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Tancredo Wins Straw Poll in Michigan

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Robert B. Bluey, Human Events Online, June 5, 2006

Rep. Tom Tancredo’s get-tough-first attitude on immigration reform is having a positive impact on his possible presidential run in 2008. The Colorado Republican won tonight’s GOP straw poll in Macomb County, Mich., located in the Detroit metro area.

Tancredo took about 18% of the vote of 325 votes cast at the Lincoln Day Dinner. Although it was only a plurality on a fractured GOP ballot, Tancredo beat out GOP heavyweights Rudy Giuliani, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Here are the complete results, courtesy of Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis:

Candidate Votes Percent
Tom Tancredo 60 18.5%
Rudy Giuliani 45 13.8%
Mitt Romney 40 12.3%
Condi Rice 39 12.0%
Newt Gingrich 38 11.7%
John McCain 38 11.7%
George Allen 21 6.5%
Mike Pence 15 4.6%
Ron Paul 14 4.3%
Mike Huckabee 6 1.8%
Bill Frist 4 1.2%
Alan Keyes 2 0.6%
Candice Miller 2 0.6%
Sam Brownback 1 0.3%

Perhaps most surprisingly are the first and last-place finishers. Tancredo is an immigration hawk who leads the House Immigration Reform Caucus, while the normally reliable Brownback has strayed from the conservative base to back President Bush’s immigration plan.

UPDATE—June 6: I just computed the figures from the monthly HUMAN EVENTS straw poll and, sure enough, Tancredo slightly edged out Condi Rice with 18.7% of the vote compared to her 18.3%. This is a huge boost from the month before when he placed third (12.4%) behind Rice (21.5%) and Sen. George Allen (18.6%).

Click here to vote in the June presidential straw poll.

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(Posted on June 6, 2006)

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