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American Renaissance January 2007 issue

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  • Why Michigan Needed to Ban Preferences — Prof. Steven Farron, author of The Affirmative Action Hoax, reveals the extreme levels of anti-white discrimination in admissions at the University of Michigan, and the determination of non-whites to maintain discrimination in their own favor.
  • In a speech the day after Michigan voters chose to ban race-preferences, University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman openly declared her intention to defy and thwart the will of the voters. ‘Diversity Matters at Michigan’ features excerpts from this speech.
  • American Renaissance asks Who Led the Charge? — the charge against race preferences in Michigan, and notes that the effort would probably not have succeeded without the support of Ward Connerly. The same whites who voted overwhelmingly for the measure were cowed from openly supporting it beforehand. This essay asks what this portends for the future of whites.
  • In Warnings From the Lion, David Hamilton reveals the racial views of Sir Winston Churchill, and the prescient understanding he expressed of the racial threat posed by Third World immigration. Mr. Hamilton also points out Sir Winston’s recognition of the dangerous nature of Islam.
  • From Sex Symbol to French Patriot — Prof. Robert Griffin reviews Barnett Singer’s Brigitte Bardot: A Biography, and tells the story of a courageous woman’s defense of her French homeland and culture, as she speaks out against the alien invasion of her country, decries the uncivilized conduct of illegals, and even expresses opposition to miscegenation. Prof. Griffin also shows the price Miss Bardot has paid, in harassing lawsuits and convictions for violating laws against “inciting racial hatred.”
  • Plus, British National Party leader Nick Griffin is acquitted of race hate charges in Britain, African witch doctors continue to promote sex with virgins to cure AIDS, how an anti-immigrant poem is getting politicians into trouble, how non-whites will become the majority in London in the next decade, and more!

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(Posted on January 1, 2007)

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