, News 14 Carolina (Charlotte)
Possible Hate Crime May Have Been Staged, First Coast News (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Home-Schooling Grows Quickly in United States, Reuters
Top Court Quashes Sikh Dagger Ban, Canadian Press

Thursday, March 2

Mahony Calls On Priests to Ignore Proposed Immigration Law, NBC 4 (Los Angeles)
Sections of Mexican Border Called Virtual War Zone, Star-Telegram (Fort Worth)
Lawmakers Must Cease Fake Voter Registration, Oregonian (Portland)
Bush Budget ‘Hollow’ On Border Security, Washington Times
Jail Riots Spread to L.A. County’s Juvenile Facilities, Los Angeles Daily News
Smithsonian Institution Starts Hip-Hop Collection, Reuters
Black Skater in White World, New York Daily News
The Weight of Words is Heavy, Kansas City Star
Abbott Withdraws Race Query, Courier Mail (Brisbane, Australia)
Four in 10 Detainees are Immigrants, Expatica
Knifeman Stabbed Six on Morning of Random Violence, Times (London)

Wednesday, March 1

Street Name: ‘Embarrassment’ or Fair Tribute?, Chicago Sun-Times
Immigrants Gain the Pulpit, Los Angeles Times
Barred Teen Pleased as Lawsuit is Dropped, Chicago Tribune
Immigration Issue Key To Business Future, Denver Business Journal
Tommy Lee Jones Calls Mexican Border Wall “A Great Stupidity”, Dominican Today (Santo Domingo)
English Key to Jobs for Somalis, City Says, Washington Post
Jihadi Turns Bulldog, OpinionJournal
Muhammad Cartoon in 143 Papers, (SA)
Analyst Predicts Muslim Majority in Russia Within 30 Years, Voice of America
Asylum Applications at 10-Year Low, Guardian (London)
American Renaissance March 2006 issue,