American Renaissance

News archive from June 2007

Friday, June 29

Connerly Declares Supreme Court Decision ‘Glorious Victory’, American Civil Rights Institute
Senators Looking To Pick Up Pieces, Houston Chronicle
Hispanics Turning Back To Democrats For 2008, USA Today
‘Girl fought for her life’, Arizona Republic
Ex-"Grey’s" Star Cites Racism For Firing, AP
Disney Accused Of Profiling Black Teens, Orlando (Florida) Sentinel
Mutations In Moms’ Genes Reveal Human Migration Through The Ages, Wired
Ireland Gets Its First Black Mayor, AP

Thursday, June 28

Immigration Legislation Blocked Again in U.S. Senate, Bloomberg
Court Limits Use Of Race To Achieve Diversity In Schools, Washington Post
No Tuition Break For Illegals’ Kids, New Haven (Connecticut) Register
Fla. Sheriff Targets Illegals, AP
Police: Victims Use Stashed Weapons To Kill, Injure Home Invaders, WKMG-TV (Orlando, Florida)
People Incarcerated In U.S. Prisons And Jails Number 1.6 Million; 6 In 10 Are Hispanic Or Black, AP
Thirsty for Company, Nashville Scene
Two-Thirds Of Canada’s Population Growth Because Of Immigration: Statscan, Ottawa Business Journal
Arabic Now Sydney’s No. 2 Language, Sydney Morning Herald

Wednesday, June 27

Diversity And Its Prospects, Fred on Everything
Race Can Be A Factor For Police Force, Canton (Ohio) Repository
Boston Police Say 7-Year-Old Shot 8-Year-Old Dead, Reuters
One Woman’s Lament: My Neighbors Made Me A Racist, St. Petersburg Times
Administrator Sues York City School District, York (Pennsylvania) Dispatch
Blacks in Fairfax, Montgomery Outdo U.S. Peers in AP, Washington Post
Black College Enrollment In South Rising, AP
First Big Wave Of Iraqi Refugees Heads For The US, Christian Science Monitor,
Muslim American Integration Vital to National Interest, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Construction Of Huge Mosque Sparks Protest In Germany, Daily Telegraph (London)
Scarifications Fade In Modern Nigeria, AP

Tuesday, June 26

US Senate Revives Migration Plan, BBC News
"Indecent Proposals: Top 10 Most Offensive Quotes" from Anti-Immigrant Groups and Supporters, Center for New Community
Outsourcing: How to Skirt the Law, Business Week
Woman Marries Death Row Prisoner, BBC News
Whites Underestimate The Costs Of Being Black, Study Finds, Ohio State University Research Communications
With Its Workers Over Here, Poland Turns East To Get The Country Rebuilt, Manchester Guardian
CAR Children ‘Seized For Ransom’, BBC News
Mufti Bans Female Circumcision, Reuters

Monday, June 25

Volunteers Worry Incoming Refugees Could Stretch Them Thin, Foster’s Online
Sheriff Says Pregnant Mom Killed at Home, AP
Schools Call Roll At A Border Crossing, Los Angeles Times
O.C.’S Mix Of Cultures Yields Cooperation, Tensions, Los Angeles Times
More Hispanics, Fewer Blacks Joining Military, AP
Apology For Slavery Derailed In Albany, Buffalo News
Judge Rules In Favor Of Dry Cleaners In $54 Million Pants Lawsuit, ABC
Three In Four Marriages Revealed As ‘Sham’ As Rules Are Tightened, Daily Mail (London)
Sikh Regiment Dumped Over ‘Racism’ Fears, London Telegraph
Now Schools Are Told To Let Muslim Girls Wear Head-To-Toe ‘Burkinis’ For Swimming Lessons, Daily Mail (London)

Friday, June 22

National March for America! Washington State, Washingtonians for Immigration Reform
Police, Officials Insist Attacks On Drivers Not Related To Juneteenth Celebrations, FoxNews
Labor Group, Hispanics Hit Senate Bill, Washington Times
State Moves To Revoke King-Harbor’s License, Los Angeles Times
La Raza’s Lapdogs, American Conservative
Family, Others Question Michigan College Murder Cover-Up, Seattle Times
Firstborn Sons Have Higher IQs, Norway Study Finds, Reuters
British Muslims Burn St George’s Flag At Anti-Rushdie Rally, Daily Mail (London)
Surgeon Sent Home In ‘Jungle Bunny’ Race Row, Daily Mail (London)

Thursday, June 21

Chicagoland Friends Of American Renaissance,
Nifong Trial Lets The ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Off The Hook, Black Athlete Sports Network
Racial, Economic Rift Opens At Arts High School, Los Angeles Times
A Not-So-Welcome Mat, Los Angeles Times
Commissioner: Illegal Immigrants Costing Too Much, NBC-2 (Fort Myers, Florida)
6 States Defy Law Requiring ID Cards, USA TODAY
Ex-N.O. School Board President Pleads Guilty To Accepting Bribe, WWLTV (New Orleans)
Migrant Workers Boost Economy, Says TUC Report, Manchester Guardian
Britain Offers To Share Migrants’ Files With US, London Telegraph
Self-Hatred Leads To Skin Bleaching, The Statesman (Ghana)
Australia To Ban Alcohol For Aborigines, AP

Wednesday, June 20

House Votes To Reopen Civil Rights Cases, AP
U Of M Study Finds That Americans Couch Feelings About Race In The ‘Happy Talk’ Of Diversity-Speak, University of Minnesota
Importing Poverty, Washington Times
Sen. Sessions: Immigration Bill Fails to Secure Our Borders, Media Newswire
Illegal Immigrant Cases Clogging Federal Courts, CNSNews
Coming-Of-Age Ball For Black Males, AP
Texas Crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Kid, AP
Race, Family History Are Risk Factors, Chicago Sun-Times
Chimps Gain Smarts From Hanging With Humans, MSNBC
1 In 5 Babies In Britain Born To Immigrants, Press Esc (Bangkok)
Polish Immigrants Swell Scotland’s New Baby Boom, The New Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Tuesday, June 19

Illegals Light Border Fires To Sidetrack U.S. Agents, Washington Times
What Does A Health Crisis Look Like? See Houston, USA TODAY
Now and Then: Minorities and Michigan, Higher Education
NYC Poor To Get Cash For Good Behavior, New York Times
Rare Tactic May Allow Immigration Votes, AP
The Racial Price Of Merit-Based Immigration, Los Angeles Times
Homeless Man Attacked By Group Of Teens, Kalamazoo Gazette
Brawls Mar Juneteenth, Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York)
Goat Slaughtered Inside Restaurant Kitchen, WCNC-TV
Councils Ordered To Carry Out Charm Offensive For Migrants And Travellers, Daily Mail (London)
White Men Can’t Run Fire Service, Says Ken Livingstone, Daily Mail (London)
British Queen’s Effigy Burns As Rushdie Anger Mounts, Breitbart

Monday, June 18

Let The Segregation Commence, City Journal
White America Needs Its Own Al Sharpton, Daily Journal
White Supremacists Blanket Valley With Fliers, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Tancredo Wins Surprise Immigration Vote, Rocky Mountain News
Going Down With The Ship, Human Events
A Name Change To Honor Slaves Who Built Capitol, Washington Post
Fillmore’s Juneteenth Festival Celebrates Black Culture, Pride, History, San Francisco Chronicle
Cream Of Wheat Spokesman Gets Gravestone, UPI
Press Release: Plants Recognize Their Siblings, Biologists Discover,
Children Of Black Mothers ‘More Likely To Turn To Crime’, London Independent
Church Of England ‘Institutionally Racist’, London Telegraph

Friday, June 15

Officials Hope to Rekindle Interest in Immigration Bill Provision, American Forces Press Service
Governor Suggests Immigrants ‘Turn Off The Spanish Television Set’, KNBC-TV (Los Angeles)
Governor Rejects Federal ID Mandate, Greenville (South Carolina) News
Private Undercover Team Exposes Nationwide Network Of Radical, Anti-U.S. Islamic Centers, Insight Magazine
Police Wary Of Bringing An ICE Office To Marlborough, MetroWest Daily News (Framingham, Massachusetts)
Italy: Mediterranean Man Explored In Rome Art Show, adnkronosinternational,
Teenagers Could Be Told To Bond With Immigrants, London Daily Mail
Black Community In Crime ‘Crisis’, BBC News
More Teachers Needed For Immigrants, Helsingin Sanomat
$43 Million Earmarked To Help New Workers Settle In B.C., Vancouver Sun

Thursday, June 14

Woman Dies In ER After 911 Dispatchers Refuse To Help Caller, AP
Study: Race Disparity In Medical Care Persists, Reuters
N.Y.’s Apology for Slavery Is Readied for ‘Juneteenth’, New York Sun
Venezuelans Giving Birth In S. Fla. To Obtain Citizenship For Their Children, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Baltimore Graduation Rate Among Worst, AP
Black Students Still Favor Lighter Skin, Study Finds, Black College Wire
Judge: Philly PD Can Bar Officer From Wearing Muslim Head Scarf, AP
Landmark Genome Study Shows Complexity Of Human ‘Code’, ABC
Ethnic Minority Jurors Favour Black Defendants ‘To Level Playing Field’, Manchester Guardian
Ethnic Tensions ‘Could Lead To Violence’, London Telegraph
MP To Slam Asylum Policy, Manchester (UK) Evening News
Zimbabwe ‘Collapse In Six Months’, BBC

Wednesday, June 13

Feds Open Holes In Metro Jail Deportation Plan, The Tennessean
Integration Effort Can’t Stop Old Patterns, Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Report Says KKK Is in Vermont, But Others Dispute Claim, Rutland (Vermont) Herald
Alabama Town Uses "Mockingbird" To Learn From Past, Reuters,
Slow Wave Activity During Sleep Is Lower In African-Americans Than Caucasians, American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Britain’s Hidden ‘Honour’ Crimes, Metro (London)
French 'Not Quite Ready' To Elect Minorities To Parliament, Expatica
Violent Hispanic Gang Spreading In Canada,
One In Ten People In Spain Are Now Foreigners, Expatica
Ancient Tomb Found in Mexico Reveals Mass Child Sacrifice, National Geographic News

Tuesday, June 12

Why Teens Have A Tough Time Finding Summer Work, Christian Science Monitor
40 Years Of Interracial Marriage, AP
Virginia Town Tackles Immigration, St. Petersburg (Florida) Times
New Faces At Day Labor Centers: Women, Los Angeles Times
Islamberg: A Terror Compound In New York . . . Or Misunderstood Neighbors?, FoxNews
Good News For France — Bad News For The Front National, BNP
Test To Reveal ‘Inner Racism’ In Job Applicants, London Telegraph
Scottish Children ‘More Advanced', BBC News
Thailand Deports 163 Hmong Asylum-Seekers Back To Laos, AP

Monday, June 11

Lessons From The Immigration Debate, Special to AR news
For Years, U.S. Has Renewed Amnesty For 312,000, Washington Post
Guardsmen Suspected Of Smuggling Illegals,
Breach Shows Borders Still Vulnerable, Washington Post
Who Supports La Raza?, La Raza
Fight Is On To Make Peace Over Race, London Times
Immigrants Told: It’s Time To Learn English, London Telegraph
Immigration Meeting Offers Hope To Montreal Mom Who Fears Genital Mutilation, Canadian Press
Sikhs To Take French Turban Law To European Rights Court, Expatica

Friday, June 8

Deep Divisions Derail Immigration Bill, AP
Bush Hopes To Revive Immigration Bill, AP
Immigration Forum Seeks To Allay Fears, Mountain View Voice
Gangs: Small-Town America’s Big-City Battle, Rocky Mountain News
W'chester Student's Murderer Gets Death, New York Post
Wesley Snipes Plays Race Card, The Smoking Gun
Juarez On ‘High Alert’ After Multiple Shootings, KVIA-TV (El Paso)
Whites Protest Against ‘Racism’, SAPA
Cash for Kids: Japan’s Employers Offer ‘Baby Bonuses’, ABC News
Turkish Mosque’s Chief Threatens Violent Revolt in Amsterdam,

Thursday, June 7

Immigration Bill in Limbo, AP
Conservatives: We Must Band Together On Immigration Bill, Dallas Morning News
32 Arrested In Stockton Gang Sweep, Los Angeles Times
High Court Says NY Can Deny Licenses To Illegal Immigrants, AP
Trying Times for NYC Guyanese Community, AP
NAACP Cutting Staff, Closing Offices, AP
School Relents, Gives Out Diplomas, AP
Immigration Will Transform Europe — Spanish Minister, Reuters
Black South Africans In Path Of HIV Juggernaut, homas Hartleb, SA Press Assoc.

Wednesday, June 6

UM May Host Presidential Debate In Spanish, Miami Herald
White Guy? Don’t Apply, Worcester Business Journal
Diversity Still An Issue At TV Networks, Los Angeles Times
Fox News Apologizes for Tape Goof, AP
Sheffield Should Not Escape Punishment For Latest Remarks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Warp and Woof, Village Voice
The Moore-Sanders Apology for Slavery Act, Alabama Legislature
Winnie Mandela Denied Entry To Canada, Ottawa Citizen
Mohammed Likely To Top British Boys’ Names List By Year-End, AFP
Iran Bans Afghan Refugees, Malaysia Sun
Obliterating the History of the Whites in South Africa,

Tuesday, June 5

Obama Warns of ‘Quiet Riot’ Among Blacks, AP
Democrats Fear a Wider Black Caucus-Pelosi Rift, Washington Post
Do Blacks Kill Whites Because They’re White?, New American Media
Parents, Not Schools, Failed These Children,
Racial Shift Plays Out In Lynwood Politics, Los Angeles Times
Mexico Promotes Free U.S. Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants, Judicial Watch
Illegal Immigrants Burying Border In Garbage, AP
Founder Of Anti-Gang Group Arrested, Los Angeles Times
Architects To Be Asked To Reveal Party Affiliation, Guardian (London)
France Sets Quotas For Immigrant Arrests, AP

Monday, June 4

Backers of Immigration Bill More Optimistic, Washington Post
Man Fights Deportation By Invoking His Former Gang Ties, Los Angeles Times
Jury Indicts Jefferson in Bribery Probe, AP
The Loonies Of Knoxville, Seattle Times
Racial Disparities Persist In Preterm Birth Risk, Reuters
Franklin: Black Atlantans May Lose Power, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
UO Rejects Challenge Of Recruitment Plan, Oregonian
Ill. Students Lose Diplomas Over Cheers, AP
Candidates Pressure Brown Over Immigrants, Telegraph (London)
Group Eyes Lower India Caste System Spot, AP

Friday, June 1

Just 16% Believe Senate Bill Will Reduce Illegal Immigration, Rasmussen Reports
Arrests Of Foreigners Double Over Memorial Day Weekend, City Paper (Nashville)
Proposal Bars Rules Targeting Illegal-Immigrant Renters, AP
Day-Laborer Kidnapping Report A Hoax, Daily Bulletin (Ontario, California)
U.S. Opens Door Wider For Iraqi Refugees, AP
At Med Schools, a New Degree of Diversity, Washington Post
Teacher Attack Caught On Tape, WKRG-TV (Mobile)
Swedish Attitudes Harden On Immigration, Local (Sweden)