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Mexico: Cuban-Americans Fund Smugglers

Mark Stevenson, AP, December 10, 2007

Cuban-Americans are financing the smuggling Cuban immigrants through Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, an illegal trade that is fomented by the U.S. policy of granting Cubans automatic asylum, Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora said Monday.

A violent ring of immigrant smugglers operates in Mexico, where Cubans land on the coasts in rickety boats before crossing overland to the U.S. border, Medina Mora told reporters.

“This has been legally proved, that people of Cuban origin but who are citizens of the United States are involved, financing these people-smuggling operations, obviously with the complicity of Mexicans,” the attorney general said.


Under the so-called “wet foot, dry foot” policy, the U.S. turns back Cubans intercepted on the seas but grants asylum to most who make it to shore. To avoid capture by U.S. authorities before making it to land, many Cubans decide to go through Mexico.


In a new trend, nearly 90 percent of all undocumented Cubans who make it to the United States now travel overland rather than reaching U.S. shores by boat, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Mexico also is having problems with its burgeoning population of detained Cuban migrants, most of whom want to go to the U.S. Most Cubans are released after being held 90 days at a Mexican immigration center. Only about one-third of all those arrested in 2006 were repatriated to Cuba, Mexican migration officials say.


Original article

(Posted on December 11, 2007)

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Unlike the ones who came in the 60’s, MOST of the newer Cuban immigrants aren’t white.

Posted by Joe at 2:50 AM on December 12

What is going to happen after Castro dies?

We are going to hordes of immigrants heading for the Florida shore and at the same time Cubans who live in this country sending boats there to bring their relatives to the U.S.

Do you think we are prepared for that?

Posted by Dennis at 9:27 AM on December 12

Just what exactly do Cubans bring us anyway? The Russian Empire is gone, and it is no longer necessary to give special priviledges to Cubans just because their government is communists.

It’s time to END the “dry feet” exemption for Cubans, time to free the US from Puerto Rico (We will save BILLIONS!!!!) and time to build a DMZ along the Southern Border complete with landmines and armed robotic vehicles.

Let the “Mexican Without Borders” learn the meaning of DETERRENCE.

Posted by at 10:09 AM on December 12

Good. Let Mexico experience illegal immigration problems. The Guatemalians don’t fight the mexican border patrol. The cubans apparently do. Good.

Posted by at 1:08 PM on December 12

So sick of our country being used as a dumping ground for the misfits and criminals of the 3rd world! THEY make their own countries what they are! Now they are coming here and doing the same to OUR country!

Posted by at 3:41 PM on December 12

Peasant-class Hispanic illegals swarming over our border in mass and occupying our communities is akin to middle-class Americans swarming ultra rich neighborhoods comprised of multi-million dollar homes, breaking into those homes and taking them over. If the police and the owners of those mansions did nothing whatsoever to prevent this from happening you would have a perfect analogy of our government’s refusal to confront the illegals invading our nation as Washington does little to nothing whatsoever to prevent this from happening…

Posted by at 5:09 PM on December 12

“It’s time to END the “dry feet” exemption for Cubans, time to free the US from Puerto Rico (We will save BILLIONS!!!!) and time to build a DMZ along the Southern Border complete with landmines and armed robotic vehicles.”

- Posted by at 10:09 AM on December 12

I totally agree with you. We need to let Puerto Rico go. What good do they bring us anyway?

Posted by Soup-2-Nuts at 6:42 PM on December 12

“it is no longer neccesarry to give Cubans special priveliges”,,,

Correct. It is ALSO no longer neccesarry to maintain the pointless almost 50 year old trade embargo. What purpose does it serve? Why not trade with Cuba? You trade with China! You trade with Saudi Arabia! Freedom House rates both of these countries as the least free on earth. How many Cubans were involved in 9/11? Why not begin to develop MUTUALLY beneficial trade relations with Cuba? Why should Americans be told by their government where they can or cannot travel to like a bunch of children. I thought America was the land of the “free” (so long as you do what the federal government says). What is so evil and terrible about Cuba anyways? Why do you treat it as such a pariah? Why NOT do business with Cuba? It won’t bite you!

Posted by at 6:51 PM on December 12

From Wikipedia:

Cuba’s birth rate (9.88 births per thousand population in 2006)111 is one of the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Its overall population has increased continuously from around 7 million in 1961 to over 11 million now, but the rate of increase has stopped in the last few decades, and has recently turned to a decrease, with the Cuban government in 2006 reporting the first drop in the population since the Mariel boatlift. The decrease in fertility rate - from 3.2 children per woman in 1970 to 1.38 in 2006 - is the third greatest in the Western Hemisphere, with only Guadeloupe and Jamaica showing larger decreases.

With its high abortion rate, low birth rate, and aging population, Cuba’s demographic profile more resembles those of former Communist Eastern European countries such as Poland or Ukraine rather than those of its Latin American and Caribbean neighbors.

Posted by Brendan at 11:01 PM on December 12

We have to stop all immigration. It is an affront to our sovereignty. It has been raped. We the people have a right and duty to indict the Federal, State and local Gov’ts and many internal instituations for treason i.e. for not protecting our homeland. We need to constantly march, agitate, protest, and yell until they all go home - including their internal supporters who can leave also.

I’m not even against foreigners and know many, I’m just for my nation - not a nation of immigrants who came against the will of the natives and against the will of the white people later, but I’m for my nation under every definition of what a nation is supposed to be and have i.e. cultural identity, cohesiveness, sovereignty, and freedom. We are losing all. In my mind, chaos is only around the corner. Even mainstream commentators are using the words like “we are getting set up for a perfect storm” where our debt, the immigration issue and the race issue will explode and we’ll see that we are a babel and not a nation. The next Depression will be far uglier than the last. But hopefully I’m wrong.

Posted by Elrey Jones at 11:25 PM on December 12

“Unlike the ones who came in the 60’s, MOST of the newer Cuban immigrants aren’t white.”

Posted by Joe at 2:50 AM on December 12

Too many people think that Cubans are white. I don’t know where they get this. Maybe because I don’t live in Florida I don’t see white Cubans, but I’m always suspecting that the majority of them are not white. I’ve seen other Latin Americans try to pass for white. I’ve met some Nicaraguans and Peruvians who said they were “English” or “German” but were mixed with indigenous blood and somehow they were magically “European”. Well, I guess then I realized that their way of thinking was different from mine. A lot of them hate whites or Americans but live here to make money and seek white wives or conquests. After living all my life in the United States and having being exposed to so-called “hispanics” I learned a lot, especially since I speak Spanish and can talk to them on their level.

As a person who was born in Argentina from a few generations of European descendants, I can say that my upbringing here was interesting. With regards to my experiences with hispanics, with whom I had many acquaintances, I have made several observations. I still maintain and seek acquaintances with some of them if anything out of curiosity as to where they stand on racial issues and to make my personal observations of their intelligence. I study human behavior on an amateur level and I can tell you that because my family’s treacherous alliance with dark-skinned hispanics - as opposed to allying themselves with people of a European background [like us] - I continue to understand why I feel the way I feel about race.

To make a long story short, the darker hispanics do not like whites even though you may be from Latin America like myself. They are envious and hateful of whites from Argentina or any other country or region that has a majority white population. I know this because I lived here all my life around the dark-skinned people from Latin American and they are different from us. They don’t hesitate to show it. People who say we are all equal are just fooling themselves. They are usually the ones who live in mostly white neighborhoods and then call you racist at the same time. I know many like that, including my own relatives from Argentina who say that we white Americans are bad because we had “mistreated” our blacks. Aside from that being far from the truth, they say that because they have never been exposed to blacks in their lives. In other words, they are no different from whites who grew up in white areas in the United States or Europe and made their conclusions on false ideas or precepts. They’ve become experts on race relations by projecting their white guilt on us. They have never had the benefit of growing up in a majority nonwhite area.

I know where I stand on race and the United States taught me well. I don’t follow national borders anymore and don’t trust nonwhites farther than I can throw them - and neither should you.

Remember that the nonwhites will say anything to get what they want. Maybe we should start doing the same…

Posted by Ben D. at 3:55 AM on December 14

We need to let Puerto Rico go.

Hawaii too.

Posted by qwerty at 4:48 PM on December 22

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