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American Renaissance November 2006 issue

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  • In the third and final installment of “Black Racial Consciousness,” Jared Taylor examines the sense of alienation blacks feel towards America. Examples include the refusal of blacks to pledge allegiance to the US flag, opposition to a New Jersey bill requiring school children to recite parts of the Declaration of Independence, and even a case where black firefighters in New York City refused to ride in a fire truck flying an American flag — just days after 9/11. Mr. Taylor also notes the animosity of many blacks toward the legal system, citing instances where blacks refuse to cooperate with the police or testify against other blacks.
  • Next, Mr. Taylor points out the vicious hatred that blacks often express for members of their race who are not “black enough,” including Justice Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.
  • The article concludes by looking at the ramifications of black racial consciousness for the future of whites. Mr. Taylor recalls how the civil rights movement was ostensibly working toward “equality” and a dismantling of race-consciousness, but charges that blacks have not kept their end of the bargain. He predicts that this must result in a reawakening of racial consciousness among whites — which he believes is already underway.
  • In “The Perils of ‘Whiteness Studies,’” Thomas Jackson looks at an increasingly popular fad in academia: critical whiteness studies. This subject purports to investigate whites’ attitudes toward their own race, and how they recognize “white skin privilege” as having benefited them at the expense of non-whites. Mr. Jackson rips this “discipline” for its inherent contradictions and illogical premises and concludes that in the absence of segregation, Jim Crow and lynchings, it merely represents a search for “more up-to-date ways to blame the white man” for the failures of non-whites.
  • Swedish nationalist Mikael Widmark presents a “Report From Sweden” with an encouraging update on the latest successes of his country’s leading nationalist party, the Sweden Democrats (SD). In the 2006 elections, the SD surprised pundits by more than doubling its vote in the national elections, from 1.44 percent to 2.93 percent — enough to qualify for state funding in future elections. This increase in support belied predictions in the media of waning influence among the electorate, and despite the usual charges of “racism” and “xenophobia” — when the party was mentioned at all.
  • The SD fared even better in local elections, taking over 22 percent of the vote in some jurisdictions. The party increased its county seats from 49 to 285 and captured 16 seats in provincial assemblies where it had none before.
  • Political correctness still reigns in Sweden, but Mr. Widmark sees signs that his countrymen are beginning to see through the facade.
  • In the revealing article “The Most Gruesome Multi-cult of All?,” Mark Richardson recounts the career of charismatic cult leader Jim Jones and the tragic end of his followers in Jonestown, Guyana. Mr. Richardson points out that multiracialism was a core tenet of the Peoples Temple — a fact that is rarely if ever mentioned when the Jones story is told.
  • The article recalls how Mr. Jones’s equalitarian views were instrumental in the positive reception he enjoyed from civic and community leaders — including a personal invitation from President-elect Jimmy Carter to attend his 1977 inauguration. Mr. Jones himself adopted non-white children and encouraged bi-racial marriages and adoptions among his followers, 80 percent of whom were black.
  • In the end, Mr. Jones determined that he and his followers were “too good for this world.” Mr. Richardson speculates on what the reaction would have been if a conservative or nationalist had led his followers down this path.
  • Plus, Arizona state representative Russell Pearce’s call for another Operation Wetback, the University of Wisconsin raising students’ tuition to fund more “diversity,” South Africa’s continuing downward spiral into violent crime and corruption, how the Supreme Court plays politics on behalf of Hispanics in Texas, and more!

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(Posted on November 1, 2006)

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