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May 13, 2011

‘I Am Grateful for a Second Chance,’ Says Officer Suspended Over Ethnic Insult, Seattle Times; 42 comments
A single word, “Mexican,” ruins officer’s career.

250-ft Drug Smugglers’ Tunnel Under Mexico-US Border Discovered, Telegraph (London); 10 comments
With electric lighting, ventilation, and water pumps.

Hispanic-Only FIU Mayoral Debate Draws Harsh Criticism, CBS (Miami); 24 comments
Excluded black candidates are “appalled” and “outraged.”

Despite Obama Prowess, Race Will Still Factor in Re-election Bid, Seattle Medium; 26 comments
It’s all racism, racism, racism.

Liberals in Southern Arizona Seek to Form New State, Reuters; 20 comments
New name could be “Baja Arizona.”

2011 Council of Conservative Citizens National Conference, Council of Conservative Citizens; 1 comments
Jared Taylor will be one of the speakers, June 11.

Jared Taylor’s ‘White Identity’, Counter-Currents Publishing; 26 comments
Reviewer calls it a “splendid new book.”

200 Billboards Showing Suspects in Dodger Stadium Assault Installed, Daily News (New York); 7 comments
Team spirit, Latino-style.

An Inquiry Into Refugees Thrown Overboard, May 11, 2011; 8 comments
A human sacrifice that was to calm a storm.

Marine Le Pen, France’s (Kinder, Gentler) Extremist, New York Times; 21 comments
NYT calls her “the new face of European bigotry.”

Brussels Battles Against Return of Borders, Financial Times (London); 3 comments
As usual, Brussels wants to suppress borders.

Why the West Dominated, AR Classic Article; 30 comments
The traits that shaped Europeans.

May 12, 2011

Murder Appeal Raises Confederate Flag Issue, Wall Street Journal; 23 comments
The mere sight of a Confederate flag perverts justice in America.

Employment Rate for Black Men at Record Low, Yahoo! News; 35 comments
43% of black men are unemployed.

Man Gets 25 Years in Missile-Smuggling Case, Los Angeles Times; 5 comments
Yi Qing Chen planned to escape to China afterwards.

Is Conservative Student Group Preaching White Nationalism?, MSNBC; 41 comments
Links! Code words! Horrors!

A Renewed Crackdown on Redlining, Business Week; 24 comments
Government makes banks do business with bad prospects.

Illegal Immigrants Are Boycotting Arizona by the Thousands,; 24 comments
Illegals are clearing out; will make Arizona suffer.

Fatal Beating in St. Louis Was Result of “Knockout Game”, STL Today (St. Louis); 21 comments
Be a real man. Pick on an elderly Asian.

Denmark Plans to Reinstate Guards at Borders, Wall Street Journal; 6 comments
Sensible countries want their own immigration policies.

Why Australia Just Toughened Its Tough Immigration Stance, Christian Science Monitor; 4 comments
Tough? The country just agreed to take in 4,000 Burmese!

48 Women Raped Every Hour in Congo, Study Finds, National Public Radio; 13 comments
Per capita rate 58 times higher than that of US.

Activist Battles Kenyan Tradition of Rape ‘Beading’, CNN; 9 comments
More proof that all cultures are equal.

Always Groom for One More, Los Angeles Times; 8 comments
Nigerian “faith healer” has 86 wives.

May 11, 2011

Feinstein Uses Private Bills to Block Deportations, Sacramento Bee; 23 comments
For every illegal she lets stay, a legal immigrant is barred admission.

Black Leaders Have ‘Fair Share’ Fears, Chicago Sun-Times; 12 comments
New Chicago mayor not appointing enough blacks.

Immigration Reform and Border Security: Obama’s Standards, Christian Science Monitor; 5 comments
Obama can’t even fool the CS Monitor when it comes to immigration.

Obama to Use Political Capital From Osama’s Killing to Push Amnesty, Tom Tancredo; 12 comments
He is meeting privately with Hispanic caucus to push amnesty.

Is Florida’s ‘Droopy Drawers’ Law a Form of Racial Profiling?, The Grio; 36 comments
“Smacks of the days of Jim Crow.”

Blacks Suffering a Stroke Are More Likely to Call a Friend Than 911, Study Finds, Los Angeles Times; 8 comments
Findings for other races not given in this report.

San Jose Cinco De Mayo Celebration Turns Violent, San Antonio Mercury News; 10 comments
Despite extensive police preparations.

Hundreds of Militant Muslims Stage Mock Funeral for Bin Laden Outside U.S. Embassy in London, Daily Mail (London); 16 comments
UK Muslim protesters: It’s only a matter of time before another July 7-type attack.

Arabic Exodus Likely to Lead to Tighter Border Controls in Europe, Guardian (London); 7 comments
EU may let member countries reestablish national passport controls.

Lessons From the Ivory Coast, Front Page (Sherman Oaks, Caifornia); 4 comments
The problem is Muslim illegal aliens.

South Africa Youth Leader Says ‘Criminal’ Whites Stole Land From Blacks, Telegraph; 34 comments
Promotes Zimbabwe-style land seizures.

May 10, 2011

Michelle Obama Welcomes Rapper to White House Who Called for Burning of George Bush, Daily Mail (London); 41 comments
The First Lady reveals her idea of high culture.

Now Thang Is a Good Scrabble Word, Innit, Daily Mail (London); 15 comments
Drug nicknames and ghetto slang are now acceptable in Scrabble.

Why Whites Avoid Movies with Black Actors, Miller-McCune; 81 comments
Of course, this problem can be solved. You’ll never guess how.

“Hollywood in Blackface” Released Same Day as Thor, SBPDL; 19 comments
New book takes aim at Holywood’s anti-white bias.

Ariz. Seeks Online Donations to Build Border Fence, Yahoo! News; 4 comments
Certainly a worthy cause.

Obama Courts Latino Voters with Immigration Speech, The Caucus; 11 comments
Hopefully he will just give more empty promises.

‘Geronimo’ Use in Bin Laden Mission Prompts Group to Offer Counseling, Detroit News; 22 comments
Let’s hope the helicopter they used wasn’t an “Apache.”

High School Kids Attack 61-Year-Old Female Teacher, LiveLeak; 36 comments
Black teen sucker punches female teacher, friend records it.

Four Months Later: The Legacy of the Tucson Shooting , Time; 11 comments
The cause was insanity after all — but not a word of apology about the “climate of hate.”

Islam a Threat to Western Freedom: Wilders, National Post; 12 comments
Dutch politician speaks in Canada, says “Our Western culture is far superior to Islamic culture.”

Pope in Venice, Urges Welcome for Immigrants, Comcast News; 27 comments
And does so in one of the Northern League’s strongholds.

May 9, 2011

Bin Laden’s Death, Special to AR News; 63 comments
The black/white divide in how they saw it.

Osama Bin Laden’s Anti-U.S. Strategy: Exploit Minority Converts, ABC News; 21 comments
He hoped for black Muslim mayhem.

Epic Racist Moment on the Game Show Network, YouTube; 46 comments
Out of the mouths of Polynesians . . .

April Is the Cruelest Month for Purveyors of High Culture, Wall Street Journal; 34 comments
Left out of the story: Third-Worlders don’t care about Western high culture.

Welfare Drug Test Bill Heads to Fla. Gov. Scott, Miami Herald; 24 comments
Flunk the drug test and the handouts stop.

Dual-Language Immersion Programs Growing in Popularity, Los Angeles Times; 17 comments
So long as it’s not all Spanish it may be helpful.

How a Networking Immigrant Became a Spy, San Francisco Chronicle; 6 comments
It started with being Chinese.

Justice for Janitors Campaigners Record Their Stories, Los Angeles Times; 9 comments
Yet another struggle for “justice.”

A Law Student Plays the Race Card — and Gets Busted, Big Time, Above the Law; 35 comments
But will not face charges.

Police Say 87-Year-Old Grandmother Raped by Grandson, WGNO News (Chicago); 26 comments
Race unspecified, of course.

13 Killed In Gunfight at Falcon Lake on the Border, Houston Chronicle; 11 comments
Zetas were smuggling marijuana to the US by speedboat.

Race Scandal Shatters Myth of Integrated French Team, Financial Times (London); 12 comments
Race just seems to be a problem everywhere.

May 6, 2011

Jared Taylor on ‘White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century’, VDARE; 58 comments
Introduction to Taylor’s new book is posted on VDARE.

Grouping Kids by Race or Ethnicity in Charter Schools Has Merit, Backers Say, Orlando Sentinel; 12 comments
Their test scores are better.

Black Stars of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Urged to Denounce Donald Trump, Hollywood Reporter; 18 comments
Black stars “can’t have a relationship with the black community and not call Trump out.”

Mob of Thieves Swarms Las Vegas Convenience Store, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas); 37 comments
Two dozen blacks rob store.

Facebook’s Persecution of Conservatives: Examining Evidence of Bias, Conservative Focus; 25 comments
Liberal bias? Never heard of such a thing.

BNP Suffers Election Meltdown, Guardian (London); 41 comments
BNP loses 7 of the 11 council seats it was defending, wins no seats in Wales.

Sarrazin Blasts SPD Immigrant Quota Plan, The Local (Berlin); 12 comments
Sarrazin: Anyone denying the hereditary nature of intelligence is “vacuous or criminally lazy-minded.”

Denmark Immigration: Strict Rules for Small Community of Immigrants, Telegraph (London); 13 comments
Non-whites in Denmark are 5.9 percent of population, but businesses want more immigrants.

Multicultural Hell Comes to America, AR Classic Article; 12 comments
Welcome to the global village.

May 5, 2011

U.N. Forecasts 10.1 Billion People by Century’s End, New York Times; 48 comments
African population expected to triple.

Tuscon District in Turmoil Over State Ban on Ethnic Studies, Christian Science Monitor; 17 comments
Hispanics upset that Mexican-chauvinist course would be an elective.

Going Hungry in Berkeley for Ethnic Studies, Berkeley Daily Planet; 35 comments
Students starving themselves over budget cuts.

Don’t Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses, Intelligence Squared; 13 comments
Footage from an immigration debate featuring Tom Tancredo and Kris Kobach.

Lawsuit Seeks to Halt Utah Immigration Measure, Los Angeles Times; 6 comments
ACLU takes aim at new restrictions.

Former Aide to Rangel Pleads Guilty in Tax Case, New York Times; 0 comments
Chief of staff claims he didn’t have the dough.

A Third off High School Seniors Lack Basic Grasp off Civics, US Government, Christian Science Monitor; 30 comments
Blacks and Hispanics dragging down the scores.

Albinos in Tanzania Murdered or Raped as AIDS ‘Cure’, Reuters; 11 comments
A diverse approach to medicine.

April Death Toll Highlights Trauma of Mexican Bloodbath, Houston Chronicle; 4 comments
1,400 gang killings in just one month.

Europe Forced to Propose Passport Controls in Schengen Zone, Telegraph (London); 9 comments
Europeans rethinking open borders.

Gradual Islamization of Australia: Auburn Shows the Way, Faith Freedom; 11 comments
Indian in Australia criticizes Muslim immigrants.

May 4, 2011

Federal Agents Widen Chipotle Immigration Probe, Yahoo! News; 14 comments
They give the restaurants notice they are coming, so illegals have plenty of time to skidaddle.

Report: Nearly Half of Detroiters Can’t Read, WWJ-TV (Detroit); 50 comments
They can’t fill out forms for getting a job and they can’t read medicine bottles.

The Stark Facts of Race and Bankruptcy, Credit Slips; 12 comments
Blacks twice as likely as whites to file for bankruptcy even when incomes are the same.

Minorities Lose Ground in Big Corporate Boardrooms, Lifeinc.; 11 comments
Horrors: Percentage of white men up 1.7 percent in last 6 years.

GOP Sees Shot at Latino Gains, Wall Street Journal; 20 comments
Who will pander best in 2012?

Urban League’s Financial Crisis Worsens; Acting CEO Out, Seattle Times; 4 comments
Things turn sour after accusations of misusing public money.

The War Between the Whites, Miami Herald; 30 comments
Don’t worry: Diversity is not a problem; sameness is the problem.

ACLU and Broad Coalition Call for Removal of Confederate Flag From Outside Louisiana Courthouse , ACLU; 17 comments
Somehow it creates an “intolerable risk” that capital crimes will not be tried fairly.

Albert Haynesworth Defense on Sexual Abuse Charge: “I Don’t Like Black Girls”, Black Sports Online; 15 comments
Probably not the most prudent defense.

Remittances to Mexico Rise 5% in 1st Quarter, Latin American Herald Tribune; 4 comments
Mexicans sent $5.1 billion home in the first quarter.

Immigration of Little Benefit to the Economy, Report Concludes, Telegraph (London); 15 comments
Report said to be “the final nail in the coffin” of Labour’s immigration policy.

May 3, 2011

LA Considering End to Arizona Boycott, Press TV (Tehran); 16 comments
Activists want to make the boycott permanent.

Coalition Proposes Map for Black, Latino and Asian Populations, Chicago Times; 12 comments
Under gerrymandering proposal, no one loses — except whites.

In Florida, GOP Squeezes Obama-Friendly Voters, Miami Herald; 9 comments
Black columnist: Florida GOP trying to keep blacks, Hispanics from voting.

Immigrant-Smuggling Game Rejected by Apple, WTOP-FM (Washington, D.C.); 2 comments
Game’s purpose is to support “immigration reform.”

HIV Risk in Young Black Males, Pediatric Academic Studies (PAS); 45 comments
Why black homosexuals get AIDS more often than other homosexuals.

Cheerleader Who Wouldn’t Root for Assailant Loses, San Francisco Chronicle; 40 comments
Supreme Court declines to hear “frivolous” case.

Pleasanton: Tri-Valley University Accused of Scam, San Francisco Chronicle; 3 comments
Pleasant little scam for Susan Su.

I Want to Free France From EU Straitjacket — Far-Right Party Leader, YouTube; 23 comments
Hooray for Marine Le Pen!

Final Remarks by Geert Wilders at His Trial in Amsterdam, May 2nd, 2011,; 2 comments
A passionate plea for freedom of speech.

Mike Campbell, The Economist; 28 comments
The wages of black rule in Zimbabwe.

Boers Are Moving North, Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg); 22 comments
North African countries seek the expertise of Boer farmers.

May 2, 2011

Notice of Public Meeting on FY 2012 Refugee Admissions Program, Notice by the State Department; 12 comments
The government is dying to hear your views. Respond by May 5.

A Much Smaller May Day March, Los Angeles Times,; 13 comments
Boosters of amnesty are “starting to lose hope”; they blame Obama.

‘Send ’Em to Detroit’: Mayor Bloomberg’s Novel Solution to America’s Immigration Problem, Daily Mail (London); 28 comments
He says there is room for them there. Detroiters are cool to the idea.

Census Report on Seattle’s Whiteness Really Hit a Nerve, Seattle Times; 31 comments
Horrors! We’re too white!

Group of Deaf, Mute Friends Stabbed at Bar After Thug Mistakes Sign Language for Gang Signs, Daily News (New York); 21 comments
The headline says it all.

The Ever Increasing Madness of Political Correctness, Living in a Madhouse; 28 comments
The British have lost their minds.

Why Does Britain Have an Islamist Problem While America Doesn’t? Answer: The Welfare State, Telegraph (London); 16 comments
Terrorists have taken hundreds of thousands of pounds in welfare payments.

French Football Suspends Official Over ‘Race Quota’, BBC News; 8 comments
Quotas to keep out non-whites? or dual nationals?

Europe Misses Easter and Christmas From School Diaries, Telegraph (London); 15 comments
Omitting all Christian holidays from a calendar was just a “regrettable error.”

Strict Immigration Laws ‘Save Denmark Billions’, Spiegel (Germany); 22 comments
Denmark saves $10 billion that would have gone to housing and welfare for foreigners.