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Mexico to Track Migrations Over Border

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AP, December 28, 2007


Starting in March, the National Immigration Institute will distribute the cards to record the arrival and departure of so-called temporary workers and visitors. They will replace a non-electronic pass formerly given to foreigners who cross into Mexico, which has proven “easily alterable and subject to the discretion of migration agents,” the institute said Thursday.


Mexico detained more than 182,000 undocumented migrants in 2006, mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador en route to the United States. But many others cross legally from Guatemala and Belize to work or visit, and the new cards are meant to guarantee their security, the institute said.

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(Posted on January 2, 2008)

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With people crossing borders both national and international, it’s beginning to sound like fruit basket upset. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone stayed home and tended to their own business?
The world would be much brighter. Diversity is destructive.

Posted by June at 6:33 PM on January 2

I thought all these good, hard-working new arrivals were living in the shadows, such that we needed some sort of soft amnesty “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” to bring them out of the shadows. Seems to me the Mexican Government has no trouble finding them.

In a related story from last year, the state taxing authorities in Missouri and Kansas announced that they will deny tax return refunds to illegal aliens. If illegal aliens are so “in the shadows,” then why can MO and KS tax authorities find them?

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 6:38 PM on January 2

But I thought Mexico was the “Flagbearer for the rights of Illegal Immigrants”?

Oh, that’s right El Presidente - we forgot your…”less than exemplary” attitude towards Central/Southern Americans moving into Mexico to seek work.

You see, Mexican Hispanics (illegal immigrants, that is) in the U.S. are actually treated FAR better than Central/Southern American illegal immigrants - let’s just say there’s very few “Immigrant Advocacy” groups in Mexico for the Central/Southern immigrants.

And it’d be a safe bet that, if the U.S. decides to implement this on Mexican illegal immigrants, El Presidente will be screaming “DISCRIMINATION! RACISM! GRINGOES!”.

Posted by Obscuratus at 7:22 PM on January 2

Migration is one thing and tourist traffic is another. I don’t imagine very many people are “migrating” to Mexico from America…

Posted by at 7:40 PM on January 2

Nice to see Mexico taking an active interest in its own immigration issues instead of ours.

Posted by idareya at 7:56 PM on January 2

Why has this nation (Mexico) become so racist? Mexico has always been proud of their open borders, free trade, respect for all. I am shocked. Mexico is a multicultural diverse nation, which is why it is so strong and has no poverty or oppression. I am shocked.

Maybe they need Americans to do the jobs Mexicans won’t do.

Posted by LOGIC at 8:18 PM on January 2

It looks like (in opinion of Mexican government) the only country that has no right to control its immigration is the U.S.

Hypocrisy, deceit, and lying are deeply embedded in Mexican mentality. Expect a lot of these as the number of U.S. residents of Mexican ancestry is growing.

Posted by A Reader at 8:53 PM on January 2

June I have this to add to your post….diversity is not only distructive, it is suicide!!

Posted by lydia at 12:37 AM on January 3

Point taken, Lydia. You are correct. Diversity is definitely suicidal.

Posted by June at 11:14 AM on January 3

Kinda looks like our government made a deal with Mexico. Mexico is now a defacto buffer colony in place to slow down anyone trying to get here from central and south America. Mexico enforces their southern border like we should enforce ours. But if we used the methods the Mexicans are using at their southern border, the US would be labeled as “racists” by Mexico and indeed the international community. At some point we Americans will need a government that is strong enough to do the right thing regardless of polls or opinion surveys. Running a country isn’t supposed to be a popularity contest.


Posted by grob hahn at 12:52 PM on January 3

The controling group of “Mexicans” are white, it is the Indians they are sending north and what the US has always identified as Mexicans! They are cleaning out their country and securing their future at the expense of the US.

Posted by Jack Meaugh at 10:00 PM on January 3

grob hahn: “Kinda looks like our government made a deal with Mexico.

I disagree. The scathingly corrupt Mexican government would usher millions of human baby-eating interstellar space monsters across their border and into America if those monsters were paying customers…

Posted by at 8:48 AM on January 4

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