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American Renaissance March 2007 issue

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  • The National Front: Going Soft or Getting Wise? Frédéric Legrand answers the question in an informative review of the leading nationalist party in France. M. Legrand explains the strategic approach the National Front is taking to “normalize” and appeal to a wider, more mainstream audience, while still holding to a firm line on immigration.
  • Conversation with Alain Soral: A mainstream and left-leaning journalist, and a former Marxist, M. Soral stunned the French establishment this past November by publicly proclaiming his support of the National Front. In this brief but fascinating interview, we learn more about the man who has become an intimate advisor to Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine Le Pen.
  • Crime or Guerilla Warfare? The French publication Rivarol provides an update on the increasing violence perpetrated by foreign youth gangs, and especially their outright warfare against police, firefighters, and any other public servants they can target.
  • Free Speech? Not in Canada continues the still unfolding story of editor Jared Taylor’s effort to open a dialogue in Canada on the effects of multiculturalism. As reported in the last issue, Mr. Taylor had accepted an invitation to debate the subject with Prof. David Divine at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After the university subsequently “uninvited” him, Mr. Taylor made arrangements with a local meeting hall and invited the public to hear the speech he had prepared for the debate. As he began his presentation, a gang of masked Leftists entered the room banging pots and pans and physically forced Mr. Taylor off the stage. This article gives full details of what happened in Halifax, and how Mr. Taylor is fighting back against this lawless and cowardly assault on his right to free speech.
  • In An Old Friend Speaks, Jared Taylor reviews Shots Fired: Sam Francis on America’s Culture War, a new collection of some of the finest writing ever to flow from the pen of the late and much bereaved Dr. Francis. As Mr. Taylor peruses the topics addressed in this work, he offers some touching recollections of a good friend and a great leader in our cause. (The link above includes an excerpt from this review.)
  • Plus, how the European Parliament is trying to stifle the growing influence of nationalist parties, black teens in Long Beach are given a slap on the wrist after brutally assaulting three white girls last October, Congressman Tom Tancredo criticizes the racially exclusive Congressional Black Caucus, and more!

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(Posted on March 1, 2007)

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