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News archive from August 2006

Thursday, August 31

By Any Means Necessary: A Federal Judge Plays Politics In Michigan., Wall Street Journal
Capistrano Schools’ Boundary Policy Constitutional, Judge Rules, Orange County Register
Skyline To Catch The Glow Of Mexico’s Independence, Chicago Tribune
Thousands Of Brazilians Are Calling West Boca Neighborhood Home, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Democrats Say Poll Included Racially Motivated Question, AP
What, No White Caucus?, New York Post
Communities Grapple With Rise In Violence, MSNBC
Boycott BBC Over ‘Racist’ Drama Says Black Campaigner, Daily Mail (UK)
Government Offers HIV Amnesty For Zimbabweans, New Zealand Herald
Evangelist Drowns Trying To Walk On Water,

Wednesday, August 30

Americans Back Anti-Terrorism Racial Profiling: Poll, Reuters
Comments May Cost GOP Minority Votes, AP
Immigration Ads A Problem For Campaigns, AP
California Korean Grocery Group Sues Andrew Young Over Remarks, AP
Everman Principal Steps Down, Dallas Morning News
Hundreds Rally For Purcell, Montgomery Advertiser
Money Transfers Mounting, Charlotte (NC) Observer
Illegal Immigrants Drive Up ER Costs,
Hispanics Counter Anti-Migrant Idea With Buy-In Plan, Dallas Morning News
Babies Born In U.S. Stir Dispute, Rocky Mountain News
A Mother Adopts, And Discovers Her Own Racism, ColorLines Magazine
Four Out Of Five Migrants ‘Take More From Economy Than They Put Back’, Daily Mail (UK)
Pakistan, U.K. Target Forced Marriages, AP

Tuesday, August 29

Protest Targets Maywood’s Stance, Los Angeles Times
Immigrant Population Booming,
Bilingual Pamphlet On State’s Candidates Triggering Resentment, AP
Church Closes Off Its Doors To Activist’s Debate, Chicago Tribune
School, Teacher On Trial, AP
Texan Hosts Arm Against Crime Wave, Telegraph (UK)
Hypertension’s Race Factor, Newsday
America’s Muslims Aren’t As Assimilated As You Think, Washington Post
Britain ‘Is Now Biggest Security Threat To US’,
Africans In French Hunger Strike, BBC News

Monday, August 28

At UC, Race Must Matter, Los Angeles Times
Police Say Movie Attack Is Hate Crime, Contra Costa Times
Latino Fire Crews Face More Scrutiny, AP
Illegal Immigration: Elvira Arellano, Go Home,
Risky Legacy: African DNA Linked To Prostate Cancer, Science News
Poor Patients Who Are Healthy?, Los Angeles Times
‘Indians Are Among The Most Racist People In The World’, Hindustan Times
Rising Birth Rate, Longevity And Migrants Push Population To More Than 60 Million, The Guardian
How Right Wing The Left Sounds After Its Moment Of Racial Truth, Times (UK)
Cameron Rebuts Thatcher’s View Of Mandela, Telegraph (UK)
South Africans Are Killing Each Other At A Scary Rate, AP

Friday, August 25

Gaffe Underscores Indian-American Clout, MSNBC
Bush Weighs In On Seattle Schools’ “Racial Balancing”, Los Angeles Times
Sparing The Rod May Save Black Kids, Baltimore Sun
New Black Panthers Are United And Defiant, Philadelphia Inquirer
Color Conscious, Buffalo News
Behind Labor Day DemostraciĆ³n,
Farmers Branch Studies Tough Provisions Aimed At Illegal Immigrants, Dallas Morning News
The Endangered English Language,
How Open Borders Turn Americans Into Roadkill,
UK ‘Must Tackle Ethnic Tensions’, BBC News
How Long To Clear Backlog Of Failed Asylum Seekers? 113 Years,
South Africa: Poor Excuse For Failure Develops A Life Of Its Own,
Rugby Heading For Race Showdown At Loftus, The Citizen (ZA)

Thursday, August 24

New Laws To Criminalise Political Dissent, British National Party
Deportees Condemn ‘Racist’ Forced Evacuation, AFP
Racial Engineering In Seattle: Grutter politics., National Review Online
‘Survivor’s’ New Racial Divide, MSNBC
Race Relations Still Tense A Year After Katrina, AFP
Texas Sheriffs Say Terrorists Entering US From Mexico,
Influx Of Mexican Migrants Crippling American Culture, Says Pat Buchanan, Telegraph (UK)
Illegal Latino Immigrants Victimize Puerto Ricans, Too, The Morning Call (Allentown, PA)
Few Hispanics Win In Primaries, Rocky Mountain News
Mexican Nature Park Offers Mock Illegal Border Crossing, Austin-American Statesman
Aztecs Butchered, Ate Spanish Invaders, Reuters

Wednesday, August 23

Volunteers Plan To Man Texas Border, AP
Pa. City Puts Illegal Immigrants On Notice, Washington Post
Hispanic Influx Reshaping Big Cities, Washington Post
Illegal Immigration Sparks ‘Race War’ In Cities, Prisons,
Sheriff's Office Needs More Latinos, Candidates Told,
Racial Achievement Controversy, WCJB TV News
Why ‘Macaca’ Matters, Wall Street Journal
New Study Shows Herpes Cases Declining, AP
Manuel: SA Must Deracialise,
Congo-Kinshasa: Hate Messages Targeting ‘White People’ Spark UN Concerns, UN News Service

Tuesday, August 22

Immigration Bill's Cost Pegged at $127B, AP
Illegal Aliens Linked to Gang-Rape Wave,
Suit Contends Illegal Pickers Undercut Firm, Orange County Register
Residents Clash Over Illegal Immigrant Plan, Dallas Morning News
V-J Day Revelry Persists in R.I., AP
Activist Says Black Traffic Stops in Urbana are Extreme, News-Gazette (Champaign, Ill.)
Sharpton: ‘Gangsterism’ Harming Blacks, AP
Desmond Tutu to Sen. Obama: ‘I'm Glad You're Black’, AP
The Fertility Gap,
Immigration Fails to Stem European Population Loss,
Public Wants Much Harsher Immigration Policy, Says Poll, Sunday Times (London)

Monday, August 21

Report: Elderly White Males Have Top Suicide Rate, Chicago Sun-Times
‘Riverside Is Going To Be Ours’, Courier-Post
State Police To Review Trooper’s Role In Immigration Case, Providence Journal
Expert: State Immigrant Laws Might Fail, AP
Minorities Seek History Class Changes, AP
Democrats Opt To Give 2 More States An Early Say In Selecting Nominee, Seattle Times
Nagin: Racism, Red Tape Slowed Recovery, AP
Houston Grumbles as Evacuees Stay Put, Los Angeles Times
Teen Slayings Rock Oakland, San Francisco Chronicle
Mutiny As Passengers Refuse To Fly Until Asians Are Removed, Daily Mail (UK)
Blacks Are The Biggest Racists, Sunday Times (ZA)

Friday, August 18

‘Private Police Force’ Group Sets Sights On Illegal Immigrants, North County Times (Calif.)
Pro-Immigrant March Set For Labor Day, Pasadene Star News
Federal Program Helping Local Migrant Workers,
‘Grupo’ Resists Housing Law, San Diego Union-Tribune
Andrew Young Resigns From Wal-Mart Group, AP
Regents OK Tuition Raise For Diversity, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Minorities Will Soon Be The Majority In This Country, So Let’s Come Together Now,
Blacks Flee Detroit For Macomb County, Macomb Daily
No Brakes On Germany’s Population Freefall, Deutche Welle
Aboriginal Gap Prompts Call For New ‘Paternalism’, Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, August 17

[Illegal] Immigrant Takes Refuge In Chicago Church, AP
It’s ‘Get These People Out Of Town’, Los Angeles Times
Hispanic Groups Blast OPM,
New Federal Program Helps Hispanic Couples Beat Odds Of Divorce, Dallas Morning News
Democrats’ Ad Riles Gop Hispanics, AP
Siplin’s Pastor: Judicial System Unfair To Black Men, Orlando Sentinel
Powerful Role For CBC If Dems Win, The Hill
US Criticised For HIV Aid Effort, BBC News
Hate Crime Victims ‘Suffering In Silence’, Life Style Extra (UK),
Multiculturalism Is To Blame For Perverting Young Muslims, Telegraph (UK)
SA — ‘Teachers Are Bewitching Us’, (SA)

Wednesday, August 16

Pat Buchanan’s “State of Emergency”, Creators Syndicate
GOP Immigration Hearing Takes Aim At Senate Wage Provision, AP
Election Immigration Debate Turning ‘Offensive’, Miami Herald
In More Area Homes, It’s Espanol, Chicago Tribune
Freer Speech At Georgia Tech,
Chicago Schools Meet Some Racial Balance Rules, AP
California Schools Get Higher Marks On Standardized Tests, Los Angeles Times
Teen In Lynching Case Says He Knew Nothing About Suspects’ Motives,
Top Muslim Policeman Slams UK “Terror Profile” Plan, Reuters

Tuesday, August 15

'Explosion of Diversity' Sweeps U.S., Census Shows, AP
White Children Now In Minority, Tampa Tribune
Non-English Speakers Face Added Challenges, Modesto Bee
Anti-Illegal-Immigrant Groups Multiply, Los Angeles Daily News
Birth Control Message is Not Reaching Latinas, Baltimore Sun
The Neighborhood War Zone, Washington Post
McKinney Rails Against Electronic Voting, AP
Black Leaders Call for More HIV Testing, San Francisco Chronicle
Men For Sale?, Daily Mail (UK)
Canada — Immigration Drives British Columbia Population Growth,

Monday, August 14

Standing Guard, Washington Times
What CUNY’s Numbers Mean, New York Sun
Desegregation At Marshall U, Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Why Blacks Like It Here Less Than Whites, Indianapolis Star
View Of The Badge Reflects Racial Divide, Indianapolis Star
Black Patients Less Likely To Question Doctors, Reuters
Racism A Factor In L.A. Gang Violence, AP
S Africa Warns White Farmers Of Expropriation, ABC News (AU)
‘Too Many White Faces On The BBC News’, Telegraph (UK)
British Muslims Targeted By Ex-Police Chief, The Age (AU)
Migration Backdown As Boats Arrive, Australian News

Friday, August 11

Anti-Illegal Immigration Speakers Attacked On Boston Common, Mass News
After The Protests, Latinos Start To Come Together Politically, Christian Science Monitor
Black Gangs Terrorize D.C., Accuracy In Media
Dallas County’s Demographics Changing To More Latinos, AP
Words Cloud ‘Illegals’ Debate, Star Tribune
Haplogroup X And The New World,
Five More Illegals Picked Up In Area, Standard-Speaker (Hazleton, PA)
Bridgeport — Borough Council Members Plan To Explore A Measure That Would Ban Illegal Aliens From Working Or Renting Property In Bridgeport., Times Herald (Phila.)
New State Bills Address Immigration, Daily Bulletin (Calif.)
Study: Immigrants Not Hurting U.S. Jobs, AP
AFL-CIO To Aid Immigrant Workers, Newsday
Alarming Jump In T.O. HIV Cases, Toronto Sun
If You Write And Say Sorry You Won’t Be Sent To Jail, Judge Tells Sex Attacker, The Times (UK)

Thursday, August 10

Irreconcilable Differences, SPLC Intelligence Report
Influx of Blacks to ‘New South’ Accelerates, Charlotte Observer
Hispanic Birth Rate Soars in Southeast, AP
Statistics on ‘Hard-Workin’ Immigrants, The Conservative Voice
Illegal Immigrant Fights to Stay in U.S. With Son, Chicago Tribune
Extra Cops Flood Indianapolis State Fair, AP
Belgian Regime Keeps Harassing the Brussels Journal (2), Brussels Journal
Speaking Freely is Risky Business, Rally Told, The Age (Australia)
Sports Program to Ease African-Indigenous Tensions, ABC News Online (Australia)
Open Door to Migrants Faces Axe, Telegraph (London)
BAHAMAS: Jamaicans Among Scores Deported — Another Round of Repatriations Planned, Jamaica Gleaner (Kingston)

Wednesday, August 9

Hola, Delaware!: How Guatemalan immigrants changed a small American town., Weekly Standard
Truth About Mexican Immigration, Conservative Voice
Police: North Texas Thief Caught In Waco,
Deadly Disparity For Black Males, Indianapolis Star
Detroit Homicides Up 17 Percent This Year, AP
Racial Stereotypes Sometimes Mirror Realities Of Our Society, The Examiner (DC)
Number of Black Lobbyists Remains Shockingly Low, Washington Post
Maori ‘Warrior’ Gene Linked To Aggression, New Zealand Herald
Norwegian Authorities Still Covering Up Muslim Rapes, The Fjordman Report

Tuesday, August 8

Racial IQ Gap Narrows: Blacks Gain 4 To 7 Points On Whites, Science News Online
FDNY Bows To Diversity Critics, New York Daily News
Compare Foods Hit With Lawsuit, Charlotte Observer
Spanish Speakers at a Premium at Border and Immigration Agencies,
Illegal Border Crossers Now Favoring California, AP
Former Atlanta Mayor Ordered To Report To Prison, AP
Black Colleges Vie For Hispanic Surge, AP
Employers Face Ethnic Quotas For Public Work, Times (London)
Black Police Association Demands Affirmative Action To Recruit More Black Police Workers, Black
Time To Ease Up On Population Growth, Toronto Star

Monday, August 7

Gangs Infiltrate Pennsylvania Resort Region, AP
Cities Make Quiet Plea For Tolerance, USA Today
‘The Town Is Lost,’ Says Couple Who Left Riverside, Philadelphia Inquirer
Diversity Rises In Suburbs, Study Says, USA Today
Breaking The Silence: Convicted Border Agent Tells His Story, Daily Bulletin
A Stunning View Of Immigration Craziness, Antelope Valley Press
Perata Calls Bill’s Opponents ‘Crackers’, San Francisco Chronicle
Debating Race In Cyberspace, Washington Post
ABA: Women Of Color Leaving Big Firms, AP
Mugabe: Why Africa Applauds Him, New Statesman

Friday, August 4

Minorities Become A Majority In Broward, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Renters No More: More Undocumented Immigrants Are Able To Buy Homes, Houston Chronicle
Immigrant Influx Tests Shot Policy,
Daley Mocks Meeks Over N-word, Chicago Sun-Times
Ga. Lawmaker In Scuffle Now In ‘Fight Of Career’, USA Today
What’s Wrong With “Whiteness Studies”,
Bush Tells Hill To ‘Do Its Duty’ On Immigration Bill, Washington Times
Crime, Unrest Hurting Tourism In Mexico, AP
Refugee Deportation Order May Be Overturned, UUTISET (Finn)

Thursday, August 3

ACLU Accuses Miss. Mayor Of Profiling, AP
Juan Williams: Mugged by Reality,
Senate Votes To Fund The Fence, Washington Times
Report: Illegal Immigration Could Cost Taxpayers Trillions,
The Immigration Crisis...Or Not,
Is U.S. Ready To Settle With Native Americans?, NBC News
Chavez Seeks Anti-U.S. Military Alliance, Washington Times
Cervical Cancer Virus Risk May Depend On Race,
Palestinian Cartoon Racially Insults Rice, Washington Times
Muslim Fun Park Day Flop, Sun (UK),

Wednesday, August 2

Caught On Tape: Man Punched, Mugged In McDonald’s,
BCA Wants NCAA Championship Events Banned From S.C., AP
Farrakhan Courts Navajo Nation: Promises Foreign Money To Rescue Native Americans,
The Image Of The Fat Black Women Gains Popularity In The Media, New York Times
Bredesen Encourages Minority Applicants For Supreme Court, AP
Stirring The Nation’s Melting Pot: Assimilating And Americanizing Latinos In The United States, CBS
Immigrants Sue U.S. Over Application Delays: Middle Easterners, Asians Frustrated By Indefinite Processing Times, AP
Investigation: U.S. Borders Perilously Porous, NBC
’Potentially Incendiary’ At The Brooklyn Public Library, The New Criterion
Schools Told It’s No Longer Necessary To Teach Right From Wrong, Times (UK)
Doctors Offer To Maim Beggars In TV Sting, Reuters

Tuesday, August 1

Racism Cuts Both Ways, Not Always Addressed Evenly, Chicago Sun-Times
Attorney General Says Number Of Hate Crimes Dropped In 2005, Simi Valley Acorn
Few Poor, Minority Pupils In Charters, Salt Lake Tribune
Alpha Fraternity Brothers, Locking Arms for Change, Washington Post
Organizers Of L.A. March Plan More Activity, (CA)
New Sausage Spices Up Race For Hispanic Baseball Fans, Chicago Tribune
Courts Cater To Spanish Speakers, Washington Times
Refugees Taught How To Eat American Food, BBC News
Over Half Of Youth In Big Cities Are Non-native,
Italy Opens Wide To Immigrant Workers, AFP
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