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Mayor Herenton: Suburbs Should Have No Say in Consolidation

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George Brown, WREG-TV (Memphis), January 2, 2008

In his annual address, Mayor Willie Herenton promised Memphis and Shelby County will be consolidated.

“The city and county must make some tough, strategic decisions,” according to Herenton. The mayor said he prefers a “metro” form of consolidation including schools and law enforcement. Herenton says it is simply too expensive to maintain both forms of government.


Mayor Herenton also said people need to accept Memphis is a majority black city and people need to get use to it, “. . . black people ain’t going nowhere.” The mayor said too many black people are low income and must be brought up or things will not get better.



Mayor Willie Herenton — Weak on “Consent of the Governed.”

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(Posted on January 8, 2008)

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“Black people ain’t going nowhere.”

No truer words have ever been spoken, Mayor Willie.

Posted by at 6:06 PM on January 8

Maybe “Memphis” is majority black now, but the “Metro” Memphis-Shelby municipal unit would not be. The “tough, strategic decisions” he refers to is the fact that white Memphis suburbanites need to pony up for black welfare.

If this is successful, this and Tennessee’s insane sprawl limits will drive even more whites to north Mississippi. Of course, that’s been going on for awhile, the whites in the Memphis white flight suburbs of MS provided Kirk Fordice with his margin of victory when he won Governor in 1991.

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 6:17 PM on January 8

If they’re doing this to have access to White taxpayer dollars, it won’t work. Those White suburbs probably have the “for sale” signs on the lawns already. Aint but a thang to move across the county line.

Posted by at 6:23 PM on January 8

You can see this man hasn’t a clue…no sir they are not going anywhere but down…they can’t and won’t learn…neither in school or in prison so they go on generation after generation being the ignorant lazy bums they always were!!

Posted by lydia at 6:25 PM on January 8

Let’s see now, “ain’t goin’ nowhere,” that’s a double-negative — so that means they ARE going somewhere?

But then, “ain’t” ain’t a real word, so maybe that changes his meaning? Then again maybe…

Ah, the heck with it. “Da Mayor” is just another sub-literate African-American clown who couldn’t think or speak clearly if his life depended on it. I for one am getting pretty tired of constantly having to untangle their confused grammar, slovenly slang, and ghetto grunts just to try and get some sense out of them. How ‘bout yourself?

One more thing: If Memphis is majority-black these days, then I reckon Elvis got out while the gettin’ was good.

Posted by The Incredible Shrinking White Man at 6:29 PM on January 8

Wouldn’t consolidation dilute blacks’ political power?

Posted by at 7:01 PM on January 8

“Mayor Herenton also said people need to accept Memphis is a majority black city and people need to get use to it”

Well, Mayor, they are used to it, that’s why they’ve left. This is an almost explicit admission by a black politico that black polities are bound to be failures. The pertinent question for whites in Tennessee is why exactly cleaning up such failures is their responsibility.

Posted by Cassiodorus at 7:19 PM on January 8


I live in Shelby County, but not in Memphis.

Shelby County schools are excellent, but if they consolidate with the Memphis City Schools, all will be lost.

As it stands now, no one wants to move to Memphis because their educational system is shot. So the people that do move here, move to Germantown, Bartlett or Collierville (all Shelby County schools) so their kids can get a good education. Memphis schools, with only about two exceptions, are like schools in Rwanda.

Shelby County residents were foolish enough to elect a Black mayor, Mayor Wharton. He has now come out saying that he agrees with Mayor Herenton, that consolidation is the way to go.

It is the way to go … the way of Detroit.

Thor (or somebody … is ANYBODY there?) help us all!

Posted by at 7:39 PM on January 8

Atlanta, Baltimore, and Washington DC are among the latest places to lose their black majorities as a result of American obsession with “diversity”. So Willie, keep in mind that you, Detroit, and Oakland are next!

Posted by sestamibi at 7:41 PM on January 8

The mayor knows that majority black cities cannot support themselves. This move is nothing more than expanding the tax-base and making whites pay for the privilege.

Posted by Eric at 8:44 PM on January 8

Isn’t it interesting how “diversity” inevitably leads to de facto segregation.

Posted by at 8:50 PM on January 8

Another call to ‘uplift’ blacks yet again! Why don’t the Mayor call on rich blacks to uplift their brethrens. I refuse to be part of this nonsense. All I ask is that blacks stop harming other people and stop being a drain on the system. Is that too much to ask?

Posted by Disgusted at 8:54 PM on January 8

Mayor Herenton also said “… black people ain’t going nowhere.”

Apparently neither is the level of your English grammar.

Posted by White, Jewish, and Proud at 9:10 PM on January 8

The City is lucky it is not on the coast like New Orleans.

Posted by at 9:27 PM on January 8

“Black people ain’t going nowhere.”

That’s what they said before Hurricane Katrina, and look what happened.

Posted by at 9:33 PM on January 8

Translation - whitey, you is gonna be paying for blacks.

Posted by at 9:38 PM on January 8

The black masters don’t want their working white slaves to be free on their own: They want to FORCE them back on the black run plantation to continue serving their black master parasites.

Posted by at 10:06 PM on January 8

Memphis has a black city mayor, a black county mayor, and a majority-black city council. Ever since blacks took over the city, government spending and taxes have skyrocketed. White people are leaving Memphis to escape “blacks and taxes”, both of which seem as inevitible as death. The same problem afflicts Jackson, MS and Birmingham, AL.

The fact is that Memphis can’t legally absorb suburban communities which are incorporated and hold charters. Willie knows this, yet persists in demanding consolidation. His harping over consolidation is mere grandstanding to please his black constituents.

Posted by Beauregarde at 10:37 PM on January 8

“The mayor said too many black people are low income and must be brought up or things will not get better.”

This is just typical black thinking:
“I don’t need to bother about improving my lot - my ancestors were slaves! Whitey owes me!”.

America wouldn’t be were it was today if this thinking was apparent in the early White settlers. Even the later Irish/Italian migrations didn’t fall into this line of thinking (excluding the slavery quote).

But really, this is just another ploy to enslave another source of “White” revenue, to fill the coffers.

I can’t wait until he announces a “discrimination tax” for all White purchases…

Posted by Obscuratus at 10:48 PM on January 8

Once city schools become ‘diverse’ i.e. 60 to 90+ percent black, busing schemes grow to encompass the near suburbs. But, that’s old news.

Posted by at 11:11 PM on January 8

“Black people ain’t going nowhere.”


He frequently utters ghettoisms about ‘haters” and such, not to mention cursing and using ghetto slang in his public statements. And he’s always whining and playing the race card.

This guy was questioned involving a gang rape when he was in high school, (all the records of it conveniently disappeared when he ran for mayor), he got a teacher pregnant when he was superintendent, left the city schools in an UNBELIEVABLE mess, pulled a ‘double dip”retirement scam that will cost the city millions, and has sired at least one out of wedlock child since he’s been mayor……….I could go on….

The supremely stupid ghetto blacks keep voting him in, as they are the majority here. Ironically, he’s done nothing to help them…

One of his first acts as mayor was spending over $100,000.00 on remodeling the mayor’s office…which, oddly enough, had served the previous White mayors just fine, spending $30,000.00 on a desk alone!!! And get this:hiring EIGHT bodyguards at taxpayer (mostly White) expense!!!

When he was elected, he and his cronies were braying that,”This is a black administration” and “We don’t give a damn what White people think!”

Well, Whitey left. The suburbs have grown explosively, are mostly White and are Heaven compared to the chaotic, crime, gang and illegal alien ridden city.

With Whitey went the tax base…..Most of the blacks here are either on welfare or make menial wages…so now he has a dilemma. The city is going broke and he has to get money from someplace….

If those ‘haters’ hadn’t moved he would still have plenty of their hard-earned to pimp with… now he got to get game, you know what I’m say’n??

I could go on about this guy………he is the perfect example of how affirmative action places people in situations they have absolutely no business being in.

The bright note is I’m hearing more and more rumblings of discontent across the country concerning our politicians and our racial, social, crime and immigration issues……As we know, White people have been the fiercest revolutionaries and warriors history has ever known……we are being backed tighter and tighter into a corner and the backlash is now imminent.

Posted by James at 11:43 PM on January 8

This is just another example of the perpetual political game of using the white population to bail out the black population. This is manifest in the form of tax contributions, and using the white school children to pull up the black’s level of performance.

If only these practices were isolated to Memphis, and the other communities mentioned by the posters!! Instead, many levels of governments engage in such practices, exploiting the white population for insatiable social engineering goals both domestically and internationally. With the increasing level of dysfunctional peoples entering the Western nations these burdens on whites are going through the roof.

It is time to just say no, and reject the guilt card that is being played upon whites by our so-called leaders. I do not feel an obligation to any group except my own.

Posted by Skipper at 11:46 PM on January 8

Willie needs to reconsider consolidation of city and county. The only other example in Tennessee is Nashville-Davidson County. The Mayor of Nashville, Ben West, ended up running against the County Judge, Beverly Briley, for the job of Mayor of Metro Nashville……Mayor West lost that race. The same thing could happen to Willie.

Back in the early 1960s, consolidation abolished the City of Nashville, which simply ceased to exist. The Metropolitian Government of Nashville-Davidson County took its place.

The five incorporated towns in Davidson County (other than Nashville) were NOT included in Metro Government and they still continue as independent municipalities to this day. They even have their own organization, Satellite Cities United. This means that the municipalities in Shelby County (Memphis) would be completely safe from takeover by any consolidated Memphis-Shelby County government.

If Nashville is an experience that will be useful in Memphis, I point out that the Metro Nashville City Council has forty (40) members. The City of Memphis has a city council of nine (9) members.

I personally believe that Memphis-Shelby County considation is a plan by Whites in Shelby County to provide Memphis with badly needed “adult supervision”. Willie may be talking himself out of a job.

Posted by Memphomaniac at 1:08 AM on January 9

From the article:

In his annual address, Mayor Willie Herenton promised Memphis and Shelby County will be consolidated.

Herenton says it is simply too expensive to maintain both forms of government.

The mayor, who is entering an unprecedented fifth term, also said the city has a $60 million dollar surplus. Herenton says Memphis is in much better shape than when he took over.

Am I missing something here? If it is too expensive to maintain both forms of governments, how did Memphis end up with a $60 million dollar surplus? When a particular level of government is too expensive to maintain, it usually racks up a deficit, not a surplus. If the city has that much extra money, why does it need to consoidate with Shelby County?

With a $60 million dollar surplus in Memphis coffers, Dap Sugar Willie is;
A) A liar and no surplus exists. He thus needs money from the suburban taxpayers to fend off bankruptcy for Memphis.

B) A megalomaniac who wants to expand his power over the White people of Shelby County as he steals their wealth.

C) A black radical who just wants to make life miserable for the White people of Shelby County.

D) All of the above.

I vote for D, all of the above.

Posted by White and proud at 3:01 AM on January 9

I’m one of the white people who left years ago, after 40 years of living in Memphis . 500 miles away and King Willie won’t be getting any of my tax dollars . Memphis today, looks like some slum out of Africa except the few remaining whites who keep the juice on and the airport running. Somebody ought to get some tee-shirts made that say ” Will the last white person leaving Memphis please Flip The Light Switch Off ”

Posted by Mr Smith at 4:06 AM on January 9

Firstly, neither whites nor black seem right on this subject. I cannot understand how forcing two communities together who clearly dislike each other is going to help. Money is not the real reason for this move; The real reason is forced integration, which as you Americans have already shown, does not work as stubbornness seems to be the key work for your deep south. Also, I have noticed more than a few comments saying the white man must pay for black welfare. I have (fellow) white people in London draining me of of my wages through taxes due to their refusal to work, drug addiction, crime etc I do not mind though, as I understand my authorities need support in helping this situation. Would the people who commented on this subject be so against this consolidation if it were a white area trying to leech from them? I don’t understand how your complaining is going to help; Black people obviously are not going to just up and leave Memphis, so either all work together and make future black generations appreciate what you have done, or sit and do nothing. The white Europeans (founders of your nation) were famous for getting things done, even if they didn’t particularly want to, purely because they understood it was better for them in the long run, or don’t any of you want to live in a happy peaceful society?
Lastly, comments by American’s on this page about Mayor Willie’s use of language are invalid. America took the English language, spelt and pronounced words incorrectly and then enforced it onto British computers, so sniggers of ridicule regarding this man’s speech are invalid and essentially hypocritical.

Posted by Alexander St. Anton at 4:47 AM on January 9

Nothing new here. For years, blacks have been at this game. When they louse up their own school system, then they want to branch out and destroy the surrounding areas. Same old baloney.

Tom Iron…

Posted by Tom Iron... at 8:40 AM on January 9

What the hell is wrong with white people today? Why in the hell is any white helping put any black in office. The whites outside of Memphis need to come out stron and say no. If not they need to mass sell and move. “Get use to it”? So blacks are now telling whites how their living conditions are going to be no matter what? Stop patronizing any black businesses. Stop eating where blacks work. Stop buying gas where blacks work. Let the blacks “Get use to it”. Let the blacks get use to supporting themselves on black money alone. Wake up white America. Pass it on. If enough whites do it the blacks will not be in charge. How can any white person with a sne mind live where blacks are in charge. Take a field trip to Detroit. Detroit is what happens when blacks are left in charge.

Posted by CWH at 9:53 AM on January 9

Majority Black cities, and their Black politicians, know all too well that consoldation is the only way to keep the money rolling in via White suburban tax payers. Of course Mayor Hereton, does not feel Whites should have either a voice or a choice in the matter. Just shut up and pay up, is his philosophy! Not so different from many black tyrant-rulers in Africa. But the same rule of thumb follows where ever they find themselves in the majority, including any western nation where the cities are majority black.

Posted by at 10:02 AM on January 9

One of the most outlandish statements ever spoken was by Sandra Day O’Connor when she said, “probably in 25 years affirmative action will be unnecessary.” In 25 years it will be more necessary than ever…the blacks are going nowhere but down deeper into dependency.

They can’t and won’t learn, can’t and won’t be independent, and will never be overall productive in this society.

“25 years is a laugh.” Worse is coming.

Posted by jdavis at 10:49 AM on January 9

This has been going on in Little Rock for years. It involves lawsuits, and the squandering of tax money to the lawfirms that reap the benefits.

When are Whites going to “draw their guns”, and say, “Enough is enough!”?

Posted by Tim Kennerly at 11:46 AM on January 9

“Lastly, comments by American’s on this page about Mayor Willie’s use of language are invalid…”

At least we know the word “Americans” never takes an apostrophe.

“…and enforced it onto British computers…”

All right matey, you asked for it. Now pay attention:

You can ENFORCE something…

Or you can FORCE something ONTO something else…

But you can’t ENFORCE something ONTO something else. EVER.

You might want to consider swapping London for Memphis, Mr. St. Anton. Once you’ve successfully mastered Ebonics 101 — an’ Da Mayor, he can he’p you wit’ dat s*** — you’re bound to fit right in.

Posted by The Incredible Shrinking White Man at 12:12 PM on January 9

Black city officials will always press for consolidation. Look at the uproar they created when majority White suburbs of Atlanta were aiming for secession, from the city, and the major tax burdens that came with it. Most of the tax money was coming out of White pockets, while most of the benefits were directed toward Blacks in the city. He can say Blacks aren’t going anywhere, but what he really means is Whites can’t escape them. And that they will never be free of the White mans burden, even when they try to escape them in the suburbs.

Posted by at 12:17 PM on January 9

Mr. St Anton;
I am an american who has lived in England as well as America. With all due respect, the African-American is a breed unto itself. There is no ethnicity in England that equals the American black. Closest you have is the radical muslims that you keep appeasing and genuflecting. Tell me how THATS working out???

Do you think understanding and caring will bring those people into civilized British society? Dont answer, the question was rhetorical.

It is indeed true that a permanent white underclass in England has grown fat and nasty at the teat of Labour. Truth is that teat breeds lazy, nasty people the longer you are on it the more hopeless you become. My family is from England and they lament what has happened to their homeland. 50 yrs ago they would have indeed have objected to ridiculously high taxes supporting those too lazy to work. The fact that you dont seem to care is probably one of the reasons Great Britain isnt so great anymore.

Mr St Anton, the difference between us is that I love my country and I am concerned that the socialist virus that has crippled England will infect America and turn it into another…..well….England.

Posted by Capt. Kirkegaard at 12:23 PM on January 9

Is there a majority-White town anywhere in the US of which any politician would announce “people need to accept this town is a majority White city and people need to get use to it, White people ain’t going nowhere?”

No, I guess not. That’d be Racism, after all.

Posted by at 12:25 PM on January 9

Believe it or not, there are whites dumb enough who are actively working to elect more blacks. And here’s the kicker: Many are Republicans! A Republican, Jack Kemp, openly has said he wants the GOP to look like the rest of the country, and that more black mayors and Congressmen is a way to do it. Willie Herenton is an example of what will happen. I’ve never come across a black politician who wasn’t corrupt.

Posted by Carl at 2:45 PM on January 9

“I’ll kick yo ass!” is what the newly re-elected mayor of the city of Memphis yelled at me from his mini-van as I stood holding my R. Kelly protest signs outside of the new Westin Hotel in downtown Memphis. For the past three years, I have peacefully demonstrated outside of R. Kelly’s concert whenever he would come to Memphis to perform. The protesting of R. Kelly’s concerts came about after a video surfaced a few years back that showed him (Kelly) having sex with a 14 year old girl. The video also shows R. Kelly urinating on the minor in the middle of the sex act. This past Sunday night on December 9th around 8:30 pm or so, the mayor, Willie Herenton, walked out of the Westin Hotel bar called the Daily Grill, and headed towards his car with a couple of guests he had with him. We all know that the mayor is no stranger to liquor spots throughout the city, so I was not surprised to see him walk of the establishment.
Well, as he was pulling off in his mini-van, he slowed up to read my R. Kelly protest sign, which read, “Some people in Memphis love to support crooked politicians, preachers, and RnB Pedophiles!”

I believe that he read all the up to the crooked politician part of sign and became really guilty or extremely insecure because he immediately took offense to my sign. The mayor quickly rolls down his window and yells, “Are you talking bout me?” I just looked at him without saying anything. Then, he yells, “I know you ain’t talkin’ bout me!” I responded, “Sir, it is just a sign.” He responds, “I know you ain’t talkin’ bout me. I’ll kick yo ass!” When he said that, I went into shock. I could not believe that I was being threatened with an ass kicking by the CEO of the city of Memphis. Oh, he was not done. He yells again, “You talking bout me?” “I know you ain’t talkin’ bout me. I’ll kick yo ass!” This time I responded in anger, “Yes, I am talking about you!” By this time he was making the left turn to leave. Even in his making a left turn, he was still yelling, “I’ll kick yo ass!” This is when I responded very loudly, “The hit dog hollered, Mayor!”
I could not believe what had just happened. I was just threatened with bodily harm by the Mayor of the city of Memphis. Wow! That was so crazy! That dude is obviously crazy!

There was a young, Caucasian female sitting outside of the bar drinking a beer that witnessed the entire exchange in shock and amazement. When the mayor drove off she said, “Oh my God! I can’t believe he just did that!” “How ‘hood’ was that!?” Then, one of the Memphis Police Officers that was directing traffic for the concert walked over in shock and asked, “What did he just say?” We both explained to him that the Mayor of Memphis had told me that he was going to kick my ass because of what he read on my protest sign.

Well, I have to say that I blame the lower level thinking aspect of Black Memphis for this guy. I blame most of Black Memphis for creating this particularly ignorant, disrespectful, thuggish, and uncouth Mayor. A large section of Black Memphis tends to promote and even condones this form of misbehavior in its religious and political leadership. The anger that I felt as the mayor threatened me quickly turned to disappointment once I began to replay the incident in my mind. When I looked into his eyes as he spoke to me his broken English, I saw an old man who was essentially clinging on to dear life. I saw a man who felt that he had to prove his relevance and even his masculinity to a much younger man who was only standing out there that night exercising his right to free speech and the freedom to protest a sick a pedophile.

Has the black community bragged so much on how physically tough this Mayor is and about how he punched-out some judge in a bar back in the 1980’s that he (Willie Herenton) had begun to believe his own hype? All I know is that this mayor needs counseling for his many issues. You have to be mentally ill or just plain stupid to behave the way he did as the sitting mayor of a major metropolitan city. Sadly, some people in Memphis will read this article and wish that the mayor had gotten out of his car that night and attempted to make good on his threat against a much younger, quicker, and stronger man. I am glad he did not get out of his car. It was bad enough that this elder (who is supposed to be extending words of wisdom to me, the younger man) chose to react verbally abusive towards me out of old age insecurity.

Wait, he had just walked out of the bar. Hell, he was probably drunk. That would have been even more disappointing because drunk driving kills so many people each year. I can’t but help but wonder If the mayor would have respected my right to freedom of speech as well as my right to protest had I been a man that was much larger in size, had a few of my die-hard friends with me, or if I was white.

If you would like send the mayor a message please feel free to do so at
I am sure he would love to hear from you. Be careful. He just might threaten to kick your ass if you write something he does not approve of.

Posted by Old Guy at 3:01 PM on January 9

>>>so they go on generation after generation being the ignorant lazy bums they always were!!

WELL PUT! Like the Katrina Evacuees infesting Houston and many other cities and towns… Why the hell would they want to get off their backsides and work? If the alternative is getting welfare and hand-outs? Sure, the illegal Mexican immigrants manage to find jobs without any problem. But not admitted by ANY Black official or spokesperson is that Blacks have earned their bad reputation as lazy, generally incompetent workers.

Note the comment in the article: “The mayor said too many black people are low income and must be brought up or things will not get better.” The unspoken implication being “brought up” to mean MORE WELFARE, MORE HAND-OUTS! Where, one might well ask, were any statements by the major that Blacks have to go out, get jobs and WORK to better their condition? Where were any comments by the mayor that getting better paying jobs for Blacks required their getting a reasonable education and job experience by working their way up? Something us Whites have had to do all our lives.

Blacks appear to have the idea that a Black skin automatically should guarantee them a high-pay job, regardless of skill, job experience or educational level. Sorry, but it ‘just ain’t so’. You don’t start out as the firm’s vice president, regardless whether you’re Black or White. You start out in a low position, gaining promotions through the years based on merit, on proven performance. Like I did. Like millions of other White working people did. Nor have I EVER collected welfare, or even unemployment compensation. In spite of the ups and downs of the kind of companies I worked for during my working life. If I wanted extra money to improve my lifestyle, I moonlighted. Also a trait shared by many other ambitious Whites.

Posted by Fed Up at 4:26 PM on January 9

Notice the MO which is all too typical amongst minority groups. They take an aggressive stance toward whites (i.e. demand we live amongst and pay their way) and when we resist they call us names. I don’t think this is going to end very nicely.

Posted by Tim at 5:36 PM on January 9

Black people need to be told that they need rubbers but not welfare. They need to be told that we white people will not be enslaved to them or their white sidekicks. We are all free but freedom has a price - respect the civil and human rights of those who choose to live away from the black people who are committing so many human and civil rights abuses.

Posted by Elrey Jones at 5:49 PM on January 9

America today,Africa tomorrow!,don’t count on the age old answer of selling your home,and moving away from the blight.The prime mortgage rate crisis will stop White flight,the social engineers strike again!

Posted by at 6:40 PM on January 9

Memphomaniac above is mistaken.

The combined Memphis/Shelby County entity would have a black majority population and almost certainly elect a black mayor. The exact size of this majority will become known after the 2010 census; the 2000 figures reported a black majority.

The plan is the feather in King Willie’s cap. If it happened a number of things would happen, all of which are seen as positive for and by Willie’s supporters.

1) The county mayor is his buddy. His friend gets to be the new king of the expanded realm.
2) With consolidation, high income whites would find it harder to escape black political power effecting every aspect of their lives.

3) There is the possibility there would be even fewer white office holders than is the case now.

4) The parallel bureaucracies would be merged and the civil service would be even blacker than now. The council would work to see that buyouts of the older civil servants would alter the work force composition.

5) The developers of a certain ethnic extraction would have to deliver pay-offs( I mean ‘campaign contributions’) to a reduced set of hacks.

6) The remaining gentile white power players would be faced with a different political power structure.

7) Efforts to develop open land in the county could and would be crushed in favor of redeveloping the city center, land which is already controlled by you know who.

Posted by at 11:01 PM on January 9

Memphis is a perfect example of what happens to a once prosperous city when blacks begin to predominate in the general population and take over the reins of government-a slow, steady descent(or death spiral, if you will) into third-world status. There is a parasite-host relationship between blacks and whites-don’t kill the dog, or all of the fleas will die! The fleas instinctively know this, and when whites become scarce in their midst, they start casting about for white communities to latch onto, to suck the lifeblood from to sustain themselves. Mayor Herenton knows this, ergo his attempt to annex or “consolidate” white suburbs with his black inner city. Herenton is confronting the age-old conundrum of black politicians everywhere, “How do you get the white people’s money without also getting the white people’s votes?” Herenton is just a little more forthright about his intentions than most black politicians.

Posted by Boethius at 12:45 AM on January 10

In South Africa they have an expression “packing for Perth” referring to whites who leave for Australia because they don’t want to live under black rule. I think the US version is now “packing for Boise.” Physical separation is clearly the answer.

Posted by Fritz at 6:43 AM on January 10

Is there a majority-White town anywhere in the US of which any politician would announce “people need to accept this town is a majority White city and people need to get use to it, White people ain’t going nowhere?”

No, I guess not. That’d be Racism, after all.

Social engineers would work to bring an end to any majority white town, just as they always do. And black groups would be complaining that the city needs to darken up the same way they did with San Francisco. It’s only the wealthy elites who are able to escape the diversity movement

Posted by at 7:16 AM on January 10

While calling Whites crackers, and devils, they still rely on Whites to support them through their tax dollars. Exactly where would any of them be without those white devils? And where will they be as Hispanics continue to replace them in their role as top minority?

Posted by at 9:57 AM on January 10

In 1994,when power was handed over to the ANC,“african national congress”,in South Africa,many Whites voted for same,just as approval for Obama in this country proves,White guilt is at work again!

Posted by at 11:39 AM on January 10

“Consolidation” is a euphemism for parasitizing the tax dollars of the White suburan refugees to keep on feeding the criminals and welfare hordes who make up the majority of the city. Even the densest of the White Liberals I’ve met aren’t stupid and naive enough to think consolidation is anything more than another welfare program.

Posted by at 1:48 AM on January 13

This is the same Willie Herenton that bested Smokin’ Joe Frazier in a recent boxing match.

No great feat; in fact, it was reprehensible.

Joe Frazier is an old, sick man who is now mentally deteriorated to a very low level. At one time he swung at the mayor, missed, and fell down. With difficulty, he got up, while Herenton was bouncing around, his man-boobs flapping about.

That this mayor would whip an old, sick dog tells volumes about his character, or lack of it.

Posted by at 11:50 AM on January 13

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