American Renaissance

News archive from September 2007

Friday, September 28

Is Belgium Breaking Up?,
$100 Bills In Mouth . . ., Jena Times
Veteran Cop Sues Paterson, Police Department, Herald News (West Paterson, New Jersey)
More Blacks, Hispanics in Cells Than Dorms, AP
St. John’s on a ‘Red’ Alert, Murray Weiss
Haitian Gangs Battling For Turf, Miami Herald
DHEC To Discuss Nicholtown Odor Report, Greenville (N.C.) News
Hookah Lounges Exempt From Bylaw, Vancouver Sun
Two Million More Migrants Expected In UK In Just A Decade, Indian-Muslim News and Information

Thursday, September 27

Hope Fades For Passage Of Bill To Aid Young Illegal Immigrants, Houston Chronicle
Blanco: No Challenge of ‘Jena 6’ Ruling, AP
Two Engineers Indicted In Economic Espionage, Los Angeles Times
Nike Creates Shoes For Native Americans, RetailWire
All-American Presidential Forums on PBS, Public Broadcasting System
Does Affirmative Action Hurt Minorities?, Los Angeles Times
Is The White CB Gone For Good?,
Black Opinion On Simpson Shifts, AP
Press Release: Four Experts To Explain Findings At News Conference, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) and The Social Contract
Shock At Archbishop Condom Claim, BBC News

Wednesday, September 26

Tancredo Slams Bush Over Immigration, The Telegraph (Nashua, NH)
Diversity Visa Program is 'Open Door' for Terrorists, Says Investigation,
Nogales Drug-Tunnel Builders Dig Right Under Port of Entry, Arizona Daily Star
The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of U.S. Public Schools, The Pew Hispanic Center
Handcuffed Mexican Kids Steal U.S. Border Agent Car, Reuters
Lawsuit Opposes Race Rules in Magnet School Admissions, KNBC-TV (Los Angeles)
Why British Citizens are Leaving their Country, Tribune Media Services
Beyond the Pale?, BBC
Tutankhamun was not Black: Egypt Antiquities Chief, AFP
Beijing Police Round Up And Beat African Expats, The Guardian (England)

Tuesday, September 25

3 Teens Charged in Moore County Girl’s Slaying, (Raleigh)
Police Investigating Videotaped Attack On Ocean View Teen, Virginian-Pilot (Hampton Roads)
Names Sought For Ohio Statue In Capitol, AP
Racism’s Toll May Be Physical, Los Angeles Times
Fewer Migrants Mean More Benefits, Los Angeles Times
Financial Woes Jeopardize Area Hospitals, Los Angeles Times
Hispanic Businesses Feel The Squeeze, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Government Advisors: Dutch Should Adapt to Muslims, NIS (Dutch News Service)
British History ‘Needs Rewrite’, BBC News
Foreigners ‘Commit Fifth Of Crime In London’, Telegraph (London)
Sarkozy’s Whirlwind Beginning Fails to Reach Immigrant Suburbs,
Chinese Women Want Faces Shaped Like ‘Goose Eggs’, AFP

Monday, September 24

Clinton Targets Blacks in First S.C. Radio Ad, ABC News
U.S. Will Speed Entry Of Refugees From Iraq, Washington Post
Spitzer Policy Will Let Illegal Immigrants Get Driver’s Licenses, New York Sun
Former DMV Worker Files Suit, Raleigh News and Observer
Can Kwame Kilpatrick Grow Up?, Time Magazine
New Enforcement Initiatives Could Mean More Deportations, Memphis Commercial-Appeal
A Tale Of Two Nations, Western Critique
Police Offer Jobs To Recruits Failing Anti-Racism Test, London Daily Mail
Mexico Crime Continues To Surge, McClatchy Newspapers

Friday, September 21

What Really Happened in Jena, Special to AR News
Premediated Merger: Mexican Official Urges North American Union, World Net Daily
District Attorney Loses 2nd Appeal Over Firing White Workers, AP
Immigration Reform Could Harm State, State GOP Director Says, Arkansas News Bureau
Brown County Board Passes Immigration Ordinance, WBAY-TV (Green Bay, Wis.)
To Stem Nursing Shortage, State Plans to Send Bilingual Students to Mexico, San Diego Union-Tribune
Immigration Activists Pitch ‘Be Prepared’ As New Motto, Daily Herald (Waukegan, Ill.)
In Manassas, Banner Calls For Halt to ‘Racism’, Washington Post
Headless Corpses Raise Ritual Killing Fear, Reuters
French Plan to Screen DNA of Visa-Seekers Draws Anger, Washington Post
Overseas Doctors ‘Taking Too Many Jobs’, Daily Mail (England)

Thursday, September 20

Call Your Senators Today and Oppose DREAM Immigration Amnesty Bill, Califs. for Population Stabilization
How Female Illegals Abuse the System,
Mexican Curriculum in Oregon Schools Stirs Debate, AP
TV Ads Cite Immigration as Main Cause of Many of California's, Nation's Ills, Californians for Population Stabilization
GOP Bill Targets ‘Sanctuary Cities’, The Washington Times
Glitch Renders ‘Virtual Fence’ Unusable, AP
Body Odor Perception Depends on Gene,
Isiah Explains Double Standard On Slurs In Garden Trial, New York Daily News
Refugees Pose ‘Potential Crisis’, The Windsor Star (Canada)

Wednesday, September 19

The Decline of the Anglos,
Church to Be Billed for Immigrant Rally, AP
Bourbon, Baseball Bats, and Now the Bantu: Louisville, Ky., Welcomes Immigrants to Bolster its Shrinking Work Force, Wall Street Journal
Rep. Ellison to Go on Food Stamps, Channel Four News, Minneapolis
Debate No-Shows Worry GOP Leaders: Candidates Are Urged to Attend Forums Sponsored by Minorities, Washington Post
Suspect In Officer's Shooting Ex-Con, Had Been Deported: Jaywalker Shoots 8-Year Police Veteran, The Arizona Republic
Jackson Criticizes Obama: Presidential Candidate’s Response to Jena, La., Case Called too Weak, The State Newspaper (South Carolina)
Texas Doctors Find Skin Disease Moving North, AP
Thousands Head To Jena, Louisiana For Thursday Protest, CBS News
UK Police Struggling with Migrants, Television New Zealand

Tuesday, September 18

Congress Quietly Returns To Immigration, Los Angeles Times
Groups Clash Over Immigration at Church, AP
Greeley Sets Forum On Crime By Illegals, Rocky Mountain News
Security Chief: Border Arrests Include Terrorists, San Antonio Express-News
A Xenophobic Zeitgeist: The GOP May Erase the Gains it’s Made with Hispanics, Newsweek
Beaner’s To Drop Name Some See As Derogatory, Lansing State Journal
Tancredo Questions ‘Bizarre’ Restrictions on Illegal Alien Detention, Office of Rep. Tom Tancredo
Judges: It's 'Irrational' to Deport Sex Beast from Scotland - Rapist Wins Fight to Stay in UK, Daily Record (Britain)
Racial Divisions Are Growing In Britain, Watchdog Warns, The Evening Standard (England)
Zimbabwe Slaps Luxury Tax on Panties, News 24 (South Africa)

Monday, September 17

So Long, White Boy,
Teen’s Conviction Tossed In La. Beating, AP
A ‘Baby Bjorn’ Sperm Crisis, New York Post
Artists Turning Out For King Memorial, AP
Racist Graffiti Leads To Arrests, Washington Post
Officials Challenge Voting Rights Law, AP
The Hidden Impact Of Political Correctness,
One-third of SA’s 3-million Afrikaners are Destitute, Homeless, Unemployable,
Which Doll Is ‘Bad’?, The Voice (England)
The Problem Isn’t Racism, It’s The Tidal Wave Of Immigrants, Dublin Independent
Al Qaeda Offers Bounty On Swedish Cartoonist, AP

Friday, September 14

SPLC Stalinists Strike Again, Stupidly,
Immigration Amendments Loom on Upcoming Bills, Sessions Says, Congressional Quarterly
White Firefighters Allowed to Sue Over Cancellation of Promotion Lists, Buffalo News
Groups Press For Hate-Crime Charges In Woman’s Alleged Torture, AP
The Republicans Flunk Spanish, Yahoo News
Boy Leads Protest Over Deported Mother, AP
Philly Seeks 10,000 Men to Guard Streets, AP
One-Child Foreign Policy, American Conservative
Britain Demands More Muslims,
Knicks Coach Disparaged White Fans, Accuser Says, AP
U.N. Expert: Defaming Religions A Threat, AP

Thursday, September 13

Businesses Forced To Run Day Laborer Centers, Judicial Watch
Illegal Immigrants Receive Federal Aid, (New Haven)
Not At Home With English, Los Angeles Times
More Illegal Immigrants, More Seats in Congress?, Washington Post
School Rescinds Ban On Flag Clothing, (Raleigh-Durham)
EU Told To Accept 20 Million Migrant Workers, The Financial Times (England)
France Worried About Shortfall In Deportation Of Illegals, AFP
Swiss Citizenship System ‘Racist’, BBC News
Conception Day Proves A Seminal Event In Russia, AP

Wednesday, September 12

Europe Is Threatened By Bigots — Not By Islam, Council of Europe
Number Of Immigrants Hits Record 37.5M, AP
Illegal Immigrants From India On The Rise, Houston Chronicle
New Orleans Keeps Narrow Black Majority, AP
Detroit Cops Win $6.5M Suit Against Mayor, CBS News
A Hart-Felt Commitment To Racial Peace, Los Angeles Times
A Vote The District Deserves, Washington Post
Festival Canceled, Activists Blamed, Washington Post
We’re Losing A War We Don’t Even Know We’re In,
High School Bans American Flag, (Raleigh-Durham)
African Gangster Will Be Reformed: Mother,

Tuesday, September 11

Brussels Police Arrests Demonstrators and Politicians, Brussels Journal
Politics Are Still Black And White, But Why?, Clarion Ledger
Arizona’s National Parks Taking Steps To Appeal To Hispanics, Cronkite News Service
NY Fashion Runways Lack Black And Asian Models, Reuters
Genocide Against Westerners, Conservative Voice
Illegal Aliens Following Americans To Their Graves, News With Views
Protest Against Illegal Immigration Set For Oct. 20, Asbury Park Press (Neptune, N.J.)
Center City Lawyer Pleads "No Contest" To Rape Charges, Philadelphia Inquirer
"Cultural Relativism Makes Me Sick", Radio Netherlands

Monday, September 10

Dynamite Blast On Truck Kills 23 In Mexico, CNN
Racism Alive And Well In S.F. Schools — Here’s Proof, San Francisco Chronicle
Importing Poverty, Washington Post
Area Schools’ Success Obscures Lingering Racial SAT Gap, Washington Post
Racial Gaps May Exist In Kidney Cancer Care, Reuters
GOP Losing Support With Hispanic Voters, Houston Chronicle
Pope Blasts Europeans For Not Having Enough Children, AFP
Most Back Akaka Bill: OHA Poll, Honolulu Advertiser
Women Can Wear Muslim Garb For Elections, AP
Muslim Group Behind ‘Mega-Mosque’ Seeks To Convert All Britain, London Times
Zimbabwe Migrants Flood S. Africa, Los Angeles Times

Friday, September 7

IQ And Crime In The US Redux, Robert Lindsay
11 N.J. Officials Arrested On Corruption, AP
Court Interpreters Strike For 22% Pay Raise, Los Angeles Times
Robots May Become Essential On US Farms, AP
CA Alert! State Senate Votes To Prohibit Localities From Fighting Illegal Immigration!, Californians for Population Stabilization
Truckers Protest Mexican Trucks Program, AP
Border Checks Limited To Speed Traffic, Washington Times
Spanish Is Not the Issue, Washington Post
NY Opera Looks To Minority Audiences, Reuters

Thursday, September 6

Herndon To Shut Down Center For Day Laborers, Washington Post
How Much Will You Pay To Live Near People Like You?, University of Chicago Journals
Blacks In Suburbs Failing Md. Exams, Baltimore Sun
Comedian Gets The Hook For Using N-Word, AP
After Newark, Race-Baiting Lost its Charm,
Americans Missing In Mexico, Houston Chronicle
Muslim Ambassadors: ‘Sweden Needs To Change Its Laws’, The Local (Kisa, Sweden)
‘Racist’ Sports Shirts Banned From School Pic, The Local (Kisa, Sweden)
Ireland Steps Up As Immigration Leader, Christian Science Monitor
Mayor Arrested For Murder, Tribune (Cape Town)
SA Pupils Burn ‘Witches’ To Death, BBC News

Wednesday, September 5

Study: Humans’ DNA Not Quite So Similar, AP
Judge Halts Illegal Immigrant Notices, AP
D.C.’s Majority-Black Status Slipping Away, AP
La Raza Threatens To Cancel Convention In KC, Cites Controversial Park Board Appointee, Kansas City Star
Lines At United States Borders Longer, AP
Police Department Will Consider Minorities First In Hiring, Eagle-Tribune (North Andover, Massachusetts)
3 Fired At GPAC Over Stage Knots, Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
Lower Merion Schools Sued, The Bulletin (Philadelphia)
Airline Sacrifices Goats To Appease Sky God, Reuters
No Apology For Blasphemous Caricature: Swedish Newspaper, Daily Times (Lahore)

Tuesday, September 4

President Of National Council Of La Raza Warns Of Anti-Immigration Sentiment, Kansas City Star
Hazleton Slapped With $2.4 M Bill, Citizens’ Voice (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
Picture Boards Bridge Hospital Language Gaps, AP
State’s Schools Rank Second In Racial Change, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Residents: Nooses Spark School Violence, Divide Town, CNN
Swiss Deportation Policy Draws Criticism, AP
Mexico Blasts U.S. Immigration Policies, AP
Mexico Begins Repatriation Of 7,000 C American Undocumented Immigrants, China View
Black Children Left Out Of Irish Schools, AP
Straitjackets For Illegals, News24 (Cape Town)