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American Renaissance October 2006 issue

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  • In the second installment of “Black Racial Consciousness,” Jared Taylor shows how blacks regard their culture as inseperable from their race — a view which is forbidden to whites. Examples of this belief are the Black Muslim movement and Kwanzaa. He also cites the disapproval many blacks show toward marrying outside their race. Mr. Taylor then examines the racial hatred that blacks frequently express for whites, most notoriously in the vicious anti-white lyrics often heard in rap lyrics — including explicit calls for mass murder — and the readiness of blacks to embrace absurd conspiracy theories about whites. He also provides examples of how this anti-white hatred is carried out in practice. This series concludes in the next issue.
  • In “Can America Be Saved,” Jared Taylor reviews Patrick Buchanan’s latest book, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America. Mr. Buchanan articulate and compelling tome is a clarion call to everyone concerned about the future of the United States and Europe. Along with a review of past immigration patterns and cycles, he marshals an impressive array of statistics to show where the US is headed if massive, uncontrolled immigration continues into the foreseeable future. Mr. Buchanan refutes the premises underlying “multiculturalism” and “diversity” and suggests steps that the US and Europe should take to roll back these fallacies and reclaim our countries.
  • In “Don’t Be on the Black Guy,” Joe Kowalski celebrates the comeback whites have made in boxing, noting that Eastern European whites now hold all four worldwide heavyweight championships. He reviews several of these matches and profiles the white boxers who have prevailed. Finally, he suggests some reasons why whites have made a comeback in the sport despite the physiological advantages enjoyed by blacks.
  • Plus, an update on the demographic transformation of our cities and states, as the number of Hispanics continues to skyrocket while those of whites dwindle, how the Congressional Black Caucus is determined to remain exclusively black, how hate crimes against whites are increasing, and more!

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(Posted on October 1, 2006)

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