American Renaissance

News archive from August 2007

Friday, August 31

Hip-Hop’s Down Beat, Time Magazine
‘White Power’ Chanted During Immigration Discussion At School, KUSA-TV (Denver)
State Faults Teachers of English Learners, Arizona Republic
‘Ghetto’ Booklet Probed By HISD, Houston Chronicle
Florida Restaurants Rank 1st In U.S. For Sickening Diners, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Alton Police Chief Charged With Sexual Assaults, Brownsville (Texas) Monitor
Protest Over Political Persecution Of County Durham BNP Teacher, Civil Liberty (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
White People In UK’s Cities ‘Likely To Be A Minority In 20 Years’, London Daily Mail
Rapists On The Prowl — Why Cases Rise — NHRC, Weekly Trust (Mauritius)

Thursday, August 30

Laborer Ruling A Setback For Herndon, Washington Post
Nifong Pleads Not Guilty To Contempt Charge, Charlotte Observer
Tighter License Rules Hit Illegal Immigrants, (Washington, D.C.)
Oklahoma Cops Try To ID Boy Abandoned At Wal-Mart By Fleeing Shoplifter, AP
Ex-Wrestler Sues Accuser, Threatens OSU, Daily O’Collegian (Oklahoma State University)
Sikhs Angered Over New TSA Hat-Checking Policy, WCBS-TV (New York)
TB Patient To Be Deported Because Of Illegal Status, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Study Finds Whites Still Outlive Blacks, Los Angeles Times
Police: Residence Permit Fraud On Increase, The YLE News (Finland)

Wednesday, August 29

Judge Tells Group To Stay Away From Politics, USA Today
Mexican Consul Critical Of NW Ark. Immigration Enforcement, AP
San Francisco Hopes To Reverse Black Flight, USA Today
School Segregation On The Rise: Report, Reuters
Cohen Meets With Black Ministers Group Over His Support Of Hate Crimes Bill, Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
Experts: U.S. Childbirth Deaths On Rise, AP
‘No White Students Are Allowed To Enter’, Cape Times (Cape Town)
Mandela Statue ‘A Beacon Of Hope’, Telegraph (London)
Netherlands Sets Plan Against Extremism, AP
Exam Boards Told To Set Easier Questions, London Telegraph
King Tut Exhibit Prompts Debate On His Skin Color, NPR

Tuesday, August 28

Deal Seeks To End Birthright Citizenship For Illegals, Chattanooga Times Free Press
Report: Average SAT Scores Dip Again, AP
Ozen High School E-Mails Stir Confusion, Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise
2 Va. Counties OK Immigration Crackdown, AP
California Travesty, Washington Times
Letter: Gang Making Threats Against Officers, WFSB-TV
FBI’s Release Of Ferry Passenger Photos Resented, Seattle Times
Cautious Criticism, National Post
AIDS Victims ‘Buried Alive’ In PNG, Breitbart

Monday, August 27

Hallway Rape Went Unreported By Neighbors, Star Tribune
St. Paul Aims To Close The Learning Gap, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Mortgages Test Muslims’ Faith, New York Daily News
Black Women And Breast Cancer, CBS News
Swift Offers Prayer Solution to Muslims, AP
Gwinnett Teen Jailed For Refusing TB Treatment, AP
Hispanic Churches Add English Services, Newsday
1825: When the USA Was Not a White Country, Robert Lindsay
One In Four UK Babies Born To A Foreign Parent, London Telegraph
Crisis Looms As 18 Million Chinese Can’t Find A Wife, Manchester Guardian
Scenes from Eurabia: Women Should Know Their Place, The Brussels Journal

Friday, August 24

Affirmative Action Backfires, Wall Street Journal
Minorities Are Often Stung By Credit-Based Insurance Rates, New York Daily News
A Case For Segregation, Black Voice News
English Learners Do Worse On Test, Los Angeles Daily News
CAIR Goes Back To School,
More Iraqis Cross Southwest Border Seeking Asylum, El Paso Times
Gingers Extinct In 100 Years, Say Scientists, News Digital Media (Sydney)
When Wrong Boyfriends Or Clothes Lead Daughters To Kill Themselves, Manchester Guardian
Big Brother Day 86: Brian Tells Amanda ‘I Love You’, London Daily Mail
Livingstone Breaks Down In Tears At Slave Trade Memorial, London Daily Mail

Thursday, August 23

NAACP Official: Vick Shouldn’t Be Banned From NFL, CNN
Former State Employee Wins $150,000 In Reverse Discrimination Case, Buffalo News
Hispanics Moving Out Of Oklahoma Before New Law Takes Effect, KTUL-TV (Tulsa)
Proposed Amendment Would Pull Up Sagging Pants In Atlanta, AP
Black Leaders Demand Apology For Editorial Cartoon, WKMG-TV (Jacksonville, Florida)
Labor Dumping, Cato Institute
Mauritius Lures SA’s Rich, Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)
Muslims Want Ban On Easter Eggs, Expatica
How Miss Slackistan And The Burka Beauties Fell Foul Of The Racism Zealots, London Daily Mail

Wednesday, August 22

Poll: Americans Frustrated With Immigration Crisis, The Bulletin (Philadelphia)
Liberal Views, Black Victims, Creators Syndicate
The White Race: Going Gently Into That Good Night, Global Politician
Where Are The Non-White Kids In the Little League World Series?, Say Hey
Judge: Euclid Voting Biased, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Financial Aid Problems Mean Long Lines At Clark Atlanta, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Diversity Gave Birth To L.A., Los Angeles Times
Apologizing To The Missionaries, FrontPageMagazine
Schoolchildren Need To Be Educated About Islam Says Cleric, BNP Daily News Update
Record Number Of People Leave UK, BBC News
Prescott Calls For Slavery Memorial Day,

Tuesday, August 21

PJB: The Color of Crime,
Black Americans Die While Their Leaders Fiddle, WorldNetDaily
Poll: White Youths Happier Than Others, AP
Illegal Presence In US Not A Crime, Court Says,
Groups Rally For And Against Planned Arabic-Themed Public School In Brooklyn, FoxNews
Abstract: The Dawn of Art, Archaeology
Islam In America Before Columbus, Muslim Weekly
Migrant Cash Is World Economic Giant, AP
Western Economics Meets Chinese Culture: The Result Is ‘Corpse Brides’, North Star Writers Group

Monday, August 20

Immigration Activist Arrested Outside L.A. Church, AP
Wave Of Violent Crime Intensifies In N.O., AP
New Orleans DA Loses Race-Firing Appeal, AP
Border Violence Pushes North, Los Angeles Times
Meatpacking Remakes Rural U.S. Towns, AP
Tribes Offer Membership To Immigrants, AP
Blue-Eyed People Are More Successful, Times of India
Campbell Rails At Vogue For Models With White Skins, London Times
New Report Finds That Limited English Proficient Student Enrollment Is Surging Nationwide, FAIR
England’s Success May Be In Our Genes, London Times

Friday, August 17

BP Eyes Terrorism, Area Chief Declares, Laredo Morning Times
US: Census Won’t Stop Immigration Raids, AP
Exec: Region Must Embrace Diversity, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Top 100 Least Racially Diverse Cities (pop. 5,000+),
Immigration Reform Supporters Gather To Write New Playbook, Express-News (San Antonio)
Immigrants Prepare Boycotts, Rally To Protest County Resolution, DC Examiner
Roman Catholic Bishop Wants Everyone to Call God ‘Allah’, Fox News
Slavery: Nothing To Do With Wales?, BBC
Mexico Kicks Out Stranded Migrants, AP

Thursday, August 16

Student Scores Level Off In State, Los Angeles Times
More Schools Lag On Standards, Baltimore Sun
Let’s Not Cower From The Hard Truth About Race And IQ, London Times
NYPD Warns Of Homegrown Terror Threat, AP
Brooklyn Street Proves Yes, We All Can Get Along, USA Today
Stab-Proof School Uniforms Go On Sale To Protect Pupils From Knife Attacks, London Daily Mail
Youth Gangs Running Wild In England, Epoch Times (Washington, D.C.)
Hanson Calls For Halt To Muslim Immigration, Sydney Morning Herald
India To Charge Writer Nasreen With ‘Hurting Muslim Feelings’, Canadian Broadcasting Company
Mugabe Cheered At African Summit, AP

Wednesday, August 15

A King Statue ‘Made in China’?,
An Interesting New Trend in Fertility, Borjas Blog
Gingrich ‘Sickened’ With Bush, Congress, Cox News
Guatemalan Arrested in Crash, Baltimore Sun
Former DMV Employee Faces Federal Charges For Fake Licenses, AP
Local Hispanic Businesses Feeling Pinch, Potomac News
Study Finds Drug Use Increases With ‘Acculturation’, Oregon Public Broadcasting
Immigration Activist to Leave Sanctuary,
Violence Mars Holiday Weekend In Providence, Providence Journal

Tuesday, August 14

Neighborhoods’ Effect On Grades Challenged, Washington Post
Race Study Cries Foul Over Umpires’ Calls, American Statesman
Kmart Launches Multicultural Doll Brands, AP
Craig Pushes Immigration Reform, Idaho Statesman
Puerto Rico: Migrant Labor’s Newest Source, Pueblo (Colorado) Chieftain
Foreigners Commit 20 Per Cent Of Crime In London, Say Police, London Daily Mail
NHS Staff Told To Eat Away From Desks For Ramadan,
Bus Company Reaches A Fare Solution To Veil Row,
Baby Boom In Poland, Polskie Radio
Russian Governor Sponsors Conception Day, AP

Monday, August 13

Asian Supremacist Sentenced to Therapy, AP
King-Harbor Fails Final Check, Will Close Soon, Los Angeles Times
Montgomery Slaying Suspect’s Own Hand Helps Seal His Fate, Washington Post
Israel, UN Tackle Refugee Problem, Jerusalem Post
Grooming of White Girls for Sex is Exposed as Two Asian Men Jailed, Times (London)
How the Government has Declared War on White English People, Daily Express (London)
Immigrants Have Taken Four in Ten Homes Since 1997, Daily Mail (London)
Government Proposing Zero Tolerance in Racism Prevention, Helsingin Sanomat

Friday, August 10

Nearly Half US Murder Victims are Black: Report, AFP
Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in New Jersey Students’ Execution-Style Deaths, Fox News
Black Journalists to Hillary Clinton: Are You Black Enough to Serve Black Voters?,
Bush to Order New Crackdown on U.S. Border,
English-only Signs in Merrimack, Union Leader (Manchester)
Minorities Help Slow Aging Trend, Casper Star-Tribune
Nine Charged in Sex Slavery Case in LA, AP
Tough New Immigration Laws Planned, TV New Zealand
Greatest Population Growth in 40 Years,

Thursday, August 9

Whites Now Minority In 1 In 10 Counties, AP
State’s Face Is Changing — Fast, Oregonian
Major Growth In Minority Population, News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware)
Anglos No Longer Majority In Denver, Rocky Mountain News
More Blacks Going For Suburbs, Fast-Growing Locations, USA Today
5 Hawaiians’ Lawsuit Against OHA Back On, Honolulu Advertiser
Migrant Fatalities Rise At Ariz. Border, Arizona Republic
Four Traffic Agents Are Charged In Phony Ticket Scam, New York Daily News
GOP Hopes To Make Inroads With Hispanics, AP

Wednesday, August 8

Longtime CIA Spy Unmasks For Retirement, AP
A Misguided Use Of Zoo Guides?, Seattle Times
Latino Gang Makes Blacks Its Target In Canoga Park, Los Angeles Daily News
NYC Principal To Be Fired Over School Chicken Blood Ritual, AP
Court Rejects ‘Sally Hemings’ Name For Horse, AP
Channel 4 Film Aimed To Expose Extremism, Manchester Guardian
Sweden Warns Against Possibility Of Becoming Terrorism Hotbed, Shanghai Daily
Zimbabwe Threatens White Farmers On Evictions, Reuters
Tintin Book Accused Of Colonial Racism, London Telegraph
6 Africans Desert Soccer Tournament, AP

Tuesday, August 7

State Immigration Laws on the Rise, Los Angeles Times
Hot Line Will Tell of Raids, Orange County Register
A Diversity of Opinion, if Not Opinionators, Washington Post
Ormewood Park Shaken by Break-in, Discovery of Body, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
College Board Cool to AP Course in African-American History, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Teen Boys Accused in Brecksville Woman’s Death Deny Charges, Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Judge Lost Pants, Lost Shirt in Court and Now His Robe?, ABC News
Mexicans Find a Rough Welcome Mat in Canada, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Government Defends Plan On Aborigines, AP
Early Humans Came from Asia Too, AP

Monday, August 6

Vick Dogfighting Case Opens Up Racial Divide, AP
English-Speaker Says Landlord’s Message Is Clear, (Fort Pierce, Florida)
Fired Clerk Now Conservative Folk Hero, Aspen Daily News
Black And White, Newsweek
Talk Radio Can’t Handle The Truth, Washington Post
More Black Women Marrying Men Of Other Races, Census Reveals, AP
Asians ‘Prefer To Marry Own Race’, BBC News
Secret ‘Amnesty’ For 500,000 Asylum Cases, London Express
English Girl Barred From Government Job . . . Because She Is Wrong Kind Of White, London Daily Mail
Idi Amin’s Son Convicted For London Gang Murder, London Times

Friday, August 3

Couple Have 17th Child, Welcome More, AP
Where Black And Brown Collide, The Economist
MLK Harbor Hospital Cited for Mishandling Radioactive Waste, KABC-TV (Los Angeles)
Prosecutors Urged Grand Jury Probe Of King/Drew, Los Angeles Times
Lack Of Interpreters Hinders Prosecutions, AP
Owner Defends Indio Mobile Home Park, Los Angeles Times
In Central America, Child Migrants Now Face Perils Alone, Christian Science Monitor
Italy Struggles With Chinese Migrants, BBC News
Genetic Diversity Shrinks In UK: Study, Reuters

Thursday, August 2

Equal Opportunity Vs. Equal Results,
Yale Says New Class Most Diverse Ever, AP
Did Prof’s Views On Jews, Blacks Cross Line?, Chicago Sun-Times
Reflections On The Psychopathology Of Racist Thinking,
N.H. Town Objects To Spanish-Language Beach Signs,
Into The Ashes, The Economist
White Lies: A Top Ten List, Alas! A Blog
How Ethno-Politics Poisons Democracy, National Post
Swiss President Calls For More Integration, swissinfo
Zimbabwe’s Hospital System ‘Beyond Help’, London Telegraph
Mexican Officials Visit U.S. On Immigration Fact-Finding Mission, AP

Wednesday, August 1

Legal Immigration — The Bigger Problem,
When Illegal Migrants Flood A City, Christian Science Monitor
Panel Says City’s Integration Strategy Will Withstand Federal Ruling, Berkeley (California) Daily Planet
Is Black America Any Better After Integration?, The Call (Kansas City)
Kurdish Gangs Emerge In Nashville, AP
U. Of Michigan Will Provide Muslim Footbaths, New York Sun
Latinos Unite To Turn Fear Into Activism, Washington Post
Rep. Buyer Told Costs Of Immigration, Lafayette Journal & Courier
I Know These People Are Out There, But . . ., My Sky ~ Multiracial Family Life
Bogus Students, Shady Schools: The Visa Scam, Vancouver Sun
Police Struggle With Hate Crimes Caseload, The Local (Färögatan, Sweden)