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News archive from April 2006

Friday, April 28

State Senate Endorses Monday’s Immigrant Boycott; Schools Chief Opposes It, AP
Mexican Support for U.S. Immigrant Protests, AP
Governor Teeters on Border, AP
Nuestro Himno, Chicago Tribune
San Leandro High Officials Try to Quell Race Fights, Inside Bay Area (Oakland)
Billboard Warns Businesses Not to Hire Illegal Immigrants, WKRC (Cincinnati)
Medicaid Audit Questions Nearly $1 Billion in Spending, AP
University’s Praise For 1969 Violence Sets Ugly Precedent, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Our Immigration System Is In Chaos, Yorkshire Post (Leeds, England)
Old Cossacks Gain New Respect in Protecting Russian Outposts, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Thursday, April 27

Senate OKs $2 Billion To Stop Illegals, Washington Times
Poll Shows 3rd-Party Success on Border Security,
Minutemen Gaining in Immigration Debate, AP
Law School Verdict’s Still Out: Race vs. Ranking, USA TODAY
Rapper Arrested at Heathrow, Evening Standard (London)
Sign Here — You Know This is Good for You, Times (London)
Don’t Vote for ‘Evil’ BNP, Urge Soap Stars, Leeds Today (UK)
Black People Are ‘Four Times More Likely To Be Murdered’, Independent (London)
MP3 Murderers Said to Be Polish Gypsies, Brussels Journal
Mexican Officials Feather Their Nests While Decrying U.S. Immigration Policy, Center for Immigration Studies
Professor Will Debate Magazine Editor on U.S. Hispanics, Shorthorn (University of Texas-Arlington)

Wednesday, April 26

Immigration Forum Gets Intense, Los Angeles Times
Dillard’s Says ‘Ethnic’ Hair Harder to Clean in Response to Discrimination Suit, Court TV
4 Sentenced for Election Day Tire Slashing, AP
Jefferson Davis Home Rebuild Draws Criticism, Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.)
City May Help Families of Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Raids, AP
The Victims of Illegal Immigration, Human Events
Welfare to Kids of Illegals At $276 Million, Los Angeles Daily News
Justices Hear Undocumented Workers Debate, AP
4 Plead Guilty for Roles in Protest, Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, April 25

In Uniform, With Official ID, ‘Madrinas’ Help Move Drugs, Washington Times
Convicted Foreigners Not Deported, Reuters
‘Most Britons Actually Support BNP Policies’, Daily Mail (London)
Immigrants’ ‘£200m Cost To Economy Demolishes Labour Claim’, Telegraph (London)
Dying Man Heckled by Racist Yobs, icSouthLondon
Sarkozy Reaches Out to Far-Right Voters, Guardian (London)
Hong Kong Confronts Racial Bias, DNA World (Bombay)
Moms’ Mercy Letter, New York Post
Some Cargill Meat Plants to Close Monday for Rally, Reuters
Jury Convicts Santa Ana Man of Assault, Hate Crime, Los Angeles Times
Racial Feature Similarity in Eye of Beholder, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Monday, April 24

Duke, Race and Rape,
New Orleans Mayoral Vote Split On Racial Lines, AP
Teacher’s Biting Blog Stirs Storm, Chicago Tribune
Drowning Risk Highest for Black Males, Reuters
Black Activists Join to March with Minutemen, CBS2 (Los Angeles)
Latino Stars Record U.S. Anthem in Spanish, AP
Tax Dollars Went to Illegal Workers who Were Building N.C. Highways, Charlotte Observer
License Bill Could Elicit Suit, Tennessean (Nashville)
Many Mexicans Say Immigration Inevitable, AP
Italy Calls in ‘Berlusconi Kiss’, BBC News
80 000 March for MP3 Victim, (SA)
‘Too White’ Towns are Labelled Unhealthy, Times (London)
Queen’s U. Confronts ‘Culture of Whiteness’, Toronto Star
SA Ready to Seize First White-Owned Farms, Independent Online (Cape Town, SA)

Friday, April 21

Illegal Immigrants Freed, Still Face Uncertain Futures, Indianapolis Star
Wave Flags For Illegal Aliens, Media Research Center
Attrition Through Enforcement, Center for Immigration Studies
UC System’s Admissions Milestone for Asian Americans, San Francisco Chronicle
Of 100 Chicago Public School Freshmen, Six Will Get a College Degree, Chicago Tribune
UK Migration Figures Up 50%, Guardian (London)
Leniency For ‘Ignorant’ Woman Who Hurt Baby, Times (London)
Extreme Right Scores Highly in French Survey, EuroNews
Europe’s ‘Muslim’ Hoods, Washington Times
Murder Shocks Brussels While PM and Cardinal Blame Victims, Brussels Journal
Black Démolition,

Thursday, April 20

Rally Planned Against Raids of Illegal Immigrants, CBS Chicago
Minuteman Leader Pushes Border Fence, AP
Dean Calls the Border Top Priority, Washington Times
Mexicans Migrate to ‘Their Land’, Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City)
Nagin Among Front-Runners in New Orleans, Washington Post
Fact and Myth Duke It Out,
Muslim Students ‘Being Taught to Despise Unbelievers As Filth’, Times (London)
Brits Turn Toilets for Muslim Prisoners, NewsMax
UN Alarmed Over ‘Asylum Fatigue’, BBC News

Wednesday, April 19

Citizenship Requests Spike Among Immigrants, AP
GOP Uses Spanish-Radio Ads in Immigration Counterattack, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
ACLU Unable to Oust Patrolling Minutemen, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
Violent Robbery/Beating Video Released, News 3 (Las Vegas)
U.S. to Import 10,000 S. Koreans For Nurses Over Five Years, Yonhap News
A Preemptive Surrender, City Journal
What Is a Chief Diversity Officer?, InsideHigherEd
Few Protections for Migrants to Mexico, AP
South Africa: Zuma’s Antics Border on the Absurd, Financial Gazette (Harare)
Why We Must Attract More Students from Overseas, Tony Blair, Guardian (London)

Tuesday, April 18

Georgia Governor Signs Sweeping Immigration Law, Reuters
Cheering Call for ‘2,000-Mile Wall’, Kansas City Star
Governor Vetoes Effort to Criminalize Immigrants’ Presence, AP
Mexican Aliens Seek to Retake ‘Stolen’ Land, Washington Times
Catholic Bishops to Left of Flock on Immigration, Washington Times
High Court Annuls Asylum for White S. Africans, Reuters
Far-Right Boss to Help Immigrants, BBC News
Jamaican Gang That Used Rape As Its Initiation, icSouthLondon
UK Navy Gets First Muslim Admiral,

Monday, April 17

U.S. Employers Send for Immigrants, AP
‘Catch Immigrant’ Game Raises an Outcry at PSU, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Counties Defend CASA Pickets, Washington Times
States Help Schools Hide Minority Scores, AP
Family Dismayed by Public Schools, Journal-Star (Peoria, Ill.)
More ‘Considering Voting for BNP’, BBC News
Racism Phobia Can Muzzle the Truth, Sydney Morning Herald
Russia Dominates Computer-Programming Contest, CNET

Friday, April 14

Jews and American Renaissance, American Renaissance, May 2006
Omaha Schools to Be Split by Race, AP
Defense: Jurors to Get Names Monday, Herald-Sun (Durham)
Police Union Ad Angers Organizers of Hip-Hop Concert In Fort Lauderdale, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Amnesty Called an Alien Invasion, Washington Times
Report: Bus Driver’s Poor English No Help As 23 Died, (Raleigh)
Denial of Academic Liberty, Australian (Sydney)
In Mexico, ‘Nothing Gringo on May 1’, AP
Dutch Suspend Deportations of Iranian Gays, Christians, Expatica

Thursday, April 13

Arizona Bill Takes Aim at Migrants, Los Angeles Times
Migrants Rush to Border Hoping for Passage, AP
Hispanic Group Claims Atlanta School’s Language Policy Discriminatory, AP
Welfare Applications Rife with Mistakes, Pioneer Press (Minneapolis)
Start Immigration Reform with Those Who Follow the Law, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
The Race to Frame, InsideHigherEd
Crimes and Motives, City Journal
Disparity in Graduation Rates Baffles School Officials, Gazette (Gaithersburg, Md.)
Hating Whitey, Campus-Style,
Students’ Lawsuit Targets Policies Against ‘Intolerance’, Student Press Law Center
Horror of India’s Child Sacrifice, BBC News

Wednesday, April 12

Racism 101 at Duke, American Thinker
Illegals’ Amnesty Could Cost $60 Billion a Year, Group Says,
Americans Take Stern View on Illegal Immigration, Washington Times
10 Deputies to Receive Migrant Training, San Diego Union-Tribune
Goldwater Gets Tough on Immigration, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Serrano Arrested in Boston Break-In, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)
Couple To Pay Back Wages to ‘Slave’, AP
Spain to Free 1,500 Illegal Immigrants Into Europe, Telegraph (London)
Beware: The Voters Blair Neglected Are Angry — And Looking Elsewhere, Spectator (UK)

Tuesday, April 11

Expert: DNA Tests Doom Duke Rape Case, CBS
Senator May Have Let State Pay Campaign Staff, Miami Herald
The Welfare-Fraud Link, Chicago Sun-Times
More Than a Million Rally for Aliens, AP
Crackdown Advocates Plan Rallies, First Coast News (Atlanta)
US Republican Leader Rejects Guest Worker Plan, Reuters
GOP Gains Ground on Immigration Debate, Rasmussen Reports
Teachers Urge Closure of School Terrorised by Migrant Pupils, Telegraph (London)
‘Jafaican’ Is Wiping Out Inner-City English Accents, Daily Mail (London)
Africa Should Beware the Forces of Liberal Imperialism, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)
In Support of Academic Freedom For Dr. Frank Ellis,

Monday, April 10

Immigration Marches Expected Nationwide, AP
Immigrant Students Encouraged to Attend Rally, AP
Americans Say Immigration a Rising Concern, AP
Corporate Recruiters Criticize UW-Madison’s Lack of Diversity, AP
NAACP Calls for School Change, Charlotte Observer
Boy Falsely Reports Racist Attack in Ansonia, WTNH (New Haven)
Ithaca High Banishes Dixie Flag, Ithaca Journal (NY)
Mexico’s Migrant Assistance Agency Has Different View of the Border, Sierra Vista Herald (Az.)
Racist who Shouted at Muslims is Jailed, News & Star (Carlisle, UK)
How Wet White Liberals Became the Ultimate Black Joke, Times (London)

Friday, April 7

Senators Strike out on Illegals Solution, Washington Times
SF Officials Oppose Pending Immigration Legislation, KTVU (San Francisco)
House Panel Hits Push to Fast-Track Alien Benefits, Washington Times
The Truth About ‘La Raza’, Human Events
Settlement Near in Water Department Suit, Kansas City Star
Reports Offer Grim Forecast for Young Black Men, MSNBC
Scandal of Drug Dealers Allowed Back on Streets,
Teachers Attack Judge Who Threw Out ‘Racist’ Boy Case, Times (London)
School to Fail Racist Pupils, The Local (Sweden)

Thursday, April 6

Senate Agrees to Sweeping Immigration Overhaul, San Francisco Chronicle
Jobless Rate Higher for U.S.-Born than Immigrants, CNNMoney
U.S. Urged To Apologize for 1930s Deportations, USA TODAY
Three Arrested at Baby Shower Brawl, AP
‘Hate’ Killed NYU Kid, New York Post
Iraq Spy Suspect Oversaw U.S. Asylums, Washington Times
NASCAR Riled by Show Seeking Anti-Muslim Bias, Washington Times
In All But 2 Suburban Districts, Whites Do Better Than Minorities, WROC-TV (Rochester)
Woman Jailed for Paris ‘Slavery’, BBC News
The Bottom Line in Kids’ Books is Udderly Unreal, The Age (Melbourne)

Wednesday, April 5

McCain Threatens To End Speech After ‘Boos’, AP
Florida Gov. Bush Calls Tone of Immigration Debate ‘Hurtful’, Los Angeles Times
Schools Ban Patriotic Clothes, Flags, NBC San Diego
Former Customs Agent Sentenced For Taking Bribes, North County Gazette (Chestertown, NY)
Rank Can Stay, LULAC Says, Corpus Christi Caller-Times
A Shanty Town’s Danger and Hope, Voice of San Diego
DeLay to File Ethics Charge Against Cynthia McKinney, WorldNetDaily
Students Demand More Security, Chicago Sun-Times
More Fast-Food Ads Shown on Black-Oriented TV, AP
Aspirant Farmers Reap Ruin, Sunday Times (Johnnesburg)
Whites to Drive Economic Growth, Says Survey, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)
21st Century Paul Revere Ride,

Tuesday, April 4

Voting Rights Act Pointed in a New Direction, USA TODAY
Beach Police Agree to Drop Cutoff Score on Math Test, Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk)
McCain: Not Enough Guest-Worker Backing, AP
Immigrant Issues Are Personal for Bush, Los Angeles Times
Minutemen Launch New Campaign, WorldNetDaily
The Mexican Solution, Washington Times
No Apology for Linking Africans to Crime, Australian (Sydney)
Lebanese Muslims ‘Worse Off’ Than Other Migrants, The Age (Melbourne)
Majority ‘Want Immigrant Limit’, BBC News
Angling? It’s Too White and Too Middle-Aged, Telegraph (London)

Monday, April 3

Racial IQ Research, Times (London)
Child and Prejudice, BBC News
Letter from the Australian Human Rights and Equality Commission to Andrew Fraser, AR News
Police Brought in As Teachers Lose Control at Berlin School, Deutsche Presse Agentur
Farms of Fear, Times (London)
Nigerian Football Refs Told: Take Bribes, But Be Fair, Reuters
Flag Waving Banned at Colorado School, AP
John McCain Praises Pro-Illegal Protests, NewsMax
Bloomberg: Illegals Needed to Take Care of Golf Courses, WorldNetDaily
Judge Orders Forest Service to Diversify Workforce, AP
McKinney Says Police Officer Touched Her ‘Inappropriately’, AP
Girl Sues School Over Confederate Flag Clothes, AP

Saturday, April 1

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