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Olga Craig, London Telegraph, January 14, 2008

It has been more than 40 years since Tim Carbin walked the length of Oak Lane, the Bradford backstreet of his boyhood. Then, when he lived with his grandmother Florence Pawson, a matriarch within the community, his task after school was to run errands.

Down to Foster’s, the baker’s, for a loaf of bread and a pound of bacon from Donald Gilbank the butcher. “And mind it isn’t too fatty,” Florence would tell him.

Mr Carbin, then 13, knew all the local storekeepers by name, just as he knew the families in the surrounding terraces.

Yesterday, outside number 95A, his grandmother’s former home, Mr Carbin gazed in bewilderment as he scanned his old haunt.

Not surprisingly, the stores of his youth had gone: such has been the change in our shopping habits over the decades that they have given way to supermarkets and fast-food outlets.

But that was not all that had changed irrevocably in Oak Lane. Among the new stores, the clothes shops sell Muslim dress, the butcher stocks halal meat and even the local takeaway advertises halal pizza.

“I feel like an alien, like I’m on a street in Karachi,” Mr Carbin says, awkwardly.

“I don’t feel I have anything in common with this area. It’s like I’ve never been here before. I knew it would be different but I knew, too, that I would feel uncomfortably like I don’t belong.”

He now lives just 10 miles away, in the north of Bradford. He hasn’t returned because Oak Lane, like so many similar areas of so many northern cities, is now an almost exclusive Asian Muslim community.

Mr Carbin is far from a racist, however. Well educated and widely travelled in Muslim countries, he has the utmost respect for the Islamic religion. What is worrying him is that Britain’s increasing espousal of multiculturalism has led not to an integrated society but, instead, to ghettoisation, with white-only and Asian-only communities existing cheek by jowl but with little or no common ground. And that, he believes, could have an ominous outcome.

He is, clearly, one of those about whom Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester (Britain’s only Asian-born bishop), wrote in The Sunday Telegraph last week: the increasing number of native white Britons who believe many of their streets have now become “no-go” areas.

The Bishop believes that one of the results of the resurgence of Islamic extremism has been to alienate young Muslims from this country and to view adherence to this ideology as a mark of acceptance.

This, he says, means many Christians and those of other faiths find it difficult to live or work here because they feel there is hostility towards them.

Britain’s “novel philosophy” of multiculturalism, he believes, has caused Muslims to lead separate lives, in separate areas, speaking their native languages.

His views have angered many in Muslim communities but, equally, they have struck a chord with many like Mr Corbin.

“This isn’t, as the Government would like us to believe, a multicultural society,” he says.

“This is pure racial segregation. And it’s like this because the Muslim community simply refuses to integrate. So people like me feel like outcasts in our own country.”

As Mr Corbin trudges farther along Oak Lane, he passes the tumble-down Anglican church where many of his former neighbours worshipped. Amid the mound of bricks, Sunday school hymn books are strewn.

Across town, in another Asian enclave, one local shopkeeper is preparing to sell up after 30 years running a family firm.

“I am retiring,” he says. “But yes, it’s true, a lot of people feel uncomfortable in Muslim areas. It’s fine for me, I’ve stayed and I know everyone, but many are fearful of venturing into the area.

“It’s not so much fear of violence, rather that they feel a sense of not being welcome, of having nothing in common with the community here, and a feeling that no one would appreciate the interest should they show it.

“I wish the Muslim community had integrated more, but they didn’t. I haven’t even been able to get them to join Neighbourhood Watch.”

In the surrounding streets, the few white residents willing to talk speak of isolation rather than intimidation. One said he had had several members of the Asian community knocking on his door, asking if he wanted to sell his home.

“At face value, that seems innocuous,” he says. “But others believe it was a message saying I should get out.”

Another tells of how his father, an electrician, parked his van in the area only to have it rocked and thumped by a group of Asian youths telling him: “This is our area now. You are not welcome here.”

It surprises no one, he says, knowingly, that a recently built massive police station, complete with a 30ft wall and a communications tower, now dominates upper Oak Lane.

In the nearby town of Dewsbury, which was once, like Bradford, a thriving mill area, similar enclaves exist. Local people were outraged recently to read that busy nurses at their local hospital had to allocate time to turning the beds of Muslim patients towards Mecca five times a day so that they could pray.

And last year, the discovery of an al-Qaeda propaganda DVD, which was handed out at the local mosque, increased tensions and further encouraged segregation among the communities. That, in turn, was capitalised on by the British National Party, which gained its highest numbers of voters in the city.

Aware that the majority of its schools are exclusively white or Muslim, community leaders held a public meeting last month mooting ideas for community events to encourage more unity among its inhabitants. But while initiatives were discussed, the notion of integrated societies was not.

“The Bishop of Rochester is right to say there is segregation and ghettoisation,” concedes Bary Malik, a local imam. “But we all share the blame for that, not one individual community. The Bishop of Rochester supposedly understands both cultures, so he should be trying to foster better relations between these

But, as Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, points out, the notion of space and territory is vital to Muslims.

During the 1979 European Islamic Conference, a policy of integrating as communities, not as individuals, was advocated.

“Once those communities become the majority,” he says, “they can control education, the economy and so on. And that is what has happened.”

Another problem, he believes, is that, in the name of multiculturalism, the Labour Government has allowed a dual system of law to exist.

“Sharia law now exists in almost all Islamic communities in the UK,” he says. “Not at a penal level, but at a family level. It rules among the Muslim community in marriage and divorce, often at the expense of the vulnerable. To solve this, the Government must say no to Sharia law being practised. There should be no separate legal system in this country.”

His concern over the results of multiculturalism is not shared by the Bishop of Bradford, the Rt Rev David James. He has worked hard to engender integration among the faiths in the city.

After the al-Qaeda bombing in Madrid, when Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner, suggested that it was a matter of when the terrorist organisation would bomb London, not if, he — along with cross-community leaders — held a series of meetings about how they should react should that happen.

Their aim was to ensure that there was not a repeat of the 2001 race riots if al-Qaeda bombed Britain. It is to their credit that, after the 7/7 London bomb, Bradford remained peaceful.

He remains adamant that no-go areas do not exist in Bradford. “I have no experience or any knowledge of no-go areas here,” he says. “I don’t know where the Bishop of Rochester was talking about. No one does.”

There has, however, been one positive outcome of the continuing debate about the extent of the Islamic community in Bradford, he believes.

“It has put faith on the map. Awoken Christians to be better Christians and to have public faith. Here we openly celebrate Christmas, not some bewildering Winterfest.”

Original article

(Posted on January 14, 2008)

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Do any fellow AmReners want to play “Spot the Magic (i.e. Liberal) Phrases” with me? I found quite a few:

“*Mr Carbin is far from a racist, however*.”

Y’hear that? If you, a white person, feel like a “foreigner” in a hometown overrun by foreigners, you are “clearly” a racist unless explicitly stated otherwise.

“*He has the utmost respect for the Islamic religion*.”

“Respect”? They always mention this in articles critical of Islam - funny that…

“*What is worrying him is that Britain’s increasing espousal of multiculturalism has led not to an integrated society but, instead, to ghettoisation, with white-only and Asian-only communities existing cheek by jowl but with little or no common ground*.”

The LibMed (Liberal-Media) are still floundering with the general rule of:
*If you put two different ethnicites/cultures together, they will segregate as opposed to integrate*.

It seems as if white Britons are slowly waking up to the multi-kulti mess that is now “Britannia”.

Hopefully not too late.

Posted by Obscuratus at 3:08 AM on January 15

Sounds like Auckland, New Zealand.

Posted by Apteryx at 3:43 AM on January 15

Nurses must move beds 5 times a day toward Mecca? Is this now part of the nursing profession? It’s scandalous. The individuals should integrate or seek a nation where they can enjoy sharia law - and there seem to many such nations in Asia and Africa. Multiculturalism is simply a code word for privileging everyone else’s folkways except those of the civilized West. — — — — -HM

Posted by at 6:07 AM on January 15

It’s obvious that it doesn’t matter what a government or an individual does or gives to any foreigner or immigrant in a new country. They don’t want to be like the people of their new country. They want to live life as they’ve always known it, but in an easier way. I don’t blame them, but I should not have to suffer or provide compensation. I don’t have the luxury of picking up and starting over in a new country or traveling much. I have to make sure the rest of the world gets to come and go from the U.S. as they please or stay here, unfortunately.

Posted by GAonMYmind at 10:02 AM on January 15

>>>…community leaders held a public meeting last month mooting ideas for community events to encourage more unity among its inhabitants. But while initiatives were discussed, the notion of integrated societies was not.

They still don’t get it. They keep bleating about community events, please, I could weep when I read this idiocy. The Blacks who came from the West Indies never integrated, they just took over whole neighborhoods. The Chinese set up Chinatowns and live amongst their own, the Hindu Indians all tend to live within their own enclaves, while there are far too many of them and far to many of them add to crime and distrust, the main difference is that they are not driven by the hostility and sheer hatred of the host nation that the Muslims thrive on.

Muslims cannot integrate with infidels.
They must convert us to Islam, integration is an anathema to them.


Posted by Arcardian at 10:53 AM on January 15

It’s not your town any more. The politicians have given it away. And yes, you are an alien in what was once your home town.

Posted by "Sharia-compliant" at 11:33 AM on January 15

The only thing worse than having them there in the first place would be to integrate them so you will never be able to get rid of them. They have no business being there at all - sending them home is the only option!

Posted by Civilized Neighbor at 12:28 PM on January 15

Muslims come not to assimilate, but to subjugate, this is what they do, and this is all they do. Have the British people learned nothing from history? The right of self defense of the individual can also be applied to a nation and its people collectively. Defending ones life often entails taking the life of the predator. It has always been so and it will always continue to be so. One cannot placate evil least one be consumed by evil…

Posted by at 1:13 PM on January 15

“Once those communities become the majority,” he says, “they can control education, the economy and so on. And that is what has happened.”

That is what happens EVERYWHERE. And not just with Muslims. It’s the way of the world.

Large swaths of CA and TX are now under de facto Mexican control. Once ANY ethnic group reaches a tipping point, they start to feel that they have control. And then they start to act accordingly: asserting primacy, throwing their weight around, forcing out the host population, and conquering the area in the name of the The Old Country (or The Old Religion).

This is what Enoch Powell meant when he spoke about “the whip hand.” In certain parts of UK, Muslims now have the whip hand. In certain parts of US, mestizos now have the whip hand. In certain other parts of US, the whip (Detroit, Newark, Gary, DC, the ATL) is now in black hands.

And in ALL those places, it’s whites who are feeling the burning sting of the lash.

Whip or be whipped, my fellow caucasians, whip or be whipped.

Posted by at 1:41 PM on January 15

“And last year, the discovery of an al-Qaeda propaganda DVD, which was handed out at the local mosque, increased tensions and further encouraged segregation among the communities. That, in turn, was capitalised on by the British National Party, which gained its highest numbers of voters in the city,”

Even though the tone of the article is decidedly gloomy about the prospects of multiculturalism, they never miss a chance to take a shot at the BNP, the only party willing to speak out on behalf of native Britons.

Posted by idareya at 1:52 PM on January 15

To misquote Wallace:

On different continents now, on different continents forever!

Posted by Ronduck at 2:50 PM on January 15

“It’s not so much fear of violence, rather that they feel a sense of not being welcome, of having nothing in common with the community here, and a feeling that no one would appreciate the interest should they show it.” This is a really important point. The residents simply feel alien. They are not fearful just on a different orbit. Too often people will confuse violence with isolation.

Posted by at 4:15 PM on January 15

*Sounds like Auckland, New Zealand.*

Not really, unless you substitue “Asian” for “Pacific Islander”.

Posted by Obscuratus at 4:35 PM on January 15

I would dearly love to ask Tim Carbin ONE pertinent question: Can you tell us of any genuine (verifiable) good coming to your country from all this immigration? I may not be a genius or even rocket-scientist caliber, but for the life of me, I cannot swallow that p.c. dogma, that “diversity is good.” Crime, parasitism and social problems are the ONLY thing coming out of immigration. Anything to the contrary is, has to be, a blatant lie!

Posted by Fed Up at 5:22 PM on January 15

Shortly after reading the sad story of Mr. Carbin’s return to his old neighborhood, I happened to come across a Wikipedia article entitled “British anti-invasion preparations of World War II”.

The article details the steps taken by the British government and people during the darkest hours of the war, after the fall of France, to prepare for what must have seemed like an inevitable Nazi invasion. That invasion never occurred, in part due to the willingness of the British to make all necessary sacrifices to preserve their country and its way of life.

Now the United Kingdom is faced with another invasion which may be even more terrible than the overt military agression of Adolph Hitler’s totalitarian state. The invaders, who represent an equally brutal and bloodthirsty despotism, have already landed. Large areas of the British homeland are under their control. But is there any statesman like Churchill, attempting to rally British resistance against these hordes? Who has proclaimed, like Churchill did on June 4, 1940:

“We shall not flag nor fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France and on the seas and oceans; we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender…”

Isn’t the present state of affairs in Britain comparable to Sir Winston and his countrymen sending an invitation in 1940 to all those nice German boys to come over and have a spot of tea and a chat?

Posted by historian at 7:36 PM on January 15

““I feel like an alien, like I’m on a street in Karachi,” Mr Carbin says, awkwardly”

Unfortunately, YOU are now an alien Mr.Carbin.

Posted by at 10:49 PM on January 15

Can Whites just get rid themselves of this fear of being called “racist”? This fear is really pathetic, and makes us look weak

Posted by at 11:42 PM on January 15

“…Oak Lane, like so many similar areas of so many northern cities, is now an almost exclusive Asian Muslim community.”

Note the use of the word, ‘community’.
In Britain we never seem to call anything by its proper name any more. Friendly fire, insurgents, multiculturalism, seem to have replaced the words ballsup, guerillas and multi-racialism.
We now have the term, ‘community’ (or to give its current name,
‘communi-ee, as most of the people who talk warmly of community always leave the letter ‘t’ out.
Yes, the ‘t’ is silent, as in ci-ee, equali-ee, socie-ee, etc.

Thus we have the word, ‘community’ used instead of the term ‘colony’.
(A group of the same nationality or occupation forming a distinctive community within a city: Chambers).
Perhaps we should not call it a community at all - perhaps the term, ‘area of beneficial diversi-ee’ or, zone of ‘efnic and cul-ural harmony’ would be better (sorry, be-er).
Nope, until we start using the term ‘colony’ to describe city areas that are mainly inhabited by people from the same country, of the same religion and often from the same village, no progress is going to be made.
Sadly, I think it is too late….Br-ish socie-ee is breaking down, inni’

Posted by Graham of Wales at 6:19 AM on January 16

These complaints about the “loss of country” are from people who consistantly voted for politicians who promised them government “care” from cradle to grave. What in the world did you expect from a liberal/leftist/socialist politico?

Yep, you get your perceived freebies, but you may have noticed you are also gradually losing your freedoms and safety. Handouts and government control go hand-in-hand.

And your freebies aren’t “free”, by the way. You just never see the bill. On top of that, the third-world types who now prey on the white citizens were drawn to your country due to all those government handouts in the first place. Do you actually think they would stay in their own countries when they discovered another that would hand them free money and services?

Will any Brit please answer the above on this board?

Socialists don’t just promise and then hand out productive people’s money to the sick, lame and perpetually lazy, they also carry the multicultural virus and demand we call become infected with it. A population that is fearful is an easily controllable one, according to the standard leftist.

I admit that we Americans have a huge voting block that believes just as Brits do, and will cast their vote for the politician that promises a national Zanadu via redistribution of income and multi-culti fantasies. But so far, we haven’t been as heavily infected as Britain.

The British main stream media is embarrassingly socialist and will not sit by and allow anyone to run for office that promises to reverse the multi-culti hoodlum and parasite trend. Britain, you’re in for some very tough and sad times.

Posted by Proactive at 4:29 PM on January 16

Historian at 7:46 PM;

Winston Churchill never made the speech you are referring to. It was made by a 37 year old actor impersonating him. Churchill was either too busy or too intoxicated (sources differ). Churchill did nothing to stop colored immigration when he was PM in the 1950’s. Enoch Powell warned the British people about what would happen, BUT NOBODY WOULD LISTEN. It was Powell, not Churchill who was the true English patriot.

Posted by at 7:27 AM on January 17

By the way, I misspelled “Zanadu”. The correct spelling is “Xanadu”.

Posted by Proactive at 11:31 AM on January 17

The speech in question was made by Churchill to the House of Commons. It was not recorded at the time. The 37-year-old actor to whom 7:27 AM refers is Norman Shelley. According to Wikepedia’s article on Shelley:

A recurring rumour holds that some of Winston Churchill’s most famous speeches to Parliament during World War II were subsequently recorded for radio broadcast (the House of Commons not being at the time set up for location recording) not by Churchill, but by Shelley impersonating Churchill. Although the rumour has been promoted by controversial revisionist WWII historic writer David Irving to support his unflattering view of Churchill, there is a lack of supporting evidence, and many of Irving’s specific claims have been disproven by other researchers. Shelley did record a performance of Churchill’s “We shall fight on the beaches” speech, but that was several years after the speech was originally made, and there is no record of its having been broadcast as genuine Churchill (or, indeed, at all).

Whether or not some subsequent recording of the speech might have been made by another person, it seems impossible to dispute that such a speech was made to Commons, or to deny the effect it had on British morale. As stated in the Wikipedia article describing the speech,

Each of these speeches were a great inspiration to an embattled United Kingdom as it entered what was probably the most dangerous phase of the entire war.

Churchill was an ineffective peacetime leader and his failure to control colored immigration was only one of his failings. I only wished to point out the difference between the attitude in Britain during the current invasion and the defiance which which the Brits, inspired by their wartime leader, confronted an imminent German invasion.

Posted by historian at 3:08 PM on January 17

It is the Labour party that is the true villian of English history. They are WHOLLY responsible for the immigration nightmare. There have been only THREE elections in British history where it has gotten a majority of ENGLISH votes. It is the Celtic parts of the U.K., Scotland and Wales that keep it in power. These areas are hugely over-represented. In the suburbs of London more then 100,000 voters are required to elect one MP. In parts of Scotland only 30,000 are needed. Under the “Barnett formula” Scotland receives one-seventh of British govt spending, even though it has less then one-tenth of Britain’s population. A little bit of national pride would do the English people a world of good.

Posted by at 5:45 PM on January 17

Historian, if I wanted more claptrap about how Churchill saved the world, why bother perusing AMREN? Please save your trite conributions for more mainstream outlets.

Posted by at 9:51 AM on January 18

It is the Labour party that is the true villian of English history. They are WHOLLY responsible for the immigration nightmare.

In the 70s the Franco/Germans afraid during the oil embargo signed Europe away to the Arabs in exchange for oil. add to this an hatred towards America and Isreal and you have the EU/ARAB Dialogue.
Both Tories and Labour have signed upto many treaties and declarations over the past decades remember EUMED?
This is the clue. Libdems also have gone along with this.
Anna lindt foundation all sound so sweet. The Rabat Commitment.
Medea. See they relied on Apathy and by God it paid off.
Sold out in exchange for oil…The UK and Europe…sold to Arabs!
London financial islamic centre. stock exchange over 50% Arab owned and what’s with the Emerates stadium?
Too comfortable. Too engrossed in Footie.Holiday’s,TV and a good time..The Politicians kept most happy while they put into place their traiterous deeds.
How clever they were. unarmed a nation under the guise of Dunblane with it’s 100 year banning order to cover up the peadophile ring that would have ended them all.
My poor country she deserved better.

Posted by veronica at 12:55 PM on January 18


First of all Wikipedia, which anyone can edit is not the most reliable source of information in the world. Churchill WAS good at raising morale on the home-front with his “blood and guts” imagery but his strategic direction of the war was an absolute disaster. War is about more then making eloquent speeches. Churchill was BOTH prime minister and defence minister and he micro-managed the British war effort. He was soley responsible for fiascoes like the decision to support Greece and send Repulse and Prince of Wales to Singapore, back Tito & supply Stalin. The result of several years of his war leadership?

“The human tragedy reaches its climax in the fact that after all the exertions and sacrifices of hundreds of millions of people and the victories of the righteous cause we have still not found peace and security, and that we lie in the grip of even worse perils then those we have surmounted.” Winston Churchill.

What a confession of utter and complete failure.

Posted by at 2:35 PM on January 19

Now that the United Kingdom has been reduced to a vassal of the European Union and ultimately, the United Nations New World Order in common with 26 other European countries, we’re all feeling like strangers in our own ancestral homelands and can no longer behave in an isolated manner. There must be unity among ALL the affected nations. What becomes of one will, in time, become the fate of all.

As stated, the European Union must be abolished with the utmost urgency and replaced with a sane indigenous nationalist government. I believe a State of Emergency declaration is well overdue.


Veiled threats of mass rape, slaughter, looting, and pillaging are now being allowed to be OPENLY uttered by all and sundry Muslim clerics in the Heart of Europe, in response to any potential attempts by indigenous Europeans to repel the Islamic invasion and its attempted conquest of Christian Europe which potential attempts are now to be deemed the fault of indigenous European Nationalist leaders and indigenous European peoples if they back their leaders. (See below)

The Grand Mufti denied there is such a thing as “Holy war”, telling the gathered MEPs that there is only “Holy Peace”. However, completely missing from the EU’s own reporting was the warning Dr. Hassoun has for the Netherlands (NL):
Should it come to riots, bloodshed and violence after broadcating the Quran movie by PVV-leader Geert Wilders, then Wilders will be responsible.

This was said by the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, Tuesday in teh European Parliament, where he gave a speech at the invitation of the fraction presidents.

‘If Wilders tears up or burn a Quran in his film ‘this will simply mean he is inciting wars and bloodshed. And he will be responsible’, according to te Grand Mufti.

Al Hassoun thinks it is ‘the responsibility of the Dutch people to stop Wilders’. Which comes down to a case of blackmail against the Netherlands, in direct contradiction to the ‘peaceful’ nature of the Grand Mufti’s speech as reported by the EP’s own site, doesn’t it?


Posted by A Swain at 1:55 PM on January 22

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