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Sharon Bernstein and Paloma Esquivel, Los Angeles Times, December 20, 2007

California’s population continued to grow modestly in the last fiscal year despite a significant exodus of residents to other states, according to a state report released Wednesday.

The annual study by the Department of Finance showed that 89,000 more people moved out of California than moved here from elsewhere in the United States. California’s population did grow in fiscal 2007 — but the growth rested on births and the arrival of more than 200,000 immigrants from other countries.

The shift dovetails with the state’s weakening economy and is most likely related, said Howard Roth, chief economist for the Department of Finance.

Those who left, Roth said, were fleeing an economy in which just 5,800 jobs per month were created — down from more than 20,000 per month the previous year. Jobs were lost in housing, finance, construction and other sectors, and key indicators like the number of automobiles sold were also down, he said.

People who are leaving the state, he said, are probably doing so because they believe they’ll do better elsewhere.


The trend toward reduced “domestic migration” — which began in 2005 and has increased dramatically since — is a sharp turnaround from nearly a decade of sustained population growth.

While the state lost many residents during the economic downturn of the 1990s, people had been steadily moving to California from other states since 1999.

But once the housing bubble burst, the trend reversed.

The story was repeated in Southern California, where every county except Riverside and San Diego saw a decrease in “domestic migration.”

In Los Angeles County alone, nearly 115,000 fewer residents came from other states and California counties than moved to other states and counties. The county ended up with a total increase in population thanks to 91,000 births and an influx of 70,000 residents from foreign countries. (The county now has roughly 10,294,000 residents).

Since 2000, about 500,000 more people have left Los Angeles County than have moved here from other parts of the U.S. and California, the figures show.

Orange County also had a modest increase of about 23,000 people overall, though there was a deficit of about 22,000 residents among those who moved to or from other parts of the U.S. (Orange County’s population is 3,098,000). The picture in Ventura County was similar: an increase of 7,700 people overall to a total population of 827,000, but a deficit of 3,100 among people who moved domestically.

Many of those who left Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties moved to the Inland Empire, according to economist Roth. Riverside County, for example, showed a net increase in the number of people moving in from other parts of the state or country, as well as an increase of 61,000 people overall. Still, the county’s overall growth rate of 3.3% was slower than the year before, when the population climbed by 4.26%.


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(Posted on December 20, 2007)

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“People who are leaving the state, he said, are probably doing so because they believe they’ll do better elsewhere.”

That’s only part of the story — as the LA Times well knows.

Myself, I left Mexifornia because, well, because it had turned into Mexifornia.

Because I couldn’t get through a day without having a language struggle with incredibly incompetent Spanish-only restaurant and service staff.

Because I was tired of being UTTERLY SURROUNDED by mestizo baby-factories everywhere I looked.

Because I heard the news that hispanics had topped 50% in LA — while plain old vanilla-flavored Californians like me were down to 29%.

Because a drunk-driving illegal Centro-Americano plowed his SUV into my friend’s sedan on the PCH and killed him instantly — while the illegal walked away with minor injuries.

Because during every “Amnestia” rally, Mayor Villa-Reconquista would order the LAPD to stand there and take whatever abuse, bottles, rocks, and other projectiles the illegals threw at them — without being allowed to retaliate or even defend themselves.

I could go on (and on), but I think my point should be clear enough even to the muddled minds at the LA Times.

Posted by at 6:52 PM on December 20

“The shift dovetails with the state’s weakening economy and is most likely related, said Howard Roth, chief economist for the Department of Finance.”

Any Governmental or their controlled media’s explanation of population shifts or intergroup friction rests entirely on reducing men to some depreciating monetary value. Its always “the economy”, stupid. The sociological factor is not even worthy of note because it is “most likely” not a factor in determining why people are fleeing California.

Of course not.


Posted by Ronald at 6:53 PM on December 20

I left California-the state I was born in- in march of 2005,the best decision I ever made,the housing was expensive,the jobs didn’t pay well and the dieversity made me sick.nothing like being”mad dogged” by mexicans all the time plus all the gangs -all non-White-. In Kentucky I am making more money at a lower skill level job and my apartment cost’s 1/3 of what it would in San Diego.

Posted by Todd at 7:07 PM on December 20

white flight!! thank god for white flight!!!

here in about 30-40 years we will run out of places to head to though.

Posted by at 7:13 PM on December 20

This is a story about ‘White flight’. California is morphing into Mexico. It resembles many of the things that makes Mexico an undesirable place to live.

As I said in an earlier post, America is being reevaluated and revalued internationally. All of the political correctness in the world will not change the truth of that. When undesirables move into an area, the value of the area plummets.

If our Founders could see us now…

Posted by at 7:21 PM on December 20

Does anybody know what is the difference between Paradise and Hell? Let me explain. Whites come in California and build a Paradise. Blacks and Latinos take it over, and it’s going to be a Hell.

Posted by alex at 7:31 PM on December 20

“Since 2000, about 500,000 more people have left Los Angeles County than have moved here from other parts of the U.S. and California, the figures show.”

Oh indeed, such an internal fleeing of real Americans and the black parasites that feed off of them occurs, because of job loss in such areas as: housing, finance, construction and other sectors; however, what causes the economic depredations? Is it not the “strength” of a diversity that sees wages depressed, taxes inflated, and social services stretched beyond either of these two globally “advantageous” economic paradigms?

California after all is now minority white and majority nonwhite, so the question must be asked how is this “investment” in diversity “paying” dividends?

An exodus of Biblical proportions from a “promised utopia,” of the “ignorant” or the productive?

This is matched against, so many who are “willing to do the work” that Californians are “not willing to do,” in an influx? This influx bringing the Latino Fords and Einsteins that will make it the Sci-Fi “superpower” of the Utopian Socialist States of Aztlan? Much like the Thirteen Colonies did in regard to the British Empire; is this not, a Boston Tequila Party in California?

Here we have it my friends, it is called Diversity’s End!!!

Posted by John PM at 7:47 PM on December 20

That easy home loan for illegal aliens turned out to be just too much for them to get away with. The buck had to stop somewhere. Now if the states can begin to get the corruption out of the government services, we may have a chance of having our country back.

Posted by Whiteplight at 8:22 PM on December 20

A few years back, “The New American,” published an article regarding California and immigration and stated that over a ten year period CA had lost three million of its “most productive” (translation: White) citizens, and that all of its growth was due to both legal and illegal immigration. I wanted to post the outstanding (and devastating) article, but their web archives don’t go back that far. The trend thus continues. The unsustainable debt of that state mimics what has happened on the federal level. Both state and federal governments knew the people would not support their social welfare schemes, and thus borrowed what it could not ask for. There is a fiscal earthquake unraveling in that state just as there is a federal meltdown.

Posted by Voir Dire at 8:27 PM on December 20

It seems clear that long-term California residents are leaving and being replaced by immigrants, both legal and illegal.
The reasons for leaving are many. High taxes going higher and the fact that the American culture is being suplanted by many other cultures, mostly Hispantic. Many, if not most, of these cultures are refusing to assimilate into the American culture. The melting pot is broken. Also, it does not help that L.A. is the gang capital of the country. Many of the most violent gang are made up of illegal aliens, M13 for example. Despite this problem, L.A. is a sanctury city that does not allow the police
to cooperate with the immigration service. Also, the schools are bursting at seams, hospitals are closing and the jails are overflowing. The tax rates are going off the charts. Who can blame people for leaving!

This illegal invasion will surely be President Bush’s legacy.

Posted by JAKE at 8:54 PM on December 20

Eventually California will just fall apart as there will be no tax base for an ever expanding welfare state. It is simply a matter of time — when, not if.

Posted by at 9:10 PM on December 20

Any emigration from California is meaningless at this point because of this sentnece: “California’s population did grow in fiscal 2007 — but the growth rested on births and the arrival of more than 200,000 immigrants from other countries.”

The illegal population in California has reached a critical mass where it will continue to increase due to their accellarated birthrate, regardless if some leave.

Posted by at 10:10 PM on December 20

Real estate in Boise is looking pretty good to me. If I were a white working class guy in Los Angeles, I would be in Boise or Salt Lake City in a heartbeat.

Posted by at 10:11 PM on December 20

This so-called “growth” in California is very much like cancer.

The good, healthy, productive cells are being replaced with deadly, parasitic cells that are dysfunctional and will eventually kill the host.

Meanwhile, the host (California), is calling it diversity and embracing it rather then fighting or removing the cancer. In fact, I find the word “diversity” very much interchangable with the word “cancer”.

Anybody need a crystal ball to guess the final outcome?

Posted by Lucas M at 10:14 PM on December 20

Before the housing bubble burst, they said we were leaving due to high home prices. Now we are leaving due to low ones.

Posted by at 10:23 PM on December 20

The best view of california I ever had was upon moving out of the state, and it was in a rear view mirror. I will never go back.

Posted by at 11:23 PM on December 20

I too left California in 1997, and stayed away until 2005. I left for the very same reasons that the LA Times will not report; growing number of Mexicans, increasingly aggressive Blacks, and an affirmative action policy which denied my best attempts at becoming a fireman. I found the NorthWest very beautiful and very reflective of what I wanted for my children and wife, a Western Based (White) society.
What I did not count on was how very hard it would be to make a living in these same desirable communties. Also, Whites who are born and raised in these small areas are very closed and hostile to “White Flighters”. Either folks are able to move to these areas with plenty of capital from the cash out of their “big city” lives and live above the aloofness, thereby creating a false aristocracy, or the ones who were born and raised there band together and shut you out, so to speak. It can be as frustrating as living in California among the animals.
In the end, it took a war time deployment to Iraq to finally get me the needed veterans points to land that elusive fire job. Now I am simply putting in my time, raising my family as secluded as I can until I can retire and move back up North.

Posted by Bret at 1:12 AM on December 21

All the comments on California are true and not exaggeraterd in any way. I know this, because I’ve lived in Southern California in one area or another, most of my life. Southern California used to be an aerospace giant. Giants like, Hughes, Aerospace, Boeing, Northrup, North American Aviation, Vultee, and dozens of other smaller aerospace firms, going back before WW2,brought fabulous wealth, and a huge tax base, to the state, but now most of them are gone. Then the riches brought forth by the high tech revolution in Silicon Valley followed in the late seventies up to the late nineties. Now much of that strength has gone bust. What the above posters write is true, when they say, the tax base is insufficient to support the population comfortabley.

One dirty little secret you will never hear is how after the 92 riots, and the massive illegal immigration, with all the socialist taxes required of many companies in California to support it, resulted in many of these companies simply deciding to leave the state,like Toyota motor for example. They saw what was coming and decided to move to more salubrious grounds in another state. The upshot of this is that the State of California’s Socialist Democrats in Sacramento have been increasingly looking towards citizens, and property owners to pick up the taxes for all the socialist needs,(education, welfare, social programs of every type,[gang prevention],etc.)that massive illegal immigration from Mexico and elsewhere required.

What most citizens of California who still have a few centavos left in their bank accounts now have to look forward to if they stay in the state, is higher property taxes,despite prop. 13, a property tax limit law, which became effective in the late seventies when property taxes in California were going through the roof. Also fee increases(just another name for taxes)in every conceivable area of activity, such as phone fees, parking fees, licenses of every type, dog, fishing, boating, etc.etc. And most of this is neccessary to support, as I have said before, the BOTTOMLESS PIT known as ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and all the consequences it brings. I haven’t even mentioned the crumbling California infrastructure, a vast area of highways, riverbeds, streets, sewers, dams, etc. In fact, with the borders essentially wide open, and no laws punishing employers that draw the illegal labor, because of the socialist control of the California State Capital, California’s Eulogy can safely be prepared.

Posted by Bobby at 1:21 AM on December 21

By the way, I haven’t even mentioned the astronomical amount of crime in California since the illegal alien invasion. Car theft, murder, rape, home invasion robberies of the elderly and others. A stray bullet went through a neighbors house the other day, a man and wife that had lived in the house for over fifty years, the first couple to move into the area in the early fifties. A few blocks away the school janitor and his wife were tied up in their own house and robbed by illegal alien Mexicans, whom they later caught because they were so stupid as to try it again a few blocks away. Of course while all of this is going on, a Mayor of Los Angeles Villaraigossa, and a police chief, Bratton, support a law called special order forty, that disallows any police officer to question anyones legal status or stop them, even if they see an illegal alien that they busted before, and even if he was deported for a felony and returned to the state. You see, the police have to wait until they actually catch them in a crime before they can arrest them. Can you see how insane it all is?

Posted by Bobby at 1:38 AM on December 21

The housing market crashed for two main reasons:

1) The federal government required banks to loan money to high risk minorities, while the banks had nothing to lose since many were FHA backed. So when the minorities defaulted, you and I picked up the tab.

2) White people fled the Third World moving in around them, so they were forced to purchase homes they could not afford … all in an effort to flee the minority scourge.

It boils down to one common denominator: Third World immigration into the USA.


Posted by Rande at 1:56 AM on December 21

Why would ANY white person want to move to a State where all HANDGUNS ARE DISAPPROVED unless specifically allowed? And now that the Girly Man Governor has signed a bill to mandate that shell casings from semi-autos be MARKED with the serial number of the gun as they are expended, why would you trust ANYONE there that calls himself a “Republican???”

Posted by at 1:57 AM on December 21

Just recently I found myself going over census data to find a place to move to. My area has become too diverse and I do not feel as if I belong here anymore. I am looking for a city that still somewhat resembles America. Everyone talks about the big problems like crime but it is the smaller issues that wear you down. Blacks slowly crossing the street in front of your car, eyeballing you the whole time, daring you to say something. The horrible, outright hostile, customer service given at stores and restaurants. Hearing loud salsa music being played a block over and wondering when it is going to hit your street. More and more obscenity laden, ear splitting, rap thumping cars driving around.
The diminishing of the collective feeling of holidays and not seeing a single Christmas decoration in the entire town.

You see it on other White’s faces, that worn out, don’t care anymore look. We don’t even like each other anymore, blame the next white guy over for the crummy situation that we are in.
Diversity is strength?

Posted by Jimmy Stubbs at 7:30 AM on December 21

What the article fails to mention is… How many White families have left, due to the high crime, dumbed down public schools, and social problems caused by the influx of illegal Hispanic immigrants? By the increase in taxes and cost of government services, also for health care, because of Americans having to pay for the free health care of Mexican illegal immigrants?

While also hearing, from time to time, about the numerous incidents of crime, ascribed to Latino gangs… The inroads in the crime scene, by MS13 gang members, the drug smuggling and drug dealing by Latinos… making drugs all too readily available to young people, getting them hooked and ruining their once bright future…

Permit me to suggest what California needs to do is mobilize it’s national guard troops, then cordon off, and initiate a house-to-house search for illegal immigrants. Then round them up and FORCE THEM back over the border, at gunpoint, if necessary!

As an American, I bitterly resent seeing so much of our nation stolen from us by illegal immigrants, while politicians, not to mention those sanctimonious hypocrites of church officials, tell us we need to accept diversity. While only a token effort by the government leaders are made, to crack down on illegal immigration. While the token number deported, simply sneak back in a few miles away. While we become aware, through bitter experience, that crime, drunken driving incidents, rapes, murders… RISE SHARPLY, IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE NUMBER OF HISPANIC MINORITY MEMBERS IN THE COMMUNITY!

Posted by Fed Up at 8:17 AM on December 21

It’s not “white flight.” That’s just blaming the victim.

It’s “ethnic cleansing.” Why not put the responsibility on the invaders?

Posted by Bill Daniels at 1:04 PM on December 21

Jimmy, the service given out in stores,restaurants,etc. for the most part,is horrible. Right you are. You have described the spirit of much of California very accurately, for those who live elsewhere. All of this is being caused because of a total and all encompassing, neglect, even criminal neglect, for the law by law enforcement and politicians in California. Without a doubt, I believe payment for this neglect is going to come due and indeed is being exacted in the form of incresing rates of severe crime like, murder, rape, robbery, home invasion.etc.etc.

Posted by Bobby at 3:39 PM on December 21

I live in a suburban bedroom community about an hour north of Los Angeles in the High Desert. Over the past two years, we’ve seen an influx of blacks from South L.A.

I work in Los Angeles and many blacks are leaving the city and the state altogether. I work in a major federal hospital and many of my employees are black (of course!). This past year, three of my black employees who also lived in the High Desert ended up moving to Atlanta Georgia. There is now a fourth one getting ready to move with her family to Houston Texas.

There is a large trend of blacks moving to the outer suburbs of Los Angeles and then eventually moving down to the Deep South states.

Where I live in the High Desert, the black population exploded like 4 years ago and is now on the decline. There are noticably less-and-less blacks here with each passing month. I hope the trend continues.

Posted by at 11:50 PM on December 21

Jimmy Stubbs @ 7:30AM on 12/21

Your post reminds me of a couple of things. First, When I was a kid we live in Brooklyn in a three story tenement. On the first floor was a family named Stubbs. Mrs Stubbs was one of the best bakers on the whole block, and that really is saying something because the whole block was made up of mothers who cooked and baked all day long. Also, I remember one day that two FBI men came and interviewed Mrs Stubbs about her oldest son in the Navy. Of course, we all were in there with the younger Stubbs boy who we played with. We went crazy when we saw one of their guns. Gmen you know. That was the big news on the block. Never forgot that. Did your family ever live in Brklyn? That’s a long long time ago now.

Your other point about that act of walking across a street slowly brings back memories to me as well. Years ago, I was stopped at a light and there was a black guy in the center devider. He had plenty of time to cross but was into the routine of I’m going I’m not going that we’ve seen so many times from them. I got out of the car and told him that if he pulled his act and crossed when the light changed against him, I was going to run him down. Of course he cursed me up and down, but when the light changed he didn’t walk in front of the car. Unfortunately, that’s all they understand.

Tom Iron…

Posted by Tom Iron... at 11:34 AM on December 22

Bret is correct. The Whites in the few “white states” left, are real unfriendly to their counterparts, yet they will embrace the non-whites whom they still believe are “noble”. Wait until they become like California and let’s see how they like their “underlings”……

Posted by at 12:02 PM on December 22

We lived in the Bay Area for years. I loved the beauty of it, but hated the liberal politicos, the majority extremely-liberal residents, the illegals being treated with kid gloves, the crime, the homeless that get treated better than taxpayers, everything being written in Spanish, the high taxes, the ridiculous high prices of homes/property, the horrid school systems… geez, does the list of horrible things in California ever end?

Despite loving the weather and beauty of the Bay Area, we left and have never looked back. We live in the Southern part of the USA now and love it.

Posted by at 2:56 PM on December 22

With the whites leaving, how can homes be expensive in California? Who is buying them? Can someone explain this to me?

Posted by LOGIC at 8:22 PM on December 22

I was raised in So. Cal. and saw it become progressively more like Mexico - steady increases in myriad 3rd world style violence and general neglect.
I currently live in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Brooklyn now, and once went on vacation to P.R. (don’t know why…) and my neighborhood was exactly like P.R. - neglected, violent, vastly undereducated and ignorant.

In between, I lived in northern Europe for a number of years. The contrast is unbelievable. The U.S., particularly in any large metropolis, truly is a 3rd world country.

I’d go back to Europe in a heartbeat compared with this place, despite its own unique problems. I’m practicing my languages like crazy!

Posted by Europhile at 8:49 PM on December 22


“Who is buying the houses in California”,,,

My guess here is the WEALTHY legal immigrants, Asians, Iranians, etc.. The same phenomenon has occurred in Vancouver, Canada, where notwithstanding massive White flight Real Estate prices have soared.

Posted by at 10:21 PM on December 22

Slowly in stages California is becoming a kind of extension of Mexico, sort of a ‘stealth conquest’.

Posted by at 10:23 PM on December 22

“With the whites leaving, how can homes be expensive in California? Who is buying them? Can someone explain this to me?”

Posted by LOGIC at 8:22 PM on December 22

The Chinese buy them like hot cakes. They are taking over all the coastal areas of California including the coastal areas in the Northwest I understand. Remember that the government helps Asians with settling here. They also have strong family ties which helps them financially too.

The Mexicans like to keep 10 in a house and pool their money to buy those houses. If you listen to the Spanish language radio shows, there are plenty of shows about getting cheap loans to buy into the housing market for hispanics. They make people think that if hispanics buy homes they will combat racial discrimination in some magical form.

What they don’t say is that since the influx of all these immigrants from various countries, identity theft and other crimes have been on the rise in this country.

Posted by Ben D. at 10:28 PM on December 22

“With the whites leaving, how can homes be expensive in California? Who is buying them? Can someone explain this to me?”

Mexicans, with help from Uncle Sham. In Riverside County (California) they can get a grant of $85,000 for a down payment.

Many workers under one roof makes it easy to service a large mortgage.

Posted by uncle screwge, assisted by uncle sham at 10:35 PM on December 22

I moved out of California 4 years ago to the Pacific Northwest. It’s great. It’s like being back in America. Here the citizens seem to still be in control. In California, guns ownership was relentlessly under attack, self defense was illegal. Here, lots of guys own fully automatic weapons legally, even manufacture their own legally. “Shall issue” concealed carry laws. Much less inexpensive housing.
People are much more trusting and friendly.
Everyone should move here and take over the political process, and fight to keep it free.

Posted by Brad Halpert at 3:40 AM on December 24

To think California was once known for the Beach Boys, clean beaches, Hollywood…now it’s known for crime, poverty and illegal aliens.

Posted by at 10:26 AM on December 26

It’s not just the housing market It’s crime, stupid enviormental laws overcrowding traffic congestion 24/7 trash and rubbish every where look you human and otherwise. I am very happy I escaped that place.

Posted by Nosmo King at 5:34 PM on December 26

As late as 1970 California was 80% White. Imagine if in 1971 it was the way it is now. Wouldn’t have been tolerated. Just shows how immigration is very much like the boiling frog. Gun control laws will be the same way too.

Posted by at 10:33 PM on December 26

Just shows how immigration is very much like the boiling frog. Gun control laws will be the same way too. Posted by at 10:33 PM on December 26

Interesting analogy, and entirely appropriate. Similar to a car braking from 70 mph over several seconds vs crashing into a brick wall in a millisecond. Entirely different, and predictable results.

Posted by at 2:32 PM on December 27

Wonder what would happen if we sent all our criminals over the border to mexico????? And let them loose??? Anyhow…most of the criminals in our prisons are either mexican or black to begin with do you think the mexicans would even notice ???

Posted by lydia at 6:17 PM on December 27

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