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Mark Townsend, Guardian Unlimited (Manchester), January 13, 2008

Up to a million migrants have gathered in Libya, from where they will attempt to sail across the Mediterranean for Europe and, ultimately, the UK.

New estimates reveal that there are two million migrants massed in the North African country and that half of them plan to sail to the European mainland and travel on to Britain in the hope of building a new life.

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), most have travelled from sub-Saharan states such as Ghana and Sierra Leone, attracted by Libya’s reputation as a centre for people smugglers. Most are expected to wait until the spring, when the seas are calmer, before making the crossing on unseaworthy and crowded vessels.

European border authorities have opened negotiations to police Libya’s vast desert borders. Last week, the Italian government struck a deal with Libya to hold back the thousands who try to reach Italy.

The issue is highlighted in tomorrow’s BBC Panorama programme, which details how European leaders tried to reach an agreement with Libya, a country that until recently was named by Britain as a state sponsor of terrorism. Of the thousands of African boat people who enter Italy each year, about 80 per cent are believed to make their way to France or the UK, with the latter their preferred destination.

The risks, however, are great. Researchers for the programme managed to track down a number of those seen in last year’s startling images of refugees clinging to a vast tuna net cast loose on the Mediterranean.

The photograph, taken by the Italian port authorities last May, showed 27 refugees whose decrepit wooden dinghy had sunk off the Libyan coast. Eight months later, nine of the men are living in a former Italian military camp paid for by the government.

Atiko, a 23-year-old Ghanaian who still dreams of making it to England, is scraping a living from begging. He said that scrimping for food was preferable to stealing.

‘Begging is better for me. That will be better for me to do to survive,’ he said. ‘In my country, they used to speak English and I can say that I am not good enough in English, so I would like to be in Britain to polish my English,’ he added.

Most of those questioned by researchers admitted that England was their dream destination. ‘England is my target . . . I would be very happy if I am living in England,’ said one.

A quarter of Libya’s population are migrants after the country’s leader, Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, tried to style the country as the hub of a United States of Africa and opened its borders to the rest of the continent.

‘It would be accurate to say you’ve got about a million people in Libya who are looking to get to Europe at some time in the future,’ said Laurence Hart of the IOM. ‘The numbers setting sail from Libya are so great that half of the military budget of Malta — 350km from North Africa — is spent trying to deal with migrants sailing north.’

Italian authorities recently constructed special hotels on Lampedusa, a splinter of rock only a few hundred miles from the Libyan coast, which has become the first point of call for thousands of illegal immigrants trying to get into Europe each year, crossing the Mediterranean on makeshift rafts and overloaded fishing boats.

The centre, which was partly funded by the European Union, boasts a fully equipped mini-hospital, with two doctors and two nurses on 24-hour duty.

Many of those who make the journey pay up to £1,000 to people smugglers. Some find jobs in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, selling bits of meat from discarded goat carcasses or carrying bags of sand to fund their journey.

Old fishing boats are crammed with up to 30 migrants a time. European border agencies have stepped up patrols by boat and aircraft to try to stop migrants leaving Africa.

However, Libyan authorities are worried that these efforts might prove too successful, ending up with stranded migrants putting too much pressure on the country’s resources. Experts warn that patrolling Libya’s southern border, which runs thousands of kilometres across the Sahara desert, would be a massive undertaking.

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(Posted on January 14, 2008)

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The Camp of the Saints- Jean Respail

All Amren readers should be familiar with this incredible novel.

But I doubt if George W. Bush, or any of the leading White Republican Presidential candidates are familiar with this novel. Maybe Tancredo knows of it, the rest just don’t read, don’t study real history - too busy talking endlessly about having less government, more personal responsibility or spreading rumors about the other candidates not being real Christians or supporting New Republic smears that another candidate said something bad about Black looters during the Rodney King riots.


Don’t we all wish that all of the Presidential candidates from both parties were trapped on some of these Black African refugee death boats? I would enjoy being the captain of some fishing boat that rammed the refugee boats and I would blast that idiot song “Imagine” by John Lennon so that the soon to be shark eaten Black refugee invaders could have one last sweet dream about joining the rich White West in a new world where the world would be one…

Then they would falling into the sea and be eaten by Sharks along with John McCain, that idiot Baptist preacher ex Governor from Iowa, Hillary and Obama - nahh, Obama wouldn’t be on that boat, he has enough Black African blood in him to get him to stay away from the deceased Black African masses.

What a world.

Read Respail’s Camp of the Saints.

Posted by JR at 9:02 PM on January 14

The trans-Saharan slave trade did not end all that long ago, with some Arab countries continuing to engage in it well into the 20th century. Now, lo and behold, Africans have revived this ancient route by trafficking themselves across the desert in a modern-day mimicry of the old slave routes.

Interesting, too, that so many of these people are apparently from Ghana, which by all accounts is the most stable and prosperous nation in west Africa. The fact that even those from the wealthiest African nations, with (apparently) thousands of dollars at their disposal, are willing to uproot their lives, hand over all their savings to traffickers, and put themselves in risk of life and limb in pursuit of a pipe dream is a worrying sign. One gets the sense that they are only the tip of the iceberg: a couple millions out of hundreds of millions more who are only prevented from making the trek due to absolute destitution.

Posted by Dave at 9:19 PM on January 14

Surely there will be a great spike in BNP membership, no?

Posted by at 10:38 PM on January 14

If you don’t deport ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of these black invaders who make it to Europe, it will only encourage an ever increasing flood more.
Sub-sahara Africa practices no family planning and has a population explosion like no where else on the globe (thanks to white man’s medicines and agriculture), with a population surpassing Europe. There is no end. They would overwhelm any other country.
Yet we’re told over and over how terrible white society is for blacks. But both on a local scale as well as international, blacks go to whatever lengths to move into our midst. They just won’t stay in their OWN neighborhoods or their OWN countries where THEY run everything. Go figure.
One thing the open-borders idiots must realize is the consequences of their policies is that who ever has the highest fertility rate overwhelms everyone else. And the problem with the sub-Sahara Africans is statistically they cannot excell in a technologically advances society, and so become a burden that drags the whole country down. Not to mention the welfare dependency, crime, and racial violence they bring. They’re good at reproducing, including impregnating YOUR daughters too, but not much else.
They don’t want to practice responsible family planning: Then let them suffer the consequences IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!!!

Posted by at 10:50 PM on January 14

It would be so much safer for them if someone would donate
a rusty old tanker or cruise ship as the Prophet Jean Raspail
forsaw. No, I jest not-he went down to the beach one day and they
were there-in the Eye of his Mind. It has already happened-in the
future. Our job is to make sure this future is still born or as
one poet said, a “blooper universe”. The rusty old ships would
be easy to torpedo. In the story, the Arabs threatened to just
that and the Indians didn’t dare call their bluff. We would have
to be willing to do it; you never brandish a weapon you aren’t
willing to use. Of course the easy and human way would be just
to cut jobs and benefits, but in this day easy and human are im-
possible-because of the humanists. So topedoes it is.

Posted by Freyr at 10:56 PM on January 14

Jean Raspail was a prophet.

Posted by at 10:57 PM on January 14

Camp of the Saints…it has arrived…

Now lets see what the European liberals do now…

Posted by at 11:02 PM on January 14

“European border agencies have stepped up patrols by boat and aircraft to try to stop migrants leaving Africa.”

I’m sure it’s racist for Europeans to defend their own borders somewhere - I can’t find it yet.

Camp of the Saints people. How long before they decide to go at once, and overrun Europe?

Posted by Obscuratus at 11:16 PM on January 14

“However, Libyan authorities are worried that these efforts might prove too successful, ending up with stranded migrants putting too much pressure on the country’s resources.”

But they don’t worry one bit about straining England’s resources. I’ll bet ol Muammar goes to bed and snickers himself to sleep every night, knowing full well what he’s helping do to Europe.

Posted by idareya at 11:54 PM on January 14

The ironic part is the Africans will complain about how they are treated in Europe once they get there.

They won’t want to leave, mind you, they will just want to complain.

If there is any justice in this world the Africans won’t be able to reach Europe’s shores and countries like Libya, who are known as people smugglers, will then be stuck with them.

Posted by Dennis at 10:02 AM on January 15

“The trans-Saharan slave trade did not end all that long ago, with some Arab countries continuing to engage in it well into the 20th century.”

Arabs didn’t just engage in ‘the trans-Saharan slave trade’. They practiced Slavery. There was no ‘north’ and ‘south’ about it. They practiced slavery until it was made a crime in Saudi Arabia in 1965.

Posted by at 10:36 AM on January 15

However, Libyan authorities are worried that these efforts might prove too successful, ending up with stranded migrants putting too much pressure on the country’s resources.
— — — — — — — — -
Oh the tragedy of it all. Gadaffi lets millions of Sub-Saharans and then squeals and whines when the EU doesn’t just lay down the welcome mat and take them off his hands…

Hopefully they do overwhelm the resources of Gadaffi’s little terror state causing it to collapse and we have a pretext to send a NATO force to occupy Lybia for the next three or four decades and can put a stop to one of the main refugee departure points.

Posted by at 10:45 AM on January 15

They are coming from Ghana as the richest country in Africa because they can afford the smuggling fees. Also, they have better access to satellite TV and so have a better idea of how rich Europe is.

Posted by Ronduck at 11:39 AM on January 15

Why do they prefer the UK to the other countries listed? Better welfare?

Posted by at 1:00 PM on January 15

Just as the Mexicans bring Mexico with them when they crash the border, the African millions bring Africa with them when they arrive in France and the UK.

In a democracy, it is simply unacceptable to allow overwhelming numbers for foreign invaders to “peacefully” colonize. Were it not for the democratic process, such invaders could be tolerated as tourists, but once they begin to vote, they become a cancer that destroys its host.

Posted by Memphomaniac at 2:34 PM on January 15

Let them in! This will boost the economy and enlighten the backward Brit to the reality of race! :)

Posted by Michigan Redneck at 2:48 PM on January 15

Just say “NO”, European nations. DENY landing/docking rights to these boats. European (WHITE) Nations owe Africans exactly NOTHING! So why on earth should European (WHITE) nations have to absorb and support millions of third-world primitives incapable of ever fitting into a White society as productive, decent citizens? Look at the endless crimes and social problems these people bring with them. Surely, that in itself, is ample reason to deny them admittance. Aside from the harsh reality they’ll be living off the largesse of White working taxpayers the rest of their lives, as undoubtedly will their broods of children.

All nations with borders on the Mediterranean have at least patrol boats and light warships. More than adequate to tow these ships back to their ports of origin. START USING THEM! TIME TO GET TOUGH! Time to face an ugly but very veifiable truth: The “better life” sought by African immigrants invariably results in a FAR WORSE life for the people to have to endure their unwanted presence!

Posted by Fed Up at 3:51 PM on January 15

This diversity will make England stronger. It will boost their economy, and make England a more tolerant and open-minded country.

Think of all the new young strong Black men, that can mate with all the British White girls. Oh, such love and glory!

Britain, turn the other cheek, forgive; we are all God’s Chilins.

Considering the fact that Britainn has no way of stopping this, this will be amazing to behold. The world is going to EXPLODE and with stories like this, I expect the explosions will occur sooner than I thought.

This is why a White Nation must be ONLY WHITE. NO AFRICAN or ASIAN or ARAB can be more than a short term “tourist” or diplomat. Once you let ANY NON-WHITE reside in your country, the infection begins.

England is DOOMED, but this is necessary. One White Nation must suffer horribly, in order to awaken the remaining Whites. This incident also reveals that FORCE, and force alone, will reverse and end this horror.

It is only a matter of time…………

Posted by LOGIC at 11:21 PM on January 15

“If you don’t deport ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of these black invaders who make it to Europe, it will only encourage an ever increasing flood more.”

You’re probably wondering where these sub-Sahara African blacks are getting the money to travel to North Africa and pay smugglers thousands of dollars to sneak them into Europe: IT IS THE BLACK AFRICAN POPULATION ALREADY ESTABLISHED IN EUROPE who send word to their extended family back in Africa and send them money and encouragement to come to the white man’s paradise. With African relatives already established in Europe they also have a specific destination to go to and those who will give them refuge and help them get settled. And this all repeats endlessly, growing exponentially with each cycle. So the more you let in, the more encouragement and money they send back to their fellow black Africans, and the more that flood in. If Europe had never allowed a black community to establish itself there, they would not be facing this massive human smuggling problem now coming from Africa.

Posted by at 11:47 PM on January 15

11:47 PM POSTER:

You are absolutely right. This is why I have always disagreed with some AmRener’s who feel that a LITTLE diversity can be tolerated. In truth IT CAN’T. Once you have even a small number it always grows. It’s like the parable of the camel’s nose in the tent. If you let the camel put his nose in the tent soon he will have his whole body in there. Tell me one - just one - White country that has LESS non-Whites there today then it did 30, 40 or 50 years ago, after letting in ‘just a few’. It always becomes more and more. You have to nip the problem in the bud. It is very dangerous to have even a few. It CONDITIONS Whites to think of coloreds as no big deal and nothing to worry about. It’s the first step in putting the frog in the pan of water. The govt lets a few more in and people say to the Whites who express concern “oh don’t worry. That Chen/Singh family has lived down the block for ten years and they’ve been no problem”. This is a fatal mistake. To assume because a few are no problem that many won’t be is crazy. But this is the connection many people make. When you let a few in you create a lobby and constituency that will work to get more in. And politicians will do anything for votes! You have to stop it right at the beginning. Look At England. All its’ problems go back to the one ship the Empire Windrush. You have to stop the problem right at the very beginning. You can’t allow a precedent to be established.

Posted by at 7:52 AM on January 16

The EU has one of the most powerful military alliances in the WORLD to defend itself from foreign invasion: NATO. So what on EARTH is the use of it? Why aren’t its FULL resources put into action to STOP COLD this FULL SCALE AFRICAN INVASION?

Posted by at 11:29 PM on January 16

If one million African illegals make it to the UK then ten million more soon will join them. Africa’s number one export is its impoverished and uneducated parasitic masses. Let them have Britain and turn it into another Zimbabwe. That will open the eyes of the rest of the EU and shock them into action…

Posted by at 3:54 PM on January 17

“The EU has one of the most powerful military alliances in the WORLD to defend itself from foreign invasion: NATO. So what on EARTH is the use of it? Why aren’t its FULL resources put into action to STOP COLD this FULL SCALE AFRICAN INVASION?”

Unfortunately, we in the USA can say the same thing with the Mexicans. I guess the answer is that someone, the powers to be, don’t really want to stop it, perhaps for the ethnic votes/cheap labor/marxist desire for a multicult society, and/or a combination of all the above.

Posted by KC at 9:23 PM on January 18

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