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Anti-‘Pig’ Lyrics Burn Firefighter

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David Gambacorta and Christine Olley, Philadelphia Daily News, April 14, 2007

By day, Rodney Jean Jaques is a firefighter in Mount Airy. He’s supposed to be one of the good guys.

Jaques also moonlights as an aspiring rapper, going by the name “Cal Akbar.” He had some success two years ago, as one of his songs became the theme for a national campaign about fire prevention.

But Jaques, 30, has suddenly landed himself in some serious hot water with the city’s Finest, thanks to another song he created with his rapping alter-ego.

The hard-driving untitled song, which surfaced on the Internet earlier this week, features lyrics that clearly encourage cop-killing.

“I got a surprise for them cops,” Jaques raps, as gunfire erupts in the middle of the song. “I hope the news is taping this, ’cause I’m gonna turn pigs into bacon bits.”

The song, on a Web site touting Jaques’ 2006 CD, “Sin City Vol. 1,” and his record company, the “Larsiny Family,” plays as cartoon flames burst onto the screen.

Not surprisingly, Jaques’ jarring lyrics have incensed the Fraternal Order of Police. FOP president Bob Eddis fired off an internal bulletin demanding that Jaques be fired.


“The most deplorable part of it is that this is coming from someone we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with in times of danger,” said [Richard] Costello [Eddis’ predecessor], who noted that he was not speaking on behalf of the FOP.


When reached by phone, Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said only: “The matter is still under investigation.” A Fire Department spokesperson later said there would be no additional comments until next week.


On his page — which touts him as “Akbar the Great” — Jaques lists his interests as “drinking cognac, handguns, assault rifles … driving fast, sex and any activity that I can get adreneline rush from.”

The page also features a blog post with a quote attributed to “Akbar 2004” — ”The hood made me cold and ruthless, I blow and brew sip, just I don’t go a lose it, I’m so elusive, the Po-Po is slow and useless.”


[Editor’s Note: Listen to tracks from Sin City, Vol. 1 here and here.]

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(Posted on April 16, 2007)

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