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Self-Admitted Perpetrator Of The Attack On Jared Taylor

AR News, Jan. 24, 2007

What follows is an e-mailed message from Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Speech.

Subject: Another Self-Admitted Perpetrator of the Attack on Jared Taylor
Date: Tue, January 23, 2007 7:37 pm

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Without ever leaving his computer, one of our associates has identified two of the perpetrators — the ARA goons who invaded Jared Taylor’s meeting last Tuesday in Halifax, cursed and shouted, banged on pots and pans, and eventually grabbed him, assaulted him and ejected him from the room he had rented. Many of the perpetrators wore masks or bandanas in contravention of the law.

It’s clear from Brad, aka xTrotskyx, that this was an organized planned attack, dare we say a conspiracy, to deny Mr. Taylor the opportunity to speak at his own meeting. Some of the writers on the “Halifax Local Mssage” board opposed the attack on free speech and the disguises and masks worn by the perpetrators.

Come on Halifax Regional Police force, if we can find two of the perps, why can’t you find and charge the rest for causing a disturbance — all of them; for wearing a disguise in the commission of a crime — all those who were masked; and assault — those who manhandled Jared Taylor. The newspaper and television photos, as well as those taken for Mr. Taylor should be of considerable assistance.

Paul Fromm


Now, if you don’t believe me he attacked Taylor, Look at this post by Brad aka xTROTSKYx made at “Halifax Locals” message board.


Originally Posted by xTROTSKYx Tonight, a NEO-NAZI, Jared Taylor is speaking at the Lord Nelson Hotel, on Spring Garden Road. There is a rally at 6:20PM to let him know that he is not welcome in our community. Bring noisemakers and masks. Wink link

He then admits to theft, and destruction of property.


Originally Posted by xTROTSKYx

I took all of the Nazis’ candy. It was tasty.

Also, we made confetti from their literature.

It was like a party.

Rory says on the thread:


Originally Posted by rory

also, props to mark and cole for not hiding behind masks heh.

“Brad” replies and admits to an act of conspiracy:


Originally Posted by xTROTSKYx

Er, given the history of Nazis taking photos at events like this, and later physically assaulting people, I was wearing a mask for my safety. Most people were covering their faces for this purpose, and, in fact, there was a white supremacist or two present with cameras. We talked about this in our breifing/meeting before going inside, and I think it’s stupid to fault people for not wanting Nazis to have pictures of them.

TROTSKY aka Brad, in a separate thread of the same board admits to committing an illegal act of intimidation.


Originally Posted by xTROTSKYx

… I think, is that people are missing the point of the demonstration, or at least, the point for me, and many of the other activists present. It wasn’t nearly so much about stopping his speech in particular, as it was about making white supremacists feel threatened.

Joined: 18 May 2005 Posts: 1191 Location: Woozley Farm Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 5:03 pm Post subject:

The problem with most of this thread, I think, is that people are missing the point of the demonstration, or at least, the point for me, and many of the other activists present. It wasn’t nearly so much about stopping his speech in particular, as it was about making white supremacists feel threatened and unwelcome. It was about showing racists that Halifax is a community where they will be confronted, physically, and where there will be no easy inroads. Free speech? I think free speech is important, but I don’t believe there are any all-applicable absolutes. The thing is, we weren’t there ‘cos we give a fuck what he had to say — we were there to confront a piece of racist shit, and make sure that racists aren’t able to get organized in our city. It’s easy for white people to sit back, and talk about “free speech” on a message board, but how about when people start being targeted by racist violence?

As for the masks, the last time there was event like this, it was held at the Holiday Inn, neo-nazis were taking photos, and, you know what? Somebody did get the shit kicked out of them. You know what else? Yeah, we physically removed Jared Taylor from the room, which may have been crossing some legal lines. Letting Jared Taylor and his racist friends turn to the police for help is not a comforting prospect, so one more reason to keep our identities hidden. Finally, maybe the thought of being surrounded by an angry masked “mob” (though I don’t feel that’s exactly accurate — mobs don’t have meetings to discuss and democratically agree on plans before carrying them out) will make some other racist think twice before trying to organize an event in Halifax.

“But it’s supposed to be terrible, right? Punk?”

Visit the Canadian Association for Free Expression’s website:

(Posted on January 24, 2007)

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