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American Renaissance August 2006 issue

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  • In “Dispatches from the Go-Slow Zone,” Attorney John Ingram looks back at his first job out of law school — working for the legal department of a major city, with offices located in a heavily black part of town. Coming from a background that included only minimal exposure to blacks and Hispanics, he was unprepared for the types of behavior he would encounter on a daily basis. From the subway ride, hearing repeated “kill whitey” remarks, to the indolence and insolent conduct of his non-white co-workers, Mr. Ingram was forced to reconsider his views on the significance of race and racial difference. Direct observation and experience finally trumped his early equalitarian views.
  • Guatemalan journalist Juan Luis Font writes about the resentment his impoverished countrymen feel toward their more successful neighor Costa Rica. Mr. Font treads delicately as he analyzes the feelings of envy and frustration and their causes — and the blame that Guatemalans ascribe to others for their own condition. Raymond McClaren, who translated article, adds his commentary applying Mr. Font’s observations to the whole of South America, comparing the plight of poorer countries of mostly native Indian population with the higher civilization and living standards of the whiter countries. Mr. McClaren considers the one explanation Mr. Font disavowed — race and IQ.
  • Thomas Jackson reviews Prof. Cheryl Lynn Greenberg’s book “Troubling The Waters: Black-Jewish Relations In The American Century.” Prof. Greenberg provides a comprehensive historical overview of Jewish involvement in the civil rights movement, how and why black and Jewish interests converged for over a half century, and the reasons for the collapse of the tenuous alliance in the Sixties — after the civil rights movement had enjoyed its greatest legislative successes. The author brings a liberal, equalitarian viewpoint to her history, revelling in past accomplishments, even as she laments the strained relations today between blacks and Jews.
  • Plus, Manchester, New Hampshire struggling with non-white refugees, Prof. Andrew Fraser fighting back against Macquarie University, Prof. Bruce Lahn backing away from his research into racial differences and much more!

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(Posted on August 1, 2006)

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