American Renaissance

News archive from December 2007

2007 DMN Texan of the Year: The Illegal Immigrant, Dallas Morning News
Arizona Firms Brace for Immigration Sanctions Law, Reuters
Calif. School Targets Mexican Students, AP
Court Says Gangster Not Entitled To Refugee Status,
Activist Fails to Rally Blacks on Illegal-Immigration Issue, Los Angeles Times
Sheriff: L.A. Gang Killed To ‘Cleanse’ Turf Of Blacks, AP
German State Governor Wants Crackdown on 'Criminal Young Foreigners', Der Spiegel
Canada’s Changing Identity, Toronto Star
What Others Say, Daily Nation (Nairobi)

Friday, December 28

Census Bureau Projects Population of 303.1 Million, US Census Bureau
Immigration Dominates the Debate in Iowa Vote, Minneapolis Star Tribune
A Southern Accent On Day Laborers, Los Angeles Times
Official Says No Licenses For Illegals, AP
Diversity Training Backfires,
Historically Black College Struggles Financially, AP
So. Korean Capital Expands Baby Subsidies: City Officials, AFP
FM: China's 8 Steps to Help Africa Implemented Smoothly, Xinhua News Service

Thursday, December 27

MSU YAF Announces Controversial Speaker, Michigan Messenger
Win for Kwanzaa, Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
Media Conceal Black Interracial Crimes,
Illegal Immigrants 'Self Deport' As Woes Mount, Reuters
Immigrant-Rights Groups Say Upcoming Des Moines Radio Event Encourages Bigotry, AP
McCain Still Dogged by Immigration Issue, ABC News
Immigration Keeps Population From Declining in D.C. Region, Washington Post
White Britons Will Be a Minority In a Dozen Towns Within 30 Years, Daily Mail (London)
An Ambassador Warns: The Suicide of Europe, Brussels Journal
Serbia Blocks Kosovo’s Independence, AP

Wednesday, December 26

Environmentalists Lose Border-Fence Fight, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)
The Padilla Factor: From Andalusia to Aztlan, Chicago Daily Observer
To Live and Take in D.C., Washington Post
Three Vols Starters Ruled Academically Ineligible for Outback Bowl, AP
Worms Infect More Poor Americans Than Thought, Reuters
Hispanic Women at Risk of Breast Cancer Gene, Reuters
Dashing Finns Were First to Get Their Skates On 5,000 Years Ago, London Times
Mustangs Patrol U.S.-Canada Border, AP
Anger Over Plan to Broadcast Muslim Call to Prayer on Loudspeaker in Oxford, Daily Mail (London)
Government Under Fire Over ‘Black Only’ School Trips Funded by Tax Payer, London Daily Mail
Beer Losing Its Fizzle in Germany, Reuters

Friday, December 21

U.S. Fertility Rate Hits 35-Year High, Stabilizing Population, Washington Post
Black Caucus Seeks Pardon for Jena 6, AP
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Springfield Church Welcomes Many Nations Under God, Washington Post
Immigration a Sign of Economic Strength — Report, Kuwait News Agency
The Twins Brought Up on Either Side of the Iron Curtain . . . But Who Lived Identical Lives, Daily Mail (London)
Criminal Deportations Fuel Border Crime Wave, Orange County Register
League to Fight Attacks on Migrants in the US, El Mundo
Hindus Protest Use of Gods on Underwear by US Firm, Earth Times
The $750,000 Note That Won’t Buy a Loaf of Bread, The Scotsman

Thursday, December 20

Republican Tancredo Drops 2008 Bid, Backs Romney, Reuters
Crackdown Has Illegal Immigrants Leaving Arizona, Arizona Republic
Nearly 7 in 10 Mexican Migrants Enters U.S. Illegally, Says Mexico, AP
More Flee State Than Move In, Los Angeles Times
Judge Blocks Fla. Election Fraud Safeguard, NewsMax
Anti-Illegal Immigration Groups Join Forces, Media General News Service (Culpepper, Va.)
Study: Insured Cancer Patients Do Better, AP
Ousted Georgia Lawmaker to Run for President, AP
Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse Break Away From US, AFP
‘BNP Ballerina’ Ditches Cuban Immigrant Lover to Marry Far Right Councillor, This Is London
Mohammed Now Second Most Popular Boys’ Name in Britain, This Is London

Wednesday, December 19

3 More Duke Lacrosse Players Sue, AP
Students Struggle As Immigrants Do, Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch
Too Many Episcopalians Were Silent on Slavery, Massachusetts Bishop Tells Congressional Committee, Episcopal Life Online
IQ Tester Complains About Offers on EBay, News Max
New Panel to Suggest What to Do on Mackey, Charlotte Observer
UK Weighs New Immigration Restrictions, AP
100,000 Young Britons Pushed Into Unemployment by Immigrants, Daily Mail (London)
Dutch Study: Schizophrenia Risk Higher in Mixed Neighbourhoods, Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH
Affirmative Action for Immigrants, Aftenposten (Oslo)
South Africa’s ANC Elects Firebrand Jacob Zuma, Christian Science Monitor
Angolan Actors ‘Killed by Police’, BBC News
Iran: Top Cleric Says Women Without Veils Must Die, ADN Kronos International

Tuesday, December 18

Hawaiian Agency Creating Government, Honolulu Advertiser
Programs Focus on Illiterate Immigrants, Associated Press
Did the City Go Too Far in Assisting Illegals?, KATU-TV (Portland, Oregon)
A Black President — Not Yet! — Maybe Never!, Suppressed News
Nava ’09 Admits to Fabricating Assault, Threat E-Mails, Daily Princtonian
Report: Two Inmate Fire Crews Pulled From Duty After Riot, KNBC-TV (Los Angeles)
Fla. Woman Has 10 Husbands, Charges Say, AP
Power Struggle Pushes ANC Factions to Naked Hostility, London Times
Hajj Tests Faith — and Health, Toronto Star
Duceppe Slams Canadian-Style Multiculturalism, The Canadian Press
First Sikh Officer to Walk the Beat, Windsor Star

Monday, December 17

Gangs: Nine Miles and Spreading, LA Weekly
Arizona Squeeze on Immigration Angers Business, Wall Street Journal
Some Black Leaders Upset Over Candidate to Lead Grady Board, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Penn Prof: "Speak English" Sign Like Jim Crow Era, Philadelphia Inquirer
Race Colors Suspensions, Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro)
More Muslim Girls Wear Scarf in Games, AP
How a Muslim Girl Became a Born Again Virgin, Daily Telegraph (Surry Hills, New South Wales)
Four Bolivian Regions Declare Autonomy From Government, CNN
English a Minority Language in 1,300 Schools, London Telegraph
New Miss Belgium Booed in Antwerp, AP
Ireland Steps Away From Catholic Schools, AP
Tanzania Fear Over Albino Killing, BBC

Friday, December 14

More Blacks Appear to Be Adopting White Children, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Surveillance Photos Released In Bus Attack, WBAL-TV (Baltimore)
Illegals Foes Reject Nod to Huckabee, Washington Times
Jurors Deadlock in 6 of 7 Defendants in Plot to Destroy Sears Tower, AP
Hispanics: Illegal Immigrants Help U.S., UPI
Welfare Loopholes Found in Maryland, Washington Times
Far-Right Turmoil Hits Swiss Politics, AFP
Britain’s Identity Crisis, Reuters
Half of Scots see Muslims as ‘Cultural Threat’ in Wake of Terrorist Attacks, The Scotsman
Teenager Jailed for Life for Stabbing to Death Stranger Who Bumped Into Him at Bus Stop, London Daily Mail

Thursday, December 13

One of L.A.’s First Magnet Schools Shows What the Court Battle Was All About., Los Angeles Times
Judge Rules Race-Based Admissions in LA School District OK, AP
White Nationalist Group’s Meeting Prompts Protest, Washington Post
Dumb Down Class, Asks Principal Memo, New York Daily News
Why Are ‘White Values’ Assumed to Be Better?, Charlotte Observer
So Long ‘Swanee’, Pensacola News Journal
Immigrants Trigger Irish Rethink, BBC News
German Court Upholds Headscarf Ban, Expatica

Wednesday, December 12

US Minorities Don’t Trust Each Other, AFP
U.S. Not Offsetting Costs of Illegals, Report Says, Washington Times
ACLU Report: Racism ‘Swept Under The Rug’, Daily News Tribune (Waltham Massachusetts)
Cops: Worker Attempted Rape to Get Deported, Miami Herald
One in Five Babies Born to Foreign Mother in UK, London Telegraph
Study Finds Foreigners in 80pc of New Jobs, London Telegraph
Germany Cool on EU Immigration Plans, AP
Kadhafi Calls For Colonial Compensation Before Paris Visit, AFP
Rape Victims Getting Younger — Activists, IOL (Cape Town)

Tuesday, December 11

Phoenix to Alter ‘Sanctuary’ Status, Washington Times
Academic Racism: Into the Muck, SPLC
Arizona’s New Hiring Law Hits Chandler Businesses, Arizona Republic
Mexico: Cuban-Americans Fund Smugglers, AP
Man Who Says Noose Left in Work Locker Accused of Internal Theft, KTBS-TV (Shreveport)
Atlanta Public Schools Ban Saggy Pants, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Neanderthal-Human Hybrid ‘A Myth’, Discovery News
Turkey: Complaint Over Football Jersey With Symbol ‘Offensive to Islam’, ADN Kronos (Rome)
Lad, 21, Killed in Night Bus Brawl, The Sun (London)
Girl, 16, Dies After Hijab Dispute With Father, National Post (Toronto)
Rape Judge ‘Soft’ on Pervs, Daily Telegraph (Surry Hills, New South Wales)

Monday, December 10

Interviews Raise Questions About Race’s Role in Bus Attack, Baltimore Sun
Learning from Diversity, Fred on Everything
Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also . . . 2006’s Demographic Death Spiral, VDARE
Prosecutor Cites 8 Reasons Against Cobbins in Christian-Newsom Case, Knoxville News
Many Young Black Men in Oakland Are Killing and Dying for Respect, San Francisco Chronicle
Black Inroads, White Exodus in North County District, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
‘Chitling Test’ Stirs Emotion at Klein School, Houston Chronicle
Boxing: Hopkins Vows ‘White Boy’ Calzaghe Will Fall in Showdown, AFP
This Is America, Speak Spanish, Enter Stage Right
Children Are Targets of Nigerian Witch Hunt, Observer
The Historical Origins of Africa’s Underdevelopment, VoxEU

Friday, December 7

Commissioner Won’t Apologize for Derogatory Term, WSB-TV (Atlanta)
Illegals-Law Challenge Rejected, Washington Times
MTA Looks at Racial Role in City Bus Attack, Baltimore Sun
More Foreign Students at U.S. Schools, AP
Separation Anxiety, Wall Street Journal
Accepting Refugees Protects U.S., Official Says, Louisville Courier-Journal
Envoy at Mugabe Talks ‘Chosen for Her Colour’, Daily Mail (London)
A Judge Warns: France Should Prepare for Civil War, Brussels Journal
African School Succeeds Against the Odds, AP
Hindu Gods Get Summons From Court, BBC News

Thursday, December 6

Victim’s Family Sues in ‘Jena 6’ Beating Case, Town Talk (Alexandria-Pineville, Louisiana)
Protesters Clash Over Pasadena Man Who Shot Suspected Burglars, KHOU-TV
Woman Beaten on Bus, Baltimore Examiner
Black Pa. House Members Walk out of Session in Protest, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Gypsy Clans Feud Over Fortunetelling Biz, AP
Zipskinny Lets You Profile Your Neighborhood, Detroit Free Press
Language: Allophones on the Rise, CanWest News Service
It’s Not Only The ‘Alf Garnetts’ Who Are Worried About Immigration, Admits Minister As Low-Skilled Migrants Are Banned, This Is London
We’ve Been Robbed of Our Englishness, London Times
Why It Would Cheaper to Send Jailed Foreigners on a World Cruise — Than Keep Them in a UK Prison at ¬£43,000 a Year, This Is London

Wednesday, December 5

Dissecting the IQ Debate: A Response to William Saletan’s Series on Race and IQ.,
Social Networking Sites May Foster Same Old Divisions,
Off-Duty Boston Firefighter Stabbed Outside Station,
Hate Crime Legislation Up for Vote, Times-Picayune
EACS Claims Students Are Lying About Racist Notes, WPTA-TV (Fort Wayne)
Robbers: Tuition Was Motive, Cincinnati Enquirer
The Blonde Map of Europe,
Echoes of Fascism As Populism Grows, The First Post (Cheltenham)
Immigrants Fuel Growth in Population, Workforce, CanWest News Service
British Hospital Turns Muslims’ Beds to Face Mecca, AFP

Tuesday, December 4

Report: Seattle’s Gifted Program Favors Whites, Seattle Times
Texas Hospital May Drop Illegals’ Care, AP
‘Jena Six’ Teenager Pleads Guilty, AP
Minuteman Executive Director Speaks in Indio, Press-Enterprise (Riverside, California)
Gen. Casey Announces Creation of Diversity Task Force, Army News Service
Baseball Mascot Gets New Name After ‘PorkChop’ Is Deemed Offensive, AP
Boy Scout Dad Speaks Out, Cincinnati Enquirer
Classroom villains … and heroes, Times (Johannesburg)
The Nativity As an Asylum Seekers’ Tale, BBC News
Vladimir Avdeyev: Race Scientist, fufor’s unregelm√§ssige news

Monday, December 3

Rushing for the Lifeboats, Special to AR News
Cops: Still No Suspects in Columbia Noose Incident, AP
Firehouse Incident With Noose Was a Hoax, Baltimore Sun
Wave of Illegals Turns Into Tsunami, Investor’s Business Daily
Asian American, Pacific Islander Data Collection Launches, UC Newsroom
Show Seeks to Love Match Migrants and U.S. Citizens, Reuters
Despite Its Wealth, the Tribe Continues to Get Lots of Federal Help, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
National Anthem ‘Not Inclusive’, MSN
Riots Point to Racially Divided France, AP