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News archive from April 2007

Monday, April 30

Hate Crime Charge For Suspect In 101-Year-Old’s Mugging, AP
Investigators: No Evidence To Support Duke ‘Rape’ Accuser’s Story, Fox News
Long Beach Teen In Halloween Beating Case Arrested Again, AP
Teacher Sex Scandal Prompts ‘Racism’ Outcry, WHNS-TV
Mexican Children Cross Border To Go To School, Houston Chronicle
Minorities Fare Worse In Traffic Stops, AP
Prosecutor: Officer Forced Couples To Have Sex, Seattle
Modern Man, Neanderthals Seen As Kindred Spirits, Washington Post
Muslim Women In France Regain Virginity In Clinics, Reuters

Friday, April 27

Miami Activist Opposes Push For Immigration Amnesty, Miami Herald
Federal Courts Struggle With Crowded Dockets From Immigration, AP
Police Targeting Urban Marauders,
Gang Activity Firmly On Police’s Radar, Dallas Morning News
Morristown Rape Suspect Wants 5th Lawyer, Daily Record (Morris County, New Jersey)
Employee Diversity Training Doesn’t Work, Time Magazine
Feds To Form S.F. Immigration Unit, Inside Bay Area
Mexican Residents Endure Long Line For ID Cards, Rockford Register Star
Central Banks Try To Make It Cheaper For People To Send Money Home, The Economist
Anti-Polio Drive Faces Tough Opposition In Swat, The International News (Pakistan)

Thursday, April 26

University Of Virginia Apologize For Slavery Past,
Intelligence Not Linked To Wealth, According To US Study, AFP
Big Problems For Survivors Of Shootings, San Francisco Chronicle
Hip-Hop’s Ghetto Culture Has Passed Into The Mainstream, Seattle Post-Intelligence
Man Says Word Cost Him A Job, The Hawk Eye
Virginia Tech’s Professor of Hate,
Death To All Rapists, Campus Echo
Great Society Begets Bad Society, New York Sun
At The Intersection Of The Minimum Wage And Illegal Immigration, The Freeman
Beating Freedom Of Speech,
Muslim Women Allowed To Wear Face Veils In UK Courts,
Woman Wearing Burqa Denied Bus Trip In Sweden, Independent OnLine

Wednesday, April 25

3 North Carolina Sheriffs Participate In Federal Immigrant Program, WRAL-TV
Alabama House, Senate OK Slavery Apologies, Times Daily (Florence, Alabama)
For Rent, Unless You’re BlackReport Reveals Race Discrimination In Orleans Rental Housing, Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center
Black Lawmakers Call Gun Rights Sign Racist, WGAL-TV
Liberian Immigrants Protest U.S. Plan To Deport Them Oct. 1, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Interracial Couples Invest More In Kids, Robin Lloyd
Muslims In Quandary Over State Food Law, Chicago Tribune
Study: Hispanics Driving Change In U.S. Religion, Dallas Morning News
Schools Becoming Ethnic And Religious Ghettos, Telegraph
Dominican, Haitian Bishops Demand A Stop To Illegal Immigration, Dominican Today
Migrants Firm’s Secret Weapon, New Zealand Herald

Tuesday, April 24

Black Youths Offered Deals In Long Beach Beating Case,
Lenders Accused Of Preying On Blacks, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Philly Struggles With Rising Murder Rate, AP
Protest By Truckers May Hobble Beltway, Washington Post
Newsom Pledges To Make SF A Sanctuary For Illegal Immigrants, San Francisco Chronicle
Native American Women Suffering Shocking Rates Of Rape: Amnesty, AFP
Three Gang Members Charged In Triple Murder, Los Angeles Times
Statisticians Alarmed As Canada Zooms Towards Labour Shortage, Medindia
The Truth About Black On Black Crime, The Independent

Monday, April 23

When Ethnicity Brings An Unwelcome Focus, Los Angeles Times
NAACP Regional Group Holds Mock Funeral In Hartford For The ‘N-Word’, Hartford Courant
Collared In Sicko Rape, Daily News
Sentencing Delayed For Father Who Raped Daughter, AP
Slur On Couch Label Blamed On Software, AP
Prom Unites Georgia School, Orlando Sentinel
France’s Sarkozy Leads Royal For May Election, Reuters
Skinny-Only Message To African Models, Reuters
Raising Khairlanji Ghost: Dalit Students ‘Purified’ With Cow Urine, Indian Express

Friday, April 20

Too Many Catholics Believe Immigration Myths, Bishops’ Official Says, Urging Church Assault To Debunk ‘Ignorance’, Catholic Online
Judge Suspended For Jailing Immigrants Without Bail, AP
ACLU Sues Official Over License Denial, Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre)
Immigrant Groups Grateful To Emanuel, Chicago Sun-Times
S.F. Can Try To Reinstate Affirmative Action Program, Court Rules, San Francisco Chronicle
Clinton Prods Black Leaders on Health, AP
A New Era Of Black Political Leaders, AP
Immigration, National Identity Take Center Stage in French Presidential Campaign, Chosun Ilbo (S. Korea)
Ultranationalist Fervor Hits Europe, AP
Immigration Is Up By 42 percent in Just One Year, Daily Express (London)

Thursday, April 19

On ImusLast Thoughts From A Long-Time Listener, Issues & Views — The Blog
Rev. Al Ducks A ‘Rap’, New York Post
Why Did He Have to Be a . . . ?, Inside Higher Ed
Police Still Looking For Gunmen In Smuggling-Related Shootout, AP
Illegitimate Births Among Immigrants, Center for Immigration Studies
Minority Scholarships Fall Victim To Fear Of Anti-affirmative Action Lawsuit, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Changing Times For Black Colleges, Inside Higher Ed
Fraud Found In Religious Worker Visas, USA Today
L.A. Charter School Sues Radio Station, Los Angeles Times, April 19, 2007
French Asians Reach Out To Election Candidates, Expatica

Wednesday, April 18

EU Official Criticizes U.S.-Mexico Wall, Breitbart
Report: Problems With Black Men Are Major U.S. Crisis, WKMG-TV
Hispanics, Young Men Drive Rise In AIDS Cases, Pioneer Press
State Rep. Brooks Gets Hateful, Racist Email Over Slavery Apology Bill, Atlanta Progressive News
‘White Power’ Banner Hung On Westmoreland Water Tower, AP
Montana Takes Lead In Revolt Against Real ID, Pew Research Center
Ancient Child Sacrifices Found In Mexico, AP
Polygamous Husbands Can Claim Cash For Their Harems, Daily Mail
Immigration Has Unsettled The Country, Says Minister, This Is London

Tuesday, April 17

Press Release: Asian American Journalists Association, Asian American Journalists Association
Was Gunman Crazed Over Emily?, Daily Telegraph
Help Sought To Resettle African Refugees Here, Chattanooga Times Free Press
‘We Are Being Injured Daily By Racism’, San Francisco Chronicle
Spurrier: Remove Confederate Flag From S.C. Statehouse, AP
Early Tests Predict Adult IQ, LiveScience
EU Border Agency Cuts African Migrant Numbers,
Foreign Voters ‘Could Decide Next Election’, London Telegraph
French Election Is Key Test For Le Pen, AP
French North Africans Want Brakes On Immigration, Expatica

Monday, April 16

Unruly Crowd Gathers At Standoff, Tulsa World
Testing For A Hidden Racial Bias, MSNBC
A California Court Upholds Neighborhood-Based School Integration:,
Minorities More Likely To Develop Cancer, Reuters
MPAC Praises The Firing Of Don Imus, Muslim Public Affairs Council
US Wrestles With Iraq Refugee Issue, t r u t h o u t
Pervert Tried To Kill Her, New York Daily News
Anti-‘Pig’ Lyrics Burn Firefighter, Philadelphia Daily New
Don’t Stare At Muslims Says Advice To Schools, London Times
UK Man’s New Life As Indian ‘Goddess’, BBC News

Friday, April 13

NAACP Summit To Address Racist Party At Clemson, AP
Cleared Duke Players Consider Suing DA, AP
Bush Defends No Child Left Behind Act, AP
Beverly Hills Addresses Diversity Issue, Los Angeles Times
Immigration Debate Sours For Illegals, AP
Mexican Traffickers Wage Publicity War, AP
Sarkozy Accused Of Moving Closer To Far-Right Leader Le Pen,
Muslim Council Demands Church Privileges For Islam,
Howard: No HIV-Positive Immigrants, AP
The Prospect Of All-Female Conception, Independent (London)

Thursday, April 12

Blair Blames Spate Of Murders On Black Culture, Guardian (London)
Duke DA Apologizes to Players, AP
Interracial Marriages Surge Across U.S., AP
Adoptive Couples Revel In The Joys Of Big Families Brought Together By LoveAnd By WillIf Not By Birth, Newsday
Alabama Senate Considers Slavery Apology, AP
Lawmaker Says Failure To Put Coretta Scott King Portrait In Ga. Capitol Worse Than Imus Slur, AP
Gary’s First Teacher’s Racist Views A Shock, Post-Tribune (Gary, Ind.)
Has Baseball Betrayed Jackie Robinson?, AP
Ethnic Changes In Store For Chino Hills, Los Angeles Times
Clinton Taps Hispanic Outreach Leader, AP

Wednesday, April 11

Prosecutors Drop Charges in Duke Case, AP
Crystal Gail Mangum: Profile of the Duke Rape Accuser, Fox News
Imus’ Slur Highlights The Use Of ‘Nappy’ Among African-Americans, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Councilwoman Carlisle Charged With Theft, Conspiracy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Father Shows Toddler How To Use Assault Rifle,
Spat Over TV Spurs Fight Between Black, Latino Prisoners, Washington Post
$2.2 Trillion Illegal Alien Taxpayer Sticker Shock,
French Election Puts Spotlight On Slums,
Britishness Lessons ‘Fuel Racism’, BBC News
Race Divide On Single Parents,

Tuesday, April 10

Ga. School Plans Its First Non-Segregated Prom, AP
Forrest 1 Step Closer To Gone, Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville)
Doyle Wants To Look Into Racial Disparities, AP
Statue Of Baseball-Loving Family Unveiled Outside Hadlock Field, AP
Pacman Suspended For Season, AP
Thug Life In A Rural Town, Palm Beach Post
Hindus May Win Right To Open Air Cremations In The UK, Times of India
Hurley’s Indian Wedding An Insult, Hindus Tell Court, AFP
Le Pen Gains As French Presidential Campaign Starts, AP
Haitians Make Yearly Voodoo Pilgrimage, AP

Monday, April 9

Lawsuit Targets Police Inaction On Immigration, Contra Costa Times
Burns Documentary Angers Latino Veterans, AP
Ga. Slave Ownership Could Sway Debate, AP
S.F. Moves To Stem African American Exodus, San Francisco Chronicle
Adopt Our Baby Girls, India Begs Britons, Daily Mail (UK)
Plan To Help Black Boys Achieve, BBC News
Migration Tally Reveals British Brain Drain, Telegraph (London)
Claim Paybacks From France, Gaddafi Tells Senegal, AP

Friday, April 6

N.C. Senate Apologizes For Slavery And Jim Crow Laws, AP
White Privilege Conference 8, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Goodbye, Be Blessed, and Good Luck!,
Teacher Finds Stereotypes In District’s Algebra Books, Palm Beach Post
UCLA Sees An Increase In Black Student Admissions, Los Angeles Times
Virginia Beach Leaders Strike Back At Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, Virginian-Pilot (Hampton Roads)
Students Fear For Job Prospects In U.S. Visa Crunch, Reuters
UMass Considers Revoking Mugabe Degree, AP
Australians ‘Worst Muslim Haters’, Herald Sun (Sydney)
Language Requirement ‘Against Human Rights’, Der Spiegel (Germany)

Thursday, April 5

Native-Born Americans Flee Cities, AP
Low-Skilled Aliens Exact A Burden, Washington Times
Study: Immigrants Add To State’s Bottom Line, Morning News
Flyers Being Distributed By County Minutemen, The Daily News (Bullhead, Arizona)
Portland Schools’ Discipline Rates Show Racial Gap, The Oregonian (Portland, Oregon)
Gang Intelligence Investigates 8 Teens, Leesburg (Virginia) Today
Visa Denials Hit Hard In The Hamptons, Newsday (Melville, New York)
Quebec Day-Care Lunch Menu Discriminates: Panel, CTV (Toronto)
English Test Required For Permanent Residency, Washington Times
"Open Border To Hard Workers", Expatica
Kurds Clash With Police In Turkey, AP

Wednesday, April 4

‘Hate’ Painting Prompts Online Feedback, Forum, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Immigration Plan Puts Price on Visa, All Things Considered
Senate Rejects Federal ID Rules, The State (Columbia, S.C.)
TB or Not TB, Village Voice
SFPD Reforms Urged To Prevent Racial Profiling, San Francisco Chronicle
A Citizens’ Army In New Orleans, Time
State To Study Crime By Immigrants, AP
New Castle Ends ‘Confederate’ Month, AP
Ahwatukee Murder Of Interest To Domestic Violence Advocates, Arizona Republic
Quebec Right On Muslims, Ottawa Sun
Report Puts A Pacifier On ‘Smarter Baby’ Debate, USA TODAY

Tuesday, April 3

The Citizens of Herouxville, Quebec, Canada, Thank you, E-mailed message from Herouxville
Tancredo Makes Campaign For President Official, KEYE-TV
Orleans DA Fights Discrimination Ruling, AP
Oklahoma May Target Illegal Immigrants And Their Employers, Los Angeles Times
Cops Demand Removal of ‘Racist’ Art, WXIA-TV Atlanta
Muslim Woman Sues Detroit Judge For Asking Her To Remove Her Veil, AP
Prof To Discuss ‘White Problem’, Chapel Hill (North Carolina) News
Dengue Surging In Mexico, Latin America, AP
Invasion Of The Parakeets, Independent
Hitchhiker’s Guide To A Failing State, Independent

Monday, April 2

Diversity Program Mostly Benefits Asians, Los Angeles Times
New Orleans Judge May Free Dozens, USA TODAY
Child Fatal Injury Rate Down, But Race Gap Up, Reuters
Humans Can See Race And Sex Even In Simple Outlines, LiveScience
Hispanic DWIs Rooted In Immigrants’ Culture, News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)
School District’s Obsessed With Race, Seattle Times
KU Student Injured In Denver Shooting, Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World
Jews for Le Pen, Haaretz
Pope: "Demographic Profile" Shows Europe Soon To "Take Its Leave From History", LifeSite
Teachers Drop The Holocaust To Avoid Offending Muslims, Daily Mail (London