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Citizenship Applications Climb Despite Fee Hike

Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times, November 4, 2007

The number of citizenship applications received in the Los Angeles area tripled in September compared with the same period last year, despite a major application fee increase that immigration experts feared could drastically set back demand.

Nationwide, citizenship applications also increased in August and September compared with last year, according to new figures from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The applications are on track to surpass the 1-million mark, a milestone reached only twice in the last century — both times in the mid-1990s. That’s when many illegal immigrants who received amnesty in the 1980s became eligible for citizenship, and a political backlash against them motivated many to apply.

This year, similar dynamics are in place, immigration experts said.

“The anti-immigrant sentiment is bordering on the xenophobic, and people are taking notice of that,” said Evan Bacalao of the National Assn. of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund in Los Angeles. “So even though the fees have increased, people still want to make sure their voices are heard.”

To help boost the number of new citizens even more, an alliance of hundreds of organizations last week launched a “100 Days” national campaign to urge immigrants to apply for citizenship in time for the 2008 election.


Major Spanish-language media, including Univision Communications Inc. and ImpreMedia, which publishes La Opinion, will air and publish public service announcements urging legal permanent residents to apply for citizenship. It usually takes from nine months to a year to become a citizen, including submitting the initial application, passing English and civics tests and taking the oath of allegiance, Bacalao said.

In addition, the national Latino group this week launched a revolving loan fund initiative to provide zero-interest loans to help immigrants pay the citizenship application fee, which was increased from $400 to $675 on July 30. The $100,000 fund, provided in a grant from Advance America, a cash advance provider, will offer loans up to $400.


Immigrant advocates had sharply protested the fee increase, saying it would bar many eligible but indigent immigrants from seeking citizenship. But immigration officials said the hike was needed because they receive no regular congressional appropriations for their work and must depend on user fees.


Citizenship applications in the Los Angeles area hit 24,377 in September, compared with 8,216 during the same month last year. The total number of applications received between January and September this year reached 213,139, compared with 102,150 for all of last year.


But the numbers this year were still higher than in similar months last year — 80,365 in September, for instance, compared with 59,869 in the same month last year. The number of applications between January and September was 940,087, compared with 781,684 for all of last year.

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(Posted on November 5, 2007)

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As Jean Raspail predicted in Camp of the Saints, this is not immigration, it’s an invasion.

Asia for Asians. Africa for Africans. And the West for everyone. You do the math.

We are having a debate on this over at Taki Mag. Unfortunately, many neocons have invaded this paleoconservative site and are spewing the typical “Mexicans have more values than whites” propaganda that one finds at National Review.

It is interesting how lax people have become on miscegenation. In the 1950s, Kirk, Weaver and Buckley all wrote articles against miscegenation. It unfortunately seems that the neocons won the battle on this front. But the war isn’t over.

There are still many of us who love the West and want to see the survival of Western man.

If there are any white patriots here who want to join in the debate, join us and leave comments at:


Posted by John Broward at 7:13 PM on November 5

blacks and hispanics vote along racial lines. when they reach the majority in any given district, it is lost! then they will destroy everything they touch and expect other taxpayers to bail them out. and the land is destroyed for want of civility.

Posted by dmz at 7:53 PM on November 5

It’s sick out there and getting sicker. The sense of entitlement of the illegals is abominable. Woe to the elite politicians and business types who permitted this invasion to occur. It would be justice to see the trample scene in “The Camp of The Saints” enacted with our elite politicians and business types being the ones trampled by the hordes. Unfortunately, the future will be kind to the elites given the expanded liberal voting base and infinite cheap labor. I’m affraid it’s the rest of us who’ll get pummeled by having to live in the coming third world high tax hell.

Posted by Nowhere to hide. at 8:30 PM on November 5

Let’s see…you don’t speak english and most of you are here illegally and you hate the people who you’re pandering to…hmmmm….I’d say based on that I don’t want you having any damn say in this country.

Posted by at 8:59 PM on November 5

I doubt the immigrants are focused on voting. I think they want the right to petition for entry of their parents - chain migration. Also, they let their cousins and friends borrow their passport to cross the border.

Posted by FredReedFan at 9:19 PM on November 5

It will truly mark the end of the current incarnation of the U.S. if our politics devolves into littler more than a racial headcount (non-Whites get Democrats here and White folk get Publicans there etc.)

What fellow White would argue with the proposition that American identity is dead if race is what determines how people vote?

What was that quote in the movie 300, “Pray they’re that stupid. Pray we’re that lucky”

Posted by skeptical at 9:44 PM on November 5

Well, I’m a legal immigrant from New Zealand, and I hope to be able to vote next year for a candidate that will enforce America’s borders. I know it’s a drop in the ocean, but every little bit helps.

Posted by Richard at 10:00 PM on November 5

Democrats and Move On Dot Org are paying the fees to obtain desperatly needed voters by November 08. Amnesty would make it faster and cheaper but the Democrats have the cash and the organization.

Posted by the Soviet Republic of New Jersey at 10:53 PM on November 5

When I was young I was told that the U.S. did not allow a person to be a citizen of the U.S. and also a citizen of some other country at the same time. Was I told wrong, or did the law get changed?

Mexico of course allows dual citizenship: its citizens don’t lose their Mexican citizenship when they become U.S. citizens.

So when the U.S. grants citizenship to Mexicans now, it is granting DUAL citizenship, right?

That really IS encouraging “diversity”.

Posted by H. Dumpty at 11:36 PM on November 5

Does anyone know the racial makeup of people receiving citizenship since the Kennedy immigration act of 1965? I read somewhere that it is over 90% non-white, that the education level is very low and that a huge marjority of the voters in these groups vote democrat. So if you are a highly educated scientist of European descent the dems don’t want you here.

Posted by abc at 6:01 AM on November 6

The truth is this. We are dying. Our culture and heritage has been completely inverted. We can debate every single event such as this until we turn blue in the face. The next day there will be another, and another, and another until this country is even more disfigured or no longer here. Our country is going to implode on itself. The only question is when and what the aftermath will be. What will we rebuild from the ashes. Our government has become too powerful, intrusive, and corrupted. They have lost their way and are losing our country for us by default. Only now can we look back and see that the county would have been much better off if the South would have won in the civil war. They were right. Now we have a struggle for existence ahead of us. God give us the strength as he has in the past to still be here when it all breaks down, whether in this generation or the next.

Posted by Scott at 9:15 AM on November 6

I have to laugh when I see Hispanics and U.S. citizenship used in the same sentence. Hspanics, primarily from Mexico, have no intention of abiding by the oath of citizenship. Just ask a Mexican if he will give up his loyalty to mexico, learn English, and a few other requirements. If he is honest (did I really say that), he will answer “no.” They want the benefits and none of the responsibilities. They will keep their culture, traditions, language and loyalty which is deeply rooted in Mexico. If they ever had to choose, even though they have become an “American” they would side with Mexico in a New York minute. They come from a failed country. If they become the majority here, the same thing will happen. So, as long as our borders remain the open sieve they are now, we will be exposed to crime, disease, overcrowding, and poverty. It’s up to us. We must once again vote for the lesser of the evils. The democrats want to fill our country with illegals in the hopes of more votes. Several Republicans will stop this travesty and others in that group lie about it - and are really pro-illegal. Make your choice, but if we don’t stop our own invasion, how can we possibly take on other dangerous countries?

Posted by June at 9:58 AM on November 6

Previous poster abc wrote:

Does anyone know the racial makeup of people receiving citizenship since the Kennedy immigration act of 1965? I read somewhere that it is over 90% non-white,

Correct. Immigration since Ted Kennedy’s ‘65 Act has been 90% nonwhite — despite the lying drunkard’s explicit promises to the contrary — so the percentage gaining citizenship should be roughly the same.

that the education level is very low

This too is correct. In fact, you might say it’s a “no-brainer.”

and that a huge majority of the voters in these groups vote democrat.

Correct, and abundantly documented.

So if you are a highly educated scientist of European descent the dems don’t want you here.

Also correct — especially if you’re a highly educated scientist of European descent by the name of Dr. James Watson.

Posted by at 1:05 PM on November 6

I totally agree with everything Scott has said. The US is finished and yes, I too wish the south had won and I am northern born and bred.

Posted by at 2:17 PM on November 6

Re Taki Mag:

FRom 1970 to about 2000, National Review was the greatest advocate Whites had in this country. While never mentioning race as such, National Review railed at affirmative action for 30 years. At least every 4th issue had an excellent article on civil service tests being totally skewed or eliminated to achieve the all minority governement employment goals.

There was a great article about a NYC police sergeants exam. The blacks and hispanics all flunked so the evil black robed judges threw out the tests and ordered the department to revise the test. For an entire year black and hispanic cops were tutored. This included memorizing questions and answerers that appeared in the test.

The test was given and every one, repeat every black and hispanic officer failed the test. And not just failed by a few points, failed badly. NR had numerous articles revealing the truth about affirmative action.

Of course NR had many articles about affirmative action in the private sector as well as never ceasing to point out that affirmative action is a full employment act for attorneys as every hiring, firing, assignment and promotion decision is now subject to litigation.

National Review supported the men accused by Twanna Brawley from the very first. National Review exposed Sharpton, Jacka$$’s and all the other black poverty pimp political preachers extortion agendas, outright lies and frauds weekly while the mainstream media simply re printed the poverty pimp’s press releases.

National Review ceaselessly pointed out that much of the new left such as feminazism was just the recycled old left of Lenin, Stalin, Emma Goldmann, Rosa Luxembourg and even Robespierre and Danton.

But William Buckely got old, Goldberg took over and it is now just another neo con propaganda rag. I cancelled my subscription and stopped reading it. I suggest everyone do the same and stop reading Townhall and NRONLINE. Why give the websites hits when NR does nothing for us? Under Goldberg’s leadership it is just another anti White msm rag.

RIP National Review. For 30 years NR was the only advocate for Whites in the entire country.

Posted by margaret at 2:24 PM on November 6

“Democrats and Move On Dot Org are paying the fees to obtain desperatly needed voters by November 08”

I wondered about that. I assumed that they and the various Christian churches getting government money to bring non White primitives in also pay the fees

Posted by at 2:26 PM on November 6

If a nation refuses to defend its borders then alien parasites from lesser countries will attempt to overwhelm and colonize it. This has, and always will be, the history of the world and the nature of man. There will always be those who strive to steal what others have acquired and this is the reason we have locks on our doors…

Posted by at 4:01 PM on November 6

Nations rise and fall, but usually fall as a consequence of war. Ours destroys itself through government betrayal and suicidal apathy.

Posted by Gary at 5:05 PM on November 6

To John Boward……Taki Mag sounds like a forum I go to on phxnews that have all the same neo-cons and libs who fight tooth and nail against anyone who says the dreaded R word or tries to defend White America….. And these are WHITES, who do this or so they claim they are White…..They will defend any person of color over their own everytime and a couple of us are called racists and haters by these same people. They even stick up for illegals when there are stories posted there of many of their crimes! They most certainly defend America as being a beautiful multicultural paradise! This really scares me that so many Whites spout this pc garbage all day long. Oh, and don’t ever talk about Black on White crime rates, they will call you a liar and a racist. They post the links to DOJ/stats, etc. and STILL claim Whites commit more crimes than Blacks ever will! They misconstrue the graphs and the stats to show what they want to show! We are still the evil White oppressors in their eyes. Self hating whites, all of them, and try to make you one also…. Dear God, have mercy.

Posted by at 5:07 PM on November 6

We have, in my opinion, passed the “tipping point”. We need to begin discussing how the nation can peacefully split. It is no longer a nation but like a “chicken with its head cut off”. It still continues to move but is actually dead. There is a coming new dawn when millions will see this. We must continue to call for deportations and end to colonialism (now known as immigration). Immigration is colonialism. Illegal immigration is a foreign invasion. Stop colonialism and tell the foreigners and their sell-out American counterparts that both can leave the nation. We don’t need either. It is not only Democratic Bolshevik types that we must fear but the Bushevic Republicans also. It is a disgrace that we send our best young men to die in a foreign land,and fight on the front lines, when we open our back door to foreigners. And I’m not talking about Mexicans who are our neighbors but the hordes of foreigners from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East who just need to go home. Get out of my country. What is going on in this country can lead to massive violence as the nation spins toward a third world existence. Our Gov’t spends money it doesn’t have and the left wing Democratic Bolsheviks support foreigners much more than its own citizens - a very dangerous ploy that is building tremendous resentment and hatred in the USA. It is reaching the mainstream also.

Posted by Elrey Jones at 8:12 PM on November 6

If the use of violence were not required to effectively deal with certain problems when threats and rhetoric have failed then nations would not have armies and communities would not have armed police officers. Since we as a nation have no qualms about getting blood on our collective hands through the use of our armed proxies then we as individuals should have no qualms about getting blood on our hands, because in the defense of our border our army has failed us miserably…

Posted by at 2:23 PM on November 7

look at it this way, if 50.1% of voters were welfare recipients, or 50.1% of voters were pedophiles, or 50.1% of voters were mexicans, what would happen to our country? what would our society look like? It would look like South Africa, where the minority produces the wealth and hands it over to the majority, and where crime is a way of life because the majority also happens to both the law and the criminal. our way of life is being replaced with another peoples way of life that they themselves are fleeing! it’s the immigrant paradox

Posted by Darwin Charles at 11:50 PM on November 7

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