American Renaissance

News archive from October 2007

Wednesday, October 31

Feds Strike ID Deal Over NY Licenses, AP
Official Regrets Remarks on Black Voters, Laurie Kellman
Vietnamese Rebound in New Orleans, AP
DA Eddie Jordan Resigns, Times Picayune
Coalition’s Oct. 31 Demands, Spectator News (Columbia University)
Nigeria: Femme Point — Still On Black And White Intelligence, Daily Trust (Abuja, Nigeria)
Teachers’ Muslim Dress Order, London Sun
In Defence of Herouxville, National Post
Germany Cracks Down on Forced Marriages, AP
Municipalities: Right-Wing More Serious Than Muslim Radicalism, Netherlands Info Services (NIS)
Cleric: Women’s Sexy Clothing Distracting Muslim Men From Sleep, Prayers, FoxNews

Tuesday, October 30

Tancredo Says He Won’t Seek Re-Election, AP
Analysis Clarifies Route of AIDS, Los Angeles Times
1 in 10 Schools Are ‘Dropout Factories’, AP
Press Release: University of Delaware Requires Students to Undergo Ideological Reeducation, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
Immigration Raids Hurting Farmers, AP
Experts: Hispanics Especially Vulnerable to Brain Tumors, KVUE-TV (Austin)
Restaurant Cited for Deer Carcass In Kitchen, Greencastle (Indiana) Banner
Bronx Resident Creates Afrocentric Puzzles to Teach Children about Culture, New York Daily News
‘Racism’ Protests Over the High Street Hanging Black Mannequins, Daily Mail (London)
Australia Risks ‘London-Type Bombing’, The Australian (Sydney)

Monday, October 29

What If 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?, NewsWithViews
Two of ‘Jena Six’ Defendants Present BET Award, The Town Talk
HISD Officer Fired over Booklet, Houston Chronicle
KQRS Remarks Upset Indian Leaders, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Furor Over Anti-Islam Speaker, Inside Higher Ed
Black Lawyers Rare at Supreme Court, AP
LSU Hospital Chief Explains Rope Found in Break Room, AP
Quarterbacking While Mexican, Los Angeles Times
In Defense of His Confederate Pride, St. Petersburg Times
Jails Adapted for Foreign Inmates, BBC News
Immigration: The Disgraceful Censorship by All Political Parties of the Greatest Issue of Our Time, Daily Mail (London)
‘Better Off Under Apartheid’, News24 (Cape Town)
‘Miracle’ Fuel That Made a Mockery of Mugabe, London Times

Friday, October 26

Six Illegal Immigrants Arrested at Qualcomm, Los Angeles Times
Army Medics Train at Miami Trauma Center, AP
Poll Finds Va. Focused on Illegal Immigrants, Washington Post
Fenty Won’t Question Residents’ Legal Status, Washington Times
Federal Rule Blocks Recruiting Police Officers from Outside Buffalo, Buffalo News
Economic Impact of Spending ‘Blackout’ Protesting Government and Hate Crimes Likely Minimal, FoxNews
Sioux Nickname Could Be Dropped in 3 Years Unless Tribes OK It, AP
Testimony in E. Texas KFC Slayings Case Starts Monday, AP
Breast Cancer Often Untreated in Mideast, AP
Quebec Town Defends Conduct Code for Minorities, Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Thursday, October 25

Race and Intelligence: Is There a Link?, NPR
I Agree with Dr Watson, Daily Trust (Abuja, Nigeria)
House Passes Native Hawaiian Bill, AP
Alumni Assoc. to Give Aid to Minorities, Michigan Daily (University of Michigan)
Minority Professors Underrepresented, The Lariat (Baylor University)
I Just Couldn’t Sacrifice My Son, Washington Post
While Many Shy Away, Some Illegal Immigrants Brave California Wildfire to Sneak into the US, AP
Survey Prompts Pulling of School Newspaper, Iowa City Press-Citizen
Officials: 20 Busted Smuggling Young Girls for Prostitution, Scaring Them with Voodoo, AP
Neanderthals ‘Were Flame-Haired’, BBC News
Swiss Elect First Black Lawmaker, AAP

Wednesday, October 24

Media Myths about the Jena 6, Christian Science Monitor
Aggie Independents to Host Nick Griffin, AR
Judge Declares Mistrial in Case of Man Accused of Suffocating College Student in Her Dorm Room, Court TV
Senators Reject Legal Status for Children of Immigrants, Los Angeles Times
The Future of Cities: How Sprawl and Racism are Intertwined, PoliPoint Press
Academic Cesspools, Washington Times
Hawaiians Argue over Ancestry, AP
Did Herouxville Get the Last Laugh on Multiculturalism?, National Post (Don Mills, Ontario)
Teen Spat in Montreal Sparks Racial Conflict, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Contested French Immigration Bill Passes, AP
In Italy, Backlash against Migrants Grows, Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, October 23

MSU-YAF to Host Nick Griffin of the British National Party, Michigan State University YAF
Discrimination Case Could Lead to Seizure of DA’s Office Assets, KATC-TV (Acadiana, La.)
Accentuating the ‘American’ in Their Speech, Los Angeles Times
Diet Choices ‘Written In Genes’, BBC News
Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter Teamed Up for Attack, Police Say, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Children Detach from Natural World As They Explore the Virtual One, San Francisco Chronicle
Nine Days in Slotervaart, Radio Netherlands
Oprah Flies In to Save School from Scandal, The Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Chasing the Chinese Dream, Washington Post
Widespread Child Marriage Blamed for Domestic Violence, United Nations’ Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)

Monday, October 22

New Fear Leads Both Legal, Illegal Latinos to Leave Pr. William, Washington Post
Racism Growing on Campuses, Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader
NYC Construction Becomes More Deadly, AP
Justice Says Law Degree ‘Worth 15 Cents’, AP
Stupid White Men, Guardian (Manchester)
Race Linked to Happiness and Recovery from Negative Events, ScienceDaily
Record Poll Win for Swiss Right, BBC News
UK ‘Will Swell to 75m’ As Migrants Raise Births, London Telegraph
Police: Stop and Search More Black Suspects, London Telegraph
School Probes Racism Claim against Boy, Four, London Telegraph

Saturday, October 20

To Question Genetic Intelligence Is Not Racism, London Independent

Friday, October 19

Watson Recants, Jared Taylor, Special to AR
‘Race Row’ Nobel Winner Suspended, CNN
As He Arrives in Britain, DNA Pioneer Breaks His Silence on Racism Row, Independent (London)
Statement by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Board of Trustees and President Bruce Stillman, Ph.D. Regarding Dr. Watson’s Comments in The Sunday Times on October 14, 2007, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Crime Victims Who Are Illegal May Apply for Visas, AP
Student Hate Group Bringing Ultra Right Wing Conservative Leader from England, Michigan Messenger
Gang Rivalry Grows Into Race War, Los Angeles Times
NFL Buffoons Leaving Terrible Legacy,
‘The Trouble Is the West’, Reason Magazine
Brownback to Withdraw from GOP Race, AP
‘Them’ And ‘Us’ Split Spreading Nationwide, Federal Officials Warn, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Police Say New Zealand Activists Planned War on Whites, AFP
For Afrikaners, Cup Final Is More Than a Game, London Telegraph

Thursday, October 18

Science Museum Cancels Talk by Watson after ‘Racist’ Comments, Independent (London)
The Homicide Report, Los Angeles Times
Farrakhan: Black Men Are ‘Endangered’, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Illegal Immigrant Numbers Elusive, Cox News Service
Man Crisscrossed Border with TB, Washington Times
Fear, Shame Fosters Silence around Haitian Child Servitude in US, WTVA-TV (Miami)
White People: So Many Refuse to Give Up Racism, Tallahassee Democrat
Fight over Volleyball Skills Ends with Stabbing, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Cabbies’ Opposition to Jobs Drive, BBC News
A Leap of Faith, The Local (Stockholm)

Wednesday, October 17

Fury at DNA Pioneer’s Theory: Africans Are Less Intelligent Than Westerners, Independent (London)
Members of Latino Gang Charged with Race-Motivated Crimes, Los Angeles Times
Razing the Projects: When Housing Isn’t Home, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Doctoral Degree Awards to African Americans Reach Another All-Time High, Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
4 Suspended for Blackface Act, Gazette (Colorado Springs)
41 Arrested In Massive Identity-Theft Sting, WNBC-TV (New York)
Police Scrap Crackdown on Vietnamese Drug Barons — Because It’s Racist, Daily Mail (London)
Birds of a Feather Prefer to Breed Together, CBC News (Toronto)

Tuesday, October 16

Myanmar Refugees Strain Aid Groups, AP
Older African-American Men with HIV Often Have Sex without Condoms, EurekaAlert
Family, under Pressure, Removes Its Hanged Dummy, Star-Ledger (Jersey City)
Noose Incident at the Comcast Site Spurs a Demonstration, Philadelphia Inquirer
JBHE Statistical Shocker of the Year, Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
State Bar of California, Civil Rights Group Spar over Affirmative Action, Fox News
Hispanics Wary of Effort to Regulate Home Colors in Dallas Suburb, AP
Cockfighting Bust Nets 5,000 Chickens, AP
Livorno Attack on Ethnic Grounds Did Not Exist, Report Says, Nine O’Clock (Bucharest)
It’s Ocker Indoctrination, Mate, The Age (Melbourne)
Fear, Misinformation Fuels Refugee Influx, Montreal Gazette

Monday, October 15

‘Anything Goes’ on Philly Streets, Teen Says, CNN
No Jail Time for Parents in Daughter’s Abduction, ABC News
Officer: Felons Policy Unfair to Black Cops, Chicago Sun-Times
5 More States May Curb Use of Race in Hiring and Admissions, Chronicle of Higher Education
New Law Prevents Cities from Turning Landlords Into Immigration Police, San Jose (California) Mercury News
Amid Furor, DJ Cancels Party for ‘Light-Skinned’ Blacks, Detroit News
Swiss Election Sparks Riots and Racism, AP
‘No Bongos or Shisha Pipes’: Multicultural College Faces Race Row over Student’s ‘English Party’, London Daily Mail
Two Mosques, Two Different Reactions in Germany, All Things Considered

Friday, October 12

Raids Net 1,313 Gang Members, Illegals, Washington Times
Pinal Raids Target Rise of Bloods and Crips, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Mychal Bell of the ‘Jena 6’ Back in Jail, AP
Migrants Filling Discount Border-Hop Flights, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Suspected Illegal Immigrants Detained after Tip, San Diego Union-Tribune
Judge Blocks Crackdown on Hiring of Illegals, Washington Times
Apology Required Before Noose Comes Down, Waterman Broadcasting Corporation
Big L.A. Law Firms Score Low on Diversity Survey, Los Angeles Times
The Skyrocketing Black IQ, Robert Lindsay
Restriction of Immigration, Atlantic Monthly

Thursday, October 11

Columbia Reverses Course, Agrees to Give Cops Noose Video, New York Daily News
City Officials, Residents Question Report’s Accuracy, Standard-Speaker (Hazelton, Pennsylvania)
Racial Divide Found in 401(K) Plans, Pioneer Press (St. Paul, Minnesota)
School Integration Is Not the Answer, St. Petersburg (Florida) Times
Race Matters When Adopting a Child, Seattle Post-Intellegencer
Video Is Clearwater at Its Worst, St. Petersburg (Florida) Times
Congress Considers Concord Hazardous?, Charlotte (Virginia) Observer
Describing Race a Delicate Affair, Washington Square News (New York University)
Anger over Plan to Dig Up 350,000 Bodies in Historic London Cemetery for Muslim Burial Site, London Daily Mail
The Rise of Mosques Becomes Catalyst for Conflict across Europe, Guardian Unlimited (Manchester)
Ivory Coast Awards Punctuality Prize, London Daily Telegraph

Wednesday, October 10

Bigger Tent for Minority-Serving Colleges, Inside Higher Ed
Sixty Percent of the American Children in Foster Care are Black.,
NABJ to Citadel & Fox: End Imus Talks, PR Newswire
No Need for Immigrants Here, ABC News
Poll: Spanish Spoken Here -- and Two-thirds Don't Mind, ABC News
Immigration Charges Used To Crack Down On Gangs, USA Today
Humiliation for Le Pen as Party is Forced to Sell HQ, Independent (London)
Airlines Face ‘Direct Action’ Threat in Deportations Row, Independent (London)
Would-be President Took Short Cut in Marathon, Ananova
Nigeria is ‘Mired in Corruption’, BBC News

Tuesday, October 9

College Admissions, Let’s Not Break The Law, Minding the Campus
Tancredo Coy About Re-Election Plans, AP
Press Release: Tenth Annual Zebra Victims’ Memorial Service, European/American Issues Forum
Immigration Debate Unites Latinos Of All Classes, AP
Koreans, Hispanics Work for Harmony, Washington Post
Ex-Mexico Prez: Racists Stop Immigration, AP
Before Columbus . . ., National Review Online
Coaches’ Group Rebukes Critics of Academic Efforts, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Does Religious Law Permit Visiting Egyptian Pyramids?, Middle East Media Research Institute (Washington, D.C.)
Lepanto, 1571: The Battle That Saved Europe, Crisis Magazine
Sarkozy Speechwriter ‘Racist’, AFP
Turkish Hackers Target Swedish Web Sites, AP

Monday, October 8

U.S. Lets In More Immigrants for Farms, Los Angeles Times
Puzzling Racial Gap, Hartford (Connecticut) Courant
The Inconvenient Science of Racial DNA Profiling,
Doggie DNA Test Reveals Mutts’ Canine Heritage, AP
Columbus Day Protest Leads to Arrests, AP
Violence at Swiss Pre-Poll Rally, BBC News
White Farmers in Court for Growing Crops, London Telegraph
Muslim Medical Students Get Picky, London Times

Friday, October 5

Atlanta Crime Spree Blamed On Katrina, WSB-TV (Atlanta)
Corruption Cases Spike in New Orleans, UPI
Dallas Indictment Raises Race Issues, AP
Immigration, Loss of Culture Worry Nations, Washington Times
U.S. Inspectors Find Numerous Health Violations at Desert Trailer Parks, Los Angeles Times
Pentagon Observes Muslim Holy Month, Washington Times
African Burial Ground Opens, AP
Dozens of Youths Attack Police Patrol, Set Fire to Community Center in Northeast France, AP
France Approves Migrant DNA Tests, BBC News
Australia in African Refugee Ban, BBC News
Blatter to Step Up Euro Quota Bid, BBC Sport
Afrikaner Farmer Gives In to Terrorism from Tribe, African Crisis

Thursday, October 4

’Burgh Least Livable, Blacks Tell City Leaders, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Texas Cities Block Access to Border Land, AP
Dems Must Woo White Men to Win, Politico
Study Shows Genes Exert Behavioural Influence, London Telegraph
Police: Black Student Marked With ‘KKK’ at Deaf School, CNN
Results of the "" Experiment,
Archaeologists Stumble on Sensational Find, B92 (Belgrade radio)
How Blunders and Neglect Stoked an African Air Tragedy, Wall Street Journal
England’s Population Changes Will Make Whites a Minority Group, Cybernet News Service
Turkish Leader Resists Nixing Insult Law, AP
White Slaves, The One Show (BBC)

Wednesday, October 3

DA/School Officials Grant Exclusive Interviews, Jena Times
Immigration Enforcement Faces Setback, The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City)
Massive Sweep Deports Hundreds, Los Angeles Times
Iowa Leads U.S. in Ratio of Black Students Suspended, The Daily Iowan
Flag of Mexico Flown Illegally over Reno Business, KRNV-TV (Reno)
Press Release: Black Gay Men, Lesbians, Have Fewer Mental Disorders Than Whites, Says Mailman School of PH Study, Columbia University
Mosque Says to Avoid Western Holidays, National Post (Toronto)
Child Mummies ‘Fattened Up’ before Inca Sacrifice, Guardian Unlimited (Manchester)
Police Catch Witchdoctor at Poll Tribunal, Reuters

Tuesday, October 2

What Really Really Happened in Jena, Special to AR News
Hunter: I Will Build the Fence, WorldNet Daily
Construction, Inspections Snarl Ports of Entry, El Paso Times
African-American Firms Get Less Work, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
A Guest Worker Program Is Shrinking Despite High Demand in Texas, Dallas Morning News
Zimbabwe’s Last White Farmers Face Final Push, London Telegraph
Zimbabwe Runs Out Of Bread, Guardian (Manchester, UK)
Brussels’ End: The Balkanization of Europe,
Norway: The Country of Peace Meets the Religion of Peace, Global Politicians
Boy ‘Who Was Attacked’ by Slovakian Woman May Face Racism Charge, October 2, 2007
Minister Cuts African Refugee Intake, The Age (Melbourne)

Monday, October 1

Callers Support Irving’s Deportation Policy, Dallas Morning News
Jena 6 Case Caught Up in Whirlwind Of Distortion, Opportunism, Kansas City Star
Race May Have Had Role in Brawl, Columbian (Vancouver, Washington)
‘Victim’ of Cross Burning in Anoka Now Faces Charges, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Illegal Immigrants Moving Out, USA Today
Racism May Affect Infant Mortality Rates, McClatchy Newspapers
Mothers of Prevention, London Times
MPs Fear C4 Documentary on the Cost of Immigrants Will Fuel Race Hatred, London Daily Mail
Organizer Says Prepare for More Mexican Refugees, Windsor Star