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News archive from February 2007

Wednesday, February 28

Segregationist Coming Back To Halifax For Debate, Daily News (Halifax)
Post 9/11, Islam Flourishes Among Blacks, Reuters
FBI Considers Revisiting Cold Cases, AP
Laborers Sue For Overtime Pay, Washington Post
Phila. To Honor Washington’s Slaves, AP
Little Rock Schools Freed From Court, AP
Link Found Between Genetics And IQ, UPI
Bill Would Mandate Nicer Term For Illegals, News-Press (Ft. Myers, Fla.)
Woman Accused Of Using Infant As Car Down Payment, CNN
Poker Debt Outrage, AP
France’s Le Pen: Longshot Political Bid, AP

Tuesday, February 27

Professor At Centre Of Cartoon Controversy To Debate Taylor, Chronicle Herald (Halifax)
Illegal Aliens Killing More Americans Than The Iraq War,
All Most Wanted, Los Angeles Police Department
A Drunk And A Bigot — What The US Presidental Hopeful HASN’T Said About His Father . . ., Daily Mail (London)
Asian Paper’s ‘I Hate Blacks’ Column Assailed, San Francisco Chronicle
Half Of Teachers At North Will Be Shown The Door, Rocky Mountain News
British Immigrants Face A Hostile Reception After Maori Call For Curb, Telegraph (London)
Blacks In Vietnam Find Disillusionment, Resort To Crime, Thanh Nien News (Ho Chi Minh City)
Mexican Wives Want U.S. To Return Husbands, Washington Post
Muslim Girl Sparks Canada Hijab Dispute, Guardian (Manchester)

Monday, February 26

"Men of the West, Stand and Fight!", Special to AR News
Immigrants Who Wire Money Get Help From The Fed, Los Angeles Times
Mexican Anger Over US ‘Trespass’, BBC News
Adopting from Africa, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Citizenship Requests Soar Before Big Changes, Los Angeles Times
Farsi-Language Voter Materials Draw Fire In Beverly Hills, AP
Sharpton’s Ancestor Was Owned by Thurmond’s, Washington Post
Time to Stop Looking Past Black KKK, AOL Sports
Va. Lawmakers Pass Slavery Apology, AP
Witchcraft Brings Murder To Pacific Paradise, Telegraph (London)

Friday, February 23

Hispanic Cop Wins Bias Suit, Detroit News
Execs Indicted For Employing Illegal Immigrants,
Of Great Import: Bilingual Teachers, Houston Chronicle
Missouri House Backs Measure Requiring English For Official Proceedings, AP
Mexicans Smuggle Chinese Aliens, Jerry Seper
Experts Doubt Clovis People Were First In Americas, Reuters
Schools Win The Right To Ban The Veil After Girl’s Court Defeat, Daily Mail (London)
Police Protect Girls Forced To Convert To Islam,
S. Korean Name-Change Law Aids Illegal Reentry To Japan, The Yomiuri Shimbun (Osaka)
U.S. Tourist In Costa Rica Kills Mugger, AP

Thursday, February 22

Mayhem Main Event at NBA All-Star Weekend,
Hillary Clinton Finds the South Too Southern, Human Events
Theme For Lent Is Immigration, Los Angeles Times
Jackson Makes Plea To Hollywood, Variety
Farrakhan To Make His Last Major Address, AP
Lawmakers To Consider Bill To Offer In-State Tuition To Undocumented Students, Idaho Statesman
Earl’s Last Laugh, SF Weekly (San Francisco)
Sweden Wants EU To Help With Iraq Refugees, (London)
A Parallel Muslim Universe, Der Spiegel
Ethnic Diversity ‘Not Valued By UK Firms’, Telegraph (London)
Polio Cases Rise After Vaccination Scare, Guardian (Manchester)
Pacific Islanders World’s Fattest People, Telegraph (London)

Wednesday, February 21

Mexico To Lobby For Immigration Reform, AP
Black History Mandate Eases Into Phila. Schools, Philadelphia Inquirer
Anti-Affirmative Action Group To Investigate Arizona Schools, Mohave Daily News (Bullhead City, Arizona)
Black Megachurch Reaches For Latinos, AP
Club 2012 Stresses Academic Achievement Of Young Black Males, Washington Post
Judge Approves Settlement In Allstate Class-Action Suit, WOAI (San Antonio)
The Real-Life Indiana Jones And The Mansion Of Doom, London Times
Anti-American Feelings Soar Among Muslims, Study Finds, London Times
Muslims: ‘Ban’ Un-Islamic Schools, Daily Express (London)

Tuesday, February 20

Minority Admissions Plummet, Michigan Daily
Let Aliens Vote: Activists, New York Post
Americans Divided Over Black History Month,
Crime Turning New Orleans Into Big Uneasy, Reuters
Minutemen Go Inside Latino Immigration Meeting — Racism Espoused, Calls For Violence Against "Whites", Minuteman Project
Youths Say Too Many Hispanics Are Being Deported, AP
Clinton Objects To Confederate Flag, AP
Hollywood’s Glitterati Line Up For Obama, Telegraph (London)
The De La Rey Uprising, Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg)
It Is Time To Be Honest About Black Crime, Telegraph (London)
Disturbing Reality Buried, Calgary Sun

Monday, February 19

Halfway To Destination 2010, Kids Struggling, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)
Racism Still Excludes Blacks From Some Towns, Kansas City Star
Parasitic Infection Plagues States Along Mexico Border, Washington Times
U. Of Illinois Bars Indian Symbol, AP
Debates Within Black Community Going Public, AP
Looks Like We Got Us A Convoy . . . From India, London Times
Minneapolis Police Study Tells Where, Who, When Of Robberies, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul),
Vanuatu Cargo Cult Marks 50 Years, BBC News
Three Cholera Deaths Confirmed As Unrest Grows In Zimbabwe, Guardian (Manchester)

Friday, February 16

Admissions Policy To Diversify UW System, Royal Purple
Defeat For Affirmative Action, Inside Higher Ed
ACLU Targets Tustin Unified’s Gifted Program, Los Angeles Times
LAPD May Get Options On Monitoring Racial Profiling, Los Angeles Times
The Fight For Parks’ Legacy, Detroit News
No, The Cops Didn’t Murder Sean Bell, City Journal
Neo-Nazi Rally Was Organized By FBI Informant, Orlando Sentinel
Cops: Gang Rape Of 11-Year-Old Girl Taped On Cell Phone, Detroit News
Chinese Pupils Eclipse All Other Ethnic Groups In English Tests, Independent (London)
British Children: Poorer, At Greater Risk And More Insecure, Guardian (Manchester)

Thursday, February 15

NFL Rejects Border Patrol Ad, Washington Times
U.S. Agrees to Resettle Refugees from Iraq, Washington Post
The New Black Realism, City Journal
2005 The Whitest Law School Report, University of Dayton Law School
The Hypocrisy of Diversity, Tufts Daily
Journalism Programs to Be Race Blind, AP
Jury Clears Walgreen’s in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit, AP
Opera Expert Says Puccini’s Butterfly is ‘Racist’, Telegraph
EU Opens Talks on Legal Immigration,
African Union Bemoans Continent’s Image, AP

Wednesday, February 14

Utah Gunman Was Bosnian Refugee, Reuters
Rep. Ellison Calls The Cops To Snuff Tancredo’s Cigar, The Hill
A Tale Of Two Rapes In Durham,
Measure To Honor Black Leaders Shelved Again, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Affirmative Action Helps Immigrants Above Slave Descendants, Study Finds, CNA News
Say No To Naming A Harlem Street After a Cop-Killer,
Shiv Sena In No Mood For Love On Valentine’s, Reuters
Wilders: Get Rid Of Half Of Koran!, Expatica
SA Expropriates First Farm In Reform Drive, Mail & Guardian (Capetown)
Zimbabwe Inflation Nears 1,600%, BBC News
Swim Centre Bars Two-Year-Old Girl Because She Isn’t Muslim,

Tuesday, February 13

Immigration, Multiculturalism, and the End of Free Speech in Europe, Robert Taft Club
Bank Of America Casts Wider Net For Hispanics, Wall Street Journal
Nashville Mayor Vetoes English-Only Bill, AP
Anglo Students In Classroom Drop 6 Percent, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Backstory: Remaking The Black Church, Christian Science Monitor
L.A. Black Activists Search For A Constituency, Los Angeles Times
N.Y. County Calls For An End To Use Of Racial Slur, AP
De La Rey Rides Again, Financial Mail
$1.2 Million Sought For Mugabe Birthday, AP
China's Changing Skin Colour, BBC News

Monday, February 12

A Lesson in Change, Los Angeles Times
A Town That Wants Illegal Immigrants, Los Angeles Times
Obama Announces Presidential Campaign, AP
War Over The Confederacy Rages In Texas, Chicago Tribune
Officer Shot In The Arm; Police Look For Suspect, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Racially Charged Costumes Rile Campus, AP
The White Parents, An Indian Baby And The New £3bn Fertility Tourism, Times of London
Lock Out These Refugee Thugs, Herald Sun
2 Italians Stoned to Death on Cape Verde, AP
Ethnic Unemployed Have To Learn English, Reuters
Genes May Play Bigger Preemie Birth Role, AP

Friday, February 9

NOLA Grapples With Prospect Of Second-Class Status, AP
Stakes Get Higher For Geno’s, Philadelphia Inquirer
Work Visas May Work Against The U.S., Business Week
Immigration Raid Empties Texas Town, Washington Post
Distrust Hinders FBI In Outreach To Muslims, Washington Post
Suspect Arrested In Rapes Of Men, Houston Chronicle
Paris Court Takes Up Muslim Cartoon Case, Christian Science Monitor
Do Ethnic Enclaves Impede Integration?, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Thursday, February 8

Nashville Adopts “English First” Policy, AP
What’s Behind Stop & Frisks? High Black Crime, New York Daily News
Foes Of Illegal Migrants Shame Employers Via Web, Los Angeles Times
Plea For Gang Violence Crackdown, BBC News
Tuskegee’s Ghosts: Fear Hinders Black Marrow Donation, CNN
On Point: Diversity Drivel, Rocky Mountain News
Chief Seeks Stronger Laws On Hate Crimes, London (Ontario) Free Press
Muslims Converts Face Ostracism In France, Zee News (India)
West African Nation Lays Claim To Whoopi, AP

Wednesday, February 7

Final Teen Gets Probation In Long Beach Hate Crime, Los Angeles Times
Increase In Hispanic And Asian Intra-Ethnic Marriages, Newswise
DNA Clue To Presidential Puzzle, BBC News
Immigrant Protests Energize KKK, Neo-Nazis, AP
The Revolt Against Academe, New York Sun
After Sharp Remarks, Panel Kills Anti-Minuteman Bill, Arizona Daily Star
Teen Pregnancy Rate Continues To Drop — Except Among Latinas, Arizona Republic
Hindus Find New Home For Growing Community, Rocky Mountain News
Muslim Groups To Launch Complaint Over Town’s Immigrant Code,

Tuesday, February 6

Coming US Challenge: A Less Literate Workforce, Christian Science Monitor
MIT Professor Begins Hunger Strike, AP
Children’s Foreheads Slashed In Muslim Saint’s Name, AP
Britain Leads Secondary Market For Islamic Bonds, Financial Times
Town Stands By Its Norms, The Gazette (Montreal)
Immigrants Welcomed In Sweden, AP
Zimbabwe Threatens White Farmers, AP

Monday, February 5

4 Teens Get Probation, House Arrest In Long Beach Attack, Los Angeles Times
Lawn-Care Entrepreneur Faces A Changing Racial Landscape, Washington Post
Black NFL Fans Confront Welcome Quandary, AP
Police Slow To Respond To Alleged Hate Beating, CBS
Florida Technical School Student Angry Over Lack of Black History Classes Stabs 3 With Screwdriver, AP
French Blacks: J’Accuse Racism, Washington Times
District May Drop “Huck Finn” From Required Reading List, Pioneer Press
Teacher Sacked Over Religion Row, BBC News
Saudi Court Orders Lashing, Jail For 20 Foreigners For Drinking, Dancing At Mixed Party, Fox News

Friday, February 2

Fragmented Future, American Conservative
Escondido Man Forms City’s Minutemen Brigade, North County Times (Escondido, Calif.)
More Immigration Officers Watching Jails, AP
Border Policy’s Success Strains Resources, Washington Post
L.A. Blackout, Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report
Clemson University Probes Racist Party, AP
Sharpton Takes Biden To Task On Remarks, AP
White Supremacists Target Protesters, Daily News (Halifax)
Swedish Officials: Iraqi Embassy Has Issued Thousands Of Fake Passports, Pravda
No Traders, No Market As Foreigners Are Sent Packing, Times (London)
India Warns Britain Over ‘Unfair’ Worker-Immigration Laws, Central Chronicle

Thursday, February 1

Student Council Passes Diversity Pledge Aimed At First-Year Students, Cavalier Daily (Charlottesville, Va.)
State Of Virginia To Issue Public Apology For Slavery, USA Today
Victims Speak In Long Beach Hate-Crime Case, Los Angeles Times
Unsettled Scores: Has the Black-White IQ Gap Narrowed?, Scientific American
Immigrants Put Pressure On Congress, Chicago Tribune
Sanchez Accuses Democrat Of Calling Her A ‘Whore,’ Resigns From Hispanic Group, The Politico
Racism 101,
Survey Details the Lives of Black Youth, AP
Bogus Asylum Seekers Scam State Out Of Millions Of Euros, UNISON (Ireland)
After 200 Years, Fight To End Slavery Goes On, Telegraph (London)
Migrants ‘Are Better Workers’, Telegraph (London)
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