American Renaissance

News archive from May 2007

Thursday, May 31

FBI: Violent Crime Still Increasing, AP
Alabama Governor Signs Resolution Apologizing For Slavery, AP
House Push Grows For Slavery Apology, Detroit News
Forum Aims To Lift Black Males, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Some Guatemalans Loaf In U.S. Cash Flow, AP
Majorities Of British, Germans And Italians Believe There Are Too Many Legal Immigrants In Their Country, StockHouse (Vancouver, British.Columbia)
Banks Give Sharia A Second Look, Toronto Globe and Mail
S.Africa’s Crumbling Medical Science & State Hospitals,
Aborigines Dying Young More Often, The Age (Melbourne)
Farms Need Migrants Or ‘Fruit Will Be Left To Rot’, London Times

Wednesday, May 30

To Immigrants, U.S. Reform Bill Is Unrealistic, Arab American News
Many Katrina Evacuees In Houston Still Unemployed 2 Years Later, AP
Importing Violence: The Danger Of Immigration From Violent Cultures, Family Security Matters
Race, Age Divide Nevada, Las Vegas Sun
Workers, Customer Attacked For Wearing Red, The Press Democrat
1,000 Men Living Legally With Multiple Wives Despite Fears Over Exploitation, London Times
Half Of Black Britain On Track For DNA Database, London Register
Housing Slump, Crackdown Cut Flows, Hurt Mexican Peso, Bloomberg
Miss Norway Is 50 Percent Pinoy, Manila Standard Today
Ethnic Brawl In Russia’s South Kills 1, Manchester Guardian

Tuesday, May 29

The Next Big Headline: Most Births Minority in 2011.,
White Students Being Recruited At Black Colleges, AP
Ceremony Lauds Founding German Immigrants, Quad-City Times (Davenport, Iowa)
Illegal Immigrant Backlash, National Ledger
Pak Boy Charged With Hate Crime, Times of India
Teachers Want Body Armour To Carry Out Gun Searches,
Dead Girl Chopped Up, Court Told, BBC News
Report: Doctor Shortage Hurts AIDS Care, AP
Latin America Is Facing Its Own Immigration Issues, Miami Herald
European Man Found in Ancient Chinese Tomb, Study Reveals, National Geographic News

Friday, May 25

Towards A White Minority, National Review Online
What About Crystal Gail Mangum?, Special to AR News
NY Times/CBS Poll Finds That 69% Believe Illegal Immigrants Should Be Prosecuted, Rasmussen Reports
Developers Eye Hispanics, AP
Hanson Launches New Party, Daily Telegraph (Surry, Australia)
Taxi Drivers Refusing To Carry Blind Passengers, Daily Telegraph (Surry, Australia)
Immigration Has Tended To Lower Wages In Both Canada And U.S.: Study, Canadian Press
Swiss Reputation For Tolerance Under Threat, Reuters
Support The Call For An Apology For Slavery, black information link (London)
Health Body Says 'Black People Are Naturally Mad', black information link (London)
Rules To Stop ‘Sham’ Marriages Unlawful, London Telegraph
Mugabe Army Runs Out Of Cash To Pay, Feed Or Arm Its Soldiers, London Times,

Thursday, May 24

Panel Fears Border Fence Violates Treaty, AP
Minuteman Chief Purges Ranks, Washington Times
Chertoff Chides Left, Right Over Bill, USA TODAY
What’s Missing From This Station Square Picture? Black People., New York Journal News (White Plains)
Rural Areas Offer Guides To Newcomers, AP
Making Moms: Can We Feed The Need To Breed?, Macleans (Toronto)
Migrants Offered Money To Go, News24 (Cape Town)
Test unAustralian, say Muslims, Daily Telegraph
UK Lesson Plan Concerns Muslim Educators, AP
Greying Italy Relies On Foreigners For Babies, Reuters
Japan Will Allow More Immigration, Official Says, Bloomberg

Wednesday, May 23

Blacks Recruited For Terror By Al-Qaida, World Net Daily
NLPC: New Immigration Bill Makes Taxpayers Pay Illegal Alien Legal Bills, Southwest Nebraska News
Racial Consciousness In The NBA, Daily News Tribune
Racially Charged Murder Trials Getting Scant National Press, Cybercast News Service
Bill Sets Precedent For National Balkanization, Insight
More Than 100 Suspected Illegal Workers Arrested In Missouri, AP
A Dream Lay Dying, St. Petersburg Times
New Ministry Says France Will Not Offer Mass Amnesty To Illegal Immigrants, All Headline News
Students Resent ‘Guilt’ Of History, (Sydney, Australia)
Australian Doctors Blame Racism For Aborigines’ Plight, AFP
20,000 In Language Pickle / Foreign Students In Need Of Specialized Japanese Teachers, Daily Yomiuri (Osaka)

Tuesday, May 22

Richardson Makes His Bid Official, In Spanish, All Things Considered
Richardson Aims For Hispanic Vote, AP
Immigration Heats Up South Carolina GOP, AP
Money Still Stands In Fence’s Way, The Monitor (McAllen, Texas)
Students Air Racism Concerns, Harvard Crimson
Lawsuit: FDNY Discriminated On Exams, AP
Many Horrific Crimes Don’t Make National Spotlight, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Ireland’s New Multicultural Mix, BBC
More Moroccans Than Italians, Expatica
Immigration Maintains Urban Population Growth In Finland, Helsingin Sanomat
Bosses Pick Up A Few Pointers On The Business Of Being A Muslim, Brisbane Times

Monday, May 21

U.S. Offer To Bhutan Refugees Fuels Tension, Reuters
Thousands Of Burundian Refugees To Be Resettled In US, Voice of America
Black Health Inequities Hit, San Bernardino County Sun
Racial Incident At School Overwhelms Louisiana Town, Baltimore Sun
Error Rate For Doctor Imports Stirs Concern, New Zealand Herald
Spain Sends African Migrants Home, BBC News
Islamberg Not The Only Radical Muslim Compound Flourishing In North America, Canada Free Press
Iraqis Finding A Haven In Sweden, Los Angeles Times
Lecturer Suspended After Breastfeeding Fatwa, AP
We Can’t Cope, Says The Town Being Invaded By Romanian Gipsy Orphans, London Daily Mail

Friday, May 18

Amnesty Update — Grim Outlook . . . Need Your Help,
Lindsey Graham’s Comments At An Awards Ceremony,
Mayor Wins Both GOP, Democrat Primaries, WorldNetDaily
Critics Say News Media Ignoring Knoxville Couple Slaying, AP
2 Agree To Plea Deal In Halloween Attack, Los Angeles Times
‘Desperate’ Plan To Slow Crime, Baltimore Sun
Bank Of America Sued For Race Discrimination, Reuters
South Offers Pardons in Rights Cases, AP
Mexico Violence Worrying Both Sides Of Border, Arizona Republic
Bolivian Fighting Ritual Draws Crowds, AP

Thursday, May 17

White House, Senators Reach Bipartisan Immigration Deal, AP
Minorities Drive Md. Population Growth, Baltimore Sun
D.C. May Be Losing Status As A Majority-Black City, Washington Post
Knox Blacks Celebrate Carjacking Rapists in ‘Party’,
Hundreds Of Illegals Have Registered To Vote In Bexar County, WOAI radio (San Antonio
San Bernardino Bills Activists, Sparking Anger, Los Angeles Times
Workers Sue U.S. Factory After Immigration Raid, Reuters
EU opens to legal migrants, cracks down on illicit work, EUX.TV
Better Screening Of TB Needed: Report, AAP
Case Of The Phony Weddings, Toronto Sun
Foreign Strippers To Be Barred, London Free Press

Wednesday, May 16

The Anti-Immigration Movement: From Shovels To Suits, NACLAnews
Both Parties Look For A Plan B In Case Immigration Bill Stalls, The Hill
Diversity Gobbledygook, Minding the Campus
Black Boys’ Culture Works Against School, Study Says, Cleveland Plain Dealer
The Black And White Of ‘Ho’ Culture, Salt Lake Tribune
Taboo On Informing Works Against Police, Monterey Herald
Police Recruiters Make Pitch To Hire Noncitizens, Santa Fe New Mexican
Groups: Block Texas Town’s Immigrant Ban, AP
EU Targeting Illegal Employment, BBC News

Tuesday, May 15

Springtime In Islamberg,
Progress Made On Immigration Bill, Wall Street Journal
Rape Victim Questioned By Defense On Inconsistencies In Her Testimony, Buffalo News
Music Execs Silent As Debate Rages Over Rap Lyrics, AP
Ex-Imus Producer Calls Sharpton ‘Race-Baiter’ In TV Debate, AP
Dozens Of Iraqi Refugees Utah-Bound In Fall, Deseret Morning News
Rise Against British Oppression, Captive Support
Prison Gives Van Gogh’s Killer Ultra-Orthodox Islam Books, NIS News Bulletin
In S. Africa, Race Reversal On Police Force, Baltimore Sun
UN ‘Green’ Boss Destroys Zim Farm, IOL (Cape Town)

Monday, May 14

The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up, Special to AR News
Man Wants ‘No Place For Hate’ Sign To Come Down, Watertown Tab
Student Loans For Illegal Immigrants?, SunTimes (Chicago)
Overflowing Fairfax Homes Split Neighbors, Washington Post
JPMorgan Chase Slavery Apology to Be Challenged at Company’s Annual Meeting, PR Newswire
UCLA to get twice as many black freshmen in fall, Los Angeles Times
Professor Tries To Capture "Texas German" Before It's Silenced, AP
Voting Records Reviewed, Newsday
Canadian Oath To Queen ‘Could Violate Rights’, London Telegraph
Swedish Town Learns Chinese, Clawing Back Jobs Lost To The East, Bloomberg

Friday, May 11

Drivers Now Must Prove State Residency, Seattle Times,
A Leg Up For Minorities On Campus, Christian Science Monitor
Somalis Settle In Old Mill City In Maine, AP
New Citizens, Tougher Test, Pioneer Press
Battle Of Shambo: Hindus Try To Prevent Slaughter Of Bull, Independent (London)
Cost of ID cards rockets by £840m, Manchester Guardian
Radio Pretoria Awaits Ruling,
Cartoons Possible Terror Motive, Copenhagen Post
Italy May Ease Immigration Laws, (UK)

Thursday, May 10

Affirmative Action, Immigration, Curing America Of White Doctors,
Jihadis In New Jersey?, Christian Science Monitor
Child’s Arrest Angers Minn. Tribe, AP
Migrants ‘Revolted’ By Alleged Ramming, AP
Driver Who Muttered ‘N-Word’ Awarded Jobless Pay, Des Moines Register
Johnstown Imam Ousted Over ‘Death’ Remarks, Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh)
New York Jail To Hire Muslim Imam After Anti-Islamic Cartoons Are Distributed, AP
‘Temple of Love’ Black Supremacist Cult Leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh Dies at 71, Fox News
Immigration To Norway Increasing, (London)
Ramallah Couple Arrested For Selling Daughters, Jerusalem Post
Human Sacrifice Cult Battles With Police, London Telegraph

Wednesday, May 9

Slavery: Many Apologies, But No Reparations — Yet,
Immigrant Plan Puts Job Skills Ahead Of Family, San Francisco Chronicle
Oklahoma: Governor Signs Sweeping Immigration Reform Bill, AP
Immigrants Offered Sanctuary In U.S. Churches, Reuters
Blacks, Latinos Battle For California Seat,
NOTE: MUST BE LATINO, Email from FarMore Casting
Defense Department May Restrict U.S. Service Academies’ Affirmative-Action Efforts, Chronicle of Higher Education
Lurking Law Comes Out In The Open, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Students Still Segregate Selves By Race,
Africa’s Air Safety Record Among World’s Worst, AP

Tuesday, May 8

Al-Qaida No. 2 Mocks American ‘Failure’, AP
The Realignment of America,
Professor Forced Out for Citing George Washington,
Heads Roll in Los Angeles, National Review
State Accused Of Inflating Exit Exam Data, Los Angeles Times
‘Made In China’ Statue Of US Icon King To Stand Tall In Washington, AFP
Navajo Nation Faces Lack Of Jail Space, AP
All-White Schools Told To Forge Relations With Black Or Asian Pupils, Times (London)
3 Months’ Jail, Whipping For Immigration Offender, Borneo Bulletin (Brunei)

Monday, May 7

Queen Praises Diversity, AP
Children ‘Bad For Planet’, Sunday Times (London)
Mayor Vows Push For Minority Hiring, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Illegal Alien Gangs Battle On Fla. Beaches,
Sali Weighs In On Cops, Timber Dollars, War, Coeur d’Alene Press
Protest Violence Leads To Probe Of LAPD Unit, AP
Crowd Packs Amphitheater For Man Claiming He’s Jesus Christ Reincarnated, WKMG-TV (Orlando)
Political Correctness Stifling Debate Over Segregation In Our Towns, Daily Mail (London)
Soccer Game For Priests, Imams Canceled, AP
DNA Mutation Boosts Heart Disease Risk In Whites, Reuters

Friday, May 4

Score Gaps Stir Dispute Over Holistic Approach, Daily Bruin (UCLA)
Among Black Students, Many Immigrants, AP
Fewer Americans Call Themselves Multiracial, USA TODAY
Rap Music Links Koreans, Blacks, AP
Big Corporations Help ‘Rape Rapper’ Tour U.S., World Net Daily
And the Winner Is . . ., Human Events
Talk Show Host Says He’s Glad Radio Rival’s Mother Is Dead, WISN-TV (Milwaukee)
How Europeans Got To Europe, Discover Magazine
Screening ‘May Help Stem TB Rise’, BBC News
Pro-Independence Party Surges In Scottish Elections, Washington Times
Frog Juice Makes Peruvians Jump For Joy, AP

Thursday, May 3

Corrupting Race And Crime Statistics, State of Arizona
House Passes Expanded Hate Crimes Bill, AP
The Truth Of Interracial Rape In The United States,
Race Forms Ugly Underbelly Of Immigration Debate, Detroit News
Man Survives Attack By Teens On A York City Street, York (Pennsylvania) Dispatch
Liberal Media Distort Facts On Immigrants, CourierPostOnline
Students Walk Out, San Bernardino County Sun
Call For Help Leads To Arrest, Arizona Star
Teacher Cleared Of Wrongdoing In Urination Incident, AP
Report: Brazilian Cities Now ‘Fiefdoms’, AP
Foreigners In UK Jails Cost £398m, Telegraph (London)
Sarkozy Stays Ahead After TV Presidential Debate, Reuters

Wednesday, May 2

Study: White Refs Call More Fouls On Blacks, AP
Jesse Jackson To Target Oil Companies On Diversity, Reuters
Immigration Rally Turnout Lower Than ’06, Guardian (Manchester)
Black Lawmakers Combat Anti-Immigrant Attitudes, The Hill
Illegal Immigration Hurts African Americans,
Woman Accused Of Punching Her Children, Salem (Mass.) News
USDA: Tree Beetle May Spread Across U.S., Todd Richmond, AP, May 2, 2007
Immigrants From War-Torn Countries ‘Fuelling Gang Crime’, Daily Mail (London)
Muslims Stage Demo Outside Police Station, Life Style Extra (UK)
French Ghettos Mobilise For Election, BBC News

Tuesday, May 1

Port Arthur Parents Concerned About Race Wars In School, Examiner (Beaumont, Texas)
One In Two Mexicans Has Family In U.S., Poll Finds, Reuters
Mexican Cartels Use Migrants As DEA Decoys, AP
Minnesota Companies Have Learned How To Recruit Minority Workers. Now The Problem Is . . . KEEPING THEM, Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Obama Addresses Race Issues Directly, Gulf News (Dubai)
Civil-Rights Groups Blast Hutto Facility, Daily Texan (University of Texas, Austin)
Blacks And Asians Twice As Likely To Live In Poverty, Independent (London)
Far-Right Party Pushes For Racially Pure Pre-Schools, The Local (Kista, Sweden)
Queen Flies Into PC War Over Fate Of American Indians, London Times
Guyana Woman Accused As Vampire Lynched, AP