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Walter Williams,, Dec. 26, 2007


I don’t know about you, but it was just recently that I heard about a gruesome murder in Knoxville, Tenn., that is far worse than the false charges in the Duke rape case and is at least as horrible, if not more so, than the dragging death of James Byrd. Unlike the Duke rape case and the Jasper lynching, the national news media’s coverage of the interracial Knoxville murders paled in comparison. On Jan. 6, 2007, University of Tennessee student Channon Christian and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, were carjacked and kidnapped in Knoxville. Both of them were later murdered.

According to a 46-count indictment, suspects Darnell Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas and Vanessa Coleman, all blacks, are charged with committing rape, including sodomy against Christian and Newsom, both of whom are white. After being raped, Newsom was shot several times and his body was found burned along nearby railroad tracks. Christian was forced to witness her boyfriend’s rape, torture and subsequent murder before she was ultimately raped, tortured and murdered. The police discovered her body inside a large trash can in the kitchen of the home where the murders took place. Before disposing of her body, the murderers poured bleach or some other cleaning agent down her throat in an effort to destroy DNA evidence. Trial dates have been set for next May.

What have we heard from the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others who rushed to judgment and outrage as they condemned whites in the cases of the “Jena 6” and Don Imus when he referred to the Rutgers ladies basketball team as “nappy-headed hos”? Where were the national news media and public officials? You can bet rent money that were the victims black and the perpetrators white, Knoxville would have been inundated with TV crews, with Jackson, Sharpton and other civil rights spokesmen and politicians from both parties condemning racism, possibly blaming it all on George Bush.

According to the 2004 FBI National Crime Victimization Survey, in most instances of interracial crimes, the victim is white and the perpetrator is black. In the case of interracial murder for 2004, where the race of victim and perpetrator is known, more than twice as many whites were murdered by a black than cases of a white murdering a black. The failure of civil rights leaders, people like Jackson and Sharpton, as well as politicians to vocally condemn black-on-white crime — and the relative silence of the news media in reporting it — is not simply a matter of double standards. It’s dangerous, for it contributes to a pile of racial kindling awaiting a racial arsonist to set it ablaze. I can’t think of better recruitment gifts for America’s racists, either white or black.

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(Posted on December 27, 2007)

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“Train the blacks to mind their own buisness.”

As long as whitey produces more per person economically, then blacks cannot sit by and allow economic disparities to exist. Via theft, either by crime or criminally high taxes, blacks MUST intrude into the business of whites to “grab a piece of the action.”

Posted by at 12:26 PM on January 1

Every day it gets a little more politically correct to tell it like it is about race. For this I am happy.

Posted by Robert at 4:34 PM on January 2

“Anyone who thinks that we here at Amren are a bunch of hateful bigots and racists, I strongly recommend that you watch VH1 for I Love NEw York a true “reality” show. If there is anyone who after seeing even one episode is not convinced that Blacks and Whites cannot live together then, to quote John PM ” God help us all”.”

Tiffany ( aka New York) picked a white guy during the finale and they now live together in an apartment in Manhattan.

Yeah great exampel of showing that blacks and whites cannot live together…..

Posted by la rhonda at 12:14 AM on January 3

I’ve seen a number of comments on here concerning crime rates if black-on-white crime were not counted. I saw a figure a few years ago on this. It said that if the high minority areas were taken out of US crime statistics, that we’d live in one of the safest countries in the world.

I think this is true. I live in a remote part of west Texas where there are no blacks and few Mexicans. Many of the convenience stores sell ammunition. Rare is the person who doesn’t own or carry a weapon. Yet we haven’t had a murder since the nineties, and then it involved two illegals. Most people don’t even bother to lock their doors.

I hope the day is coming when more of us can live like I do.

Posted by Dunnyveg at 5:20 PM on January 3

Aryan Nations and others have been sued for crimes their members and former members committed in the past.

So, why hasn’t the SPLC or some other group sued the Nation of Islam for all the crimes their members have committed over the years?

Where are the White lawyers who will take on these cases?

Posted by Taxpayer at 12:25 PM on January 4

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