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Illegal Aliens Receive $37 Million From County in November

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Carol Rock, KHTS-AM (Santa Clarita), January 6, 2008

New statistics from the Department of Public Social Services reveal that illegal aliens and their families in Los Angeles County collected over $37 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in November 2007 — up $3 million dollars from September, announced Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

Twenty five percent of the all welfare and food stamps benefits is going directly to the children of illegal aliens. Illegals collected over $20 million in welfare assistance for November 2007 and over $16 million in monthly food stamp allocations for a projected annual cost of $444 million.


Original article

(Posted on January 7, 2008)

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Just last week Arnie announed the state is 14 billion in debt, and that we are going to see a 10% cut across the board in all services. We’ll see. We’re 14 billion in the hole and they still won’t acknowledge the illegal immigrant connection. Some days I wish the big one would hit and wipe us all out. Rumors are abound as well that Villaragosa is going to run for governor next.

Posted by PincheGabacho at 5:46 PM on January 7

“Twenty five percent of the all welfare and food stamps benefits is going directly to the children of illegal aliens.”

This has to be a mistake because we’re continually assured that illegals are not getting public money.

Posted by sbuffalonative at 5:50 PM on January 7

We got into this illegal alien situation because of some idiot people in Washington DC. Example:
Sen. John McCain got into bed with Teddy Kennedy and worked hard to pass a bill that would give all illegals in the country legal status per a ‘Z’ visa. Now he wants to be president?
He tries his best to spin the outrage of the amnesty he proposed and still pretty much thinks that people who snuck into the country should be allowed to stay. He now makes some noise about border enforcement before making them all legal. He protests that the Kennedy/McCain bill was NOT amnesty because the illegals had to pay a fine and learn some pigeon English.
McCain coupled with another lib dem Feingold in giving us his “campaign finance law” and violates our freedom of speech right. McCain also thinks that talking mean to terrorist is torture. This guy is not presidential material! McCain is over 70 and is more suited to being a greeter at WalMart.

Posted by at 5:55 PM on January 7

I don’t blame THEM for taking what is offered. we are the fools/

Posted by Boxxer at 7:45 PM on January 7

No, it does not “warm my heart” to see the damned illegals getting undeserved hand-outs from our taxes. Instead it makes my blood boil! Let the bad joke of a Mexican government take care of its own. Instead of dumping its trash on the American taxpayers.

Posted by Fed Up at 7:58 PM on January 7

Yeah just keep on feeding and abeding these criminals…and the more that you do….the more will come…how stupid you are in california and any other state who helps them…they are commiting crimes and the first crime is crossing the border…send them HOME where they belong…I am sick of MY tax money going toward helping them in any way shape or form!! They are nothing but parisites, when will you ever learn?

Posted by lydia at 8:50 PM on January 7

Here is a link to an estimate that State of CA is spending roughly $14 billion a year on educating Spanish language (a.k.a. “bi-lingual”) students:

Posted by A Reader at 9:36 PM on January 7

“Twenty five percent of the all welfare and food stamps benefits is going directly to the children of illegal aliens.”

But I thought that the “wonderful hispanics” were “just doing the jobs Americans wouldn’t do”, and that “they were not going to be a burden on the system”?

We’ve already seen the deleterious effects of one race on the teat of welfare - how long until hispanics decide they prefer “the easy life”?

Posted by Obscuratus at 9:52 PM on January 7

I wonder how fast illegal aliens would be prevented from coming here, if the US simply started to subtract the cost of dealing with them from the money we give mexico for oil. It’s not like we couldn’t simply suck all the oil we want (for far cheaper) out of the ground in the US. We have like a 500 year supply. The threat of cutting off all business with Mexico would a very potent stick to do whatever the hell we wanted with them. Including stiffing them on the cost of the oil we buy, based on how much THEY cost us via human trafficking (does anyone deny that Mexico is basically renting their people out as slaves to the US). I think it’s time we started putting it in those terms towards the Mexican government. Hey….you sick bastards are trafficking in slaves to evil criminals in the US, in return for a few bucks. We don’t allow that in our country. At least, we didn’t used to.

Posted by at 12:06 AM on January 8

I don’t know what it is going to happen to wake up the American people, is it too late? It seems as though most people are so uninformed, misinformed or just couldn’t care, politicans do whatever they wish and still hold their jobs, I am along time Republican and always vote the Republican ticket, but they are definitely trying my patience.

Posted by abc at 5:27 AM on January 8

Most of the presidential candidates are senior citizens and geriatrics and should be in an old folks home.

The US is still waiting for a great leader to lead us out of this mess.

Posted by at 10:36 AM on January 8

Well one good thing… If Governor Arnold slashes services such as welfare benefits across the board, it’ll be mostly the illegal aliens who will suffer… Now if only we could slash jobs for illegal aliens across the board…

Posted by Jackers at 11:22 AM on January 8

As an American citizen, as a voter, as an American taxpayer, my outrage is based on the reality THE ILLEGALS ARE NOT ONLY HERE ILLEGALLY, BUT WE ARE ALSO FORCED TO SUBSIDIZE AND SUPPORT THEM! In addition to being forced to put up with the endless number and variety of crimes Mexicans commit, and their primitive, third-world mentality and lifestyle.

What gives Mexican freeloaders the idea they can home to OUR country, then get an undeserved FREE RIDE, courtesy of our taxpayers. We do not, we have NEVER owed Mexico or Mexicans a single red cent… for ANYTHING! The Mexican government and the wealthy elite conspire to perpetuate Mexican poverty. NOT Americans, so why should we have to support these unwanted parasites and criminals in our midst?

Posted by Fed Up at 12:41 PM on January 8

>>>The US is still waiting for a great leader to lead us out of this mess.

You forget that our traitorous “leaders” got us into this mess. Those worthless presidents, senators and congressmen, taking their orders from the corporations who demand cheap labor. So they can pay the corporate CEOs those obscenely high salaries, perks, even golden parachutes. All at the expense of the American worker.

But that’s a truth we’re not supposed to think about. Along with the endless crime, endless social problems that are the flip side of the immigration coin.

Posted by Fed Up at 2:42 PM on January 8

Believe it… Tonight NPR Radio was blathering about California anticipating a budget shortfall in excess of $14 BILLION. Can ANYONE make the connection between the wasted tax dollars and the damned freeloading parasites [illegal immigrants]?

Posted by Fed Up at 8:17 PM on January 8

Why don’t we just stop going to mexico on vacations? The government should ban all visas to mexico, then if the tourist business stops they will hurt. Allot of their tourists are American. Then we would have something to bargin with the Mexican Government. If you caught Bill O’Reilly’s interview with the former President Fox, that was a joke. They don’t care.. It is a supplemental income for them, plus they send our criminals here, and we put their people on our welfare system.

If the government won’t stop vacations in mexico, then do your part and NOT GO… Boycott them. And if possible, refuse to buy anything you know is made in Mexico.

Posted by Sandy at 9:11 PM on January 9

All those frenzied outcries claiming how “good” illegal immigration is for our economy. How the illegals “are good people, coming here to better themselves.” Yet the ugly TRUTH about immigration still has a way of inconveniently surfacing all over. The living off taxes paid by American citizens, the crime, even the social problems tied to immigration.

Posted by Fed Up at 3:06 PM on January 10

Responsible, married, hardworking, middle-classe, white females can’t afford (financially or otherwise) to have babies of their own; because they have to pay for everyone else’s babies!

Posted by GAonMYmind at 11:27 PM on January 12

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