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News archive from January 2007

Wednesday, January 31

Hispanics In U.S. Feel Pull Of The Suburbs, Reuters
Un Regalo Mexicano: Libros De Texto, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
State Ranks 8th In Rate Of Black Homicide Victims, Star Tribune
Culpeper Weighs Cost Of Illegals, Washington Times
Lawsuit Accuses Black Officials Of Violating Whites’ Voting Rights, Washington, Times
Review Of LAPD Racial Profiling Complaints Ordered, Los Angeles Times
Skilled Migration To Australia At Record Levels, (London)
More Australians Are Emigrating While Immigration Increases, (London)
Herouxville Wants Immigrants That Fit In With Its Citizens, Canadian Press
AIDS Rising Among S.Africa’s Rich, Best-Educated , Reuters
Government Seeking New Biometric Immigration Powers, (London)
Stonehenge Builders’ Houses Found, BBC News

Tuesday, January 30

Unfilled Tunnels A Weak Link At Border, Los Angeles Times
Immigration Arrests 13 At Naval Station, Miami Herald
Trumping The Race Card, NationalReviewOnline
The New Black Realism, City Journal
Pa.’s Black Homicide Victim Rate Leads Nation, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Is An Apology Due For Slavery In America?, (Oakland)
New Curriculum Will ‘Make Every Lesson Politically Correct’, Daily Mail (London)
Multiculturalism ‘Drives Young Muslims To Shun British Values’,
Cartoon Protester Was ‘Cheerleader’, Press Association (UK)
Austere Version Of Islam Finding A Home In India, Los Angeles Times

Monday, January 29

How Not To Handle A Genteel Racist, National Post
8 Convicted Of Hate Attack In Long Beach, Los Angeles Times
Man Sobs As He Recalls Vicious Attack
At Trial
, Newsday (Long Island)
Elites To Anti-Affirmative-Action Voters: Drop Dead, City Journal
Hmong Teachings In Schools Pitched, AP
Study: Skin Tone Bias Affects Immigrants’ Income, AP
Mexico Border Barrier Work Starts, AP
Diversity and Citizenship Review, Department for Education And Skills (National) (UK)
French Politician Out Over Race Comments, AP
Muslims Urged To Refuse ‘Un-Islamic’ Vaccinations, Independent (UK)

Friday, January 26

What Happened To Jared Taylor, One People’s Project
Quebec Man Sentenced To Prison For Racist Website,
About Us, Trinity United Church of Christ
The Hunt For Work Fosters Tension, Washington Post
Dixon’s First Order Of Business: Trash, Baltimore Sun
Impotence Fears Hit Polio Drive, BBC News
Police Too Eager To Gun Down Suspects, Daily Nation (Kenya)
Severe Hunger Looms For Zimbabwe, BBC News
Medical Students Protest Over Failure Rate, Independent On-line
French Muslim Jailed For Attacking Gynaecologist, Reuters

Thursday, January 25

Tancredo: Abolish Race-Based Caucuses, AP
More Immigrants Granted Citizenship
In 2006
, Washington Times
Making Kids Worthless: Social Security’s Contribution To The Fertility Crisis, Ludwig von Mises Institute
Democrats Demand Bush Deliver Republican Votes On Immigration,
NCAA Will Not Expand Postseason Ban To Include Confederate Flag, AP
How To Make America An Islamic Nation,
Children Of Illegal Immigrants Are Caught In A Web Of Conflicting Public Policies, Los Angeles Times
Hibbing Community College May Sack Football, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul
Jamaica Says Black Is Beautiful, BBC News
Police Chief Calls On Communities, BBC News
Replace Muslim Schools Says Top Blair Aide, Yorkshire Post Today (Leeds)
Maori Dance Unites Primary Pupils, BBC News
Threatened French Teacher Quits Teaching, Jihad Watch
Women Sold As ‘Ghost Brides’ In China,

Wednesday, January 24

Freedom Involves Rights And Obligations, Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Self-Admitted Perpetrator Of The Attack On Jared Taylor, AR News
White Atlanta Suburbs Push For Secession, AP
Ex-Duke D.A. Charged With Ethics Violations, AP
8 Arrests In 1971 Police Killing In S.F., AP
Surge In Birth Rate Among Unwed Hispanics Creating New US Underclass, Dallas Morning News
Press Release: The State of Politics, Law and Security in Mexico: Implications for U.S. Immigration Policy, Center for Immigration Studies
Scientists Discover The ‘Kind’ Part Of The Brain, Daily Mail (London)
Yorkshire Clan Linked To Africa, BBC News
Schools Must ‘Confront The Problem Of Marginalised White Pupils’, London Times

Tuesday, January 23

Support Grows To Make English Official, Washington Times
Black Caucus: Whites Not Allowed,
From Marine To Warlord, Los Angeles Times
Children Visited By CPS At Home, News-Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
"Colored is Better.", You Tube
Spanish And Latin American Youths Clash In Madrid, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Jan. 22, 2007
Howard Reshuffles His Line-Up,
Italy: Immigrant Muslim Leader Slams Polygamy Appeal, ADN Kronos International
Shame, London Times

Monday, January 22

Dismantle Taylor’s Case, Not Him, Herald Chronicle (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Chronicle Herald Letters to the Editor, Jan. 22, 2007, Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Tackling Welfare’s Racial Gap, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)
Racial Attacks By Gangs Rising, L.A. Officials Fear, Los Angeles Times
Supreme Court Won’t Delay Michigan Ban On Race-Based Admissions, Bloomberg
‘Deadbeat’ Rev. Al Sued, New York Post
New Mexico Governor Joins Presidential Race, AP
‘Get Over’ Slavery Remark Draws New Fire, AP
ACLU Sues Virginia Bar Owner Over Ban on Dreadlocks, Cornrows, AP
Spain Sends Back African Migrants, BBC News
Big Day Outrage: Fly Your Aussie Flag, Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

Friday, January 19

Justices Uphold Deporting Alien for Car Theft, Washington Times
Border-City Mayors Say Fence Now Is in Doubt, AP
Lawmakers Gird For Immigration Fight, Arizona Daily Star
Illegal Aliens Waging ‘Silent War’ On US, Says Minuteman Activist, Cybercast News Service
Carjacking Details Revealed, Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee)
Black Leaders Still Sizing Up Obama, Los Angeles Times
U.S. Inclusiveness Dampens Terror Risks, AP
Congress Is Asked To Let Haitians Stay, Miami Herald
Muslims Protest ‘24’, CNN
Liberia’s Child Rape Victims, BBC
Muslim Cleric Urges Child Martyrs, Reuters
Aussie Country-Music Hub Balks At Africans, Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, January 18

Taylor: Racism Protesters 'Contemptible’, Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Wrong Message, Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia),
Canadians Admit Racist Tendencies, Calgary Sun
An Immigration Raid Aids Blacks For A Time, Wall Street Journal
School Ends Slave-Master Role Playing Teaching Exercise After Complaint, WBIR-TV (Knoxville, Tenn.)
Officials: Homeowner Staged Hate Crime For Insurance Money, KPRC-TV (Houston)
Gypsy-Haters, Holocaust-Deniers, Xenophobes, Homophobes, Anti-Semites: The EU’s New Political Force, Independent (London)
Muslims May Become Majority in Germany by 2046, Daily Times (Pakistan)
Illegal Immigrants Cause Stormy Waters In Europe, The Age (Melbourne)
Bluff Called On ‘Cellar Family’, The Local (Sweden)

Wednesday, January 17

Crowd Roughs Up Race Speaker, Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
N.S. Protesters Force ‘Race Realist’ To Cancel Controversial Talk, Canadian Press
Fight At XU’s Cintas Center Fouls MLK Day Classic, WCPO-TV (Cincinnati)
School Rally Ends In Brawl, San Bernardino County Sun
Delegate’s Comments On Slavery Criticized, Daily Progress (Charlottesville, Va.)
Photos: Subway Rider Alleges Racial Discrimination, 1010 WINS (New York)
Next Time Just Call Him A Fat B******. Don’t Say Anything About Colour, Daily Mail (London)
Swastika Ban Call Upsets Hindus, CNN
Congo Rebels Said To Kill, Eat Gorillas, AP

Tuesday, January 16

Republican Tancredo Opens 2008 White House Campaign, Reuters
Democrat Obama Enters 2008 White House Race, Reuters
Intelligence In The Classroom, Opinion Journal
Immigrants Reshape Hillsboro, The Oregonian (Portland)
Police: Anti-King Day Flier Left At Somers Houses Not A Bias Incident, The Journal News (New York)
Movement To Ban Use Of The N-Word Picking Up Support, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Border Patrol Agent Arrested In Migrant Smuggling Case, Los Angeles Times
Russia Enforces Tough New Migration Laws, AP
Germany Seeks Tougher Hate Crime Laws, AP
German Court Upholds Ban On Head Scarves, AP
Race Watchdog Forces Ethnic Prize To Admit White Writers, Times (London)
Skull Shows Possible Human/Neanderthal Breeding, Reuters

Monday, January 15

Details Of Double Slaying Emerge, Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee)
Obama’s Charm Lost On America’s Black Activists, Times (London)
Biden Wants No Confederate Flag, AP
New Orleans Fights For Its Character, Reuters
Racism Of The Juvenile Justice System Revealed, Jan 15, 2007
DA: Norman sold judgeship for 50G — & 6G in stamps, New York Daily News
Rare Brain Worms Spread by Unsanitary Cooks,
BNP Ballerina Takes To The Stage In A New Unflattering Spotlight, Times (London)
Courts Slam Door On The £1m Serial Race Claimant, Daily Mail
Cameroon Mass Weddings Aim To Promote Family Values, Reuters
Clues Found For Early Europeans, BBC News

Friday, January 12

Supporters of Immigration Overhaul Rally, AP
Immigration Anger Drives Lawmakers, Tennessean (Nashville)
Web Site Targeting Employers of Migrants, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Tension in the Neighborhood, Roanoke Times
Six Arrested After Brawl at WMS, The Call (Woonsocket, R.I.)
Five Boys Face Charges in Robberies, Hate Crime, Washington Post
New Far-Right Group Outlines Tough Immigration Plans,
In Officially Colorblind France, Blacks Have a Dream — And Now a Lobby, Christian Science Monitor
Rival Gangs of 10-Year-Olds Trade Death Threats, The Local (Sweden)
UK Indians Oppose New Immigration Rules, Indo Asian News Service

Thursday, January 11

Do We Need More Hispanics?,
America to Blame for Illegal Aliens Turning to Crime, Latino Advocate Says, Fox News
University of Michigan to Comply With Affirmative Action Curbs, AP, Jan. 10, 2007
Accuser Changes Story In Lacrosse Case, News & Observer (Raleigh)
Teaching America About Race,
Interracial Dating Talk Asks: ‘Who’s Got Jungle Fever?’, Indiana Daily Student (Bloomington)
Illinois Speaker Wants To Help Obama, AP
Moment 600 Years Ago that Terror Came to Mummies of the Amazon,
School Pupils Urged to Protest Against Sweden Democrats, Radio Sweden
Dutch Failing In Efforts To Solve Ethnic Tensions,

Wednesday, January 10

Vandals Hit Shi’a Stores, Detroit News
Students Kicked Off School Bus In St. Paul, (St. Paul)
Democrats Recapture Part Of Hispanic Vote, AP
Thanks To Indians, America Is Rich, The Telegraph (Calcutta)
Checkpoints To Combat New Orleans Crime, AP
Racial Undertones Complicate Handover Of Whip, Kansas City Star
Expert: Young U.S. Jews Feel Identifying With Their Ethnic Group Is ‘Not Kosher’, Haaretz
Local Push For Islamic State, The Age (Melbourne)
Maple Leaf Ends Chinese Worker Program Over Job Fees, CBC
Did Rats, Not Spanish, Doom Indians?, AP
For Bird Brains, Bigger Is Better, Reuters

Tuesday, January 9

CIR Asks Court To Order Compliance With Race Ban, Center for Individual Rights
U.S. Education Officials Question Diversity Standard, Washington Post
U.S. Farmers Burdened By Immigration: Reuters Poll, Monsters and Critics
Arraignment Postponed In Shooting Death, AP
Roots Of Latino/Black Anger, Los Angeles Times
Interracial Social Networking: Blackenize, PRWeb Press Release
Sharpton Considers Running For President, AP
Blonds Finally Taken Off The Endangered Species List, Los Angeles Times
On Aussie Beaches, Burqa Plus Bikini Equals Burqini, Christian Science Monitor

Monday, January 8

Oprah’s Truth Does Not Hurt,
Dallas-Based Food Chain To Accept Mexican Pesos, Dallas Morning News
Black Leaders Brace For Adverse School Ruling, New America Media
Metro Has Critical Need For Interpreters, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Some Immigrants Are Re-Arrested 6 Times, AP
Cherokee Sued Over Immigrant Housing Law, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Will Another White Male Be Elected President In 2008?, Christian Science Monitor
No To Fascism And Racism At The Ballet, Unite Against Fascism (UAF)
Spanish Bishops Fear Rebirth Of Islamic Kingdom, The Independent (London)
Where Are The Black Visitors In My Gallery?, The Observer (London)
French Judge Bars Group’s Pork Soup Plan, AP
Cameroon Poet Charged With Spreading AIDS In Poland, Agence France Presse

Friday, January 5

Guardsmen Overrun At The Border, KPNX-TV 12 (Phoenix)
Controversy Surrounds Churchill High Fight, NBC4 (Washington, D.C.)
Poverty and Wealth In America,
Balinese Workers In Line To Fill Staff Gaps, The Australian
Bermuda To Put Bite On Illegal Immigration, AP
Slavery Bicentenary Amnesty Call, BBC News
Poll: Small Majority Do Not See Immigration As Solution To Labour Shortage In Helsinki Region, Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki)
Tijuana Police Abandon Posts, Los Angeles Times
Halal Sheep Slaughter In Borås Pizzeria, The Local (Sweden)

Thursday, January 4

Social Security Agreement With Mexico Released After 3-1/2 Year Freedom Of Information Act Battle, TREA Senior Citizens League
Many Still Left Behind, San Bernardino County Sun
Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Preying On Children, Jim Kouri
Tighter Airport Cab Rules Proposed, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Young, White Country Boys: The Fodder Of Bush’s War, Herald (Edinburgh)
White, But His Heart Is Latino, Los Angeles Times
800,000 Turks Become EU Citizens,
Catalans Grapple With Migrant Influx, BBC News
Germans Get Incentives For Having Babies, AP
Foreign Permanent Residents On Rise, Filling Gaps, Japan Times
Muslim Haj Pilgrims Perform Devil-Stoning Ritual, Reuters

Wednesday, January 3

BNP Ballerina Defies Rising Clamour To Sack Her, Guardian (UK),
Sat Nav For Mexicans Illegally Entering US, London Telegraph
Duke Invites Two Suspects Back To School, AP
Where’s The Outrage Over Black-On-Black Killings?, USA Today
The Minneapolis Jihad,
Zimbabwe Leader Agrees To Interview With Western Media, News 1130 (Canada)
Migrants ‘Benefit Economy Little’, BBC News
Pork Soup Handouts Not Racist — French Judge, Guardian Unlimited (UK)
Hundreds Of Cars Set On Fire In Annual Ritual For Poor Suburbs, Times (London)

Tuesday, January 2

Mich. Universities Consider Next Step After Prop 2 Ruling, Detroit News
Chino Prison Remains Locked Down, Los Angeles Times
Flight From Gang Violence Proved to Be Futile, Los Angeles Times
For This Commute, Set It On Snooze Control, Los Angeles Times
New Broward Judge Dropped ‘Garcia’ From Last Name To Appear Less Hispanic To Voters, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Hip-Hop Stunt ‘Recipe For Disaster’, AP
For Haitian Deportees, American-Style ‘Grills’ Mark Them As Targets For Violence, Hate, South Florida Sun-Sentine
The BNP Ballerina, Mail (UK)
Web Site Will Track Migration Patterns, El Universal (Miami)
Russian Pride Turns Ugly, Hits "Migrants", Chicago Tribune
Muslims ‘Refuse Anti-MRSA Gel’, The Sun (UK)

Monday, January 1

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