American Renaissance

News archive from July 2007

Tuesday, July 31

Ky. Schools Contempt Request Denied, AP
Fewer Students To Receive HOPE Money Because Of How Grades Are Calculated, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Late-Night Snack Soured By Racially Motivated Violence, Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, Colorado)
Subway Thugs Get Knocked Off Of The Rails, New York Daily News
Boss Allegedly Killed Workers Who Wanted Raises, AP
In Europe, Skylines Reflect The Rise Of Islam, Christian Science Monitor
Report: Violence In Congo Includes Slavery, Cannibalism, AP
Muslims Protest Over UK Pet Food Factory,
Mexico’s Other Migrant Problem, Christian Science Monitor
Nasredin Rabi Abdu: Being Black in Bulgaria, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (Sarajevo)
SA Publishers Cancel ‘Racist’ Comic Book, AP

Monday, July 30

Gangs Spreading In The Military, CBS News
Washington’s Franklin County First Hispanic-Majority County In NW, AP
Kidnapping Ring Similar To Scams South Of Border, Houston Chronicle
Police: 3-Year-Old Girl Recovering From Exorcism Attempt, AP
Many Asians ‘Do Not Feel British’, BBC News
UK Citizens Abandoning The UK In Greater Numbers, pressdispensary
Counting The Cost Of Immigration, London Telegraph
Iraqis Celebrate Football Triumph In Stockholm, The Local (Färögatan, Sweden)
Sex For The Motherland: Russian Youths Encouraged To Procreate At Camp, London Daily Mail

Friday, July 27

Sheriff To Bar Illegals From Visiting County Jail Inmates, KTAR (Phoenix)
Hispanics Drive Teen Birthrate, Washington Post
Producers: ‘Cavemen’ Not Racial Metaphor, AP
Morehouse: Medical School Ties Fate To Grady, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Did Councilman Misrepresent Charity?, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Black Men Must Rein In The Young, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Passing and Privilege, My Sky — Multiracial Family Life
Black Pupils Are Being Held Back At School Because Teachers Are ‘Institutionally Racist’, London Daily Mail
Swedes: Integration Is Not Working, The Local (Sweden)
Paradox For Philippines As Chinese Set Up Shop, Financial Times
Political Correctness Kills: The Consequence of Bad Ideas, Polski Wortal Teatralny

Thursday, July 26

Pa. Immigrant Law Voided, AP
Nifong Apologizes To Lacrosse Players, Raleigh News & Observer
Hispanic Kid Count Soars, Chattanooga Times Free Press
US Businesses Fear Illegal Foreign Worker Crackdown, AFP
Ill. Student Accused Of Terrorist Threat, AP
Coffee Mug Fuels Controversy, Hartford (Connecticut) Courant
Gruesome Details in Connecticut Murders, AP
In Science, Rural Kids Strongest, AP
Demographic Future Bleak For City, St. Petersburg Times
A Crackdown On Baja Bribes, Los Angeles Times
Monks Pray For Doomed Bull Shambo, AP

Wednesday, July 25

Border Wall Construction To Begin This Fall, KGBT-TV (Harlingen, Texas)
City Offers ID Cards to Illegal Immigrants, AP
Road Builder Won’t Bid For Jobs, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
More Foreign-Speaking Students Enroll In Burlington Schools, Burlington (Vermont) Free Press
Students, Schools Fear End Of Racial Diversity, Reuters
Assault Heightens Tensions In S.F., Los Angeles Times
In Defense Of Dangerous Ideas, Chicago Sun-Times
The Genes That Build America, Manchester Observer
UK Gets 2.5m New Foreign Workers, BBC News
11-Year-Old Boy Gave STD To Young Girls, The Australian

Tuesday, July 24

Muscling A Web Site Into A Social Movement, Washington Post
$2.65 Million Bias Settlement Backed, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Cop Killers in High Places, City Journal
Macy’s Pulls Potentially Offensive T-Shirt, Fox4-TV (Dallas-Ft. Worth)
Law Enforcement Struggles To Combat Chinese Spying, USA Today
Police: Cheering Men Lead To ‘Professional’ Cockfighting Operation, WKMG-TV (Orlando)
Military Coming Up Short In Efforts To Diversify, Canadian Press
"Youths" and Night Life, Gates of Vienna
The Persistence of Islamic Slavery, FrontPage Magazine
An African’s Plea: No More ‘Saviors’, Christian Science Monitor
Woman Stripped After Being Branded Witch In Jharkhand, (New Delhi)

Monday, July 23

Immigration Shootout At The Local Corral, Forbes
Foes Nix Sheriff’s Migrant Hot Line, More-TV32 (Tampa)
Md. Judge Dismisses Sex-Abuse Charges, Washington Post
New Fingerprint Technique Could Reveal Diet, Sex, Race,
More Specific Listing Of Ethnicity At UC Urged, Los Angeles Times
Transcripts Show Grades Doctored At Charter School, San Francisco Chronicle
Data Show Trends In Dropout Rates, Daily Press (Victorville, California)
Comments In Interview Could Bring Charges Of Inciting Racism Against PM Vanhanen’s Father, Helsingin Sanomat
‘Roots’ Ruse Holds Up Refugees, Chicago Tribune

Friday, July 20

The Melting Pot Boils Over, Washington Post
Kent High School Students To Get Diversity Training, Grand Rapids (Michigan) Press
Today’s Detroit Has Little To Do With 1967, Free Press
Bush: Americans Will Realize Need For Aliens, Washington Times
Mexican Envoy Hits Own Policies, Washington Times
Policeman ‘Passed Over For Promotion Because He Was White’, This Is London
Asylum Seekers Form Quarter Of Terror Suspects, London Times
‘Honour Killing’ Family Get Life Sentences, London Telegraph
Legal Wrangle Continues Over Shambo, icWales

Thursday, July 19

Restaurant Sign Called Racist, WXIA-TV (Atlanta)
Assert Rights, Activists Urge Immigrants, Sacramento Bee
One-In-Five Diverse Workers Have Experienced Discrimination Or Unfair Treatment At Work, Careerbuilder.Com And Kelly Services Survey Shows, PR Newswire
7 Kids Removed From Squalid Texas Home, AP
California Mom Accused In Gang Murder, AP
Skulls Confirm We’re All Out Of Africa, ABC News
Brussels Alarm At Porous Borders, Financial Times
‘Goodness Will Prevail’: Eminences Meet In Johannesburg To Advance Global Justice, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Postcard From Mexico, Chicago Sun-Times
Sex Case Appeal Axed In Race Fear, BBC News
Iran: Death By Stoning A ‘Wise Measure’, Adnkronos International

Wednesday, July 18

Picker Puts Steel In Immigration Debate, The Oregonian
New State Law Affects Illegal Immigrants, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Report: Gang Suppression Doesn’t Work, AP
Cambodia Town Is Now On The Map, Los Angeles Times
Black-White Prisoner Ratio Highest In U.S., Des Moines Register
Blacks Join FDNY Suit, New York Post
Man Guilty Of Abducting Mom, Leaving Daughter To Alligators, AP
Christians Crucified In Iraq, Dutch MP Says, BosNewsLife
The Adverts Sedgefield Voters Are Not Allowed To See — Exclusive, BNP
Why My Shirley Valentine Baby Is My Greatest Love But Also My Ultimate Betrayal, London Daily Mail

Tuesday, July 17

Jared Taylor On Tom Roten Show, Tom Roten Show
Race-Bias Flap In Elite-HS Test Prep, New York Post
Race Doesn’t Matter (Ha!), Creative Loafing
Loudoun Looks to Discourage Illegal Immigration, WTOP Radio (Washington, D.C.)
Taney’s Tainted Legacy, Baltimore Sun
Mayfield High Star Carissa McGee Pleads No Contest In Family Stabbings, AP
Sweden Struggles To Integrate Muslim Immigrants, AFP

Monday, July 16

College President Fired After Cover-Up, AP
Nipping Bias In The Bud, Los Angeles Times
Montgomery Finds Racial Slur Offends, No Matter the Context, Washington Post
Feeling Way Too White, Christian Science Monitor
Dreams Of Steady Work Fade For Hispanic Workers, USA Today
Hold The Tacos, New Orleans Says, Los Angeles Times
Why Marx On School Certificate?, Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch
Amnesty Urged For 500,000 Illegal Immigrants, London Telegraph
Rational Discrimination, New York Sun
Baby Boom Times Return For Germany, MSNBC
Myth Of The Noble Savage, The Australian (Sydney)

Friday, July 13

N.C. Mayor Doesn’t Apologize to Blacks, AP
Chat Transcripts (Unedited): "US Supreme Court and Desegregation", Diverse Education
Remembering The 1967 Detroit Riots, Detroit News
Columbia Student Group Urges ‘Execution’ For Critics Of Chinese Regime, Epoch Times
10 Arrested For Posing As Spouses To Petition Immigrant Visas, AP
A Social History Of An Unusual Aspect Of America,
Burns Bends On ‘War,’ And Seems OK About It, San Francisco Gate
Black Stars Featured On New Audio Bible, AP
‘Immigrants Are Better Citizens Than The British,’ Says Government Advisor, London Daily Mail

Thursday, July 12

Tancredo Announces ‘Overdue’ Immigration Reform, Cybercast News Service
Undocumented Workers Add 8.2%, Or $29 Billion, To Arizona Output, Arizona Republic
Cops Say Co-Worker Killed Lotto Winner, Orlando Sentinel
Jews & IQ — An Exchange, Commentary
CU Researchers Discover Evidence Of Very Recent Human Adaptation, EurekaAlert
‘I Love My Mixed Race Baby — But Why Does She Feel So Alien?’, London Daily Mail
Ban ‘Racist’ Tintin Book, Says CRE, London Telegraph
British Juror Arrested After Listening To Music Under Hijab, AFP
China May Export Labour To Ease Population Pressure, Reuters
Aims Of The March 9/11, Brussels Demo News

Wednesday, July 11

Tancredo Takes Partial Credit For McCain’s Troubles, AP
No Haven For Illegals In Modesto, Modesto Bee
Immigration Backers Push For New Laws,
Clerk Fired ‘Over Illegals’ Appeals To Rush Limbaugh,
City Teeters At The Brink Of Violence, Kalamazoo Gazette
Black Shoppers Sue Toys ‘R’ Us For Discrimination, Reuters
BET’s ‘Hot Ghetto Mess’, AP
Bush Picks Black General To Lead Africa Operations, Reuters
Concern Grows In Britain Over Female Genital Mutilation, AP

Tuesday, July 10

Hispanics Expected To Be State’s Majority By 2042, San Francisco Chronicle
Being Born In The USA May Not Be Good For Hispanic Health, University of Southern California
Police Suspend Ban On Immigration Status Queries, Washington Times
Illegal Immigrants Find Refuge In Holy Places, USA Today
‘Futures Game’ Shows Baseball’s Global Allure, San Francisco Chronicle
Refugees Find Modern Living New Challenge, Forum (Fargo)
Grocery Closings Hit Detroit Hard, Detroit News
Affirmative Action May Soon Include Whites, Pretoria News
BBC Delves Into Brazilians’ Roots, BBC News

Monday, July 9

NAACP Delegates To Symbolically Bury “N-Word” At Rally,
What Will It Take To Stop Black-On-Black Crime?, Minnesota Public Radio
School Mired In Claims Of Cheating, San Francisco Chronicle
A Diversity Divide, Newhouse News
Study: Volunteerism Thriving in Midwest, AP
More Diversity Bodes Well For State, Eagle-Tribune (N. Andover)
Handful Of Texas Elementary Schools Will Teach In Two Languages, AP
Eight Al Qaeda Fanatics Working For The Police (But They Don’t Dare Sack Them), Daily Mail
Archbishop Urges Zimbabwe Invasion, Australian

Friday, July 6

U.S. Unable To Deport Most Illegal Immigrants Who Commit Crimes, Bloomberg
Crackdown, Governing
U.S. Wheat Farmers Face Grim Harvests As Immigration Bill Dies, Bloomberg
Race And The Race, Newsweek
Subway Customer Lauded As Hero For Gunning Down Robbers In Plantation, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
A Latino Star Shines Less Brightly, Los Angeles Times
Burundi Refugees Relish New Life In Valley, Arizona Republic
Bias May Hike Blacks’ Breast Cancer Risk, Reuters
Fossil Tooth Belonged to Earliest Western European, Experts Say, National Geographic News
Muslim Violence, The Global Politician

Thursday, July 5

Foreign Troops In A Foreign Land Pledge Their Lives To Old Glory, London Times
Eritrean Refugees Fly Out Of Ethiopia For A New Life In The United States, Reuters
More City Infants Are Dying In Bed, Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee)
Lynwood Defies Order To Hold Recall Vote, Los Angeles Times
Minnesota Battling Three Other States For Congressional Seat, AP
Shoppers Ignored Woman Dying Of Stab Wound, AP
Seventh-Grader Arrested In Gang Rape; Police Seek Nine More Teens, Palm Beach Post
Crime Soars Again In Country Where Drivers Dare Not Halt At A Red Light, London Times
Most Land To Go To Blacks, Citizen Reporter
We’re Never Going Home . . . 300,000 Polish Migrants Plan To Stay Permanently In UK, This Is London
India’s Hue And Cry Over Paler Skin, London Telegraph
Chinese Villagers Eat Dinosaur Bones, AP

Tuesday, July 3

Small Town America Killed Immigration Bill, Political Mavens
Raids Target Immigrants Ordered To Leave U.S., Seattle Times
Forced Busing’s Cheerleaders,
Katrina Brought A Wave Of Hispanics, AP
Former Trinidad And Tobago Olympic Sprinter, Alleged Child Molester Arrested, Breaking News
Left-Wing Extremists Want To ‘Reconquista’ Southwest, CNSNews
State-Sponsored Multiculturalism; Balkanization Of Canada, Laval News (Laval, Quebec)
UK Below Mexico In World League Of Wealth And Happiness, London Daily Mail
Price Of Machetes Drops After Elections, Reuters
Men Disguised As Muslim Women Rob Bank, Reuters

Monday, July 2

Blacks Violated Voting Rights Act, Federal Judge Rules, AP
Tavis Smiley: Blacks Too ‘Emotional’ To Obey Rules, WorldNetDaily
Homicides Soar In East Coast Cities, AP
Pittsburgh’s Shame, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Spinning The Real Costs Of Illegals, Real Clear Politics
Women Going On Sex Tours Look For Big Bamboos And Marlboro Men, Pravda
Why Intellectuals Like Genocide, New English Review
200,000 Homes Given To Migrants, London Daily Mail
A German First: Schools Hire Security Guards, Expatica
Teachers Sell Sex To Buy Food As Mugabe Cronies Get Richer, London Times