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News archive from July 2006

Monday, July 31

Crossers Burying Border In Garbage, Arizona Daily Star
6 + 4 = 1 Tenuous Existence, Los Angeles Times
Illegal Immigrants Filling Jails, Carolina Journal
Border Patrol Agent Gets 5 Years For Smuggling, AP
Vigil Slated To Halt Deportations, Chicago Tribune
Family Of Young Activist May Be Deported, Miami Herald
100,000 Will Have To Prove Status, Rocky Mountain News
Civil Rights Leaders Say No Progress Since Katrina, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mass. Gov. Romney Apologizes For Remark, AP
Despair As Forced Marriages Stay Legal, Times (UK),
Pride And Prejudice: Three Young People Tell What They Really Think Of Multi-Culture Scotland, Daily Record (UK)
Zimbabwe ‘Fuelling HIV Spread’, BBC News

Friday, July 28

Raucous Rallies: Liberty Street Becomes Battle Line As Minutemen Come To Town, New York Metro
Lamm’s Words Draw Fire, Rocky Mountain News
Illegal Immigrant Arrests Increase Along N.M. Border, Albequerque Tribune
Initiative language OK’d on enforcing migrant law, Arizona Republic
N.C. Bill Requires Social Security Number For Driver’s License, AP
Illegal Worker Plan Runs Afoul Of Law, Huntsville Times
For Whites In Prince George’s, A Mirror On Race, Washington Post
Rape Charges Against Youths Racially Motivated, Families Say, News Niagara Bureau
U.N. Panel Takes U.S. To Task Over Katrina, AP

Thursday, July 27

Shades Of Change Felt Across U.S., McClatchy News Service
Compromise Would Allow Unlimited Immigrants, Washington Times
Schwarzenegger Heckled On Immigration, AP
Brown Berets Say Shriver Protest Was Warranted, Sentinel
Zapata Sheriff Says Border Worsening, AP
Riverside Oks Illegal Aliens Measure, Courier-Post
More Nations Should Get Visa Waivers, Researchers Say,
Programmers Guild Pushes for H-1B Transparency,
Bush Signs Voting Rights Act Extension, AP
Before the White Man Came? War,
Mugabe Blames West For Zimbabwe’s Woes, AP

Wednesday, July 26

Pontiac Agrees To End Hiring Quotas, Detroit News
State Police Flunking The Minorities They Recruit, Star-Ledger
A Tough Line On Immigrants, Philadelphia Inquirer
Deputies Redeployed To Calm Compton, Los Angeles Times
News Anchor: No Press, Please, Chicago Sun-Times
New York Times Care Package To Deployed Troops — Big Box Of White Sheets, Intellectual Conservative
Patrols To Stop Immigrants,
A Trek Into The Heart Of Whiteness, Star-Telegram
Britain Tackles ‘Crime Of Love’, IOL
Yet Another First for Grantham, BNP
Black Magic Gets Bob’s Nod, Mail & Guardian

Tuesday, July 25

Abandoned Campfire Linked To Blaze, AP
Part Of The Trend — Immigrants Historically Follow Family, Friends To Areas, Free Lance-Star
Nuevo Laredo Businesses Are Moving North, Express News
English — Learning Case Back In Court, Arizona Daily Star
Groups Sue, Say State Comes Up Short In Bilingual Education, El Paso Times
Church Asks Evacuee To Leave, Daily Herald
Population Or Immigration: Costello Issues Warning, The Age (AU)
More Welcome Migrant Influx, The Age (AU)
Terror-Accused Cleric Hoped To ‘Kill 1000’, The Australian
Study: Conflict Likely Between Canada, Its Muslim Citizens, Chronicle-Herald (Canada),

Monday, July 24

Rich, Poor Live Poles Apart In L.A. As Middle Class Keeps Shrinking, Los Angeles Times
Many Police Officers Disenchanted With President Bush, The Conservative Voice
Minority Neighborhoods Cry For Cops, But Then Abuse Them, Boston Herald
Rendell: City Law ‘Feeds Off’ Hatred, Standard-Speaker
Illegal Immigrants Find Room At Colleges, AP
Police Breakup Jonesborough Immigration Demonstration After Scuffle Between Hispanics And Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen, Kingsport Times-News
Myth Debunked: A Latin Conservative Tidal Wave Is Not Coming, National Review Online
Immigration And Usurpation: Elites, Power, And The People’s Will, Center for Immigration Studies
‘Benefits Of G-Had’: Muslim Rapper’s Album Raises Eyebrows In Britain, AFP
“Jungle Justice” On The Rise In Cameroon, Reuters

Friday, July 21

Minutemen Not Watching Over Funds, Washington Times
Africans Mull Citizenship For Slave Kin, AP
Bush: ‘Racism Still Lingers In America’, AP
Sheriff, Federal Agency At Odds On Caught Immigrants, Arizona Republic
Federal Agents Arrested Immigrants Who Lost Asylum Pleas, Sun-Sentinel
Overseas Manpower Company Keen To Tap Job Potential, The Hindu
Namibia Says Zimbabwe A Role Model For Land Reform, Mail & Guardian
China Claims Genghis Khan Fueled Renaissance, Reuters

Thursday, July 20

Bush Appears At NAACP Convention, Fox News
Alleged Stabber: Brushoff By Canadian Tourists Fueled Rampage,
Black On Black Crime Growing In Memphis,
Africans, American Blacks Try To Defuse Tensions, Seattle Times
Harlem Residents: Clinton Is Symbol Of Gentrification, New York Sun
Dispute Over Mosque Sheds Light On Black, Muslim Split, Sun-Sentinel
Rev. Jackson to Lead Effort Seeking More Work for Black Contractors,
Drop in Minorities at UC to Be Studied, Los Angeles Times
Backlash Emerges Against Latino Culture, Christian Science Monitor
Gov. Gregoire Sends U.S. Attorney General $50 Million Bill, AP

Wednesday, July 19

Black Culture Focus Of School Program Designed To Boost Pride And Marks, Toronto Star
The Woman Behind Fontaine’s Leadership Win Also Paid By The AFN, CP
HSBC Pays Compensation for Worker’s ‘I Hate Foreigners’ Comment, Daily Mail
Gag Order,
Workshop Gives Tips For Recognizing Discrimination,
Seeing Today’s Immigrants Straight, City Journal
NAACP Seeks To Join Forces With Hispanics, Media General News Service
Rep. McKinney Forced Into Runoff,
Senate Denies Funds For New Border Fence, Washington Times
Diversity Has Its Downside In Tests, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tuesday, July 18

Immigration Activists To Go Back On March, Oscar Avila
Activists Want Sheriff To Stop Arrests, AP
Hispanics to Play Pivotal Election Role, AP
States Stepping Up To Tackle Immigration Laws, Washington Times
Plan Aims To Punish Firms With Illegals, Citizen-Times
NAACP: Blacks Should Shop Where Hired, AP
Suit Tries To Halt Bias In Ads On Web, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
City Clerk To Clean Detroit Voter List, Detroit News
Groups Banned By New Terror Law, BBC News
Australian Government Puts $8m Towards Islamic Institute, Sydney Morning News

Monday, July 17

Gunfire Rings Out In Downtown Indianapolis,
Judge: Cadet Case Racially Motivated, AP
Building Site Melee Erupts Over Illegals, Journal News (OH),
Hispanic Group Boycotts Disney ‘White Supremacists’,
“Aztlan” Spurs Pride In Latinos, Fears Among Immigration Foes, Los Angeles Times
Court Requires Spanish Notice,
ACLU Doesn’t Want English Signs,
Critics Say Some Defend Colorado Money Tainted, Rocky Mountain News
Junk Mail: ‘Round File’ The Only Proper Disposal Place, Anderson Independent-Mail
Race Card Trumps Head-Butt, Toronto Sun

Friday, July 14

Sheriff Seeks Answers In Bullet Barrage From Mexico, AP
‘Black Culture’ Blamed For Hurricane Katrina Woes,
Suspect Arrested In New Orleans Slayings, AP
House Oks Renewing 1965 Voting Rights Act, AP
Pennsylvania Town Enacts Strict Illegal Immigration Ordinance, AP
Colo. OKs toughest U.S. immigration bills, AP
Man Barred From British Royal Palace Job For Being White, AFP
In An English Field, A Hindu’s Funeral Pyre, Daily Mail (UK)
Some Question Whether African Aid Helps, AP
Fan Fests In The Townships, Spiegel

Thursday, July 13

Supreme Court Won’t Throw Affirmative Action Ban Off Ballot, Detroit Free Press
Senate Bill Seeks More Pay For Aliens, Washington Times
Debate Over Ordinance Heats Up: Hazle Twp. Passes Law, Standard-Speaker
Chances Of Voting Rights Act Renewal Dim, AP
Farber Faces Probe Over Traffic Stop, Gannett
Bilingual Health Workers Sought, Chicago Tribune
Six Asian Boys Arrested In Beating Of Latino, San Francisco Chronicle
Question Of Race Profiling Unanswered, Los Angeles Times
Upper Grades, Lower Reading Skills, Washington Post
Racism Row Lecturer Retires Early, BBC News
Couple’s Wedding Clashes With Muslim Fun Day, Telegraph (UK)

Wednesday, July 12

July Homicide Total Rises To 14 In District, Washington Post
Rove’s Rave,
Study: Latinos Bring View Of Blacks, The Herald-Sun
Gangs A Growing Suburban Scourge,
Sony Pulls Controversial Dutch PSP Ad, Reuters
Hoop Nightmares: Nation Of Islam Goes To Nike Basketball Camp,
Mexico Top Source Of Refugee Applicants, Globe and Mail
France Angered By Italy Senator’s Racist Soccer Slur, Reuters
No Honor, National Review Online
Trouble In Londonistan, FrontPage Magazine

Tuesday, July 11

Stifling The ‘Racists’, Jewish World Review
School District Bans Mouth Jewelry, Other Items, AP
House Told Criminals Swelling Alien Tide, Washington Times
GOP Immigration Tactic: Blast Away, But Be Nice, Los Angeles Times
Senate Bill May Restrict Police, Washington Times
Deadly Homeboys Make A New Home In El Salvador, Los Angeles Times
Target Any White Person: The Chilling Guidelines For Bali Suicide Bombers, Telegraph (UK)
Tension As Party Goes Flat On Champs Elysees, AFP
Appeasing Jihadists, Washington Times
Celebrate The ‘Canadian Achievement’, National Post (Canada)

Monday, July 10

Slavery Reparations Gaining Momentum, AP
The Little City That Couldn’t, River Front Times
States Try To Block Illegal Workers, USA Today
La Raza Forum Targets Immigration, Los Angeles Times
Clinton Speaks Out On Illegal Workers, Los Angeles Times
Are South Asians Missing In The Immigration Fight?, New American Media
Evacuees Encounter Obstacles In Job Hunt, AP
Muticulturalism Is Dead, Say Academics, Daily Mail (UK)
Never Have We Seen Immigration On This Scale: We Just Can’t Cope, Telegraph (UK)
Girls Groomed For Sex, Lancashire Evening Telegraph

Friday, July 7

43 Leaders Oppose ’Amnesty’ Candidates,
D.A. Order To Pay $3.58 Million For Former Workers, Times-Picayune
Tawana Brawley II,
Family-Like Program Opens Brave New Chapter For Black L.A. Students, L.A. Times
Sony Ad Causes White Riot, Guardian
Immigration And Social Disintegration, Intellectual Conservative
Neo-Nazis Infiltrating The US Military: Civil Rights Group, AFP
Malta Alarmed By Migrant Influx, BBC News
Will Internal Migration Lead To Iraq Partition?, Parapundit

Thursday, July 6

How Eisenhower Solved Illegal Border Crossings From Mexico, Christian Science Monitor
N.J. Prepared To Help Border Patrol, AP
NYC Mayor Says U.S. Depends On Immigrants, AP
Mongolians Meld Old, New In Making Arlington Home, Washington Post
Jackson Urges Race-Based School Rally, Louisville Courier-Journal
Delusional Diversity, Campus Report Online
Will George Be Slayed As England’s Patron Saint?, Daily Mail
S.Africa Web Site Offers Gruesome Glimpse Of Crime, Reuters
Hateful Chatter Behind The Veil, Globe and Mail

Wednesday, July 5

GOP To Focus On Immigration At Unusual Nationwide Hearings, AP
Gang Accused Of Conspiring To Kill Blacks, Los Angeles Times
‘White Flight’ Sparks Calls For Dual Language, Vail Daily
U.S. Calls For Fortifying Corn Flour With Folic Acid To Cut Birth Defects, Des Moines Register
North American Union: Remaking Three Nations, Newsmax
The Disconnect Between Hawaii & America,
Minorities Have Fewer Babies, Toronto Star
Whites Being Lured Into Islamic Terror, Telegraph (UK)
Witchcraft Ban Ends In Zimbabwe, BBC

Monday, July 3

Judicial Watch Report Exposes Jesse Jackson, North Country Gazette
Black Men Quietly Combating Stereotypes, AP
Town Targets Businesses Hiring Illegal Immigrants,
City Works To Adapt After Decade-Long Boom In Refugees, Union Leader
Immigration At A Crossroads: Vista Residents Cope With Raids, Rallies And Rogues, North County (CA) Times
U.S.’s El Salvador Order An Immigration Loophole, Houston Chronicle
George Washington, Washington Times
Muslim-only Alton Towers, Sun (UK)

Saturday, July 1

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