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Springfield Church Welcomes Many Nations Under God

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Karin Brulliard, Washington Post, December 21, 2007

Even in an era of mass immigration that has produced suburban tamale shops alongside halal meat markets and created a market for television programming in Hindi and Arabic, places of worship remain bastions of racial and ethnic uniformity. And that makes the case of one brick church in Springfield particularly remarkable.

On a recent Sunday morning at the Word of Life Assembly of God Church, pink-cheeked Virginia native David Gorman skipped in a conga line in Swahili Sunday school while a Kenyan preacher played an accordion and a Singaporean woman led jubilant hymns. Filipinos analyzed Bible passages in a classroom.

Later, as the Sierra Leonean choir prepared to perform in the sanctuary, D. Wendel Cover, the folksy white pastor, listed the nations of the world and asked worshipers to stand when they heard their homelands.

He seemed a bit dismayed to find just 80 represented.

“Our country’s becoming more international,” Cover, 73, said in an interview. He has led the formerly majority-white Pentecostal church for three decades. “The next generation is going to be American. If the church doesn’t realize that, they’re going to lose a whole generation.”

The Springfield church, congregants often say, is a glimpse of heaven — a “multitude” of nations and tongues, as the Book of Revelation puts it. It is also reflects the diversity of the Washington area: Of the 1,300 or so people who attend each Sunday, about one-tenth are Asian, one-fifth white, one-third Hispanic and one-third black, most of them African immigrants.

But it is not what worship in the United States typically looks like. According to a recent national survey by Rice University, about 7 percent of congregations are multiracial, defined as worshiping as one group and consisting of no more than 80 percent of one race.

As Cover likes to say, rarely is such a global group under the same roof, except at Wal-Mart.

The church has become a counterpoint to suburban tensions over immigration. On Sundays, the green velvet offering pouch is passed from Sudanese refugees to American lawyers to Afghan converts, and the freestyle prayer that is a hallmark of Pentecostal worship erupts in a cacophony of languages.

At 8 a.m. one recent Sunday, the Swahili class gathered for a raucous praise party. Kenyan pastor Josiah Kambutu marched around with his accordion, bellowing that faith is “better than the American dream!” A group of women, including Cassandra Choo, 34, who grew up Buddhist in Singapore and lived for a time in Africa with her now-deceased Nigerian husband, led English and Swahili songs that broke into ground-shaking dances. Devotees include Nigerians, Malaysians and Americans, who say they like the dynamic music and fudge the Swahili.

“There’s no segregation in heaven,” said Gorman, hugging Kambutu as the class filed out to the main service. Gorman, 29, who works at a McDonald’s and a bookstore, joined Word of Life about a year ago. Kambutu invited him to Swahili ministries, and now he’s a regular.

“We have given him an African name!” said Kambutu, his forehead speckled with flecks of the tissue he had used to blot dance-induced sweat. “His name is Kamau!”

“Bwana asifiwe,” Gorman said in Swahili, with a sheepish smile. “Praise the Lord.”

As the years have passed, Cover has learned to lead quincea¿eras and hold memorial services for African members’ relatives who died half a world away. The Filipino Bible study group switched from Tagalog to English so that Miriam Luna, a Bolivian, and others could understand. Luna, 47, said she has grown to like the cold rice of Filipino cuisine.

And Emmanuel Ogebe, 36, a bespectacled lawyer, has ceased explaining that his traditional Nigerian robe is not a “costume,” as people at his previous church remarked. At Word of Life, Ogebe’s attire raises nary an eyebrow, and his friends have come to include a Hispanic handyman he calls “Brother Miguel,” and, most astounding to him, non-Nigerian Africans.


As immigrants spread across the United States, researchers say, churches are slowly abandoning the “homogeneous units” theory that long guided church-growth philosophy. People want to worship with similar people, the idea went, leading white churches to “plant” ethnic branches. Immigrant churches also sprout independently: If they wish, Liberians, Bolivians and Koreans in the Washington region can join congregations composed mostly of compatriots.

But churches’ attempts to diversify often fail, said Michael Emerson, a Rice sociologist. Being situated in a diverse area is hardly enough; several churches near Word of Life are mostly white. Churches stumble when they push change too fast or say they welcome everyone “as long as they become like us,” Emerson said.

Cover struggles to explain how his church succeeded. One turning point came in 1990, when he brought on Cathy Mechlin to spearhead a multicultural ministries program, and Samary Resto, a Puerto Rican, to lead Hispanic ministries. Only a “smattering” of the 500 or so members were not white, Mechlin said. They launched Spanish-language and “international” Sunday schools. Next came a dinner to which parishioners brought dishes from their homelands, then an after-service doughnuts-and-coffee hour.


Mostly, church leaders let immigrants start whatever programs they want, Mechlin said. The church has a Ghanaian choir, a Hispanic band and groups for Indians and speakers of Amharic, an Ethiopian and Eritrean language. Sunday services are translated into Spanish and French, which parishioners can listen to on headphones.

Other programs have come and gone. Korean ministries fizzled. An Iranian group left after discord about who should lead their Sunday school. Some members have asked to hold autonomous ethnic services. That is where Cover draws the line: In his vision, everyone worships together on Sundays.


Original article

(Posted on December 21, 2007)

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“Our country’s becoming more international,” Cover, 73, said in an interview. He has led the formerly majority-white Pentecostal church for three decades. “The next generation is going to be American. If the church doesn’t realize that, they’re going to lose a whole generation.”

“The next generation is going to be American” IF & ONLY IF America reasserts the old unicultural melting-pot paradigm — the one that insisted that, wherever you might have come from, if you wanted to stay in America you had an OBLIGATION to become American.

And if the cultural marxists in our midst like this Pastor Cover aren’t stopped, what we’re going to lose in a generation is America itself.

To indulge immigrants’ Third World ways by turning your formerly white church into a U.N. disco dance party is to actively discourage assimilation. What these people try to peddle as “inclusiveness” smells more like tribalism to me. Tribalism leads to rivalry. Rivalry leads to conflict.

But then, I’m sure a groovy Godman like Cover considers assimilation, patriotism, and Americanism to be outdated and oppressive concepts anyway.

Posted by The Incredible Shrinking White Man at 7:01 PM on December 21

When Christianity undertook to shore up the inroads that secularism made, they erred greivously by attempting to co-opting the basic assumptions, practices and even vocabulary of ‘the competition’. They should never have understood things in a business understanding in the first place. As such, the WalMart quote is very apt and of no surprise. Neither is the desacralization of Faith or the fact that religious ideas have been reduced to just another product in the “marketplace of ideas.”
As such, Faith has come to resemble a souk. You have to have a pretty thickly calloused conscience not to shrink from the very pronounced falsehood in the World-as-One mindframe, and if you truly love religion, the natural reaction should be revulsion at the parti-colored masquerade and its grovelling attempt to paint itself with the same colors that Statecraft has been painted with.

The first principle of Multiculturalism is Flattery.*

Flattery only appeals to Vanity, which is the counterpart of Pride.

All of these things are contrary to Christian moral principles, and the principles of upright people generally.

*We must recognize that this flattery is selective and calculated with an end-in-view, which is of course contrary to freedom. Because these things pertain to souls, it is particularly loathesome.

Posted by Mr. Smith at 7:32 PM on December 21

“Our country’s becoming more international,” Cover, 73, said in an interview. He has led the formerly majority-white Pentecostal church for three decades. “The next generation is going to be American. If the church doesn’t realize that, they’re going to lose a whole generation.” The Springfield church, congregants often say, is a glimpse of heaven — a “multitude” of nations and tongues, as the Book of Revelation puts it.

The Book of Genesis didn’t ascribe a “multitude of nations” as Heaven — the Tower of Babel was a symbol of universal human unification that had to be dismantled by Divine order, and the people had to be made to speak different languages to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

At 8 a.m. one recent Sunday, the Swahili class gathered for a raucous praise party.

Surely not a Catholic or High Protestant church that believes in actual sermons and theological education, for sure.

Remember, the last time a white preacher was so adamantly pro-diversity (esp. pro-black), a lot of kool-aid was consumed in the end.

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 7:45 PM on December 21

When you’re the majority, a bit of diversity can appear to add some spice to your daily life. It’s exotic and it provides a diversion from the routine of a normal life. What these people don’t realize until it’s too late is that ever increasing levels of diversity will ultimately smother the routine of daily life and make daily life intolerable.

If pink-cheeked David Gorman lives long enough, he will see diversity destroy everything around him that made him feel normal and safe. Once the disagreements about how things should be done, once the complaints about ‘we’re being ignored’ and the demands to change to accommodate diversity begin to arise, I’m sure pink-cheeked Mr. Gorman will wonder if diversity was such a good thing after all. By that stage, it will be too late.

I’m not a biblical scholar but from my reading of the bible, God made it clear that man couldn’t make heaven on earth. God doesn’t even believe the earth is redeemable because he plans on creating a NEW heaven and a NEW earth; every corruptible thing on earth is to be destroyed by fire; everything shall pass away. That these ‘christians’ (with a very small lower case c) believe they can make heaven on earth is counter to the word of God.

Look what happened in Babel when arrogant people thought they could build a tower to heaven. God showed them Who was the boss and Whose will be done on earth.

Posted by sbuffalonative at 8:18 PM on December 21

“Our country’s becoming more international.”

There you have it - the very idea of Nation turned upside down! An “international” country MAY have been workable over time, had it remained at least racially homogenous, or largely so. But in the mixed, polyglot mess state it is in now…What hope is there? Church attendance is will be the least of our problems.

Posted by Hank at 8:27 PM on December 21

I’ve attended church right next to this church. That church is also multinational as is the one I attend now.

I have thought it is through God and only God that we can co-exist.

Everything is possible through God. This is an enormous task.

Although these churches function very well with all the races together, there is something missing. What is not present at church for most members that exists in the world is competition.

It is not difficult to get along in a church environment, however, what do people expect once they leave to go out into the world? I think it will take a lot of convicting of hearts by God to move all people where they abandon group mentality.

Right now, whites seem to be the only ones that do to any measureable extent and we have all seen the results of that mentality.

It comes down to this: will church going people of all races abandon the expectation of equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity or in the regular world do they still pursue group politics, accept and expect preferences based on their backgrounds? Are people to be judged by their performance and held accountable for their actions by one standard for all?

Unfortunately, there is a large gap between getting along in the church on Sunday and functioning together as a fair society during the week.

Case in point: a black boy whose father was a minister at our church (he died of lukemia) was recently involved with support for the Jena 6. My daughter, who knows him, was shocked. He is very talented and displays none of the behavior that is so often documented on this site. Yet, even as an educated Christian, he is blinded from the truth in the Jena case.

Race relations are much more difficult outside of the Church, even for Christians, than in it.

Posted by Thinker at 8:43 PM on December 21

Cover struggles to explain how his church succeeded.

I have an explanation. In any large urban area, there will be plenty of people looking for the entertainment that this kind of chaotic environment provides. They say they are engaging in religious activity, but really they are engaging in a type of theater for mutual amusement and stimulation.

Posted by Reader-1 at 9:24 PM on December 21

“…and one-third black, most of them African immigrants.”

And there-in is the REAL problem. This is precisely what we DON’T need. We do not need to bring Africa and its mayhem HERE. We have enough problems ALREADY with our pathological crime-ridden violent and racist home-grown sub-Sahara-African decendants in our midst.

Posted by at 10:27 PM on December 21

I’m atheist, so none of this really bothers or upsets me. However I find it amusing that they use the multiculturalism as a gimmick. Plenty of other churches across the country are as multicultural, but they just worship together anyway. They don’t need to call special attention to the fact.

Posted by TastyPaper at 12:39 AM on December 22

“The Springfield church, congregants often say, is a glimpse of heaven — a “multitude” of nations and tongues, as the Book of Revelation puts it.”

And they are right!
Christianity is a philosophy for the poor and ignorant….and god knows there is a world full of people who fit that description.

Christianity, like Judaism and Islam is a multi-national philosophical conglomerate. Christianity makes Courage, Pride and Honor into Vices and turns Cowardice, Servitude and Ignorance into Virtues.
That is why it has appeal. That is why it is increasingly the religion of choice for low IQ third-worlders..

That we can, in the 21st Century, still find Whites in an industrialized country gathering to pay homage to the gods, is beyond sad and tragic…

The concept of Equality finds it’s roots almost exclusively in Christian texts which proclaim all men are the children of the Christian god.

Until we can cut away that root in the minds of our own people, Christianity (and it’s monotheistic cousins) will continue to be the bane to Western Civilization that it has been for the past 1,500 years…

Posted by the Narrator... at 2:33 AM on December 22

Oh the fantasy, the cloud-cckoo land….happy smiley faces, singing, dancing, joy and mirth, peace and good-will to all men, a United Nations dream to warm the cockles of the hardest heart.
It’s a shame that reality comes down to earth with a bump - a few years down the line this particular locale will resemble the killing fields of Los Angeles where young, useless louts armed with big guns will gun you down for $5 plus your leather jacket and sneakers.

Posted by Kenelm Digby at 8:06 AM on December 22


White people, by being understanding and multicultural, are being denied their own peoplehood!

Here in Memphis, a group of blacks is holding Kwaanzaa celebrations on county property, whereas (White) Christians and (White) Jews cannot have Christmas or Chanukkah celebrations! The county Mayor, who is black, will do nothing to stop it, because he says it is a black “cultural” celebration, not religious!

A lawsuit has been filed.

I used to think that if Whites held to Christianity and the moral virtues it professes, that the races would sort themselves out naturally. Kind of like, you don’t get White racial consciousness by going at it directly, it comes as a byproduct of moral, intellectual and artistic excellence.

Now — I dunno.

I think I will try to send you that article, if you have not already received it.

Posted by at 11:29 AM on December 22

I’ve always found it interesting that marxists come up with a convenient category, and then are shocked when the real world refuses to be subsumed. For instance, “Asian”. Marxists think all Asians are alike, just like all Africans and all Whites for that matter. This little church prides itself on its “third world” membership, ignoring the different traditions and cultures and tribal inclinations of the varying nationalities.

““There’s no segregation in heaven,” said Gorman”

That’s right. If a non-white leads and especially pious and virtuous life, God turns him into a White man in heaven.
- The Gospel of Flamethrower.

Posted by Flamethrower at 12:59 PM on December 22

These are deceived White Christians. They haven’t a clue about the Bible and what it says. They think the WHOLE world is God’s children and we are all HIS children… What fools. Does God love everybody? NO! Our idea of love is not God’s idea of love, period! Get a clue and quit destroying the White race and Christianity! Now that will surely bring the wrath of God down upon us! Aren’t we seeing it already here in America and all once White lands? Open your eyes!

Posted by at 3:28 PM on December 22

This church sounds dangerous: how do they know now when someone is “speaking in tongues,” or instead is having medically significant convulsions in their own language?

I’m sure I would prefer a church of white folk singing, “I Love to Tell The Story.” Easter, I remember from childhood, especially had a feeling in church of fresh arising beauty, with that beautiful song, “Christ The Lord is Risen Today.”

Which is to say, I can’t imagine what kind of deep, satisfying feelings children are experiencing in such a cacaphonic church as Pastor Covers’. But possibly the children are having a wonderful time, with all the spectacle. (Like going to Disneyland?) If I lived in the area, I’d like to spend a few Sundays in this fascinating place to observe such an extreme case of multi-culti fervor.

Reading the entire original article, it’s evident that, as in all mulitculti situations, considerable energy has been expended to keep the whole thing glued together, and that there is less than total satisfaction with the results.

But on the other hand, white churchs too often have their rifts. Erskine Caldwell wrote of the work of his pastor father who traveled about the South visiting churches of his denomination that were having some sort of problem, such as one church whose members had split into two bitter factions, finally seated on opposite sides of the aisle, that were in an angry standoff over what kind of carpeting the church should replace its old carpeting with.

Better to fight over the carpeting, I guess, than to have to fight (as a minority of one) over the support of immigration, affirmative action, and church donations being sent to Africa that some posters here have complained about in their own churches.

If I weren’t so sure that this church supports those same sort of policies, I’d probably have no objection to it. I’m in favor of multiculti options for those that really prefer such, but am opposed to being force-fed them.

I wonder if this church is supported solely by its members, or if some churches go multiculti because there are funds made available for doing so? Just a thought — I have no evidence, or even basis for suspicion.

Posted by H. Dumpty at 4:10 PM on December 22

Kwanzaa is a racial alternative to Christmas. The thing whites are not allowed. The reason Kwanzaa was created was because Christmas was “white.” Blacks had celebrated Christmas in America for 300 years and had no current cultural ties to their native religions, so the Kwanzaa creation was purely racial.

Posted by at 12:27 AM on December 23

And Tony Blair has just become a Catholic. I’m sure
he has big plans to “renew” the Church. After all, the Church

has actually shown a bit of real life lately. Obviously some-

one has to go and put out the flame by renewing it. Sure re-

new it-make like the last two thousand years never happened.

Make it over in your own image.

Posted by Freyr at 1:08 AM on December 23

I have been researching this for over fifteen years, and the heresy known as Multiculturalism is just that… a THEOLOGICAL heresy.

The Church (and not some protestant offshoot) clearly was both ethnically pure and geographically situational, so much so that the writer, Hilaire Belloc, said in an earlier (and less biased era) “The Faith is Europe, Europe is the Faith.”

What he meant was that, since Christianity, (as the fulfillment of Biblical Judaism) had superceded a merely ‘national faith of one group,’ it was now centered in the Roman Empire; and wherever that Empire was, was where Christianity- Apostolic, Historic, Catholic Christianity- was to be found.

That geographic terminus basically was at the Bosporus and the Pillars of Hercules; in short, Europe. Until the rise of a protestant error in missiology, the boundaries of evangelism was to the neighbor next door, not the ‘pagan babies’ in some ‘dark and forbidding continent.’ As one non-White Author has written, “Must God Remain Greek?” I said, in a review of this book, “No, but only as Christianity remains European, will she also remain the faith of the Ecumenical Councils, the Apostles, and the Martyrs!” You can ‘re-imagine’ this faith as a multicultural one, but in the process lose everything that made it a living faith to begin with….

Someone mentioned the Tower of Babel. that was the last attempt of ‘Man’ to erect a ‘One-world Faith;’ and it was God’s conscious mingling of the languages of Adamkind that sought this ‘one-worlism’, that sent them to the far corners of the earth, because of God’s righteous anger. Pentecost, contrary to some bad exegesis from the fundamentalist fringe, did NOT restore Babel, for the ‘many tongues and nations’ at that event, were all “Judeans” who had made a pilgrimage to their HOMELAND. It was NOT a Roman Empire “UN” gathering, but a group of racially, culturally homogenous of the Diaspora, coming home- sort of like WHITE Canadians, Kiwis, Aussies, and Americans all visiting Canterbury for a Cathedral celebration… yeah, MUCH more like THAT!

Posted by Fr. John at 7:40 AM on December 23

Anonymous at 12:27 AM 12/23:

But haven’t you noticed that the Kwanzaa fad is dying out? I have noticed in the past four Decembers counting this one, there is progressively less talk about Kwanzaa both from MSM and blacks themselves.

And I have a theory why.

A number of years ago, I overheard two black women talking to each other. They were talking about their Christmas presents. One said, “This was a bad Christmas. I hardly didn’t get anything. Next year, we’re switching to Kwanzaa. Since it’s got seven days, maybe I’ll get seven days worth of gifts.”

I bet it didn’t quite work out that way. And this is why I think Kwanzaa is fading away, because a lot of blacks actually thought they would get gifts seven days in a row instead of just one day, and when it didn’t work out that way, there was no need for Kwanzaa.

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 11:56 AM on December 23

Good answer on the Pentecost thing, Father.

I have been studying the Transcendentalist movement in America, which was empowered by Emerson’s considerable intellect and embraced such notables as Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson.
I think this movement is important because it is the place where the Puritan screws were tightened too much and the whole edifice splintered into a rebellion against the Congregationalist belief system.

I think the egalitarian movement in America has more to do with Transcendentalism than with Christianity, and it has shaped America just as much as Christianity, perhaps more so.

I think Emerson and Thoreau were decent individuals, but once they opened the gates to an unbridled individualism (which was probably inevitable, due to the excesses of Puritanism) all sort of bizarre individuals took cover in that movement, hoping to find a rationale for their homosexuality, nudism, vegetarianism, communal living, “free love” (yes, even back then), etc.

Scriptural verses were sometimes used to justify their excesses, just as some today use the Constitution to mean exactly the opposite of what it says.

The Bible is portrayed as being easy to understand, and I suppose it is on a superficial level, but some issues get quite complicated.

Merry Christmas.

Posted by at 12:27 PM on December 23

Liberians? Wasn’t Liberia created to remove the slaves from the United States?

Posted by Ronduck at 4:33 PM on December 23

Heres wishing those who wish to receive it “Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe New Year”. Trusting you have a safe and quiet and close Christmas Eve Night, and may you hold your family even closer.

“Glimner Sjo och Strand”. May Peace “Shine on Lake and Shore”.

Posted by at 1:50 AM on December 25

“Our country’s becoming more international,” Cover, 73, said in an interview. He has led the formerly majority-white Pentecostal church for three decades. “The next generation is going to be American.”

What’s expecialy surprising to me is that this pastor is 73. At that age, he’s old enough to remember a different, whiter America. He’s old enough to know better. If he were a trendy young pastor of 30, trying to keep up with the fashion, he couldldn’t be expected to know anything else. In fact, I wonder if he is white. If so, all the more shame on him, the silly old fool.

Posted by at 5:50 AM on December 26

The main problem I’ve had with some “multicultural” groups of people seems to be their sense of entitlement. And since when is 80% of whites considered “multicultural” since whites (be they of any nationality) are considered a “race”? I sure wouldn’t feel “multicultural” if I were in a group of 80% blacks, 15% Asians, 4% Mexicans, and myself.

It sounds like Kwanzaa tried to be a rip-off of Hanukkah. The problem with the people expecting gifts is that they possibly felt they were entitled to a gift extravaganza every day of the “Kwanzaa” week. They missed one of the points of Hannukah, which was the oil LASTED many days longer than expected. In my experience, my Hanukkah gifts have been small, but nice little things it’s nice to have and use. A little chocolate, maybe a nice nail file or polish, basically gifts under $5, like you would find in a Christmas stocking. MAYBE, since my family also celebrated Christmas, one nice $10 or $20 gift like a book. Definitely some great food. The point was that little things can mean a lot, not that you would get more big boxes of stuff. With that in mind, I’m going to go polish my nails.

Posted by at 9:23 AM on December 26

An “international country” is an oxymoron.

Posted by at 12:20 PM on December 26

The founder of Kwaanza, Ron Karenga, accused torturer and convicted felon (false imprisonment), is about as unpleasant a fellow as you’d ever hope not to meet. And now he’s director of a Black Studies Department!

For an account of all that, and also a very interesting account of how information about his trial is now very hard to come by:{C1BE0055-47E8-454E-9062-90A6F9FE5B97}

Posted by H. Dumpty at 7:39 PM on December 26

“It sounds like Kwanzaa tried to be a rip-off of Hanukkah. The problem with the people expecting gifts is that they possibly felt they were entitled to a gift extravaganza every day of the “Kwanzaa” week. They missed one of the points of Hannukah, which was the oil LASTED many days longer than expected.”

They also clearly don’t understand that the expression “Twelve days of Christmas” is still a reality in the more ‘catholic’ or ‘liturgical’ churches.

Or that Hannukah was a minor jewish festival of limited importance until about the 1950’s, when it was used as a cultural wedge to be an ‘alternative holiday’ for a post-christian America….the phrase ‘Happy Holidays’ did not come into vogue until certain ‘ethnic interests’ over at Hallmark back then, came up with the slogan, as a direct attack on the Christian festival of Christmas. Which is why I say, EVERY TIME, ‘Merry Christmas’ all the twelve days of the holiday…. and if people look at me funnily, I explain to them, “You DO know there are Twelve days to this event, don’t you?” Gets them to thinking, at the very least.

Posted by Fr. John at 8:32 AM on December 28

“I explain to them, “You DO know there are Twelve days to this event, don’t you?” Gets them to thinking, at the very least.”
Posted by Fr. John

Anyone who goes shopping would think it lasts from Halloween to New Year’s.

Posted by voter at 2:13 PM on December 30

“Anyone who goes shopping would think it lasts from Halloween to New Year’s.”
(Posted by voter at 2:13 PM on December 30).

Some wag said he was doing his best to get Christ back into Christmas, and so he always asks himself while Christmas shopping, “What would Jesus buy?”

The wonderful Christmases of my childhood — I hope many future generations of children may experience the same joy.

I think I expected to find the three wisemen sitting in our living room on Christmas morning, having been guided by the beautiful large white plastic star with a red border and a small lightbulb inside that was always atop our oversized tree.

And that single purple bulb in the string — each year we asked, where should it go, precisely? And would this be the year it would finally burn out and be gone forever?

And that single old dulled, unattractive but beloved round ornament, where should it go, to be visible, but not too visible?

The yearly unwrapping of the Christmas ornaments brought a pleasure that went even deeper in its quiet way than the thrilled delight of opening the presents.

Posted by H. Dumpty at 2:40 AM on December 31

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